Saturday, 22 July 2006

My Musical

Heyz, it's me again. Two posts in a day. How good can I get?

I'm at the cybercafe to check, double check and triple check if I really got chosen for the national service programme, you know, just in case they made a mistake or something. Seriously speaking, I'm not really keen on sharing toilets, or room with strangers, nor would I want to be away away from home for so long. Imagine what will happen to my MSN account, my Friendster account, and worse of all, my blog! No tv, no TVB drama, no internet, no source of communication, the list gets longer the more I think of it.

As far as I know, Pik Wah, Pamela, Shu Leen, Catherine kena. That's already 5 of us from the same class who are randomly chosen. Wonder who else kena.

I sooo addicted to High School Musical though Jin thinks that "it's just like any other average American teen movie songs which I've heard a million times". He prefers Utada Hikaru and his new favourite band 'Within Temptation'.
High School Musical is a teenage movie, only it's a musical. That's what makes it special. I like the songs
Start Of Something New,
When There Was Me And You,
What I've Been Looking For,
Breaking Free, and
We're All In This Together.

I've got a house helper now. She came in May. She's kinda cool and all because she watches TVB dramas too, and even likes Raymond and Ron. It was fun at first, but I got so irritated when she starts screaming when she sees them on telly. I stared at her in disgust. Not because she's drooling over MY guys, but HELLO...??? That scream was supposed to be MY line. Dahlah stael my guys, she wanna steal my line pulak. Then when I began to tergiller-gillerkan High School Musical, she pulak beria-ria rush to the telly just because the advertistments of HSM is on. I DID that!!! Now she's copying me! All in all, she's cool and all. A person whom I share my likes and dislikes with, a person who cares about my sickly grandmother.

The cybercafe mouse and keyboards aren't clean. There's this man sitting beside me is crossing his legs and rubbing his feet with his hands then the hands went to the mouse and started clicking, clicking, clicking. I hope he's not reading what I'm typing. Yes, Mr Rub-Feet-With-Hands-Then-Touch-The-Cybercafe-Mouse, I know, I understand it's cold here. My fingers are numb too. I shall stop criticizing people just in case he 'giraffe's over to my screen.

Have you ever come across leng chais going out on dates with non leng luis? Or vice versa? I have. Many times. And why must people talk behind their backs? Must leng chais always be with leng luis? Can't couples be happy and live a happy life with each other without people gossiping about them? Couples look good together no matter how they look if they love each other. I believe Lam Fung and I look perfectly good together. No?

"I thought you were my fairytale,
my dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star that's coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confuzed my feelings with the truth
Because I liked the view
When there was me and you"
-Gabriella Montez,
When There Was Me And You
High School Musical.

I've got the song stuck in my head.

I wrote two poems for the school magazine. Let Go and You...Who Meant Alot To Me.
Both got approved but I had to chose one of the two to be published. I'll post them up as soon as possible for you people to read and appreciate. Haha. I can't do it now because, as mentioned above, I'm at the cybercafe and the sheets aren't with me now.

It's 12.10a.m. now and I'm still at the cybercafe. Waiting for my dad who's at the computer too.

Chloe, yawning and yearning for her cozy bed.

Welcome Me!!!