Friday, 28 December 2007


I'm addicted to a few songs this round.

Tried looking for links for you to listen to it but I couldn't find it. Might as well give you the names instead. I listen to songs that emphasize on their voices. Voices that are melodious.

All I Ask of You-Sarah Brightman & Cliff Richard
Phantom of The Opera- Sarah Brightman & Steve Harley
Music of the Night- Michael Crawford
Amigos Para Siempre- Jose Carreras & Sarah Brightman

All four songs are from famous plays by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Teeheeheee... yeah, S.Brightman and A.L.Webber again...

Anyway, there's one song which I particularly like. I like the tune. Will post the lyrics (& song if I can find it) on new year's eve.


Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day 2007

Today is the 26th of December, also known as Boxing Day in the UK. The day where everyone opens their prezzies and say their oohs and ahhs.
This year, 2007 is also a year where I wasn’t in a Chrismassy mood at all. The 25th was just like any other day I go through... Unlike last year, I was already in the Christmas mood in September. I remember because I was supposed to study Sejarah but I ended up thinking of such fun I shall have on Christmas.

I'm beginning to feel like a grinch O____o

Anyway, I was supposed to check my gym instructor out go for RPM class early in the morning but manatau while my aunt and I were in the car she decided to double check the schedule again only to find that there weren't any until 7.40pm, so I decided to follow her home.

I spent the whole 'morning' (note: 10am-4pm) watching the original Pride and Prejudice by BBC.
Everything is exactly like what the book says, from the characters to the looks of the character & their expressions, including the details of their homes and the diffrence of the wealth between Mr. Bingley and Mr.Darcy through the horses used at their wedding.

After I watched P&P by BBC, I decided to watch the Hollywood version by Keira Knightly.

I fell asleep before the first disc ended.
Nothing =)

Oh, Happy Belated Christmas! =P


The wind stopped blowing.
The air is still.
The air is calm
Nothing is moving.

A change of the weather climate.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007


I like the voice of Sarah Brightman:

The ex-wife of famous writer of many famous plays including Phantom of The Opera and Evita.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Sarah has a very strong voice,

"What is amazing about Sarah is that she has two voices, really. She can produce a pop, contemporary sound, but she can also blossom out into a light soprano. The soprano part of her voice can go up to an E natural above high C. She doesn’t sing it full out, but it is there. Of course, she has to dance while she is singing some of the time, so it’s all the more extraordinary."-David Caddick, Phantom's conducter quoted.

Chun hor?

Voices are something people hear, be it in songs or even conversation.

I like the voice of Lam Fung.
I like the voice of the gym instructor too.
yala... voice la...

Haha! Normally you would hear people swooning about the gym instructor's macho body on how hot they are and their 6 packs... biceps...triceps...pieseps~
but I fell in love with his voice pulak...tsk... tsk...

Serious. His voice is sexy.

Chloe, hitting the gym...tomorrow. Nooo... Not because of the instructor. It's because Clo wants to save space on the face of the earth. I don't want to be fat and take up so much space on the face of the earth. It's better to save it for people who need it. So I will do my best to use less of the capacity.


Saturday, 22 December 2007

Windy Day =)

Today’s weather was very, very windy. The sun wasn’t scorching hot as it has usually been. Something unusual as I would normally forecast the weather.

I like this year’s Christmas prezzie. It’s a Parker pen with my name engraved on it.

Christmas isn't a festival I really celebrate. It's just a time where I hang out with my family-not that we never hang out, but duringt this time, my mum cooks extra special stuff and my other family members bring their special stuff too. =D

But that's not my favourite part. I love the feeling of warmth during this season. It makes me
...not because it's Christmas... it's because...I don't know... this feeling is quite diffrent... this season kinda gives me inspirations to write a nice story. A good one that makes you feel all warm inside.
The thing is... I write better on the good old fashioned paper and pen... So you might or might not be able to read my Christmas masterpiece =P

Laa~ Aku tau belum Christmas lagi. Buat-buat macam Christmas aje. Aku rasa nostalgia la skrang.
Why that came out in BM, I do not know.

Chloe, wishing everyone a blessed early Christmas, and wishing myself a windy Christmas =D

Friday, 21 December 2007


Angela wants to go to some islands in Thailand.

I asked her whatever for.

Her reply-"drink orange juice...and we can go into the water...and see fishes =)"

Me- "Market oso got mar...go all the way to Thailand to see fishes -.-"

Chloe, going to drink orange juice AT HOME. =)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Junk Mails

Had lunch with Jin and KC. Chong is at Genting. Adr dunno cabuted where.

I'm clearing my email inbox, some messages not read dating back to the 4th of April 2007.

While people get nice forwarded messages, I get lousy ones like stuff in chinese, and things like msn will be closing down or we hwve to pay 100bucks a month.

True or not, I didnt bother to check. If msn does shut down, I'll go get yahoo or gmail or something la. What's the big deal? But yeah, It's like, everyone has that email, so if I change it, some of those laggards in socialising will not be able to get me.

Back to my inbox. I had about a hundred over crap sent to my by Friendster. Currently deleting those.

Ahh~ Now I've got 60mails left.

Chloe, signing out to delete more junk mails

The Voice of a Selfish Daughter

Thank you mummy

For making me stay at home.
For depriving me of my fun.
For not letting me do batik at the art studio.
For changing your mind at the VERY LAST MINUTE.
For asking me to do my OVERDUE assignments.
For making so much noise so early in the morning.

You know I hate noise when I wake up.
So why did you complain about my clothes being all over the floor, behind the door and on the tables?


Saturday, 15 December 2007

An Empty Can And A Lighted Matchstick

Today is the 15th of December.

What's wrong?
You're asking me what's wrong?

Let me tell you what's wrong.


I've been busy juggling between work and preparing for work.

My granduncle and grandaunt from Canada will and are staying here for about 5 days. Brought them to the new wing in Pyramid- their favourite shopping spot on Thursday and KLCC on Friday.
Jela asked me to try on a black top if I happen to go to Marks & Spencer. I did.
The stretchable cotton + lycra material is so comfortable and the cutting is almost perfect that anyone who's about 700 pounds can look so slim in it.
The black sleeveless blouse has a plunging v neck but shows the skin in a very subtle manner.

Anyway, my grandaunt paid for my Marks & Spencer crisps and a box of 'Curiously Strong Mints' while I got myself:
- an Andrea Borcelli Malaysia Edition CD
-Scary Movie DVD
-December issue L!ME magazine.
-an MNG blouse
-and a L'Occitane Lavender bath gel for my aunt.

I think I'm getting used to Andrea Borcelli's music.

Let me test your imaginations...

Ok, imagine a can of baked beans.
Done that?
Now imagine that you empty that can of baked beans.
Remember to wash the can clean.
Get a metal spoon from the drawer.
Got it?
Now, knock the can with your metal spoon. Can you hear the hollowness?

Yeah, that is how Clo's brains is feeling now.
Don't forget to add in a lighted match inside that can because her memory card can't be read and she can't uplosd her photos she took when Pam was serving last week.

Chloe, looking for the baked beans she misplaced.