Saturday, 29 September 2007

Mirror, Indian Guy, Mirror...

I have this habit.

Everytime I see a mirror, I’ll either stroke my hair so that the baby hair won’t fly around but in vain or either I’ll go upclose and squash the hell lot of blackheads outta my nose. If you're around me, try to notice.
Oookayyy... One trivia about me bocored.

Remember I think I told some of you about the Indian guy I met at the hospital last year while jagaing my grandma?
The one who’s mother slept on the beside my grandma’s?
The guy who rode his motorbike to the hospital to look after her everyday?
The guy who talked to me and also temaned me through a night when I was on duty to look after my grandma?
The guy who boasted he represented his school for who knows what?
Yeah, that guy.
Remember him?
Me neither. Not even how he looks like

Chloe, sign..... Lookie here, a mirror! Heyyyyyy what't this black spot doin on my nose?

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Long Time No Update!


I haven't updated since Sunday!

Must update!

Must update!!

Must update!!!

Must update!!!!

Must update!!!!!

Must not leave readers in suspence
I dunno... darkness? disappointment? boredom?
Must tell them everything!

I Must Updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okie! updated.


Screw you back, Brian.
Screw me so many times.
Nanananana~ I go drink water on Friday, you siap.

Another pembuli is B3. Dahlah caci Chelsea like shit, now wanna kutuk my Bolton who is/who are/which is/which are top 5 from the bottom.
Damn. Screw my English.

Chloe, rolls up sleeve
I have a helllotta people's heads to flush in the toiletbowl now.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Wow, second post.

I have somthing to say.

I want to buy...



Starring Bernice Liu and Steven Ma. Whole series will be out by October and that's when I will GRAB IT from the store. Maybe I should pre-book it first. Remind me to do so.

I dyed my hair red. Red-ish purple.
With a tinge of brown.
Will show you when I get the chance.

Now, I'm bored so I'll go write a story on toilet paper for kids to 'fight constipation among the young' and name my toilet paper book - Poody Tales. Co-written by Wong.

Chloe, going to write Poody Tales.

Out From The Handphone

Typed on the 21st and kept in phone. Now extracting every word from drafts and bringing them out here.

1) You are friends with a person who mixed up the 20th of September with the 4th of October. She thought she had to hand it up the next day and started to panic and think of whatever excusesto give her lecturer padahl she only had to hand in the Photography assignments two weeks later.

2) Whoever is looking for a singer that can melt the hearts of many, please look for this guy by the name of Shahrilldlan. He can sing beautiful melodious songs and made a number of girls to fell prey into his trap.
He made me love this song, Gerimis Mengundang, especially the part 'terasa diri, amat terhina, kau lakukan'.
Don't know the actual meaning of the song but it has a very nice touching tune to it.
People like Wong *ahem* *aplogizes* might not appreciate it.

Okie, going to Pyramid with Pris and Pei Yan tomorrow. No Sarah because she's got class. Aww... Sarah, don't cry...there's always the 29th of September and KLCC innit?

Here's an early birthday wish for you, Pris
Many many happie returns =)

I've got so much to say, so little in my brains now. Once I stop blogging, I tend to 'lose touch' of blogging and somehow have nothing to blog about. Remember the days where I used to have about three posts a day?
I guess those can compensate for the days I haven't been blogging this month.

I've got to get used to blogging again. I want to open my pages and read them years later and reminiscise about how I grew up, how I matured so quickly
how I grew throughout these few years, how I spelt remnisence wrongly, how my thoughts were, how I looked at the world during that point of time, what I liked. I want them all registered. I want them to be remembered. I want to be remembered.
Not in the way our prime ministers are remembered nor the way some people that gave a bad impression to others.
I want to be remembered in the way I remember my friends.
I want to be remembered in my own special way.
The Chloe way.

Chloe, signing out.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Happie Burfday Gracie's Peisee



Big girl musn't be naughty.
Musn't annoy people.
Musn't be irritating.
Must be a good girl.
Must thank everyone for the prezzies they gave you.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Multi-tasking In Class

I need help.

I need to hand in my assignments tomorrow.

Zoom in:

Read my lips words:
[Esclamation markS]

This is what I will be doing tomorrow:

Apart from copying stuff that I don't understand(pic above) from the board, I'll also:
i)stuff my ears with my earphones
ii)have the music on,
iii) appear that I am listening padahal playing car racing on my phone.
iv)TRY to listen to the lecturer.
I've got to finish my work by tonight!
I've got to finish my work by tonight!
I've got to finish my work by tonight!
I've got to stop blogging!
I've got to log off and start my work!
I've got to cancel the half loaded song on You Tube.
I will do my work after I listen to Gerimis Mengundang on You Tube.
Anyone know where to listen to Malay songs. Any sites like radioblogclub for Malay songs will do.
Kompeni Elephant, remember the song Charlie Lam Fung sang on stage? Gerimis Mengundang la.
I think.
P/s: the picture above belongs to Anyone caught posting it anywhere or whatevernot will
be sued in court have
to watch out for their dear lives
will kena.
Chloe, listening to Gerimis Mengundang.

Monday, 17 September 2007



Tell you a joke.

A damn funny one.

Some people have heard of it. Some haven't. Those who haven't, here goes:

Show you something...

Funny right?
A girl who hasn't been training for months, got pushed down in court while playing for Kompeni Charlie against Kompeni Alpha and forgot how to play is in the college team.
Laugh lah.
Anyway, the match today was against HELP Institute.
We were 3balls(6points) away from the opponent in the last 7 minutes.
Finally got through and scraped our way up and beat them by about 6 points.
Hoorah for SEGi College!
Am so happie! Finally got my favourite number... 12!!!
Next game tomorrow against Monash. Time to Kick Fat ASS!!!
Chloe, signing out to bathe. Didnt since I returned an hour ago.

Road Brain Blocked

I have writer's block.

I have writer's block.

I have writer's block.

I have writer's block.

I have writer's block.

Pris had the idea of starting a blog for Kompeni Elephant.
Sheer geniuses(spelled correctly?). She left. Sarah left too. Leaving me here. While I have a writer's block.

I saw a car in a ditch. Saw people I knew existed around it. But I didn't stop to help. Because my mum drove past them.

It's 12.30am now. I woke up about 2 hours ago after sleeping at 8pm.
Mind's abit wobbly.
No music to listen to. Bored of 'V' already. Imagine listening to it non stop. After the last song, I played back the song again. And again. And again.

Damn I need something to do.

Fotography assignments! Due this Thursday! Shit! Poo! Shit! Poo!

Chloe, going to finish her work.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Hey You!

I don't give a shit on what you think about me


I just don't give a shit on what you think about me.

Friday, 14 September 2007

A Mini Battle

One of the level 2 kids was annoying. I mean, he is memang annoying but yesterday he was SUPER annoying.

He took a wooden spoon and a wooden fork shouting “char kueh teow!!! charkuehteowcharkuehteow!!!” and did the char kueh teow gesture.

I snatched the spoon from one hand and next, we were spoon n fork fighting...

*zeeeoww zzeeeoowwwwnnggg*

…ala Star Wars punyer laser fight style. Then things became physical. We started fighting ala fencing style. Of course, my hands are longer so always kena him so the buzzer keeps on buzzing so the points go to moi.

Afraid that the wooden cutleries will rosak, I snatched them from Marcus and kept them.

That kid still wanted to fight so I grabbed both of his hands and started to step on his feet.
The onlookers (other kids) at this point were laughing their hearts out as if we were some kinda entertainers or something. I guess it looked like one of those wacky dances. I don't know =/

“OI! YOUTHINK YOU ARE IN MARKET IZZIT?!” Ms Khor, the art teacher shouted from her office, oblivious to what is going on, thinking that the kids were playing.

Marcus, who switched from annoying to innocent, did the ‘shhh’ sign to me and I did the same 'shhh', pretending nothing happened.

Chloe, thinking of ways to get back at Marcus. Muahahaha

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The First Survey Done

I think... =/

Know what made me write the 'Headlines:Something Happened' post?

Who's anonymous?



I think I am going to be a Vanessa Hudgens fan.

I am one bored girl who's rotting at home. Eeww... What's this green thing? *flicks it from finger*

As I said, I'm one bored girl who has been listening to 'V' about 10 times around the clock.

I just changed the CD to HSM2 soundtrack.
It's boring. Except for Gotta Go My Own Way, Bet On It and Everyday.

Was blog hopping while typing this. Found something to do... A survey from one of the bloggers linked to KC's list.

1. Grab the nearest book to you, turn to page 18 and find line 4.
The company was hiring a security officer.

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can.
Ouch. Bang the wall.

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Watching That's So Raven at the moment counted?

4. If you were give a chance, name 5 person whom you wish to meet and talk to.
The list goes longer than 5 people.

5. Without looking guess what time is it?
10.45pm. Or maybe 11 something

6. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

7. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Raven & Chelsea talking, 'You Are The Music In Me' and Suria flushing the toilet. Fridge. Cars outside. I'm living in quite a noisy suburb.

8. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Just now. Tuition. *zips mouth*

9. Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
Blogs, hp, oih, be specific larh.

10. What are you wearing?
Black 3quarts, black tee. My purple turned black Adidas watch.

11. Did you dream last night?
That my students were annoying me. Talk about nightmare. But I heart my students. A cute lot of 8,9 and 10 year olds.

12. When did you last laugh?
Just now. At the thought of my kids. Ahem. Students la tu.

13. What are on the walls you are in?
Pictures my mum brought back from the England home many years ago.

14. Seen anything weird lately?
This survey?

15. What do you think of this survey?

16. What is the last film you saw?
Premier of HSM2 on Sunday? Ahahah. Laugh. Go laugh.

17. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you do or buy?
Charity, charity, charity On Me, Myself and I. Not forgetting my friends and family. Must splurge on those whom I know/met before becoming rich.

18. Tell me something about you that I don't know.
What don't you know? Did you know I had a blog? Ahah! You didn't, didn't you?

19. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt and politics, what would you do?
World peace c'mon la. Be realistic. Lower the prices of Christian Dior products.
K la, maybe give a piece of my mind to the darn parents who complain about me when they have never seen me teach. That will definitely change the world.

20. George Bush...
Is a name I hear everywhere and someone I don't know, I don't care, and don't give a shit about.

21. Imagine your first child a boy, what do you call him?
Dunno... A random name I picked up.

22. Imagine your first child a girl, what do you call her?
Another random name picked up. But it sounds nice.

23. You ever consider living abroad?
Duhhh~ Go back to England laa... but no, I'll stay back here because Malaysiaku Gemilang.

Chloe, signing out, boredom cured by about 3%

Song Addictions

Current song addiction- Troy and Gabriella's Gotta Go My Own Way.

Another song addiction:
Promise -Vanessa Hudgens
What you think about this?
I been holding it in now I'm letting it go
What you think about this?
I'm gonna do my own thing yeah I'm flying solo so
Don't tell me how its gonna be On my own And the thing of it is
There's nothing round here that I'm gonna miss
Cause you're holding me down
I just wanna fly
There comes a time when I gotta say goodbye
To the life that you see me in
Here's where I begin
[Chorus]And I promise myself
I am nobody's, I just wanna be free
And I promise myself
Even though it don't always come easy
Gonna learn from my pain
Never explain
Do it my way, that's what I say
Promise myself
I'm the only one who will believe me
There's a voice in my head
Telling me come on, come on, move on
There's a voice in my head
Telling me I know my right from wrong
They they say what doesn't kill you can
Make you strong
Now I know what it means
You can try to bend but you ain't breakin my dreams
I'll be making mistakes
Coming up at a loss
I'll be tumbling down
But Like MC shake it off
I'll stay cool cause I know who's boss
me, myself, and I
I'll keep movin even when the beat is gone (I will I'm on c'mon)
I'll keep doin what i got to do to carry on (I will i wont)
So don't hold me down cause i'm gonna fly
and the time has come and I gotta say goodbye
To the life that you see me in
Here's where I begin
*And I promise myself
I am nobody's, I just wanna be free
And I promise myself
Even though it don't always come easy
Gonna learn from my pain
Never explain
Do it my way, that's what I say
Promise myself
I'm the only one who can complete me
Repeat * twice
Chloe, singing her way out.

Headlines: Something Happened

I couldn't care less.

I don't give a shit if I am naïve or not.
I don't give a shit on what you think.
I don't give a shit if anything happens to whoever on whatever day for whatever reason.

I don't give a shit on almost anything.
It doesnt concern my hard heart.
Yes, I may pity them but what else can I do? If I grief for them, will they spring back to life again?
If I cry my heart out will their family be happy?
I am a cold hearted freak, if that concerns you.

I held back my tears of sorrow when I got back my UPSR results. 2As and 3Bs when I expected to get at least 4As. I thought to myself 'there's no use crying. Tears won't change my results' and tears won't earn pity from the examiners' hearts.
And I held on to that principle till now. I learnt to 'berubah mengikut keadaan' (change according to situations) or a better known phrase 'adapt to new situations.'

I miss my late grandmother more than ever.
Thinking about her makes me cry.
Looking at the things she gave me makes me miss her even more.
Looking at myself and thinking how she moulded me to become what I am now makes me smile.

On her birthday, the 25th of August, I recalled what we did exactly 2 years ago. I looked at the pictures in my computer... smiling... blowing candles... cutting a 0.5kg blackforest cake... eating cake, everyone in the picture oblivious to the future...not knowing that that will be her last birthday.
She left us on the 11th of August. Exactly 2 weeks before her birthday.

Bottomline is reminiscence is not a bad thing, but too much of it will take over your life. So why bother recollecting the memories of the sad past instead of looking ahead?
I've learnt to move on. Why can't you?

Chloe, wondering who you are.

Tag! You're It!

I used to have lots to say.

Now I've got nothing to say.


Hey... waddaya know. I got tagged. TANKIU CHONG. >: /

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.
*direct copy from Eric's blog.
**copied directly from Chong's blog.

Kay... I'll get to the point:
1)Strictly male. Transvestites and Girl-Turn-Guy not included.

2)Has a nice tan.

3)Must allow me to go out and work. Must not make me a housewife.
8)Aihyo dunno lah. Chong. Why the questions so hard wannn? You give me Addmaths maybe easier.
*recalls fungsi, sin, kos & tan, graf kekerapan lawan longokkan crap*
OK... I take that back.

Either the creator of this tag thingy is tad bored or a kepochi. Chong? Can I tag u back? Aihyaa... no point...(see rule number 4)

Chloe, TAG! YOU'RE IT!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A Far Away Wish

I LOVE Eloise At The Plaza.

She's a little girl who lives in the prestigious hotel, The Plaza with her British Nanny, her dog that looks like a cat, Weenie, her sneaker wearing turtle, Skipperdee.
Which little girl can create so much havoc in the hotel premises itself but Eloise?

I've got sem break this week. Please tell me what to do if not I'll spend my time sleeping.

I think the name Eh-lo-Is is cute. It's like 'Ello, Is'...

It is official. Vanessa Hudgen's songs aren't catchy. Not to say that they're not nice... but just not catchy.

To those people who SMSed Mary, you made her cry. She was deeply touched that people still remember her birthday.

This is for you, LaLa:
Happie Birthday, La La!!!

I know how it feels to be so far from home and friends and when they remember your birthday, it's like... so touching...
It makes you feel not unimportant. It makes you feel important. Like 'although I'm not there but you still remember me'.

Those who forgot Mary's birthday, quickly sms her (eventhough it's the 12th, 13th or 14th) and cook up some excuse like
'my brains died on me on your birthday'
'my hp dropped in the toilet bowl so I thought it was rude to wish you a happy birthday with poop'
'my calendar tells me that today is the 11th!' (and stick to that excuse to the end)

because you can't go like 'Hey, I didn't sms you on your birthday because I couldn't decide what to say to you. Now that I have, it's not your birthday anymore.'

Chloe, wishing all those Sept 11 Birthday Girls and Boys far and near a HAPPY BIRTHDAY because my calendar says that it is your birthday today.

Monday, 10 September 2007


Finally got the connection right. Missed me? I'm sure you did.

Today, I... Went to Mid Valley to get me friend's prezzies.
Pris's is around the corner.

Remember how I used to rant about High School Musical, and High School Musical 2?
I am one disappointed fan.
I hate it that I'm saying this, but HSM2 SUCKS!
The whole movie is just... substanceless.
Although I like the song sung by Gabriella- Gotta Go My Own Way.
Lyrics at the bottom of the page.

I bought myself Vanessa Hudgen's V
and the HSM2 soundtrack.
Why? Because Vanessa has a nice voice.
Why? Because HSM2 sucks.

Vanessa is pretty. She is one real rojak. Her mother is a Filipino, Chinese and Latin, while her father is Irish American Indian.

Thank you, people for the hugs! Appreciate it =)

Oh, I couldn't post this up because yeah, I mentioned before...connection prob.
On the 8th of September 2007 was Jela's birthday.
I can't believe you are 19. I mean... 19 is like... 1 more year to 20! Twenty is like... adult... Whoa!
I still remember you 'jagaing' me when I was 4.
I still remember u telling me all about secondary school...
I still remember you bringing Mary and I over to SMK USJ8 one day when SK Seafield 3 had their sports day.
I still remember telling you "I can't believe you're 16"

Time flies.

Chloe, signing out to listen to her new CDs.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Huh? What? Huh?

I am here to say that I just found out that there will be a HSM3


BM Kid's Mum

Ms Khor: Hello? Chloe? Hey, can you ganti Ms Cecelia for her Standard 5 BM class? She's suddenly got something urgent to do and can't make it so I was wondering if you could help out only for tonight.
Me: No.

Ok, I’m a nice person, so I did. I was freakin tired of all the running arounds this afternoon because
1) I didn't bring the mounting board to hand up my assignments
2)Popular doesn't have any more mounting boards left.
3)MPH doesn't have any mounting boards either
4)The photo shop can't read my thumbdrive
5)Thank goodness my mum gave me a call and she happens to be around the corner so she fetched me to Taipan.
6)Stupid photo shop charged me RM14 to develop an 8R picture
7)I had to wait for an hour
8)It was 1.05pm.
9) Class starts at 2pm I walked around and entered Video Ezy.
Me to the man behind the counter: Do you by any chance have 'Vanessa Hudgens' cd?
Man Behind Counter: Sorry Out of Stock.
Me:O.o WAAAHHHHHHH..... So popular until like that...
MBC: Yeah
Me: How about HSM2 soundtrack?
MBC: Sorry, that too is out of stock.

Yes, I asked for HSM2 soundtrack because I have my reasons. If you want to think that I'm so crazy over HSM then it's up to you. I have no rights to change your opinion even if you refuse to think that it's(HSM soundtrack) for my kids my students.
Those of you who don't know, too bad ask, and I'll tell you.

Back to the topic...

In the beginning there were about 18 people for the BM class but since school teachers aren’t allowed to teach, the school/tutor left and the class shrunk in the hands of another tutor to about 5 people. Guess how many students appeared?

There were only 3 students.


OK lor, so I still did pemahaman with them. Then at the end of the class, a mother came in to pick her daughter up.

Me: I’m taking over their BM tutor for today because she had something urgent going on.
Student’s mother: YOU ah?

I was about to explode at that ungrateful mother whose daughter is super quiet and doesn’t answer any questions I ask.

You could at least say a small thank you or a smile to show your gratitude which you, I’m sorry to say, have none.

Chloe, being grateful to each and every one of her blog readers, KC for teaching me how to strike out words (HAHA) and everyone else for everything else I'm aware and not aware of.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Genius Photographer -__-

I'm here to tell everyone that I...

...have finally finished my photography ASSignments and it is a real relieve to know that I don't have to take anymore portraits because I totally suck at it. Either the nice pictures are blur or the blur pictures are nice, not to mention I tend to cut off the top part of the head for 'Head Shot' or cut off AT LEAST ONE side of the fella's shoes for 'Full Length'.

So it wasn't an easy task for me when my freelance photographer uncle squashed my confidence by saying the pictures I showed him weren't good due to lighting, blah blah blah,especially when I thought I was the best photographer. There you go... My photography ego went from as high as the clouds dropped like a missile to the ground.

Currently listening to Raymond Lam Fung's 'Ling Wui' which means something like 'realize'. Dunno... Jela told me wan. Or was it Cacing who told me?

Chloe, got to go sleep... A round of RPM with her aunt tomorrow morning *faints*

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

TVB's Latests-07

A small reminder for me...
Wtf I can't read Chinese. Banana Alert.
Those without English titles means.. belum keluar lah...


A Change Of Destiny
Steven Ma, Benny Chan, Shirley Yeung, Selena Li, Paul Chun

Best Bet
Michael Tse, Linda Chung, Anne Heung, Wayne Lai, Kwok Fung, Lee Fung

The Slicing Of The Demon
Sunny Chan, Bernice Liu, Michael Tse, Angela Tong, Gor Wah, Sherming Yiu

Phoneix Rising
Louisa So, Crystal Tin, Leila Tong, Sunny Chan, Ben Wong, Chan Man Na

Adam Cheng, Gigi Lai, Chung King Fai, Kenny Wong, Eddie Kwan

The Master Of Tai Chi
Vincent Zhao, Raymond Lam, Melissa Ng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Selena Li

Devil's Disciples
Kevin Cheung, Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu, Sharon Chan

Heavenly In Laws
Joey Leung, Nancy Sit, Linda Chung, Yuen Wah

The Drive Of Life(on Astro On Demand)

Charmaine, Raymond, Myolie, Jessica, Ron, Joe, Damien,Sharen, Chen Bao Guo, Chen Kun, etc...

Wong Hei, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Gigi Lai

Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Wayne Lai, Claire Yiu, Kate Tsui

Dayo Wong, Yep Tong, Vivien Yeo

Heart Of Greed
Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung

Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Lam Ka Wah, Lai Lok Yi, Matthew Ko

Ada Choi, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Joyce Kot, Anne Heung, Joe Ma

Roger Kwok, Margie Tsang, Kenneth Ma, Sonija Kwok

Fathers And Sons
Bobby Au Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Wong Hei

On The First Beat
Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Joey Yung, Michael Tao, Sonija Kwok, Kate Tsui

The Seventh Day
Keving Cheung, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong

The Family Link
Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Cecilia Yip, Leila Tong, Michael Tse, John Chiang

Life Art
Kevin Cheng, Gigi Lai, Paul Chun, Astrid Chan, Evegreen Mak, Natalie Tong

The Brink of Law
Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Bernice Liu, Kate Tsui

The Ultimate Crime Fighter
Yuen Biao, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Gigi Lai, Yoyo Mung, Maggie Siu

Ok, just posting these up here to share with those who are interested and to those who aren't, scroll down. Oh, too late. It is already the end of this post.


The End of Malaysia Mega Sales '07

Need I say more?

Tell my parents that:
I'm not a hoarder.

I am waiting for HSM2 to be premiered on the 9th of September.
I can't wait for the release of HSM's vcd/dvd whichever comes first.
I am going to buy HSM and HSM2 soundtracks.
I am an 18 year old girl who watches HSM.
Got a problem with that?

I want that Fila bag I saw in Summit. IT WAS ON SALE! RM29 ONLY! Now no more sale which means no more bag =(
I want that pink Fila shoe. RM29. Refer above.
I want a new Sony Ericsson camera handphone. No model in particular. My hp camera died on me.
I want to dye my hair red. Cacing's hair colour is nice. It's red-brown.
I want more tees please. I've run out of them.
I want an ipod. Doesn't have to be expensive. The normal mp3 ipod would do. Pink please.
I want many many siblings. So that I can have more freedom.
I want to get over and done with the stupid undang test and drive.
I want to get the new TVB series Steven Ma and Bernice are acting in.

Steven Ma is a good actor. Each time I watch him on telly with diffrent female co-stars, he matches so well with them. He gives me a sense of security.
Wong Hei too.
Raymond Lam gives me the feeling of being loved.

That's what I think these actors look like inside.
But of course, they are ACTORS afterall... One can never decipher an actor. They are all just... acting.
Like Kevin told me that his friend was appointed to be Wong Hei's chaffeur during his stay in Malaysia and little did he(Kev's friend) know that Wong Hei was full of 'colourful' words.
I guess it's the same as Vanessa Hudgens. Zac Efron was quoted saying "beneath the sweet girl(Gabriella) is one sexy woman" or something like that. Saw in Galaxie mag.

Kay... Perhaps I'll go for a round of bowling tomorrow with Alfie and the gang... Depends on what time I wake up... I'll see lah, malas or not.

Chloe, trying to get her bum to bed.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


"Life is really unexpected. Full of cold surprises"-Pamela

Saw a post in Jin's blog where he mentioned that this guy from my high school died.
I told Siew Chuen about it. This is how our convo went:

Me:Arnold died.
SC: How?
Me:(I copypasted the paragraph frm Jin's blog)
SC:He crashed himself? Dumb
Me: ppl whr got sengaja wanna crash themselves wan.

-.-" Sweat-ed right?

Presenting Korean Food

I would like to wish all those people HAPPIE BURFDAY who were born on the month of September.

14-Char (cuzzie)
Anyone else I missed? Please be thicked skinned to tell me because I risked my face by putting a list of people's names here and forgetting any...

Mum brought Suria and I for Korean in Taipan for Suria's birthday.
Name of the restaurant: Dai Cheung Kam.
Seriously use the Korean series to publicize the restaurant wei.
But the kimchi is delicious. I'm not so much of a kimchi fan, but theirs is superb.

Here's my Kimchi soup that came with 10 dishes.

The dessert which is actually sweetened rice.
I scooped up some rice with ice but I don't think the picture is very clear.

Today for Introduction To Mass Communication class, we learned about radio. Because radio is such a short topic, so we had to do a mini presentation.

"Pretend that you are running for president. How do you convince people to vote for you over the radio?"


I hate running for president n pengerusi n stuff so I never actually thought of it. My lecturer is like damn pantang horrible presentations so I thought I was in deep shit.

Was the second to present so I came up with this:

"Hello everybody,
My name is Chloe;
Please vote for me,
As president for the Procrastinators Society.

The greatest procrastinators,
Can be positioned as Chief Terminator
But you can have the position later,
As for I am the best procrastinator.

There will be no deadlines,
You'll have plenty of bedtimes;
If you vote for me,
As the president of the Procrastinator's Society."

Chun anot? Chun anot first?

My cikgu said I had a loud n clear voice. *ahemm*

Chloe, procrastinating her assignments and going to Korea putting on some Korean drama to watch.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Blog I Tell Yah. BLOG!!!

Sad? Blog.
Unhappy? Blog.
Emo? Blog.
Bored? Blog.
Embarassed on what happened today? Blog.
Happie? Blog.
Feel like shit? Blog.
Pissed? Blog.
Something happened? Blog.
Got something new? Blog.
Got something to say? Blog.
Friendster? No. Blog.
Surf? No. Blog.
Sleep? No. Blog first.

Damn I am so addicted to blogging. See how many posts I have this month and today's only the 3rd of September!

High Counter Got Hit!

Yay! I've finally got myself a hit counter. Took me quite some time to choose this. Was torn in between the colourful splats, Spanish and the Thai one, but I chose Thai. Why Thai?
Well... Maybe it's because I CAN COUNT IN THAI!!!!!! HAHAH...
Neng, song, sam, si, ha, hoek, chet, pet, kao, sip.
Roi, song roi, sam roi, si roi, ha roi... (Roi means a hundred)

And my other reason why I chose this Thai hit counter is beacuse no one would ever think of having a Thai hit counter on their fully-English dominated posts right...?

But the stupid thing is I'm advertising for some stupid vitamin supplements which I didn't bother 2 click. So stupid or not, I dunno lah. Go find out yourself.

Went out to mamak to pass Wong a buh-bye present. Seriously didn't know he speaks Mandarin o.O
Supposd to teman Adrian to cut hair later. Don't know if it's still on. Nap first lah.

I didn't know that I gave the impression to a number of people that I'm a 'puteri lilin' and a girl who never survived NS. Surprised that I came back in ONE PIECE, huh, WONG? Nevermind. You're not the only one. ALOT of people think the same way too... hor, KC? ADRIAN? And a number of other people. If you're not listed then own up!

I love tans. I love to get a tan! Pity they don't sell tanning lotion here if not I'll go buy meself a bottle.

Just NOTICED the difference between someone getting high and someone getting drunk. Damn. People here call it high la.

Chloe, admiring her Thai hit counter although she may change it, depends on her mood. Yes, she is very free. No, she has nothing to do.

I Am The Best Damn Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me

Phew... talk about...
*glares at you*
Not perasanness. It's called self-esteem.

I don't like to eat tou foo. I hate the smell. That includes soya bean and tau foo fa.
I don't like pork.
I don't like beef.
I don't like lamb.
I don't like mutton.

In case you were wondering, no, I don't eat bak kut teh either. Got la, if my dad suddenly has this craving for it, but I'll just have the 'teh'. No 'bak'. No 'kut' either. Humans don't eat 'kut'.

My reason on why I don't like soya...
On the 23rd of March 1989, Spring's Child was born on the face of the earth, bringing joy to a happy couple. She was the best damn thing that happened to...
I'll cut the long story short where her mother was in 30+ hours labour >.< not my fault!!!
She was lactose intolerant: ( ) and so her mother was forced to feed her with soya bean.

Why I don't like soya now is a question I've still got in my head.
But I'm ok drinking milk, eating yoghurt, bingeing on ice-creams and chocolates now.

Chloe, signing out, thinking that she is possibly hungry.

Wind? What Wind?

There was a slight breeze.
Soothing and cooling.

Then a gush of wind blew me,
blew my face,
blew my hair,
blew my baju,
made me feel messy.
I would have enjoyed the wind
months and months back.
I would have thought:
"if there's no wind,
the air is still"
I would have wished
for the wind to come.
To come blow me,
take my breath away.
Now the wind
is like a nuisance.
Mess my face,
Mess my hair,
Mess my baju,
Wind, "WHATEVERrrr"

It's not as appealing as it was before(March12,06 post).

Chloe, closing all the windows. Brrr... Such a windy day.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

I couldn't Care Less or More =D

Clo is sick of thinking of what other people think about her.

I hate it when I see someone thinner than me telling ME that they're fat. If that super skinny petite framed size 0 girl comes up to me and say "OHWTF I'M SO FREAKING FAT!", I am so gonna bring her for a liposuction and suck out all that's left of her so that she becomes super invisible. What say you Ms-I-am-so-freaking-fat-help-me-I-wanna-die-because-Chloe-is-thinner-than-me? *inverted commas*

I've gained confidence throughout the 3 months and realized that people don't actually OBSERVE you. They don't give a shit on how you look or where your belly bulges.

Or maybe it's because they're erh...'pedalaman' people and their only goal in life is to get married and have tonnes of babies. Pei Yan said so. She said that 'Si Lai' told her wan.

That's not my point. My point is I'm sick of covering my flaws. If you think I have a big butt, go ahead. If you think my arm are big or my thighs are flabby, well, I can't have you at knife point or operating out your bad thoughts about me and brainwash you, can I?

Bottomline is I don't care how or what you think about me and my dress sense.

Spot Clo, Nicole n Jela

Moi camwhoring. Precious picture this is... I hardly camwhore y'know?

Super open minded Grace who doesn't care how people think about her picture. She laughed at this picture and didnt ask me to delete it. "ShAAAAAAAAA-roNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!"
Chloe, signing out.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Laladidum Laladidum

10.34pm 01-09-2007

I am pissed at Suria.

She asked me to keep quiet. I was like ‘lalalala’ and she ‘shhh’ me. I was damn geram so I ‘lalalala’ louder lah. Den she ‘shhh’ me again. WTFWTHTOOTEDTOOT! She ‘shh’ed me when I want to ‘lalalala’.

So… being as Chloe as I already am, I put on Princess Hours OST to listen. I know she digs Princess Hours so I purposely put it at the loudest volume for her to hear. She was sewing. Very
near me.

Before the end of the 1st soundtrack (the nice one) I plugged the earphones into the notebook and… she can’t hear anything but the driving sound of ‘ ch…ch’ that came out of my earphones and the terrible voice of Chloe trying to sing Korean =)

Neh neh neh neh neh!!!


Chloe-1 Suria-0

(8) Sa Rang In Ga Yo, keu dae na wa nat ta, myeon si jak gin ga yo…~ (8)


Sweet, sweet revenge =)

She switched channel to Astro Ria and is listening to Siti Nurhaliza’s Konsert Akustik.

Chloe-1 Suria-1

‘Laladidum… Laladidum…’

Chloe, signing out

Flu Away!

Stupiak influenza.
Took two tablets and I now I feel that the medications are working on me.

-Clo is offline.
-Clo saw the date on the fax machine-2nd Sept07
-Clo looked at the time-10pm
-Clo remembered that Ron Ng's birthday is on the 2nd of Sept so she quickly came online and opened her blog to post a birthday message for him, although I doubt he'll ever stumble upon her humble page.
Mum said "Hey! Fireworks finals is tomorrow."
Clo:*GASPS* NO! OH NO! IT'S TODAY! IT ENDS TODAY!!! And it starts now! Right NOW!!!
Mum:Tomorrow lah.
Clo: NO! TODAY!!! 2nd of Sept!

I remember clearly because so many things happens on this date.
1)It's Ron's birthday.
2)It's the last day of the Fireworks competition.
3)It's the last day of the Malaysia Mega sales *cries* nooooooo~~~~~
4)Exactly one week after this date is the Premier of High School Musical 2 on Disney Channel.

So how can I ever forget?! Plus the fax machine (beside me) says so.

Until I looked at my watch that read:
SA 9. 1
pm10:10 34


And typed all of the above.

Chloe, changing the date of the fax machine and falls into a deep sleep once the medicine worked in her systems.

I Should Be...

...sleepin bcause...'s 4.09am now...
...but I'm still here... inform you that...
...I am currently facing...
...damn semi-insomnia but...
...I am damn freakingly tired...
...but I can't sleep thanks to...
...the damn coffee I drank...
...right just now and so...
...I'll just curse the...
...caffein to...


Hey! A pattern!

Chloe on Malaysians

My first damn post on this...

I feel like I’m living in an artificial world.

Today Malaysia is celebrating it’s 50th Merdeka. Patriotic songs fill local tv. Even my usual Wah Lai Toi channel featured the Prime Minister giving his speech.

Newspapers had the front and back printed with the Merdeka event that happened at the Dataran Merdeka at 12am in full colours.

The centre spread was filled with pictures of vibrant colours of the country. Even the letter section featured letters written by Malaysians local and abroad on Malaysians should be ‘brothers’ to one another, how one grew up with different ethnic backgrounds and how this Malaysian kept the Jalur Gemilang dear to him while working in Germany.

What touched my heart most was how this Malaysian celebrated Merdeka in Switzerland by inviting his friends over to his place, cook Chinese, Indian and Malay food and start the ‘Merdeka Dinner’ celebration by singing the Negaraku and handing out the lyrics translations for the Country’s song. My tears trickled down my cheeks as I couldn’t hold them back while reading the article.

I think that’s what a Malaysian should really do. Some people may say that they don’t have to do anything as long as the country stays in their heart but in my opinion, what’s the use if they don’t show it?

I could not help but feeling touched by what these Malaysians do.

As for me, I can’t stand the Jalur Gemilang touching the ground.

What hurts the most is when I recently read Malaysian Today where ‘Malaysians’ criticize the country. Note the inverted commas. I shall not continue anything about Malaysia Today because I have a post on it a few posts before this. If they want, they can jolly well live in America and criticize Bush for all I care.

As for all you racist buggers, I’m sorry you encountered situations whereby involved other races hurting you and making you mad, but for your information, other people may encounter problems with your race too. People are people. There is nothing you can do to stop them, so there is no point getting angry with their race, instead, why don’t you get mad at that bugger instead?

What you are doing is called racial discrimination.

Take this for an example: Let’s say a bald headed fat ass guy snatched your handbag and got away with it. Why can’t you just get mad at all the bald headed fat ass guys in the country/world, but what you did is you categorize him into a race and hate his race.

As I watch these patriotic songs/videos/mtv (hahah) on air on tv and happy Malaysians waving the flag in their hands I know that if I throw a stone at the crowd, I know I’m bound to hit one racist.

Me? Judge? No… I just feel that there are hypocrites in the world and anyone can be one of them.

Chloe, not meaning to offend anyone...It's just her view and thoughts of stuff that came into her mind, robbing of her beauty sleep.