Wednesday, 24 January 2007

'Cham' Ice

On a hot day like this, even the hottest wind can make my fingers numb, my legs shiver, my tummy turn upside down, my head spin, my laptop sway from left to right and left again. I couldn't think straight. I didn't know what I was saying. I didn't know what was I typing.

I am so happy!
Happy is too simple a word to express my emotions. I am on cloud 9, seventh heaven, over the moon, you name it.

Does bravery appear as it fades?

Ok, this is so not right. I'm currently having a mixture of feelings now. Can't decide if it's coffee or tea. It has a bitter coffee taste yet the cooling sensation of tea.
Maybe I shall just pour it into the sink.
Try it. Mix coffee and tea together. Drink. How does it feel? It'll give your tongue a hard time to transmit the senses to your brain. Trust me.

BY THE WAY... Brian showed me a profile on friendster and THIS GUY SOOOOO LOOKS LIKE JESSE MCCARTNEY!!! He's like... SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
Great. I've nothing to say here but rant about some guy's picture saw on friendster. But he's seriously cute.
I'll just shut up.

Did any of you notice notice my style of writing since last year? no more paragraphs. No more proper constructed sentence. Not so much of emo.

I don't care.
I wanna sleep. Night night...


Monday, 22 January 2007

Just A Gist


I'm sure you did.

Hectic some way or another.
Am grateful to have a buncha whacked colleagues at Leo's. It really makes the working environment more fun.

Oh ya... Went to Singapore on the 13th with my two aunts. Hardly bought anything, they're SO expensive. A simple 'cheap' blouse may cost $10, but when you convert it, it's actually RM23 so which Malaysian would pay that amount for a blouse when they can get it for 100Baht in Thailand? 1oo Baht is around RM9.93 or something like that.
Malaysia is sandwiched between a cheap stuff country and an extreamly expensive cheap stuff country. One North, one South.
Speaking of Thailand, my aunt got free tickets from Air Asia to

so, TADAA~~
the second country I'll be visiting this year.
I am overjoyed until I accidentally chose yellow colour.
Shopping, here I come~!!!
: )

Takyah jeles-jeles ni... Pegi dua tiga hari je...

Clo's Plans For The Year
June-return from ns, driving lessons

Aiyok.. wrong spelling...

Don't tell me about what shitload on the bombings because I don't care. Neh x5

You know, am still not used to going to bed before 12 but my mum keeps on sending me to bed. I miss my nocturnal life. I wanna sleep at 3am and wake up at 11am.

Guess what Pik Wah told me through sms when she got her handphone back for the weekends in Sarawak.

Give up?

'Don't dream of losing weight here. Exercise-3hours. The rest are all kawad, makan and rest only.'


So much for me on my losing weight programme.

I was reading Clement's recent post on his blog on him condemning his writing and 'kissing the feet' of another blogger who's English is better than his makes me ponder and wonder where does my blog stand. It's like Each sentence has 2-5 words and with that also the language sucks.

Bed time for me now. Don't gawk. Wait till you sleep early then I'll laugh at you pulak.


Thursday, 4 January 2007

Second Day

Second day of work-

I word to describe on how it went.


I worked O.T. today. from 9am to 10pm.
Taking orders.
Clearing tables.
Wiping tables.
Faking smiles.


Chong and Kelvin are working full timr there... At least I've got people to teman.

Compliments complied:
-'nice nails'*
-'What's your name? Chloe. Chloe, you're good.'
-'Aren't you underaged to work here'

*see post before this

By the way, I accidentally posted that picture (Tuesday, Jan 2nd) that doesn't relate to the title in any way or whatsoever.

Ahem.. nice nails hor?

Got to go for now. Work tomorrow from 7am to 3pm.


Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Back To School

Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy 2007!!!


I don't want to sound like some sad person who doesn't enjoy the new year, but seriously, it's just like any other day to me except that I received new year messages 2 hours late, which I didn't reply *apalogizes*

Went to Leo's Cafe in Taipan. Had this blue drink which looks like some cocktail padahal it's ice-cream soda with blue colouring/sweet blue liquid. Not bad... A cafe in between Starbucks and Coffee Bean. A nice place to hangout. Chunted.

..........Blue drink..........