Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Hi Bye

Ok, here's the scoop:

I've listened to Rudklao Amratisha's 'Ultimate Collection' and I've come to the conclusion that her voice isnt the type I would like to listen to. It's just so... high pitched and squeaky. Too sweet for my liking.

Currently listening to Full House OST.

Leaving for college in 20 minutes so I better go offline now.
I purposely came online to tap a few words down, just in case you people miss me or something.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

To Ponteng Or Not To Ponteng,

That is the question.

It's now 1.54pm and where am I now?

In the IT lab. I am so sick of fundamental photography class.
We are allowed to
-listen to music
-walk in and out of the classroom
-go to class late
for fundamental photography class.
What more can I ask for?

Pontenging a class without a challenge has no kick to it. It's no fun. Serious.
It's like going in and out of your room and sooner or later it's something you wouldn't really realize and take it for granted until your door actually spoils and you can't enter then you would realize how much you took your door for granted.

Makes sense?
It doesn't to me either.

Bottomline is that where there is a challenge in doing something bad, it's fun.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a good girl ya know?

Ok, it is officially 2pm and my class starts like, NOW.

Hey, Nana is sitting behind me! I heard her sandy voice.
Hello Nana!!!

She'll be going to class at 2.30.

Should I follow?
Maybe I shouldnt.
I could.
I don't want to.

Aha! It's a yes! That means I should get to class late. HAHA!!

All right, I'll go pack my bags and file and go to class now.
Damn, what am I doing?
Ok, told you I am a good girl.

I don't wanna go to classss~!!!!!

I shall stop crapping before more people dodge rotten eggs at me.

Jela!!! I'm wearing the PHUNK tee now. Can you see? =D
Chong that day ask me about it. About 5 days ago I think. Izit, Chong?

Chloe, being a good girl, will sign out and head straight to class on the 6th floor and not go down from the 3rd floor to Ground then go up to the 11th floor and then baru only to the 6th. She will go to class stright.
2.11pm now. Already 11 minutes late.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


Remind me not to embarass myself by asking people I tak kenal stupid questions.

Remind me to leave the comp as soon as possible because I've got to hit the gym early in the morning.

Remind me to reload enough to pay back Jin.

Remind me to bring the 20 bucks for Jela.

Remind me to study for masscomm and marketing.

Remind me to stop reminding myself, but actually get things done(or not).

Every year I tell myself that I won't be going for the Christmas party, but every year, I end up turning out for the party and lip sync-ing the Christmas carols.
I don't feel like going, but part of me says that I have to go.
Lazy la, wanna socialize. So many people will be there at the same time.

Remind me to quit complaining.

Awaken from a Hiatus

I'm here!
*ducks a flying tomato and rotten egg*
Nobody misses me meh? =(

Ok lah I know I haven't been updating. I'm busy thinking of ways to get back at Wong for stepping on my tail in the last post making sure the world revolves around me.
And it has. Yippie!

I finally added 3 (note: THREE) movies to my stunted collection. The last movie I bought was She's The Man starring Amada Bynes.
I've added Casanova, Meet The Fockers and It's A BoyGirl Thing to the collection.
Haha, super old movies, eh?
I've got so little movies I can even type them out here and embarass myself.
Here I go:
She's The Man,
The Joy Luck Club(vcd+ cover gone missing)

Laugh. Go on, laugh at my pathetic collection.

Fyi, I don't buy pirated ones, so I rather not own anything at all.

I'm into songs that I don't understand.

I've got a list of French, Spanish, Latin and Korean songs in my playlist(and handphone) and I've recently added Thai songs to the list. I wanted to buy Dome's cd but it was out of stock. Disappointed, I asked the guy to recommend another alternative. End up buying Thailand's Feel Good Greatest Hits and a Rudklao Amratisha(pronounced as Rud-kao A-ma-rish) cd. Not bad. She's got a sweet voice. I think.
Haven't actually listened to the whole cd yet. To be honest, I've only listened to one track.
Maybe just one line of the first track.

Or perhaps just the beginning music.
Argh, I don't know lah.
Will tell you what kind of voice she has when I've listened to it.

Currently listening to Vanessa Hudgens' Afraid.
When someone has a good voice, nomatter what they sing, their songs will turn out good.
Take Whitney Houston for example. Damn her life at the moment but she has a good voice.
Celine Dion is also a good example.
Faith Hill...
Kelly Clarkson...
Miriam Yeung...

I don't really fancy female voices but theirs is good. As for guy's, I'll still stick to my opinion that Lam Fung has a sexy voice. It's nice. Soothing...

Normally I buy soundtracks of nice movies. Let's see what soundtrack does my shelf have...
The Lizzie McGuire Movie OST
The Sound of Music OST
All About Men (weird name, but this is a compilation of TVB themesongs sung by the male stars)
Princess Hours OST

and 3 of Il Divo's cds.

I officially embarassed myself on my own blog. Damn. Wait till my collection grows, I'll
Kay, maybe not.

Chloe, signing out to listen to Rudklao Amratisha

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Pic-less Post

Thank you, Brian for the ahem, Chloe post. You wait I'll screw you back.

Pei Yannnnn~ How am I gonna get my organizer back? Ok, help me check, do I have anything on on the 10th of Oct(which is tomorrow) apart from 'Level 3'? Gosh~

You see, I left my organizer in her car when we went to Sungei Wang last, last Saturday when I thought that she'll fetch us (Pris, Sarah and I) back to Sentral. Didn't know that there was a monorail right in front of the mall. Hey, why didn't we think of going to Pavilion instead?

Anyway, my aunt soooo wanted to go, so we went the next day. NOOOOOOOOooooo~
Don't remind me. I didn't want to blog about it because I wanted to upload those pics~

Back to work. Three subjects, four assignments.

Chloe, keeps all papers, resumes Steps. Wait la, I finish my series first before doing my assignments.

Sleep Is Good, Chloe Is in a Bad mood

The obvious shown, I haven't been blogging for the past few days because I'm lazy to come online.


There's much better things to do apart from coming online and click blindly on the mouse.
Yes, I do remember that blogging is a way to kill boredom but the damn thing can't be accessed so I geram so I don't blog lor. Instead, I found a great past time!
You see, nowadays, with the blue moon in the sky, I sleep at 11pm. My beauty good sleep normally ends at 12 or 1pm and that's where I take a shower and have lunch. Then I either go for my 2pm class in coll or I go back to sleep until my mum comes back from work and scolds the shit out of me before she shoves my lazy butt out of bed with a bulldozer rotan.

Besides all that, my memory card can't be read and all the nice photos can't be uploaded.
Ugh. I even had to ask for permission from my photography lecturer if I can hand in my double assignments after raya.

I'm on a two week study break and it's back to classes for me the week after next.
If any of you can't get me next week, try getting me on this number: +66896920507.
If you still can't get me on that number then wait la, leave me a message on my digi.

I've finally bought Steps, a TVB series I mentioned a few posts before.

I feel like finding fault with someone. Who's brave enough to say hello to me?

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Visas and Games

Americans are geniuses.

If they see your face, they like you, your visa to enter the country is approved. If they don’t like you, they’ll just cook up with some other excuse and deny your entry into the country.

It came out in the papers that a group of online gamer’s visas were rejected due to some reason. One of the guys is Gerrard who happens to be in my Intro To MassComm class.
He said that they asked about his family, his background and stuff and in the end they told him “Oh, you can’t enter US because there are possibilities that you’ll work in the country” even though he provided all the documents that he is a student of SEGi College.
Then how come the people they approved to enter the country became?

Back to the first line I typed. I don’t mean to group them all and not the whole country are the latter. I’m just saying the group of them who disapproved the gamers’ visa. Please lah, people want to make the country proud. Let them lah.

Another group of people I want to praise are the bunch of Malaysians who diss Nicol David when she lost one game to I-can’t-remember-who in I-can’t-remember-what-game.
Ok, she lost, so what? She stinks?

Then what about her achievement to make herself the no.1 player?

When she wins, the whole country says “Ohhh… she’s from Malaysia! She’s where I come from…I am sooo proud”
And when she loses ONE game, it’s like the country disowns her.

Shouldn't we encourage her or something?

Don’t let me get started with Lee Chong Wei, badminton player.

Chloe, leaving.