Friday, 30 November 2007


Life is short, so live as if there is no tomorrow.

Everyone lower down your voices.
I got a call from a friend.

Continue staying silent for a minute please.
*moment of silence for a minute*

Dear Friend,
Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your dear father.

Although I never met him, I know how much he meant to you.
The death of someone who has been important in your life always creates an absence. I am very sorry for your loss.

I'm sorry I can't make it later too.


Job Vacancy

Suria has left for Indonesia and will be back in a month's time.

only for a month
Opened to anyone who is willing to wash two toilets weekly, clear up Chloe's mess daily and teman her to watch dramas in the middle of the night.
Food and Lodging are free.
Salary can be negotiated.
No copying Clo in any way or what so ever.
For further inquiries, please call Clo.
Gosh, the house is so quiet... Clo hasn't had her breakfast brunch yet because she can't decide between Thai instant noodles or M'sian instant noodles =/
I remembered the time when she first came, it felt like someone was invading my privacy. Now it's like... Clo is all alone at home again.
Of course I will never forget the times when she annoyed me to death by her piercing laughter and her copycat-ing me.
I'm sure many of you remember how I rant so much about her to the extend that I get so worked out and pissed myself.
I remember the time when I didn't want to go home because she was there.
I remember the time when she liked my Lam Fung and Ron Ng.
Be right back, got a call.
Chloe signing out to talk to her fishies.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Chloe's Ultimate Change

Guess what I bought!!!



Try again.

Give up?


Yes! I did!!! I bought Whitney Houston- The Ultimate Collection!!!
I'm on top of the worlddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kinda la.
Soooooooo like her songs, so like her voice.
And guess what? She's coming to MALAYSIA for the LIVE & LOUD!!!!!
I told my mum.
Her reply was just a mere "So?"
I was dumbfound. I was nonplus.
After all my enthusiasm, she just said "so?"

Anyway, my sem1 finals are finally over. I'll be looking up for some extra courses to join during my hols. You know, just to kill not actually killing time, but doing it with something useful. Gosh, I've changed!

Chloe, listening to One Moment In Time

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Clo Misses Everything

Clo is still alive.

Finals next week.

She misses blogging.
She misses the times when she had alot to tell you.
Now she is like... empty.
She doesn't know what to say already.

Chloe, signing out to call Pik Wah.

Friday, 9 November 2007

The Two Cuzzies

My two younger cousins has been staying with me lately because they will be at home alone while their mu is at work. Normally, they would stay at home alone, but my mum got worried because that area is pretty deserted in the afternoon. Their neighbours were visited by burglars-left and right.

Anyway, Charmak and Leah, both 13 and 11 have some sort of thing that they can games out of practically anything.

They saw my stack of rubber bangles and my cocacola tin bottle and started throwing the bangles to masuk into the bottle. They’re playing this now.

Just now they took m stack of Spongebob trading cards and created their own game. 1 person will hold all the cards. The other will pick one out and look at it. So the person holding the whole stack of cards will look at her stack and mention what is missing -.-

Full of shit la both of them ^^

Now the both of them are reading this, obviously oblivious that I'm talking to the mass internet audience.
"Who are you talikng to?"
"Ehyeeer, tell me~"
*silence except for the sound of my keyboard and Cliff Richard's Ocean Deep*
EEEeee not nice... suitable for emo moods la... Which I hardly am nowadays.
I'm a happy gurl...

Chloe, continuing to be happy.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Kick My Butt


I'm typing from the art studio in Puchong. Cool! I'm just hoping the owner of the wireless network doesn't disconnect it.

Anyway, Wei Vern and I met up just now to do assignments. Jasvin didn't appear so we told GG that she didn't have to come.

As pissed as we were, we decided to meet again on Friday at McDs , Taipan to finish up the presentation which will be due next week! Gosh!

So we went back without any work done. So much on my mind, so little space.

I waited or the bus to arrive. And waited. And waited. And waited.
Alas! The bus came!
I went up the bus and asked the driver who drove bus number T523.
"Ada pegi Taipan ah"
"Taipan, tada."
So I went off the bus and sat back at the bus stop.
Seconds passed by. I started kicking myself on the arse.
Why the hell did I want to go Taipan for?

Chloe, signing out to watch Pingu.

A 'Classical' Move?

I'm not addicted to onlining anymore...

Don't really know why. I normally sit down on the sofa and watch tv, but since the weather in Malaysia has been so cold, I would rather curl up with a book to read.

*dials 999*
"Hello? my kawan-kawan already pengsan after reading my blog"
"Nooo~ I mana boleh send racun online wan?"
*pause again*
"Cakap? I tak cakap apa-apa pun. I only kata that I rela duduk on the sofa and baca buku aje"

But there is one teensey weensey problem. I'm taking like, forever to finish up Pride and Prejudice. My aunts advised me to speed read then read the book all over again but I don't like reading somthing I don't understand so for each sentence I don't understand, I'll read it over and over again. That's why the time taken to read A BOOK is so long.

A classic to be precise.

But it is seroiusly nice. Try reading it.

Chloe, leaving to read Pride and Prejudice

Monday, 5 November 2007

Fashion 101

Just now, I had shopping 101, and now it's Fashion.

To start of with, I'm not a person who buys Sungei Wang clothes each time thay have new stock, but I buy clothes that I feel comfy in. So, Fashion 101 is nothing about the latest trend. It's more to minor fashion 'don't's which I observe from people I know, or walked past, and put them in words.
I think.

Here goes:
1) When you are wearing bareback right down to your waist, PLEASE DON'T wear a colour stained bra. Put on those silicon thingies (I have no clue what the name is but yeah,) put those two sticky things on. Or put on a black bra one if you have none.

2) Never wear a sleeveless top if you have not had your...
*help me think of not so crude words*
underarms shaven! Migosh, that day I was at this shopping centre then a lady... nevermind. Nothing. Nothing at all.

3) Dress your age. As much as you like frills and lace and floral prints on your chiffon blouse, please don't wear it if you're not 50.

4) Collar tees and Bohemian-gypsy skirts don't match. AT ALL.

5) Mini skirts and big tees don't match either.

6) Please throw out the jeans that your mum passed to you from the 80s that goes right up to your stomach/beneath your boobs.
These pants may look like skinny jeans, but please, the cutting is so obvious. Skinny jeans are tight, 'MOM Pants' aren't.
They're loose and then traps your ankles at the bottom.
Ok, if you still want to wear them, there is one solution:
Wear a longer top. Don't wear those that ends right at the belt area-which is at your belly button.

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone's fashion sense in any way. The above are just stuff that comes across my head when I see any faux pax. But not to worry, my eyes are blinded when it comes to friend's outfits. Serious, I can't seem to be able to see anything wrong with friend's outfits.

Chloe, signing out, leaving for Petaling Street and KLCC in an hour or so.

Shopping 101 -Part 1

There will be many parts and many episodes of stuff I will encounter so this Shopping 101 may be more than a 'part1-part2' thing.

When you have reached your destined floor after a nice and smooth escalator ride, NEVER, EVER stay stationary and take your own sweet time to decide
"Hmmm, which way should I go? The east or the west? Left of right?"
If you can't make up your mind, then let me help you.
Just go straight and stop blocking the damn way. Nevermind if you want to get banged by those people or shopping trolleys behind you, but the people behind you do not want to get squashed between their trolle and another trolley behind them.
Move forward. Take a north, then decide. Don't ever stay stationary upon reaching the end of the escalator.
Think of other people's butts to. If you want to get yours squashed, go stand in between the lift's doors. Squashed butt guaranteed.

If you do not intend to buy clothes, do not go to people's outlets, put on their clothes and snapping them with your camera.
That is downright stealing.
Indirectly of course.
It's like entering a store, bringing out a camera and asking the clothes to pose on the hanger and snap pictures. Of course, without getting caught.
However if you want to try it on and let your mum or sibling see how you look when you reach home because they werent there with you, then I guess it is a diffrent story. That is if you decide to purchase it.
Lydia Teh, Malysian writer also mentioned something likr that in one of her books.

If you see something you really like, buy it.
If it costs 100 times more than you expected then put it down.
However if it is something you know you will never ever find it elsewhere, dont hesitate to spend a little more. It is worth every single penny if you really like it.

How to make your items more value for your money after buying them:

If you buy a tee that costs about RM50, wear it for at least 50 times to that you'll be spending about RM1 a day on that tee. The more times you wear it, the better. If you wear it for 100 times, it'll only cost you RM0.50 each time you wear it. if you wear it more than 500 times, well then, the tee is practically free!
Although it may cost you more than a year to make your tees worth, and by that time probably the collar is all stretched and colour faded, you still can wear them at home, or use it as a floor cloth. It is still counted-as long as you use it.
So who says RM50 for a tee costs alot?

If you want t throw away an old,spoilt electrical appliant,
open everything up.
*blink blink*
What? Have not you wondered which wire crosses to what thingy that connectes to that green thingay that generates that thingamajiggy?
Or is it just me?

Okie, here's part 1 for shopping 101.
Will post more if I can think of any.

Chloe, getting ready for Petaling Street and KLCC in 2 1/2 hours time.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Dear Anonymous Spammer,

After much thought, I've decided to post it here, under my name.

To you who have nothing to do,
please bore yourself with something else,
like bang your head on the wall,
bang the wall on your head.
Either way,
it'll work great.

I did think of snapping,
back at you anonymously,
but then I decided;
that I will not
be like you,
typing rubbish,
using other people's
for the sake of it.
Hence this haiku.

I am being very kind
for not
asking you to get a life,
because I believe you

I understand;
as boring as life can get,
the way to kill boredom
is to not:
create conflict
between two or more friends.

Therefore, please mind:
your business,
and stop.
using other people's names,
reveal yourself;
if you have the guts.

Thank you for being so understanding, Anonymous Spammer.

The owner of Fireworks Are Beautiful, Chloe.

Embarrassingnyer ><

I just recalled an incident that happened at my old tuition centre last year that made me laugh, but at the same time, well, embarrassed.

My teacher was asking if we will be embarrassed to show our marks if we didn’t do well for our papers.

“Adakah kamu ada *****” my Chinese teacher asked a girl.

Translation: “(Will you be embarrassed? Do you have any ‘embarrassment’ in you)?”
Have you figured what the *****s are yet?

Ok, here’s the clue.

Setia is to Loyal.
Loyalty is to Kesetiaan.
Malu is to Embarass
Embarrassment is to …?...

Go figure.