Thursday, 23 November 2006

I'm A Sadist, Muahahahaha!!!

I'm a sadist. I hate to see her laugh. Her voice and laughter pierces through my ears. Told you I'm a saidst. She laughs at everything under the roof(or tv). She squeals when there's a cute guy on tv, she laughs when somebody does something stupid. She laughs at everything not funny.

I tried testing her by laughing at something I find boring like maybe a scene where a husband and wife were talking. When there was a shjort pause in between the conversation, I suddenly burst out with joyful laughter thinking she would follow too.
She did. Except that she stared at me, then only started laughing when the wife mentioned the first word.

What the~? Not funny also...

When I find something funny on tv, I laugh. But her laughter was MUCH louder than mine until I had to laugh louder in order to hear myself laugh. In the midst of our 'happy' laughter, I wonder whether my last two seconds of laughter was genuine or was I just making a whole lot of noise, there fore making me miserable because I don't know if I had a good laugh or or was it all fake to cover her voice. I feel misearable.

I'm two faced. I just went out to ask her if she had breakfast in a sweet tone. She didn't. Lunch? Only three pieces of bread at 4pm. Liar, She said tht she wanted to eat instant noodles, but she didn't. She QUICKLY made me a packet of instant noodles for me. I, who just came back from school after 3 SPM papers gobbled it up because, of course, SPM is pretty stressful. That's not my point.
The point is that she's on a bloody diet and fell sick because she isn't feeding herself, instead, she's FATTENING me up! She's making me eat lots and lots of food so that she can be thinner than me.

Guess what, she skipped dinner. Yup. Why? Let me answer this. SHE'S ON A DIET!!!
I have a confession to make later.
I hate it when she said that she'll be eating then change her mind 2 hours later and end up not eating.

My confession:
Ok, I'm jealous that she can go on a diet and I can't because I can't risk myself falling sick during SPM. At least I admit my jealousy and not bark at my friends for no apparent reason just because they get to go overseas and I couldn't.

After typing this, I feel like a bitch.
Please, please, pleeeaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't tell me I'm turning into that 'L'.



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