Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Shake the Toothbrush Down to the Field

It's 3.09am now and I still can't sleep. I slept at 6.10am the previous morning and woke up at 10.47am to catch up with Mary and Cacing for lunch at Taipan. Cacing craved for pizza so thinking that Shakey's would be cooling and the air cond on full blast on a hot day like that, we went in and walked around the whole shop to find a place where the not-so-chun-airconditioner was blowing directly towards. Comments on the food? The chicken rice was bland. The lasagnia could do with more sauce and perhaps seasoning, the soup was tasteless but at least it wasnt diluted. We came to a conclusion that although Dominos may not have comfy seats, but at least the food there are good. Lesson of the day: quality of food are always more important than the ambiance.

Cacing came over to compare notes of stuff to bring for ns.

Sent to: Selangor

Stuff packed: Tissue, torchlight, padlock, 1 toothbrush, 6 track bottoms, t-shirts, a cup, comb, shampoo, bathgel, lotion, sport shoe, hangers n pegs, pail, soap powder, alarm clock, muscle ache cream, deodorant, sun block, and other essential items.

Sent to: Sarawak

Stuff packed: mirror, 3 slippers, sewing kit, pillow, blankie, sarongs, hair dryer, hair ties, book, plastic forks n spoons, batteries(AA and AAA), hand cream, vitamins, toilet n cupboard organizer, pillow cases, lip gloss/balm/therapy, all of the above (see under Cacing) except that I packed 4 toothbrushes, 2 tubes of toothpastes, 2 or 3 combs and other stuff I malas to type.

Why 4 toothbrushes? Imagine 1 fell down the hole in the toilet. What are you going to do without any spares?
If you ask me, I would pretend that that doesn't belong to me and I'd rather let my teeth rot and grow gunk than to pick it up and use it to brush my teeth.
Ok, either way, they're both gross. That's what 4 spare toothbrushes are for.

I think I hear my toothbrush calling me.

My bad. It's just Liverpool and Barcelona fans screaming on tv.


Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Pretty In Pink

Leo's crew-(from behind, then left to right)-Chong, Raymondo, Cynthia, Me, Kevin, Ong and our senior supervisor, Gary.
I can't recall if i've mentioned that I'm not working at Leo's Taipan anymore, but yeah, I feel so free now that I don't have to wake up early in the morning, carry tables around, arrange the chairs that weighs 4 or 5 times a schoolbag belonging to a form 1 on their week of school, mop the floor, and refill straws, sugar, wipe tables, wipe hundreds of spoons, soup spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, chinese spoons,teaspoons, long spoons and sauce plates. No more
and a helllotta stuff 2 do anymore. Oh wait! I forgot the other two steps I have(or HAD) to do! *pretends to gawk*
I'm really thankful to a handful of my customers who have been really kind to me, and those who have been really friendly to me: namely The True Fitness Couple, The Private Volunteer Soldier Uncle, The Waja Group of people who have created laughter while taking orders and last but not least, the customers who take orders, makan, pay and chao. I love these customers. They don't ask for anything, nor do they demand for anything extra. It really made life easier for me.
I waited when I was 14, and extended it to 16 and now when I'm 18. But I won't be here on the 23rd of March, so it'll be the 17th this time. This month. If not, the 10th of June when I return. Don't let me wait anymore. I can't let you run my life, I can't let you ruin my life anymore.
If that fails, the young green shoot cuts the rope and starts growing older, wiser and smarter.
12 more days before I leave for Sibu.
Miss me ya?
I have a new interest. Helicopters. OMGawsh dey're so cool! They're as cool as jets, as cool as aeroplanes!!!
Maybe I should start buying mags on them.
*thinks again*
Yeah I should.
Anyway, I'll go now. It's already 3.30am. Gotta wake early enough to catch Mary, Cacing and Chia Yi for lunch.