Wednesday, 30 January 2008

From An iMac

Ooh! ooh! Ooooh!!!

I've got so many things to tell you!
Firstly, I'm currently typing from the college's Mac!
I'm not tech savvy so I dont really know how to compare the softwares with the conventional comps apart from the appearance.
It's white... and glossy.
Seriously pretty =)

Anyway, Mac aside, I bought War of the In-Laws II !!!
So far, I've watched 3 and a half episodes and each epidode surprises me.
Myolie's acting and has improved tremendously. Her facial expressions and eye contact tells the story without needing to say anything.
The same goes to Bosco. His face is full of expression.
I'm not surprised why this series was rated quite high in Hong Kong.

If were you were to notice, even the second line actors did really well too. Notice Joyce Tang (Coco), Liza's assistant, eventhough she only stands behind Liza, probably insignificant to the viewers (when she is hidden behind Liza(Ophelia), but she still has the expression on the face that shows her xharacter...rather than standing still in the background.

Erh... No time to check the sentence above. =/

Class ending already... Gotta log out.
Class again later =/

Monday, 28 January 2008

When I'm Not So... Sane...

I want to buy War of the In-Laws II.

A Gist:
A modern sequel to the 2005 ancient comedy drama War of In-Laws.
Liza Wang will reprise her role as the sassy mother-in-law who heads a fashion design company. Myolie Wu is a tomboyish police officer who becomes romantically involved with Liza's son portrayed by Bosco Wong, a rich pretty boy in disguise.

I'm not a HUGE fan of Myolie nor a HUGE fan of Bosco, but I really, really like their acting.

I'm suddenly into TVB again. CHLOE is baaaaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was watching the Astro Wa Lai Toi Drama Awards and Raymond Lam sang a song that had a very nice tune to it. Especially the chorus. No idea what the title is. Gotta watch more TVB dramas and brush up on my Canto.

I've got lots more to rant about which will never end when it comes to TVB, but my dad is sending me off to bed and it's onli 1.10am!

RPM tomorrow. Alvin is surely gonna make me turn up the dial and cycle faster.

I grinned and wailed and fainted in one post.
What are we to do with myself? When I'm in a jumbled up mood...

Got to leave now. Will update when I regain my sanity.

LOL the word 'sanity' looks like 'sanitary' followed by the word 'pad'

Damn. Stop me.
*slaps forehead with hand and brings rubs face down with hand, pulling cheek down like a bulldog with thumb on the right cheek and fingers on the right side...making my nose flat and being pulled downwards...and to my lips exposing teeth... down to the chin...*
Yes. My hand stops at the chin.

Damn. Stop Me.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Heart's Beat


Lam Fung is hitting our shores again!!! TONIGHT!!!


He released a new album on the 23rd of November last year entitled "Finding Love In Memories"

There are a few translations to these words: 愛在記憶中找你
'Fond of Searching For You In Living Memories'
'Searching For You In Loving Memories'

I don't really know the exact Translation because I can't read Chinese. This is the time when I really wish I could read those swooshes.

Notice that he lost some weight? I don't know... But compare the picture above to this:

Saw the diffrence?
Heck, who cares. He should be in KL by now... Which is like... 45 minutes away from here =)))
and Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards will begin in like... 2 hours' plus time.

Chloe will be out of her mind for the next few hours or until she gets her hands on Lam Fung's new album. Whichever comes first.
I have a feeling I'll know which will come first.
Heck, HE'S HERE!!!
Not in my house la
So I'll glue my eyes to the tv.
And hold a box of tissue to my mouth.
The title, Heart's Beat is the name of The Last Breakthrough's themesong sung by, yours truly, punyer, ahem...partner.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

"Free Food So Pile Up-Lah!" -No One See So I Makan Lah

Malaysians are a disgusting lot.

*ducks at the sight of a flying dagger*
Phew. That was a close shave.

Serious. Ok, I don't mean ALL Malaysians.

Some are more refined... Some are just not...

Everyone knows about the pile up on plates during buffets at open houses, so I shall not repeat that cliché. I would really love to change the topic and say that I live around a nice bunch of fellow Malaysians around me, much as I love to change the topic, some things aren't best left unsaid:

I've seen some people who opens a bag of crisps at a hypermarket and feasts to their stomach's content then dispose the bag and leave without paying.

Yes, there is such thing as consumer's rights, but that doesn't give them the rights to do such thing. These actions aren't tolerable.
Their arguments may be that they 'want to test the products first before purchasing'. It doesn't mean that they can 'test' it for free. If they are willing to eat, they should be willing to pay and take the risk of eating ‘not-nice-stuff-that-are-not-worth-the-money’.

It is a different story if the company provides free testing. But even with that, I've seen people standing around the counter asking for more that adds up to a portion of a bowl of noodles.


Chinese New Year is round the corner.
Traders are selling mandarin all over the places... including hypermarkets.
Consumers are buying mandarin for their friends and relatives...
Self centered people are eating mandarin for free…

Note that the box is placed upseide down. They can even rip the yellow seal open, snap the plastic box open and yank out the mini mandarin...and even have the cheek to leave the peel on top.
The picture above was taken when I went to Giant, Subang Jaya with my grandaunt.

Think about it…

Chloe, disgusted. Need I say more?

Saturday, 19 January 2008


Dear 7th grandaunt who will be staying with us for the next few days/weeks,

I would appreciate it if you would stop rattling about my late grandmother.
Enough said.


Gym doesn’t seem as fun as it was a few months ago. The clock ticks 50% slower during RPM and my energy drains out faster within 10 minutes of RPM compared to walking around Bangkok’s shopping areas for 14 hours straight.

My legs aren’t moving to the beat like it did. Somehow the beat of the music doesn’t make me bang my head nor make my legs go ‘boom, boom, boom’ anymore. I need to go for another class. Hmm… line dancing? Body Combat? Body Attack? Body Pump? Body Jam? Or Body Step?

I want to learn to learn ballroom dancing… I think it’s cool to know a ballroom dance, or Latin, or Tango, or Waltz…but I can’t for sorta obvious reasons…apart from having two left feet.

Chloe, twirling out.

Official Blog Letter

SEGi College
Selangor Darul Ehsan 19th of JANUARY 2008

Dear Sir/Madam,

A Little Request from A Student of Yours

Referring to the above, I Chloe yong would like to request a little something from a big organization like yours since you say that you “telah beroperasi selama 30 tahun”.

2. Just in case you didn’t notice, I have been studying at your institute for almost half a year now and I pay my fees every month.

3. It would come as a big surprise to me if you didn’t notice that because I had to return my transcript due to some error. As I have never attended the first class for the English lessons, shouldn’t you cancel my name from the exam hall?

4. Never mind about that. I’m ALREADY a student of your institute so please, please stop sending me brochures on courses I am not interested in. It would do you more good if you were to send them to some other students who need them, OR to those who aren’t ALREADY STUDYING IN SEGi College.

5. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Thursday, 17 January 2008

In Point Form

Thursdays-Classes from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm.

This morning, I woke up, looked at my watch, “oh, 9.30am only” so I went back to sleep.

-At 11am I woke up with a jolt realizing that I had class...that was almost ending!

-I was like “shit…Shit… SHIT!!!”

-Checked my phone, four messages from my college friend, two from my mum asking if I was in class or not and two other missed calls from her.

-Jumped out from bed and head to the shower within seconds.

-Called the radio taxi to pick me up and send me to college. The taxi goes by meter. The meter says RM4 but I had to pay extra RM2. What a rip off.

-Guess what. I bathed, changed got out of the house and reached college within half an hour. Miracle huh?

-Met up with Wei Vern in the café to find out that Typography class was cancelled and was changed to another day.

-Nicholas was like soooo jealous because I needn’t have to wake up early to find class was cancelled.

-We had our brunch at the cafeteria.

-Wei Vern, Marcus and I headed to the IT lab until 1.30pm after Nicholas, the Chinese looking Malay girl (sorry I duno your name) and Jion left.

I apologize for the sentences in point form. Words just don't flow out like they normally would today.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Stupid T523 Bus Driver

I was at the summit bus stop after college. I waited and waited and waited for the damn bus to arrive.
Finally a T523 stopped in front of me.
Me: Ada pegi USJ13 kah?
Bus driver: ada!

So I hopped on.

To cut the long story short, the blardi bus didn’t go there. Instead in order to get to usj13, one has to cross two big roads.
As pissed as I was, I decided to go home instead because the bus passed by my home area.
By the way, USJ13 is where my grandmother lives.

Anyway, on the bus there was THIS MAN and he sat beside me. When the bus was empty, he didn’t move up to sit elsewhere. I watched him from the corner of my eye, hiding behind my fringe. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people sitting beside me, BUT it just so happen he came down at the same place as me!

Ok… this was getting weird.

I hugged my green file tightly to my chest, hoping to get some comfort from it, but it seems that files aren’t very comforting. Remind me to put a teddy bear I my bag next time.
He slowly tailed behind me as I picked up my pace.
Upon reaching the guard house, I turned my head and he was still behind me.
He was smsing on his phone, probably asking his friends to kidnap me of something. K la, I’m no 5 year old girl, nor do I live anywhere Taman Medan, but hey, it’s scary ok?

So judging that IF he was plotting some way to kidnap me or something and describing to his friend how I looked like, I knew I had to think of something. Running as fast as I could is not an option.

Without hesitation, I took off my dark blue jacket, and chucked it into my bag, revealing my light blue fitting tee and my Pooh Bear tummy
Thinking that he would recognize my striking green file, I chucked it into my bag too.
I changed my hairstyle from using a blue crystal shark clip to tie half of my hair to a ponytail using a rubber band instead.
I removed all accessories, just in case he uses it as a descriptive item.
My hands almost crushed my handphone as I held it tightly, with my thumb on the speed dial button ready to make an emergency call anytime just by asserting a teeny bit of pressure.

Ahaha... I felt like I was in some movie like that. Doing all the transformations while walking to avoid bad guys. With the background music playing in my head. Aiseh... Where's the camera la?

I even used another route to get to my block. Upon reaching, I used the stairs to go up to Ground Floor, then took the lift to the Fourth Floor. Got out, and sent the lift down to the Second Floor, just to confuse the person abit.

As for my OBVIOUS big white bag, tell me, which guy on earth would notice bags? Plus, there was nothing I could do to hide it, so I took the chance by thinking that he wouldn't recognize it.

Chloe, home now, safe and sound =)

Sunday, 13 January 2008


Golly, got tagged by Pammela-ela-ela-ela-eh-eh-eh~

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.
You must link to the one who tag you, then spread it to 8 people, let the game go on, return the tag to sender is prohibited.

1.What was your dream during your childhood?
I had many. Tengoklah, how old punyer childhood. I wanted toys, I wanted to be a detective, i wanted to be a fashion designer, I wanted alot of things.

2.Name something you are interested in but know you will NEVER get.
I like watching Miami Ink-which is on now, on Discovery Travel and Living... Sooo... TATTOO!!!!!
(It's 11.50pm now)

3.Which colour you like most? Black or White?
Sheesh... Black and White aint colours ler~ However, I love pink and WHITE and pink and BLACK. Hey, I had the BLACK and WHITE elements in it so I answered the ques =)

4.Who would you marry to?
As Pam said, I'm oni 18. Scratch that. Dammit I'm 19 this year! SHIT! I don't like being 19 *bawls* I'm...I'm... OLDDD ='(
Back to the ques... I would like to marry my husband. =P Who that is, I have yet to find out.

5.Where is the place you wanted to go most? Why?
Back to England =D But Malaysia is cool, so I don't mind not leaving.
But since you asked (Just in case MR. Fernandez is reading my blog and decides that I'm a nice girl and wants to give me a few tickets, I shall name a few places =D)
-Hong Kong
-That country in Europe I can't remember
-Ireland(Wong, izit nice?)
-There too...

6.Which part of you that you love the most?
Hmm... The part of me that loves me =)

7.When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?

8.What do you scare to loss most?
Scare to loss? Wha?
Hmm~ My laptop,my hp, my fishies, my lipglossies, my camera, my bags, my confidence.

9.If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep secret in heart, observing by yourself?
I've loved so many 'someone's.
I'm sorry fishies I'm shy to say 'I Love You' to your face.
I'm sorry blog I never confessed that I loved you.
Lam Fung, I really don't know if I like you or love you, so I'll just keep watching you on TVB and listen to you songs.
Yeah, I 'just keep secret in heart'.

10.List out 3 good points of the one who tag you.
She made the right decition to masuk Culinary =)
She is a very nice buddy that goes hyper over fantasy stuff (read:HP, Eragon, Narnia... n stuff~)
SHE'S PAMELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11.What are the requirements that you wish for your another half?
To be from the male species. That's all I ask of 'my other half'.

12.Till now, what is the moment that you regret most?
For using up my money that I saved for New Balance Shoes, Swatch watch, S.E. hp, a few nice bags... I actually haven't started saving yet...but if I did, i would definitely use it up before raching halfway =D

13.Which type of person you hate most?
Ahh~ Those people whom I cant win. Like that blardiful motorbiker who knocked my mum's car and I glared at him and he scolded me and sped off. Gosh I hate those moments. Oh, and also that time my mum was stalked by some drunk fella from the back of the car then that barsket overtook her car and drove at 10kmph in front of us. Wahhh that time... I was so pissed I asked my mum to bang his bumper, but obviously she didnt la.
Then he sped off. Grr!

14.What is your ambition?
To be a good writer, to get a good job, eih, malaslah nak fikir.

15.What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad.
You mean first impressions?

16.If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
ahaha~ Like wad Pam said... to have all my other dreams come true =)

17.What do you think that is most important in your life?
If I were to remove something from my life, it'll be incomplete... so i guess everything is...

18.Who's your favourite cartoon character?
Bubbles! From The Powerpuff Girls!

19.What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
My usual stuff... I wouldnt know if the world were to end tomorrow, do I?

20. The most worthwhile decision you've ever made in your life so far?
Every decision I make is worthwhile. Teeheehee~
No regrets so far =)

SARAH!!! Org yg tak update langsung.
All of those on my list
All of those who blog and have nothing to do.

I know I'm supposed to tag only 8, but what happens if only 5 does thing? So spare is good =)

P/S I did question no.2! =)

Artificial Enthusiasm

I found a way to make one ‘happy’. Trust me, it worked for me, and it had nothing to do with shopping.

Don’t gasp.

I was at Pavilion with my mum, aunts and cuzzies.

I managed to convince my aunt to buy a few things(a Swatch watch, 2 Dorothy Perkins tops, and a bag imported from US). Having RM40 in my wallet doesn't make me an owner of those items.
I loved those things. If I didn't, why would I ask my aunt to buy it?
Eventhough it doesn't belong to me, but knowing that someone I know owns it makes me happy =)

While waiting for my aunts to go get the tickets stamped or something to get the first two hours of parking for free, my mum decided to treat us to ice-cream in Milky Lane.

We had vanilla icecream, but we were allowed to have our own toppings (meant for more expensive treats) that came in squeezable bottles. Imagine transparent ketchup bottles.
So we squeezed...

and squeezed...
and squeezed
colourful syrup onto our snow white ice-creams.
It tasted yummy…Mint flavor, strawberry flavor, banana flavour

Mmmm… Yummy taste of artificial colouring and flavouring…

…and that was how I got my energy and enthusiasm for the past few hours…
Tiffany and I took some pictures while we were in the car...

Remember I said that I was 'enthusiastic' and 'energetic'? So I guess you can imagine what monkey faces we posed in front of the camera la. Of course, I had to choose a nice pic to show you all that we are ACTUALLY sane. =P
At the ladies. Tiffany in the white top and skirt, Charmak partly hidden behind Tiffany, Leah the little one, Christine the VAIN one, and of course, me, CHLOE! The cameralady! =)
The picture is blur because
1) I didn't want to show you our real faces just in case you stalk us
2) my hands were shaky
The camera's setting was wrong. I used the outdoor setting, which obvoiusly doesn't work for Ladies' Washroom in Pavilion.
Why I called Christine VAIN? Simply because she called me vain first. =D
It is 8.26pm now. I am totally wiped. Need another dose of those artificial things.
Okie, please please be so kind and not steal my pics =)
Ok la, u can take them, because I gave you permission to, but don't simply sell them to The Star and get RM50 ok? If you do, share share some of the cash prize with me =)

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Perasan Badminton

Last week, I was watching repetitions of some badminton game. My dad, being an avid badminton fan, like any other viewer started screaming on top of his voice.

Dad: Haihyo~ So easy, also cannot hit.

Me: If it’s that easy, you would be playing for the country and not sitting here screaming your lungs out.

Dad: Chloe, you know, you must learn to give others a chance, like me.I must not keep on winning other people. I’m giving the rest of the national players a chance. That’s why I’m sitting here. I'm giving others a chance.

Gee~ talk about perasanness runs in the family...

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Torn Pants

A close friend of mine came over to my place for a night because her mother would be back late from a holiday.

We were watching tv...

She farted.


Suria laughed her head off and literally went down to the floor, clutching her stomach with her arms to avoid it from tearing or something.
In between laughs she cried out to the farter...

"Angin begitu kencang sampai Seluar Koyak!"

I was like... o____O

Sunday, 6 January 2008


I would like to make an announcement.

When I look at you, it doesn’t mean I like you.
When I talk to you, it doesn’t mean I’m interested.
When I ask for a favour, it doesn’t mean I am desperate either
More things to show I’m not into you, I will have them listed.

When I look to your direction, who says I’m looking at you?
When I look at the attendance list, am I looking for your name?
When my eyes scan through the room, who says I’m looking for you?
Uninterested, emotionless, couldn’t-care-less, who?-what?-where? All the same...

Now, get that stupid thought out of your head that made you think I was AND HAVE BEEN hitting on you.

You are not allowed to be perasan.
Only Chloe, the one and only is allowed to be Miss Perasan Case.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Mr Chua Something

If you worked for a company or the government for any years, you would definitely want to leave the company standing up tall, with your head held up high, knowing you did something good for the company, knowing everyone will miss your presence.

I guess most of you know about the politician scandal thing right? So I will not go too much into detail. This minister, Chua something, I cant remember, was videotaped having sex with a woman who apparently happened to be a ‘close friend’. Who taped it, is not the issue.

The next day, he apologized to the public for the scandal. His family has forgiven him, and will ‘stand by him’. Today, the papers said that he will resign.

He should.

Even if the members of the parliament forgave him for what he has done, those other parties would definitely use his scandal as a point of argument saying that they can accept these type of things.

As mentioned above, he apologized but he got negative feedbacks in return, saying that the Malaysians did not forgive him and so on and so forth, that’s why he resigned.

Wtf What excuse is that? Is he turning tables round, trying to say that Malaysians are a bunch of unforgiving people and because of that he resigns? Are we the cause of his resignation?

Personally, I have no interest in politics or their sex life or what so ever, but this guy is blaming us.

He could just say something like “I have done something wrong, therefore I resign.” It sounds more…honourable… Rather than blaming his resignation on the public. Sheesh. What is this, man.

Terasa? Noooo... I couldn't care less. Why I bother posting it up? I don't know~ Variety in my blog I suppose...=)

Now, don't you people call me racist. If a Chinese dood does something wrong, why the heck do I want to stand up for him?

Chloe, looking for other stuff to post on her blog.