Monday, 24 April 2006

First Day of The Week

24th of April 2006

I don't like the title of this post either. It's just so blah. Don't you just hate titles that has no meaning, like this post has?

I'm not going to type anything that tells you I have got nothing to type here because I do. I've got lots to tell you (atashichloe) but I just don't know where to start.
First, I just realized that I got fooled. Fooled by some stupid fool. He's not worth typing in my blog. Jin might know who I'm reffering to.
Nevermind that.

Will ponteng sports day and go to Summit or Sunway Pyramid with my friends on Thursday. Just hope I'll have enough cash to sustain me throughout the trip as I'm pretty broke this month.

Ron Ng Cheuk Hai has already produced two albums: The Fast Pass and Fastforward. It's really sad that they don't have it here in Malaysia because I would buy two copies each! If I have the cash -that is. They should compile a cd of all of Raymond Lam Fung's songs. If they do, I will definately buy it without a shadow of doubt.

I think I'll stop blogging here because if I continue, I'll just bore you to death and you won't bother to visit Fireworks Are Beautiful anymore, and I can't afford that. A hefty price to pay. Yup. I treasure each and everyone of your efforts to reading my whining.
I think I've got to change my title for my blog. Fireworks ARE beautiful, but the meaning behind it isn't strong enough, and as you know, even my email address, 'distantpride' denotes something. The 'pride' isnt just a mere Japanese drama I love so much and the 'distant' doesn't mean 'extent of space between two points' they both have their own special meanings behind it.
Do you want to know what do they mean? Maybe I'll just save it for my next post. Remind me to tell you, ok?

I shall go for a nice cold shower on this hot day, eat dinner and then resume my fanfiction I've been delaying for so many months. Or maybe I'll just settle down in the air-conditioned room with a good book to read.


Tuesday, 18 April 2006

A Chapter In Life

It's been a long time since I had my hands on a basketball or even to step my shoes on the court. Today, one day before the match, I just realized how much stamina I've lost and how much I've deteriorated even in catching the ball. I can't even lay up for goodness's sake! I'm really regretting for not going for training constantly. Just now when I put on the jersey with 'CHLOE' and number 15 (although I prefer number 12 but Jia Lin took the number because she thought no one wanted it)printed on the back and a smaller number 15 and a 'U8' on the top left in front, I felt a 'gush' of guilt came upon me. I may put the whole team down just because I missed a few important steps. But there's just no point crying over spilt milk. All I can do is just to wipe in with a piece of cloth and squeeze out as much as possible back into the cup.
Milk, anyone?

I went to watch Disney on Ice on Tuesday (11th of April 2006) with my mum, aunts n cuzzies.
After many years of watching many Disney on Ice shows, my favourite is still Mulan. I really admire her bravery for fighting the Huns and standing up for her country( heck, as if I will) and standing up for what she believes in and following her heart.
I really like this song sung by Captain Li Shang whose singing voice is Donny Osmond.

I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Let's get down to business
To defeat the Huns
Did they send me daughters
When I asked for sons
You're the saddest bunce I've ever met
And you can bet before we're through
Mister I'll make a man out of you

Tranquil as a forest
But on fire within
Once you find your center
You're sure to win
You'r a spineless, pale, pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a man out of you

(Be a man)
We must be as quick as a coursing river
(Be a man)
With all the force of a great typhoon
(Be a man)
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

I traded in my new discman for a fax machine. Mum decided that 'Enzer' isn't a good brand and thought of investing in a better and trusted brand. Don't know when I'll be getting it, but for the time being, I doubt I'll be listening to any music.

My face is still burning from the training we had this morning. Hope I won't get into a fever later.

Bolton lost to Chelsea 0-2. They're currently ranking the 9th place I think. They will catch up soon enough before the end of the EPL.

Feeling sleepy to type anymore... I shall continue this blog until I get bored of blogging. So just keep on visiting...


Tuesday, 11 April 2006


Some things I post here doesn't mean what you think they mean.
My life would be over in a few days' time.
Every word I write counts.
The above may not make any sense but heck, this is MY own online diary and I shall write whatever I want. It definitely isn't for anyone to understand each and every post 100%.
This post won't be a long 1 either. You can judge my mood by the way my blog is written.
I might not continue this blog anymore. I shall stick to the good-old-fashion-hand-written-diary, clinging on to my micro-mini chance of hope that nobody would ever read it.
I'll be off to bed now. To sleep off everything -since I can't touch alcohol or any of that sort.

Read more books to improve deteorating language. Did I spell 'deteorate' correctly? See what I mean?


Sunday, 9 April 2006

In 15 Sentences.

Dad came back from Thailand today. Bought me 4 blouses from Bangkok. His taste of clothes seems to be improving due to the fact that I actually wore it to church today.

Mum bought me a discman on Saturday. MY VERY OWN DISCMAN!!! I know what are you thinking. You are thinking "HAHA!!! This 17 year old fart baru oni got her 1st discman dis year!! And that isn't even an mp3 player! Out aredi lah!" But heck! At least I got something...

I realized that it isnt safe to type anything personal in blogs because I have to watch my words and double check everything I post because there are a number of people reading it.

I've got lost to type but time refrains me from doing so.


Wednesday, 5 April 2006

The Joy Of Returning

Gawsh... Itz been a long time since I blogged or shall I say, come on9. Was banned from coming on since I disobeyed for not logging off when I was supposed to *embarassed*

Lots of things happened for the past few days, but I regretted for not listing them down and refer to it when i get the chance to blog, so I shall type whatever that comes across my mind.
I went to Maju2 today with La2, Chong, KC n Tinesh. Jin didn't come because he thought La2 n I were not going. Heh.
Someone started the convo about frogs. Chinese people eat frogs. Gross. They call it snow jelly or something. Chong has been eatin it since who-knows-when without even knowing that it's actually frogs' OVARIES. Damn! Tinesh said it. Chong almost choked on his tosai. HAHA!!!

I bought the April issue of V Mag. It came with a free sample of a 2ml bottle of PAUL SMITH's latest perfume- FLORAL. It has the sweet smell of I-dunno-wad. Am not a good describer of perfumes, but it smells great...Although I personally think that perfumes are for people who love to make every person they walk past by die of smelling too much chemical from their body. And somehow, if perfume and body odour combines, the stench (yes, stench) is...the word stench says it all. But heck, it's PAUL SMITH!!! Who is he, I don't care. I got his perfume!

Yesterday, we had our English paper. Essay it was. For the second section, we had 5 topics to chose from.
1) Describe the biggest challenge in your life
2) Write a story with the title : An Unexpected Visitor
3)How to keep oneself healthy
4)If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you want to be and why?

I was debating whether to choose topic 1 or 4. I can bet my collection of Lam Fung VCDs that no one in the whole of form 5 chose the third title. If anyone did that, I really pity them, because there are so much to write about an unexpected visitor, a challenging life, and a walk in someone's shoes. I took around 10 minutes to pick my title. Thanks to my fickle mindedness mind. 10 minutes wasted, but thank goodness I had time to finish the essay 5 minutes before time. I chose the first title.

Actually, there aren't any challenges in my life. It's pretty dull. I don't own a life where stuff happens everyday, for instance I met this man whom I think is Mr.Right, but turns out to be a leader of a triad gang and I managed to make him change his mind to leave the gang and we lived happily ever after travelling aroung the world nor does my life have this old man who owns this HUGE multi-million dollar company suddenly coming up to me claiming that he's my long lost father whom left my mum and I for another woman and wants to return to us because he couldn't have any kids with that woman and wants to pass down all of his inheritance to me because I'm his one and only lovable daughter.
That only happens in shows.
I wrote in my essay as another writer, not me.
I wrote about 'myself' who faces 'my' fighting parents everyday and ran away from home, fell in love with this guy 'I' met at a party(a place to de-stress 'myself') and found out that 'I' was pregnant. 'My' biggest challange is to raise 'my' daughter, and 'my' next biggest challenge is to make Pn Nirmala(my english teacher) to buy MY story. Heh...

I told La La today that I'll tell all my crushes somewhere at the end of the year that I liked them before. I don't know... It's something like a 'something I must do before I leave school' thing. Thank goodness I've only got 2 to confess to, unless I fall for another guy on the way, but I doubt it. My attention will always switch from No1 to No2 and from No2 to No3. I give them nicknames so that nobody would find out if my friends and I talk about them. No, Coke is not included in the No.s. Not eligible I suppose. Coke is just one 'small gas' can of coke. Heh. No2 and No3 are from school. It's a coincidence that they were from the same primary school as me. La2 said that they might already have girlfriends by that time I confess. I'll see how things go when the time comes. But isn't it nice to know that someone liked you, eventhough 'like' and 'liked' has itz differences.

I've got add maths tuition later, and add maths paper tomorrow. Damn add maths. Making my life miserable.

Am gonna hide myself in a corner and swiverl up and die. It's better to die this way than to be killed in the hands of Additional Mathematics. Why did Mr Mathematics named his son Additional and not Subtractional? Maybe Timesional or Divisional. I don't wanna give a damn on their names or do anything that has anything to do with them anyway. Curse da Mathematics family. Pffft...