Monday, 21 February 2011



don't you get annoyed when you smile a smile at random times of the day which insignificant people unknowingly put on your face? >=(

Nnyeah... Me too =)

And everything is funny. And you have to come up with excuses for the lips that curved upwards unwillingly.
Bodoh. >=(


Nitenite =)))

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Blogging from the phone

Just to test it out. Uber malas to switch on the lappy because i just shut it down.
How have you been? Your cny? Mine wasn't too bad. We played The Amazing Race - home edition created by my aunt.

Us cousins were divided into pairs and were stopped at roadblocks to do tasks like drinking drinks and guessing what is it-blindfolded. Another one was to hum a given song and the partner had to guess what song is it. Sounds easy, but coming from a family who can't sing a birthday song without getting out of tune, it's pretty tough.

I think shed a few kg over the cny. I kid. I wish i could even shed a few grams.

If you are going outstation or to another city that requires a little bit of shopping, what bag will you carry?
Backpack n sling bag
Armpit(?) bag and a shopping bag.
An arm bag is difficult to carry if you have a backpack over your shoulders.

I can't believe i finished packing the clothes within 10mins! It may seem like an easy task: pick-fold-chuckinbag but taking into consideration of the places you will go to takes a long time.

Currently working on my top-secret project. Hope results will be achieved in the long run. I would love to tell you about it because i myself am so excited i get a slight rush thinking about it. But i can't. Not that i won't. I told my mum and a cousin or two because they saw me but then i momentarily gave up because i've been so half past 6about everything, practically my whole life and the thought of them thinking "it's only temporary" or "her fire will soon die down" really puts off the steam. Don't get me wrong. Her royal highness doesn't think like that. I just wanna perfect my skills before blowing my horn. If you get my drift. If this new passion dies down, i will still tell you what is it. But you've gotta remind me. I've only got the memory of a 1gb thumbdrive and that includes storing memories of the past 21 years and 10 months.

Currently watching Autumn's Concerto. You know, the taiwanese drama starring Vaness Wu... Nnyeah... Watching a taiwanese drama for the very first time at my own will, and i must say, i did not disappoint myself. The starring does not deserve such a sissy name. 'Guang Xi' in the drama sounds fine to me. I'm talking about his real name. Waiting for cuzzies to finish the 2nd volume of 3(?) cds (approx10 eps) so that i can watch the next 3 episodes knowing i won't be left hanging by the thread. Learnt it the hard way when i watched TVB's The Four. Autumn's Concerto does not have shallow scripts unlike the K-dramas. They use symbols to represent someone or a part of the life they are going through. They speak in metaphors which gives their characters depth and intelligence. A character doesn't have to show that they can scold well to make them intelligent. The spoken metaphor/symbol of the yellow bird is so far my favourite.
No doubt they're a tad too emotional and cry at every other second but this drama gives them a reason to cry and it doesn't make you shout at the screen and fast forward before you reach another cry scene.
Cinematography is waaay better than normal dramas. Seems that much thought has been put into it. Makes you appreciate every shot at every scene.
The only downside was when i couldn't help but to laugh at the crew's reflections on the glass mirror. Pardon me but i tend to subconciously look for them. It's the thrill of seeing the camera used by the directors makes me feel more 'connected' with the drama but yet somewhat 'disconnected' because it's so potong. Haha.

That's all i've been up to. Hope i'm able to upload this post via the newphone. Baiii!