Saturday, 27 September 2008

I Haven't...

...bought Lam Fung's first album and he's now out with the second.
Picture from which I'm sure is sourced from
And the second album shows his softer side. He's holding a cat in the front cover =)))
My birthday is around the corner... *hint hint*
March is coming VERYYY soon...
Yesh, yesh, I do owe a number of you birthday presents, I know, I know. Of course I remember =)
Was at Tesco with mum, aunts and grandma. Headed to a magazine shop and picked up a chinese magazine with Lam Fung on the front cover.
Flipped to the page where he stares back into my eyes.
I stared and stared and stared...and read the chinese words on that page pretended I could read the chinese words. Although I secretly wish I knew.
I found it pretty funny pretending to know I could read chinese. Laughed to myself siao-ly until people thought I was abit sotsot up there, as usual.
Just like the way I laughed when I bought a happyfying bag,
Just like the way I laughed when I bought something worth my money,
Just like the way I laughed when I bought something that made me happy,
Just like the way I laughed when I bought TVB's Fathers and Sons,
Just like the way I laughed when I bought TVB's Moonlight Resonance,
Just like the way I laughed when I bought TVB's The Four.
Give me a pat on the back. I managed to watch 12 episodes of Moonlight Resonance WITHOUT any subtitles and understood everything they said =)
Now I'm watching an ancient series-The Four, too, WITHOUT subtitles, and mind you, ancient cantonese is sooo diffrent from modern day ones. I feel sooo proud.
Feel proud for me? Or you're just proud of me? =)

Friday, 26 September 2008


I've got this soft spot for kids.
(in case if there are any kepohs out there, I may like kids, but If I were EVER to have any, SATU cukup)

And unity.

And stuff that takes a lot of effort to be produced.
(...I don't mean babies -.-)

I missed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and people were telling me how good it was so I decided to get me a dvd to see it for myself. I mean how good can it be?

And boy, was I proven wrong.

[insert picture of 1st performance when 2008 people formed like lcd lights counting down to the opening]

[insert picture or kids representing 56 ethnic tribes of China parading in with China's national flag]

[insert picture of fireworks]

[insert picture of more fireworks]

I shed tears =')

*sniff* So..*sniff*..b..beautiflu...*sniff*

P/s:My blog kekurangan pictures, I know. Still looking for my blue digicam =(

Thursday, 25 September 2008

There It Goes, There It Goes Again~

20th of September 2008:
"Chloe, since it's going to be Raya and all, I've deicided to give you your cheque earlier than usual to that you can bank it in and get your salary before the raya"

"COOL!!! Thanks!!! =)"

I was so freakin happy!!! Especially when there's a handphone sale in Summit from the 25th to the 28th this month. Ahh~ the Sony Ericsson phone I will own. After all the anticipation, I finally get to buy a NEW S.E =D!!!

I received my cheque on the 24th of September. About 3 days earlier.

Then I decided to bank it in immediately...until I found out that the date on my cheque is written "28.09.2008" which means I can only bank in on that day istelf which makes no freakin diffrence because on the day I bank it in is the day the sales end!!!

owh the orangeness =(

Friday, 19 September 2008


This should be the time of my life where I say

"Ok, cut! Next scene! Skip the drama, heartbreaks, mixed feelings and go right straight to the happy ending where everyone smiles, and laughs till the screen fades."

...somehow life doesn't work that way...
It's not that simple.
Life's a drama, but I'm not the director.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

ISA- In School Again

Rules, rules, rules...Back to school:

Words on the guy: i) wear t-shirt/shirt with sleeves ii) covered shoes
Words on the girl: i) student id card must be worn ii) wear long pants/skirts
LOL, wtf, guys, sorry no more skin to stare anymore XD
Girls, don't worry, there's biceps and triceps galore at the gym.
It says: no shorts, no slippers, no short skirts, must wear student id, no sleveless clothes.

So much for freedom of expression.

I'm not affected as much because
1) I don't wear skirts
2) I don't wear sleeveless bajus.

1)I must remember to wear the student id around my neck, and NOT keep it in my purse.
2) I must remember to stop wearing 'house clothes' to college.

Pictures curtesy Jion's hp. Tankiu =)

Thomas Edison

SEGi College Subang Jaya is a VERY good college. You HAVE to be proud of it.

Especially when the light bulb fell to the floor

Talk about having a light bulb above your head

From the ceiling:

RIGHT BESIDE my table.
Picture taken last semester.
Still can't find my blue digicam =(

Monday, 15 September 2008


One presentation down, one more to go.

And the next one will be the killer.


Imagine you're the panel of judges, and you don't like the PSA, who will you kill?
a) The art director,
b) Storyboard artist,
c) Producer,
d) Light coordinator,
e) Camerabitch or
f) The director

I would kill the camerabitch.

The panel would normally kill the director.

Die =(

Storyboard also belum stick. Die. Presentation will be at 2pm. Die. In front a panel of scary judges. Read: Lecturers who actually ASK questions.

But I'm calm.


Sunday, 14 September 2008


I have freakin problems doin the min, mod and whatnot.


Now I have to analyze a survey AND write a report!!!

Thanks, Dizzie, for sitting on my notes.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Fckin Male Bitch

I've got a fcking camerabitch who doesn't listen to me, the director. Not that I care, but judging by the fact that we NEED ideas by NOW, start shooting by TOMORROW, edit by SUNDAY and present by MONDAY, i want tht bitch to not be such a bitch and LISTEN TO EVERYONE'S IDEAS and give RESPONSE to people.

AND not make group members break down.

Darn camerabitch

Or-Leng Car-Rer

No. Seriously. I MUST study.

Don't you just hate the 5 letter word?

Why the orange colour? Coz I dislike the colour too.

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Now PUSH!!!

Drank coffee, can't sleep.

I should be studying.
Lala~ Cliche, cliche I know. Watado, there are many people like me on the face of the earth.
I don't mean procrastinators.
I meant people who can't think of better words like...

"I'm a lazy bum who loves to feel stumped while sitting at the desk in an exam hall with the questions staring back at me as if I've got two heads but in actual fact I don't have two heads because two heads means double the brains but in actual fact I've got none therefore I shall just write my name in front of the exam paper and place my brainless head on the table and rot and vegetate till the two hours is up then I'll leave the hall wondering what the hell are my friends talking about then to find out that they were discussing about how freaking easy the questions were because the answers were ALL in the notes which I never knew existed." replace the cliche.

I shall go study now and stop making long long sentences without any commas or fullstops but it is fun because it gives the impression of me feeling so 'kan cheong' which is partly true because I have touched and studied not and M'sian Studies finals is on Saturday and I've got a hellotta chapters to cover.


Thursday, 11 September 2008

The Da-Di-Zie Club

Join The Da-Di-Zie Club!
Membership fee-Free
Minimum requirements-
Must be able to mess up the house exactly the way
the president and vice-president does.
Must know how to throw clothes all over the floor,
run around non stop in circles and/or
annoy me*
For further enquiries, please call:
President: Dad(Daddy)
Vice-President: Dizzie
* (Chloe, the founder of this club but isn't part of it)

Sunday, 7 September 2008


I missed Camp Rock.

After all my hoo ha, I missed it.
Bloody house chores.


Saturday, 6 September 2008


Just returned from a night out with the guys-Jin, Chong, KC and SK.

A drink at Old Taste Kopitiam brought fun and laughter and a chilly weather.

Some got cramps XD
Some got nasi lemak TAMBAH nasi without a damn diffrence XD

Hehee... really enjoyed hangin out with you guys again =)

Thursday, 4 September 2008


Currently in Research Methology class.

I have nothing to do.

I have nothing to say.

I just HEART my mini broadband thingy =)

*senyums BROAD BROAD*