Thursday, 30 April 2009

By The Way,

don't be surprised if I am suddenly inactive online* or onlinely inactive.

I've ended my 6 year relationship with the internet. Life goes on, but I musn't concentrate so much on it anymore. I need to move on. So does it.

*Definition of inactive online/onlinely inactive:
-not active on Facebook(Pet Society, Restaurant City, Friends for Sale sorry Brian, will try to log on as much as possible. btw, thanks a bunch to you and Jason for making me 'not so cheap' lol , etc)

-not active on Friendster(not that I am EVER active, sorry idk-who-u-r person who just added me a few days ago. I'll accept your friend request when I feel like signing in to FS. heh.)

-not active on MSN Messenger (I won't be changing my p.m. as often as I did every few hours sorry people if I may have sounded cold when you I.M.-ed me the past few days/weeks)

Don't worry, atashichloe will still be updated frequently =)
As for you fellow bloggers, I'll visit your blogs soon =)

I don't know if I PMS*, DMS* or AMS* now. heh.

*Chloe's definition of PMS,DMS & AMS.
PMS-Pre-Menstrual Syndrome;
DMS- During Menstrual Syndrome;
AMS- After Menstrual Syndrome.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I Wasted Part of My Life...

...creating some quiz about myself on Facebook.

So in order to not waste my life, GO DO!! FASTERRRR!!! =D

Monday, 27 April 2009


Whose dad's cousin's wife got me


There is one itsy bitsy teeny weeny problem.

I can't fit into it.

Yes you fat people. Laugh. Be happy. I can't wear it.
I'm in the same boat as you.
As for you skinny people, be afraid, be very afraid for I am jealous.

Friday, 24 April 2009

I Need to Stop Watching

Handy Manny
the handyman with the oh-so-sexy voice >.<
Little Ein Steins

"Do you know I can talk to a kangaroo?
Who's always ready to learn about something new
Who's favourite book has all the animals you can wish
Who's proud to say his best friend is a fish.
That's right my name's Stanley
Welcome to Stanley's world...
We''l help u fighre out what life's all about..."
I know the whole theme song by heart.
I'm THAT sad.

Gawd, I so desperately need to watch something more intelligent.

Chong Is Fat

The title says it all.

Clickit!!! DAMN FUNNY!!!

"I'm so fat... I'm so fat...blalalala...I'm so fat..."-Chong

So, if this tall and skinny dude is fat, it can only mean one thing.

I'm obese.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dizzie!! Where Are Yooooo.....?



Jason Mraz Writes Well

I say so because I read his recent blogpost dated on the 6th of April is really funny.

Maybe other celebs have blogs too and I have never come accross them because I don't care?
I know LF and Ron and a few other TVB people has 'em. But they're all in chinese. And the blog is under TVB so they surely blog about what TVB wants them to blog about.

Maybe Jason does the same too. Maybe not.
Here's the link: Jason Mraz

Knock yourselves out =)

I'm sorta lazy to read the rest of his long white font posts on pitch black background. His 1st post is good enough for me to recommend it =)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Who said some of my blog posts are short and meaningless?!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

I Guess...

He was in Sunway Pyramid today.
So damn bloody near my house.
Take paper plane and throw also can reach.
But I couldn't go.
1st I had to help my cuzzie do her PMR Sejarah folio.
2nd It was IMPOSSIBLE to let myself loose from my parents. Not on a Saturday when both are not working.
No fate lah. No fate. No need excuses. No fate =(
I guess I'll just see watch him on Youtube or Astro-WHICH my mum conveniently removed WLT. AOD isn't really showing his shows either.
the agony i'm going through ='(

Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Sahara of Ideas

Need I say more? =)

Time Killer

You soooooooooo must check this out.

Jin introduced it to me and I MUST introduce it to you.

You must click this link if not you won't know what am I talking about.

No, the akinator is not some psychic. He is just asking you questions to find out what you are thinking.

Try it. It's a really fun time killer =)

He guessed Julie Andrews, Jesse McCartney, Aaron Carter etc
What surprises me most is that he even guessed
Lee Chong Wei,
I Pod,
'your cat',
Princess Hour's Yoo Eun Hye
her CHARCTER-Princess Chae Kyung
and Prince Lee Shin!!!

I don't know if it's me or something, but I'm so damn addicted to this =D

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hey, Miss...

Erm, I don't know how to say this...


In case you didn't notice...

Or maybe it didnt occur to you...


Let's just say...

...My parents didnt fork out 30k of their hard earned cash to send me to college to attend a class that lasts for 15 minutes.

Oh, no hard feelings. I'm just, you know, informing you because it may have slipped your mind.

Yeah, that's about it.

By the way, dragging extra 25minutes from the time you said 'that's about it, I'll see you next week' does not count as a 40 minute class.

That pretty much sums what I have to say. No hard feelings.

Monday, 13 April 2009

I'm A Bloody Hypocrite

Pavilon trip with Pei Yan aka Teddy after class. Reached approx 12pm.

Went to MANGO. PY saw this bag. Rm 99. She contemplated to buy it or not. Decided not to.

Lunch at Zang Toi. A 3 course meal for rm19.90++. To be exact, it's around rm22 per set when the bill arrived. A choice of drinks, main course and desserts.

There is the rm15.90 ones too, but the desserts doesnt come with ice-cream and the main meals aren't as chunted as the rm19.90 ones. 

Walked to F.O.S in Sg Wang. 

Walked back to Pavilion.

PY was making so much noise about the MNG bag. She finally bought it at 7pm, approximately 5 hours of fantasizing about it =)

Back to my title-I'm a Bloody Hypocrite.
I think say MNG is over-rated but I walked into MNG and saw this lovely white bag and my aunt bought it for me. On the spot. I'm carrying it almost everyday.

I never walked into Forever 21. Stupid Over Priced Store Selling Stuff Everyone Buys After Seeing Every Magazine Featuring It. Guess what. I bought this really cute neon hairpins from Stupid Over Priced Store Selling Stuff Everyone Buys After Seeing Every Magazine Featuring It. 

I'm a bloody hypocrite.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Dear Teachers,

I may not be the best student you have ever had...

I may be noisy in class,
I may have talked alot,
I may have pontenged school 3 or 4 days a week,
I may have arrived school at 9.30am,
I may have been the pengawas who arrives late and gets punished by standing in front of the whole tapak perhimpunan along with those late comers.
I may have entered class 17 minutes and 48 seconds after the rehat bell,
I may not have had an addmaths book,
and a moral book,
I may have brought a bag with only a pen to school

I may have given you a hard time >.<

but Dear Teachers,

I answer all your questions although it may not be the answer you're looking for,

I copied my friend's book just to hand it in for you,

I still remember so clearly what you taught me in addmaths:
"12323434xyz x 98ab x xyzabc x 893473/287=87824abcdefg"

I still remember what I learnt in Bio:
"the period cycle of an isotonik tree repeats itself every 77 days"

I still remember what I leant in Fizik:
"the car crashes another car and numbers and calculations fly out in the air, and it looked like fun, so we experimented it on miniature wooden cars"

I still remember what I learnt in Chemistry:
"Blue liquid in a tube being poured into a tube of red liquid makes purple liquid."

I still remember what I leant in sejarah:
"Zaman tamadun Mekkah visited the Sultan of Rennaisonce and barter traded the ship to go to SHIT(Syarikat Hindia Inggeris Timur). Thus we celebrate Merdeka every year.

Dear Teachers,
I think I understand your frustration.
I may not be a teacher 24/7
but I know how you feel even just for that 2 hours, 3 times a week, putting myself in your shoes.

I just want to say that those years were the best years of my entire life. Just by making you pissed at me =)

And I don't blame my students for doing the same. Except. I'm diffrent from you. =P

p/s: I'm very thankful to you for being my teacher. You made the me in school, Me. =)

Thursday, 9 April 2009


I sorta...

miss you
a lil bit...

Monday, 6 April 2009

Grand Prix

This will be a brief post on the Sepang trip because I'm rushing for assignments.
Opened this page in the afternoon, didn't bother to update until now, 11.55pm. And I'm already feeling sleepy. wtf.

Engineering Club of SEGi college got sponsors from Sepang. They decided to sell it to earn some money for the club so the sponsored tickets were sold at RM10. Which is 10% of the normal price or it is discounted at 90%. It's at the Hillstand, nothing to wow about, but I got to see cars corner. Wheee~

Took this picture because it reminded me of the Penang trip. It felt like deja-vu. Same people, same-ish bus.

Walking up the hill to our gate after the shuttle dropped us.

It was about 2 or 3 something and people are there camping already.


Me, carrying Slimmy's backpack in the toilet XP

THE BMW-Petronas bag. Price: RM550. Buyers, anyone?

Took this picture because Celes says that she looks naked. HAHAHA!!!
Btw, it's a HE, you know.

In the shuttle bus to the hill. Josh was sitting on the other side, Celes came over to camwhore =P

Hardcore Ferrari fan. Me thinks it's a wig.

Helicopter with the sun setting in the background.

Me shoes and a car racing past.

Brawn GP

Ferrari zooming past.

THE Toyota

Saw KaiTzin, Daniel and Andy working there =P

Slimmy and I in the mall. Observe my caphead. I got that free LG cap after completing a survey or some sort at the LG booth.
Owhkie, my pictures are a little jumbled up, but here's the gist of my story.
Race ended at approx 6pm
Watched the sunset.
Before the sun could set, it started pouring so heavily like the rain we have been getting in Subang.
Waited by the roadside with out tiny umbrellas that flew insideout due to the strong winds.
Bus didnt wanna stop for us.
Neither did the traffic police
5 busses passed by.
I flagged down 2 traffic police n a motorbike asking for help.
My BM suddenly became so effing fluent.
I told him the whole story admist crocodile tears hoping he would ask the bus or something to pick us up. Mind you, we were stranded on the hill. At the entrance of the gate.
And he effing said 'jadi kamu nak saya buat apa?'
and I was like 'taktau? mungkin panggil bas atau teksi untuk datang sini dan bawak kami balik?'
and he was like 'tapi takada teksi nak datang kat sini. Jam sangat.'
and I was like 'jadi kamu nak kami tinggal kat sini di bawah hujan ke?' almost in tears.
and he was like 'bukannnn... habis, kamu nak kami buat apa?'
I repeated myself and asked him to get us a bus or taxi or something.
he then said 'ok, kalau macam itu, saya bawa kamu ke simpang sana dan kamu tunggu bas kat sana'
and I was like 'sana ada bas atau teksi?'
and he was like 'taktau? mungkin takada'
and I almost burst out in anger 'jadi kamu bawa kami ke sana buat apa?'
Luckily Joshua came out with this brilliant plan and decided to follow the policeman to the simpang and get a taxi to get us on the hill. That idea came in time because I nearly screamed at them. Literally. And with the thunder and heavy rain in the backgrond, I'm pretty sure they can feel my wrath lo. wtf.
And so Joshua went.

After I cooled down, I camwhored with the two girls. Under the rain.

Then this really nice taxi guy came minutes after Josh left. It's not an ordinary taxi. It's the airport limo/avanza lookalike one. He picked us WET WET WET people up and we picked Joshua up from where the policemen left him and headed straight to Pyramid.
Costs us RM120, but heck, we drenched his new taxi. Mr Zaki's pretty cool. He likes Shaggy. ALOT. And so, I promised to advertise his taxi service here.
Numberplate: HN 134 or HN 1341 =/
Telephone number: hang on, I don't have the card. I'll ask Celes or Slimmy.
his number is 019-6066681
thanx Celes!

Wet. At Pyramid. Drenched us walking into fully air-conditioned Pyramid

Celes's brilliant idea on eating BBQ. Felt much warmer after that.

In Mr.Zaki's taxi. Yesh, rain water made us drunk.
Credicts to Slimmy for the picture of me and her AND the picture of me and my seniors.
Credicts to WVern, Ice, Sucram, and Jion for allowing me to use their student ID to buy the tickets =)
Ok the end. I didn't even know who won in the qualifying round until I read the Sunday papers. Yup, I went, I didn't know who won.
Gonna resume assignments now. Buhbye =)

Friday, 3 April 2009

Driving on the Roads of Subang and Puchong is NOT SAFE.

...especially when you have drivers like me on the road.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


As you are reading this, is actually in the midst of sending a deadly virus to your computer right now. This instant. It's so deadly until it can infect homosapiens who touches the keyboard of the virus-laden computer and cause them to sing like a frog uncontrollably and sneeze a million times.

April Fools'!!!

Fooled? *hopeful eyes*


I knew I shouldn't have typed 'sneeze a million times' you would have bought my story if I typed 'sneeze until you ter-blow your nose away'. It would have been more believable. Hor? =/

...some of my mischievious 11 year old kids brought fake lizards and cockroaches to play a prank on me on this fateful day -.-

...I didn't enter the level 5 class today.

...I scream my signature high pitched scream whenever I see something gross ie: cockroaches and other pets pests that visit me and find pleasure at me being disgusted at them. (Yes, I screamed in one of the secondary classes last year when a HUGE COCKROACH THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD landed on my arm).

World Taekwondo Federation lah. I damn bengang. Zippers unzipped, got bee in class, your face got something, spider on the floor, are damn lame lo.

...apart from the fact that Jin's
'my gay friend's gay friend said that he liked me'
and Sucram's
'I'm downstairs already'
when I just woke up when he called me
really got me fooled. For a while *triumphant smile*

Still kena fooled, but it's only for a while.
Actually it was until they told me.
Which was a short while after I was fooled.
So I got fooled for a while. =P
Sometimes it's not how big a thing you do...'s the little thought that counts