Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 Finale

of mine will be celebrated with my family. Big sigh.

My initial plan: hook up with i dunno who and drive to i dunno where and return home in the wee hours of the morning countdown with some buddies.

Back to the familycountdown. One cousin backed out. Fine. Then TWO MORE backed out last minute just as I finished planning some fun stuff to play. So I was bloody pissed so I wanted to back out as well.

Then I kena from HRH saying that I'm being irresponsible lah, I'm ditching my remaining 3 cuzzies lah etc. So I got pissed at every ditcher.

Long story. Bottom line is I'm pissed. At almost everyone. HRH is pissed at me.

-I heart Diversity-

And I am still pissed.

Shit you. Happy new year. Babi.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009


It was a typical sunny afternoon. An afternoon just like any other afternoons. I walked to the fridge. A normal walk to the fridge. Just like any walk to the fridge. I opened the fridge with my right hand. Just like how I normally do. I bent down to where the carton of milk is normally placed.

Kay, here's the scoop. I don't like dipping my cold Oreos in warm milk.
And so, the day went by without me eating my lunch.

By 4pm I was like damn hungry aredi, so I threw the thoughts on yaddayaddacalories away into the recycle bin and poured myself some whippingcream.
Note: Not whipped cream. Google the difference.

And it was good.
Milkier. Creamier. Thicker.
I used a small sauce plate instead of the usual cup because I didn't want to pour too much whipping cream.


Dizzie missed her Xmas bath. She was filthy.
Didn't want her to carry her dirt to 2010, so decided to give her a bath.

and I grabbed her before she could go anywhere. Muaahaha!

There now... you're enjoying it, eh?
Please excuse the toilet bowl.

The Revenge of The Dizzie

she sat on my stuff when I was packing some prezzies.


P/s: Picture of Dizzie was actually taken before her bath. Both last and 2nd last pictures were diterbalikkan for story/impact purposes.

ZeeAvi Knows AJRafael

and vice versa.


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

LOL @ Jason Mraz's Blog Post

Here's the link.
LOL-ed SO loud when I read his blog post, then watched the kid perform again.

Makes you go

'Oh yeah! I noticed, but didn't think so much of it. Now that Jason has placed em in words, it is pretty funny!'

I guess it is kinda cool when a singer acknowledges you, and gives you the thumbs up after you have done a cover of their song. Wonder if the Japanese kid's parents know of JM's blog.

If You Need Help,

here's help:

Chloe's gift help of the week:

Clicking on your Nuffnang ads.

So far I've been clicking on Pyan's, Chong's and KC's ads because I want them to use the moolah to belanja me. So if you need me to click on them everyday, please drop me a note =)

Okay, that's all the Xmas/New Year gift I'm offering. Pokkai adi.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Another Trip

down to 1U with PeiYan. This time with Pris. Yeay! Really didnt expect this trip to turn out, but thank goodness Pris made it. Whee!

She picked me up from home and met Pyan there and headed to dunno what Garden for lunch.
The menu has cats!

And the title is 'Nibbles and Appetizers'

Then we walkwalkwalkwalk and masuked Guess. Finally got a purse I wanted to buy for a long time. It's not exactly the latest design, but I really like it.

The girls camwhored with my phone...

...actually, it was just Pyan...

While I tried on some shoes.
P/S: Pyan, nice shot. Love the composition.
Wasted ada pengacau behind.

Cotton On is the worst place to shop. My 2nd time entering the shop. First time was in Pavilion.
The place is damn babi sloppy. Clothes and shoes are strewn all over the floor just like my roomand the queue to the fitting room is damn babi long, let alone the cashier queue.
Pris managed to find a silver studded miniskirt for RM50 which I thought was quite worth it.

Pris' Cotton On skirt and PYan's Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT, solidperfume in a daisy locket and MbyMJ shimmering daisy body cream @ RM309.

Then KC and Jin temaned me for dinner because Pyan's ChefTham already cooked dinner. Thanks, Pris, for the ride =)

Dinner at Nirvana was followed by
horrible finger foods at My Kopitiam.
The latter was then washed down by a drink at McD.
Went to Happy Days, but decided to wait for Chong's return.
All four places were ransacked by us within a couple of hours.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Dinner

My aunt is the chef this year. And with the help of 5 kitchen helpers(cuzzies and I), the 6 of us, armed with Nigella Lawson and Michael Smith cookbooks, started our mission at 9.30am:

Christine touching up Magdalene's menu

Abel picking out mint for the salad

Magdalene filling up puff pastry with mushroom fillings and eggmayonaiseavocado fillings

Tiffany helping out with puff pastry.

Chloe pretending to help Christine

After 10 hours of hard work, labour and sweat the end products are worth it. Not everything on the menu are here.

Appetizers with Guacamole & sambal dip

Prawn and Crab salad

Mashed purple US potatoes mixed with milk, butter, salt and pepper

Brussels sprouts, baby carrots and bacon

Roasted chicken and orange. There were 2 chickens and a few thighs. The 2nd chicken cooked in brandy was demolished within seconds it came out from the oven. No turkey. No one in the family likes turkey.

Mee. Not spaghetti. For the gramma and people who got 'jelak' with kwai lou food

Strawberries and cherries dipped in melted chocolate+whipped cream's cream for that extra creamy taste.


Missed pictures of frozen grapes dipped in chocolate.

Then the cuzzies cracked xmas crackers.
And wore the party hats that came in it.

Should have opened it before eating, but we were ravenous and walked straight to the food and kept the crackers for last.

The little gifts from xmas crackers

All of us. minus Sophia and David.

I thought this is a nice picture one of the cuzzies took of Christine so I decided to post it up.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

By The Way,

I'm going to twist Jin's head off his neck for hijacking my facebook account!

Told SO MANY People This

and I shall tell you again.

I've anticipated for the 25th of December for 2 months. Shopping for clothes, bags, etc.
And the 25th is all over. In 24 hours.

So fast.

All gone.

another 365 more days to be in the Xmas shopping mood again. Somehow shopping during Xmas gives you the freedom to buy ANYTHING you want because it's Xmas. You normally can't buy stuff like you do during Xmas just because it's January or March or May etc etc.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Oh, I An Xmas Eve Post

Went on a shoppingmarathon on the eve.
Great Eastern Mall, Pavilion and then the final stop, KLCC.

Okie, Blessed Christmas, bye =)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Convo With Zharif

click to enlarge

Yeay! Xmas Card!

Yup, it's here!

It's raining now. The once nonchalant, tidak apa, independent Miao is suddenly terrified of the rain. Look how she squeezed herself in the small space between my leg and pillow.

At first I thought she was being manja until I took this picture and saw that she IS really scared. AND she was shivering. So pelik.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

When I Was

13 or 14 or 15, my cousin from Singapore added his friend into the msn convo.

That time, my vocab was damn babi teruk. So we were chatting for a while and she mentioned something about going senile.
The thing is, until now, I am still embarrassed over the fact that I responded with a
"Oh, how nice! Where exactly is that?"

Maluuuuuu >.<
And she thought I was joking. Luckily I didn't say that I wanted to pack my bags and want to go too.

LOOK at what I bought!!!

My gramma didn't dare to wear it, so it's mine =D

Monday, 21 December 2009

Group on FB

Amazing Voices

Connie is 8 here, I think and below is 4 year old Kaitlyn. Worth YouTubing.

Connie sang with HK's Joey Yung for less than a minute

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Finished This In 2 Days


This book, Persuading Annie, is apparently similar to Jane Austen's Persuasion, only the characters are more modern. The plot and stuff are the same so says this review

Now I'm motivated to finish Persuasion. Go me!

On another note, but noting to myself, remind me to remind myself to follow instructions.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


Friday, 18 December 2009


my 5th bag in 2 months today.
Feeling really happy. I'm bloody easy to please.

KLCC-ed with mum. Cuzzies were too tired from watching last night's marching upclose @ Cheras Stadium. Will be going on Saturday to watch the finals. WOOTS!!!

Bought 2 books from Kinokuniya. Mum got two for herself as well. One of mine has to do with reading body language. Yes, I read people. I unconsciously attempt to read what people are thinking by observing them. Some habit I picked up many years ago, but was oblivious that I was doing so until recently.

Got a magazine for RM66.70. Nope, decimal point is at the correct spot.
Let me justify this:
You see, it's a Marc Jacobs magazine. AND IT COMES WITH A BLOODY MbyMJ BAG!!! HOW BLOODY CHEAP IS THAT!?!?
My mum can get tax exemption because it's a magazine. A reading material.
the govt is paying for my bag!

This is how the mag looks like. The bag comes with the mag, in the box, attached to the mag.

Random: Ahh...books... Never touched them during SPM days.

Here's a pic of Dizzie sitting on one of my mum's new book:

She does that(sit on something) every time she assumes I need to use that item. Most of the time, her predictions are correct and I get annoyed by pushing her off the table just to get to the item under her tummy. Cheeky Dizz.

Here she is, watching Shaun The Sheep on Disney Channel
She wasn't around when The Suite Life On Deck was on at 11.30pm and Hannah Montanna at 12am. She only sat there when ShaunTheSheep was aired at 12.30am.

By the way, I think I forgot to mention that the MbyMJ bag-mag I in Japanese. I can't speak Japanese. Let alone read.
Heck, who cares, good night and

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Nites =)

I just took these pictures and decided to come online again to share them with you.

Dizzie asleep

Dizzie changed position

Dizzie woke up.

Now she's asleep again.


I got permission from parents to go to taylors. but it's 13k per sem.there are 4 sems i think.
if i continue at segi, i'll have to go to kotadamansara but it's 30k for a whole degree.

i hate this. both weigh the same.
reminds me of after spm again. but i already made up my mind to go to segi even before spm.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Go To Let's Get Wet Concert,

In Wrangler Jeans
Obviously in jeans for female la.

Maybe throw on a gaya jacket on or so

And drink Alicafe for reasons related to sex
to quench thirst from all the screaming

Chloe Yong likes this

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

LF Concert in Malaysia

in Genting Highlands.

Got the news from here


I was wondering where was he during TVB's 42nd Anniversary. He didn't even perform at all.


L4D2 gingerbread cookies for Xmas!

And no, I have not played l4d2. Yet.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Remember The Time When I Was Sick?

Yeah, that time.
That time when I yearned for noodles, Ramly burger and whatnot.
Yes, my cravings have been very well satisfied, thank you for asking.

Maybe too satisfied.

I lost weight.
Lala said I lost my boobs one of my assets when I saw her LAST SATURDAY.

oopz, i forgot to draw my 'assets'.

It takes me to feel effing sick to lose weight and one effing week to put them all back on.

Happy belated birthday, Weihua
Happy birthday, SiewChuen
Happy early birthday, Zharif


Nuff hates me again. no more ads. hmm...

Watching TVB's Steps again =)
Really like Steven Ma's acting style

Sunday, 13 December 2009



I don't update for weeks and you put up ads on the nuffnang banner?

Wao. thanks.

I'm Yours Ukelele Kid


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Woke Up,

after 14 hours of sleep.
Felt totally recharged.
Went to work for 4 hours.

Now I'm back to square one. Totally wiped out.

Thank goodness for blogs. At least people can read me, especially when I can't be heard.
Poor chloe can't even croak like a frog let alone speak like a normal person.

and Grace wants to grab my throat and dig out all the phlegm so that i can speak like normal again.
thanks Grace, but my throat is dry. no phlegm.

woke up at 4 this afternoon. going to sleep now. nites.

To Do List:

Things that will take place immediately after I get better/ulcer heals/voice returns/fever subsides/nose becomes unblocked/body stops being weak whichever comes first:

1) eat instant maggi tom yum noodles

2) eat ramly burger special cheese

3) eat more noodles


omg, arent the symptoms i described above the same as h1n1?

Monday, 30 November 2009

Finally Turned My Biological Clock

the other way round.

Happy belated birthday Brian and Vanessa.
Happy birthday, Zi Quan.

I apologize if I haven't been replying your smses.
I owe alot of people alot of messages.

I tried to stay awake past 2am and waking up at 10am. End up falling ill.
Guess I'm, not so much of a poker face, eh? Little bit of fever and the whole world knows. >.<

So I slept at 2pm again and woke up at 6 feeling much better. and now it's almost 5am. woots!

wtf,i don't know what am i saying.
phase 1-stay awake
phase 2-stay awake and know what i'm crappin about.

kay. nights.

Monday, 23 November 2009

This Is

merely a proof to you that this isn't a dead blog.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


this is like the longest hiatus my blog has ever been. at least that's what i think. besides my 3 month break in ns.

truth is, the reason why i keep track and pen down(be it on paper and pen or here, online) every single day of my life is because i wanted to look back 20 years down the road and laugh at myself for going through whatever i went through. probably show my kids how funny my life was(yes, i laugh at almost all of my yesterdays) and what clowns i mix around with(yes, all of you =D haha)

guess all those doesn't matter to me anymore.

so... i would like to take this opportunity to thank those who has been faithfully reading visiting this blog. sorry for the single post, though. i thought i could post more crap like what i used to, but i couldn't.

anyways, this won't be a dead blog. yet. because i hate dead blogs.

and this post will close with an abrupt ending.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


You are a one of the privileged few to read my oh-so-silly blog.


Sunday, 18 October 2009


reading alot lately.
Let's just hope I can pick up my reading marathon where I last left it 8 years ago.

Discovered something(through reading, WAO)I found that answers my questions about being, well, older.
When I was much younger, I always thought that when I reach 13, I'll automatically know how to act like a teenager. Then when I reached 13, I was still myself. I still played pranks(Wong, if you are readin this, you might remember the whole throwing pieces of paper coated with PVA glue at Lala and I while we took revenge on Aaron during moral class. Not to mention creating the stapler-bullets-turned-into-sharp-pokey-thingies for Aaron to sit on).

When I left school, I thought NS would turn me into a more responsible 18 year old. I did definitely learnt loads there. Too lazy to specify. Maybe it's because I don't want to reminisce the good times I had there and start getting all emo and start listening to NS songs on my NS playlist.

I'm 20 now. Still as playful as ever. Younger cuzzies STILL(I think) think that I'm younger than Christine, who is 18. And Sophia, who is 2 weeks younger than me.

Got up to get a drink. Forgot where I left off. Heh. Bottomline is,
"The whole grown up thing is a myth. Whatever is wrong with you now will probably be wrong with you in the next twenty years"-Isabel Spellman.

I can't afford that. I need to friggin' grow up. And fast.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sunday, 11 October 2009



Which is older than me.
Which makes it more than 2 decades old.
Which has been serving the household for 3 generations 4, if I had children or if Dizzie wore clothes.

I don't have a picture of it and the only picture I have has Dizzie in it. Guess it has been around for so long in my life till I need to blog about it. lolwtf.

I know I've been pretty detached from the blogosphere. Guess having two jobs AND having to think of the finals AND having to plan for the tuition center's final presentation and activities is finally taking a toll on me. I'll still blog, but not as often as before. I think. Whatever it is, do drop by! =)