Saturday, 30 December 2006

Japanized Ghosts

Went for Japanese with Chong, La La, Jin, Tinesh, Aaron n Tracy.
Venue: Sumo Restaurant.
Occation: Farewell Dinner for Tracy because she'll be leaving for NS this Monday.
Padahal: Makan, berborak, makan lagi and berborak aje.

Last minute plan didnt backfire. Whoo~ Good for you guys, Chong and Tinesh who managed to call us all and got us to agree before 5pm. Ahem, if it wasn't for us who turned up, this dinner wouldn't jadi laaa..... hehee.

I ordered Salmon with taugeh hidden at the bottom served with Japanese salad. Wasn't filling, so I ordered cold noodles. It didnt come with the raw quail egg nor was it cold enough. The best cold noodles I had were the ones in Washoku in Taipan and Shogun(Jap buffet) in 1 Utama.

Took some pictures of the guys while waiting for my dad to fetch me, Chong, Jin n La La home. Tracy went home earlier because she managed to get her parents, while we, Digi users can't seem to get anyone at all. So we were hanging around in the middle of the road. Chech out these eerie pics I managed to take. Taipan Business Centre is haunted (with us around la) I tell ya.

A figure walking towards the camera. Aaron extending hand to feel Tinesh who became hologram-ish. Chong looked on helplessly.

Jin's headless soul emerging from his small frame. Chong trying to save Aaron. Aaron had his hand held tight to his pants before Jin's headless soul pulls 'em down. Chong's head detached from his neck... An example of what will happen to teenagers who get flagged down by Ah Guas.


Friday, 29 December 2006

Christmas Supper

Mum cooked Christmas dinner for the first time in Malaysia.
(Gawsh I hate orange colour)

(24th of December 2006)
Much better. NooOoOOOooOooOooooOOOo~~~~~!!!!! My pictures are terbalikkkkkkkkk~~~!!!!!!!
Main meal starts from the bottom:

Cognag on fire on Christmas Pudding..

Christmas pudding which mum poured X.O. (cognag) all over in and set it on fire. Blue spaghetti is Tee Ee, Lois tee is Ean Ee, and the one in purple batik who looks like performing a 'touch-the-fire' stunt is my maternal grandma. Kids in the background are my cuzzies. Can't see face nevermind.

Jell-O with ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries on top. Behind are 3 artificial poppy flowers bought from Ikea.

Mum's roasted rosemary chicken with Clo's chiew pai (speciality dish) salad, [which I still owe Jin] and instant stuffing. Don't mind the wrong knife, we were out of proper ones.

It's already the 29th of December 2006. How time flies. In a few days' time, I will never get to write '2006' under 'date' anymore. From then onwards, it'll all be about 2007, 2007, 2007.
Written your resolutions yet? I haven't. I never write mine.
To me, resolutions like world peace, an end to poverty and war are for people who want other people to think that they'r humanitarians but don't do anything.
The Miss Universe pageant is also a waste of time. What a discrimination to those who weren't born pretty enough to make it there. What do they do? Charity work. Visit children here and there, take pictures that they care....
Shouldn't that be from the heart? If so, why all the cameras following her around? It will turn out as if she needs to do it because it's her job. So, she isn't genuine.
I'll just shut up.

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Fireworks Are Pretty

Scroll down slowly(optional) to appreciate and enjoy pretty fireworks.


Monday, 18 December 2006

Many Happy Returns!!!

I forgot to wish the December people Happy Birthday in the beginning of the month.
It's the thought that counts, right? And at least I sent some smses to wish them*. Their birthday weren't forgotten... That's more than 'thoughts' hor?

Anyway, the list of birthday celebraters this month:

8-Raymond Lam Fung
8-Chee Foo
14-Siew Chuen

If I missed anyone out, please inform me.
Don't be shy shy.
Tell me only.
Blast me for forgetting.
Not too hard ok?


Signing Out!

*of course lah Lam Fung is excluded... He wouldn't be is I had his contact. Duh~


I like Jesse McCartney.
More than Aaron Carter.
More than Zac Efron.
More than Tom Cruise's features.
More than sweets.

Sama taraf as Lam Fung.
Sama taraf as instant noodles.
Everyone knows I can't resist instant noodles *grins*

He looks like 'Fung.'

Check Beautiful Soul out:

Nice rigghhhttttt......???

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Shitty Pondan

I went to Midvalley! I had a blast except that I broke my personal record of not buying anything at all. I saw so many things, but suppose I was abit stressed to look for Christmas prezzies for my cousins on behalf of my grandmother which has to be within the budget and to be something that is pleasing to the eyes of an elderly woman. I wish I could talk about how I found those clothes but I have something more juicy to share with you.
I fought with a pondan.

Fine, I argued with him. Tell you the whole thing.

Scene: At McD, MidValley Megamall
Aunt Ai Ean was waiting for her orders which she placed at counter 1.
Aunt Ai Tee and Christine (cuzzie)were ordering food at counter 2.
Pondan lining behind Aunt Ai Ean.

Pondan: Like, is this fast food or SLOW food?

*we ignored him*
*Aunt Ai Ean finally got her food after the EXTREAMLY SLOW SERVICE and took her tray to our seat*

Pondan looking at Aunt Ai Ean and said "Like, how long did it take for you to order a simple meal? Gawsh~"

Aunt Ai Ean was too dumbfound to say anything. He was directing at her because he was looking at her. If he was looking at her but didn't direct to her, woouldn't he say something about the poor service like "How long did they take to order your food?".

Me, standing behind Aunt Ai Tee and Christine saw and heard the whole thing and said
"SOME people are just so impatient."
Mind you, I wasn't looking at him, but at my aunt's hair. He was on my left. I was looking straight.

Perasan pondan said "Like, what's your problem?"
Me:What problem?
Pondan came nearer: WHAT'S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM?!
I went nearer(not exaggerating): DO I HAVE A PROBLEM?!
Pondan came closer to my face.
I Glared at him. Christine came in between us to stop the fight.

I seriously was so close to that pondan's stinking face that I could punch his nose off his stinking shitface.
Then Aunt Ai Tee came in between us. And I stopped.

Pondan kept on blahing like an old aunty about not having education: Like, you so don't have any educations at all. Uneducated

If it wasn't for my aunt, I would have said "If you had SO MUSH education, you wouldn't be using the four letter word"

Then the manager came to out table and asked me what happened. Me, still fuming with anger, "Orang itu, he caci my aunt tau? Takkan u want me to diam aje and agree dengan dia with his stupid remarks, right? Of course lah I bite back!"

Then he said, "Dia ini, regular customer, selalu buat hal punyer. So lain kali, jika kamu dengar dia kata apa-apa, biarkan aje. Walaubagaimanapun, sori, ye?"

All of the above were and is true. No exaggeration.

Gonna watch who's eliminated in Project Runway this episode.



It happened so fast. The week it all happened, I don't know about you, but my watch seemed to tick 50% slower.
I made a list:
d)modern maths
f)Literature in English
g)Add Maths
i) Kimia

Oh ya! I'm in the second batch for national service!
1st batchers(1st of January-11th of March 2007):
-Pik Wah

2nd batchers(18th of March-9th of June 2007)
-Yours truly, Chloe
-Cacing=Wormie=Eng Ching
-Shu Leen

3rd batchers
-Nicholas aka Nicky

Other People Who Got Chosen But I Dunno What Batch:
-Pek kee
-Mei Yee
-Tuck Mei
-Cha She

Blogging isn't fun if you write them on a piece of paper then typing them all over again. It's nicer when stuff that comes out from my mind is impromtu. Just type whatever i think. If my mind works fast, then type fast, and vice versa.

I'm currently chatting with a friend who's in college. I've learnt from him that the outside world isn't as friendly as I thought it would be.

it's 5 something am and i better catch some sleep. Got to wake up at 8.30 later. Will be going to Midvalley.