Sunday, 31 January 2010


And so here's my new template. I've been wanting to change the background for ages but didn't know how to. Apart from those normal blogger templates. White...not really me, but it sorta gives this blog a clean and fresh new look.

The name Fireworks Are Beautiful shall stay though. You know, to copyrightkan this blog. Might change it, to flow with time and changes, but when I do, you'll know.

Since Dizzie is in more popular demand than me , I decided to fulfill your wishes by creating a blog for her.
She will be a secondhand blogger of you know, the blog I used to bluff you all something I can't remember what. Whenever she updates, I'll inform you here.

No pictures. Misplaced my USB cable that connects my phone to the comp.

And so, I'm back to the blogosphere. Sort of. Need to get into the swing of it. =)

Saturday, 30 January 2010


It's Dizzie again.

Chloe hasn't been in a good mood for the past few days hence the lack of updates. Frankly speaking, I'm grateful she still runs around the house plays with me. Once, I thought she went mad because she started jogging up and down when I was asleep. Then I found out that SHE IS MAD! Which explains why the sudden hyper-ness.

Every morning, when I see the crows outside the window, I will chatter. To them or at them, go figure. Remember I told you Chloe is mad? Well, for starters, she did the exact same chatter I do when she saw crows on the roadside while buying breakfast for her grandma! She told me! I'm a big influence in her life, eh? What was she thinking?
*does the cicak noise*
I know how cicaks sound like, okay? I caught almost 8 of them! The recent one being a baby cicak. No mercy.

Chloe told me that her friend sent her some online recipe books for cats. She wouldn't let me see what's inside just in case I pester her to make me some. Who said I'll pester her? EVERYONE knows she can't cook!

Oops, I've spoken too much. Chloe's hyperactiveness is back! Miaooo!!!

My mistake. It's just her getting her butt out from the couch and into bed. Disappointments. No one knows the agony a cat goes through.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sorry. No proper update today.

if HIV doesnt work, then we'll do UNICEF. If you feel that you want to stick to PAWS, go confront the person who didn't want it.

Please. I'm not brought up to be your sound board. Neither am I your sound board. Neither am I your sound board. Neither am I your sound board.

I'm tired.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

So Many Things

are running through my head RIGHT NOW and i'm typing as fast as i can to get it all out.

1) Facebook connects. and connects. and connects.
which made me ponder. for a pretty long time before i decided to pen this down, to the public.
i came across a few people whom i rejected over my high school years. some have ignored me completely while others are still my friends. dont know what are in their minds, but i'm ever so grateful for their friendship. goodness knows what's in my mind or rather what was i thinking that time. sometimes i regret for being so mean. ever wondered if you could have the answers to 'what ifs'? like if i took this road, then what will happen, and what happens if i take the other road. will it lead to what i am today? or will it lead to a whole new chloe? if i wasnt such a chicken and confessed to at least two out of the handful i liked, would it make a difference? would we still be friends or would they be one of those whom we have a few hundred friends in common but we arent even friends on facebook. what happens if i accepted at least two of those i rejected. would i still be hopping onto his blog to see if he updates? or would i be reading his fb profile from afar? what if i bothered to keep one of the few relationships i had going. would i still feel awkward when i see his name and picture on the 'friends in common' list?

2) Set alarm at 6am for gym.

3) RHB suddenly sent me an account statement saying "You Can Only Afford An Ugly Online Store Ciplak Bag" to "You Can Now Afford The Kipling/Lesportsac Bag You've Always Wanted". Wow, where did the extra moolah come from?

4) Think of a good idea for tomorrow's final project meeting so that the whole group won't argue over something so petty.

5) Remember to buy disc4 for A Watchdog's Tale, the whole set of the Korean My Fair Lady and order TVB's warehouse drama-Cupid Stupid starring Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung.

6) Pack my bag for gym tomorrow. What to wear?

7) Google the ending of The Gem Of Life. Yup. I love spoilers.

8) Note to self- CNY cookies may be tasty, but they're ALL butter AND oil!

9) Try to remember the male starring's real name instead of the on-screen name- Lee Shin of Goong/Princess Hours without going to

10) No more. Okay, thanks for reading if you did read. sorry for not making the colours or fonts clearer. it's just something i wanted to let out. nothing important.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Laziness At Its Peak

Because of HRH's oh-so-good-idea-but-super-mafan way of arranging the furniture, she can't remove the 'curtains' that covers the colour boxes without a hassle.

I have no clue why it's called colour box when it's a 3 lubanged wooden shelf.

So anyway, she wanted to wash the curtains because they were getting black, so she decided to do this:

Curtains dipped into a bucket of soap water, and then rinsed in another bucket of water.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Great. It's CNY Again

*throws confetti and blows the party kazoo that goes 'tuuuuuut'*

The exact thing I curse say when I hear the dongchiangdongchiang songs at malls, restaurants AND MAMAKS.

Not that I Haven't Met You Yet. Just So You Know, I 'll Be Over You.
(Bublé, McCartney, Toto.)

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Lagi unfortunate thing is, I may be one =|

haha, say until like damn proud summore.


Thursday, 21 January 2010


Nuff said. I'm going to continue reading. Internet's being a bitch.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where's Dizzie?

When I was young, I had this 'Where's Wally' book.
Used to spend hours on end searching high and low for him.
Here's how it looks like:

Dizzie found it interesting as well so we decided to come out with our own.
Our plan: take loads of pictures and publish them into a book.

Attempt Number ONE.
Spot Dizzie

Dizzie, they found you la.
You suck at playing hide and seek.
You suck at hiding me.
You suck at hiding like Wally
You suck at choosing and taking pictures, and I'm not Wally.

Epic fail.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Newton's Apple Manuscript Released

Zharif gave me the link from Yahoo.

An 18th-century manuscript telling the original story of how Isaac Newton developed his theory of gravity after seeing an apple fall off a tree was made public Monday for the first time.

The account forms part of William Stukeley's 1752 biography of the scientist, which has been hidden away in the archives of Britain's Royal Society but has now been published online.

"After dinner, the weather being warm, we went out into the garden and drank tea under the shade of some apple trees, only he and myself," reads Stukeley's account of an evening with Newton in the scientist's garden.

"Amidst other discourse, he told me he was just in the same situation as when formerly the notion of gravitation came into his mind.

"Why should that apple always descend perpendicularly to the ground, thought he to himself, occasion'd by the fall of an apple, as he sat in a contemplative mood.

"Why should it not go sideways or upwards, but constantly to the earth's centre? Assuredly, the reason is that the earth draws it."

The manuscript is one of a number published online to mark the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society, Britain's national academy of science, and can be accessed at

P/S: it's written on page 43 of the manuscript.

Lucks reading the calligraphy + old English.

P/s: Chong, I emailled you reg. this.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Chasing Pavements

Definition: A fruitless activity. Trying to achieve something that is destined to failure, usually as a result of blind hope. (Source: Urban Dictionary)

Fitness First's RPM45 was released last week. In my humble opinion, I thought it's the worst buncha tracks they've chosen.
Number one, there's no beat to it, so you tend to cycle according to your own pace until you realize that you're too slow, or until the instructor asks you to turn it up.
Number two, the genre's a lil countryrock/pop.

After a few classes of RPM45, I guess I'm getting used to the tempo and workout seems more fruitful. As you get used to the songs, your legs will somehow move to it. Yup, I'm beginning to like RPM45 already.

It's either my hearing is failing me, or the speakers are failing my ears, because I can't seem to catch the name of any of the songs except for the last track. It's the title of this post. Thought it's wonderful and decided to youtube it.

And damn, the video is amazing.
Zharif said it's unique. That too.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Never Smile To Yourself

when you've got your hands on the almost-full-collection of Lawak Kampus especially when you're walking alone in a bookstore.


Been looking all over for it. I love Kinokuniya. Need to buy one or two more to complete the collection. The pelukis, Keith, is damn good. Salute him.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Afro Fetish

I mean, like,

how can you not love them? =D

Corbin Bleu

Perri Luc Kiely

or is it their tanned skin? Hmm...

It's Sad, Really,

to know about your limited vocabulary.

I apologize for being such a bitch, but when I say
"the cause of rain is because water is condensed and turns into clouds etc"

please don't irritate me by asking me to clarify something I did not mention like
"I understand what you meant about the rain. But why do the ponies and unicorns jump on the colourful rainbow?"

I'm really sorry. for having very low tolerance towards your dumbitidy. I think it's almost that time of the month again.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

It Was In The Papers

that this gay couple wanted to legalize their marriage and made a big deal out of it.
True, it is a big deal. They want to marry the love of their life, and be officially called (wo)man and (wo)man. They've even got Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie go on strike with them.

But after flipping through the papers, seeing serial killers on the lose, minister's niece killing some guy, earthquake in Haiti etc...

...doesn't it make the gay marriages 'right fighters' seem...well...I don't know...petty?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Stupid Spammers

have been spamming my previous posts, so I'm afraid you'll have to do the word verification thingy before you can you post your comment here. Hope this won't deter you from commenting =)

Love loads,

Who In Their Sane Mind

would Google
"What to wear with leather bag"

Didn't take long for you to guess it, eh?

Gawd, I'm such a loser.



Tuesday, 12 January 2010

It's Dizzie Again

While Chloe is busy with her house chores, I'll tell you something. She didn't play with me yesterday.

She was chatting with 2 college friends and 2 high school friends from the time she got home until 11 something. She told me so.

So anyway, she went to bed at 12am. I asked her to play with me but was ignored. I tried. I really tried. I jumped on the bed. I stepped on her. I nudged her but her lazy body wouldn't move.

And so, I had to come up with a plan. I ran to the living room and let out a LOUD MIAOOooooo. Followed by a short faint miao. I've got stuck before, so I know how to fake a 'stuck miao'. When I heard her calling my name, I quickly hid behind a big pillow and when she came out to look for me, I POUNCED ON HER AND GAVE HER A FRIGHT!!!


The second time didn't work, unfortunately. So I jumped on her bed and bit her toes under the thick duvet instead. Hehahaha.

I shall sulk now. And look away when she's around.

Am I doing a good job?

Let's just hope she plays with me today and not ignore me like she did.
I'm still sulking.

Monday, 11 January 2010

You'll Cry For Me

if you knew what I'm having for dinner.

Mum blended mixed some left over dishes with rice and goodness knows where the chicken came from and slopped them carefully scooped them into a bowl and gave me a scoop as a spoon.

Come to think of it, I'll be doing the same to my kid(s) if I were to be working as well, thanks to the working life experience at Petrosains.

I'm sooo calling McD.

I so regretted for not taking up the offer when she suggested pizza. Argh! *bangs head*

Shoot Me

I didn't update for days.

I feel like going shopping. Alone.
I'm pissed because my drama isn't playing on the laptop.
I'm pissed at people who uses a nama samaran. wtf. like your name is the only one in the whole world. like i am so damn bloody smart and i figured out who you are by looking at your common name. oh, i'm sorry, i am smart.
I am the daughter of a tan sri. i don't have to work because get my allowance by plucking the leaves of the money tree planted behind my 4 storey bungalow.
I'm getting irritated by some people already. Go away. *takes out a fly swatter*

Friday, 8 January 2010

Oh Em Gee

Handcuff me again. I forgot to update yesterday.

P/S: Shall I shut my blog down?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Kids. We Meet Again.

Me : OK, here's an example of a sentence...ZhenYue(pronounced as Yi) is old because...
Zhen Yue: Heyy...
Me : Whoops, I meant Zhen YI is old because he is born in March(lame sentence, but I was fresh outta ideas)

Minutes later when I was marking their books...

Me : I thought I asked you not to copy my sentence examples?
To which Wilson cheekily replied :I did not copy you also. You said 'Zhen Yi' mah. I wrote 'Zhen Yue'.



Thanks, buddy for the t-shirt from Bandung. So many people have been going to Indonesia recently. My friends la, KC la, etc la...

It says 'Bandung, Paris Van Java', Bandung, the Paris of Java. It's named such because that's where people get designer items from. Directly from the factory. And the Bandung is printed in Indonesian motifs. Nice. Summore the cutting of the tee is so nice.

Was helping mum to change the bedsheets. Dizzie was being a pain in the ass. She hid under the sheets and didn't want to come out. She thought we were playing with her summore.

Dizzie, having one of the many times of her 9 lives.

I put the sheets down and pat her bum REAL HARD. She tried to catch my hand and scratch it but it was protected by the sheets. Haha. Boo Dizzie.

On Monday, she was staring at me for a long time and didn't move at all so I decided to take this oppurtunity to take her picture. Amazing thing was she didn't run away like she usually does whenever I whip out the camera.

Looks like a passport photo, eh?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

So Here's The Scoop

I forgot to blog yesterday. Handcuff me.

Went college hunting. I shall not waste my life away by complaining and comparing Taylor's absolutely great degree which includes a scholarship I will be entitled to, to SEGi @ Kota Damansara's "HOMEGROWN" degree which is not affiliated with any universities be it local or not. Yahoo! Dilemma over.
Monash's is 28k per year, x3 years. Never even considered the latter, but decided to find out for curiosity's sake.

My mum found the other remote control, so there are 2 of them in the small living room of ours. Still, it is a necessity because when my dad watches a boring channel (READ: History Channel) I can instantly switch to Disney Channel and watch his face get all scrunched up because he used to sit on the remote to avoid me from stealing it from him. Nowadays he is immune to my bisingness so the 2nd remote came at the right time.

Okay, I'll blog again in a few hours time/ 1 day later. I've got 80 pages of my mum's book to proof read. It's being translated in BM and it will be out asap/as soon as I finish proof reading it.
The Chinese version is out in stores already.

So if you have any friends who just gave birth, this is a good gift. I'm not saying this because it's written by my mum, but because it's written in a very casual and friendly way. if you happen to go to bookstores, pick one up and read a page or two then you'll know what I mean.

It looks like this:
If you are doubting it, try Googling the book. I'm sure it's somewhere out there in the web.
Heyy... I know what I'm going to give Vivien! Ice, waddaya think?

P/S: Dizzie's running up and down. The floor is slippery. She slid and terhantuk her elbow hard on the floor. She miaoed and then licked her forearm. Kesian. And now she's up and about again. She's running so fast, she had to break by using her 4 paws to 'tahan' the wall before making a right turn. She indeed lives to her name. =)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

My Student's

bf sent me an email using her account. She must have given it to him. I don't know him, but this student was under me since she was 10.
Long story.

He then added me on msn and started telling me his love life problems like I'm some expert.
Longer story.

They were both together since they were 10, then their parents found out. She ignored him for a year. He called him in year6 and their puppy love soon blossomed.

Both are F1 this year, but going to different schools.
He told me that he thinks she is not pretty anymore, but when he thinks of breaking up, his heart feels like melting.

Looooooooonnnnng story. Trust me. The msn convo can make a dictionary. I'll summarize it.

He wants to break up.
He is doubting his looks. (wth?)
He is doubting her feelings for him.
He loves her to bits. Since std2.
He loves the feeling of having someone he can own.
He believes in fate.

The sweetest thing is he is just waiting for her to end it,'and at the mean time, enjoy being with her' because he is confused.
Well I thought it was sweet, until I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that he is puzzled and is too fed up to think so he decided to let her control his fate.

Were you guys as confused as he is when you were 13?
I know I was. But goodness, my love life wasn't so complicated. I just liked 2 people and wondered if they liked me back. That's all.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Dizzie Post

Happy New Year!
It's Dizzie here. I'm writing on behalf of Chloe. She went out for some dinner her neighbour invited her to. I know because I can hear her voice from the house. Noisy brat.

This afternoon when I woke up, I found a new bowl!
Excited a little. Just a little. It smells of dog, though. With a tinge of my food. And litter.

It came with a collar. For dogs. I hate dogs. Blechh. The collar's got no bell. I like bells. It announces my arrival. Here's a picture of me checking out my new presents. I must admit, the bowl smells...interesting...

I know you love me but I don't love cameras so appreciate them.
So here's a picture of me curling up looking at Chloe sitting on her bed.

And she took a long time to snap the picture so i looked away pretending to be interested in her dirty laundry hung behind the chair. I really did look away. I got so fed up. The magazines in the background in both pictures are at the same place. See? No lie.

I hear Chloe now. I better go and lie down by the door to greet her like I always do. It's worth it. I get rubs on my back.

Miao! It means bye, in cat.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Here Are a Few Shoutouts

I've copypasted from FB that I found worth pondering upon(and some not so thought provoking, but somewhat hilarious):

Teoh(SJEcho Editor):Just greeted the New it's out to the streets to join the police for road block... :-P

Pam :Happy new year =) May the coming year bring more joy and blessings!

Wong :last day of 2009, make it count!

Chong : another year ahead, more entropy anticipates. Happy birthday earth. =)

Prasadh : feels like 1999 all over again, seriously, this shit is getting old.

Anuar : tahun baru nk botak la..

Aljer :When the clock strikes 12.00 a.m. Will you be kissing the one you love?


Yeah, it's the new year again. whoohoo.celebrations.makenoises.
Screw own made resolutions. They're for people who remembers to fulfill them throughout the year.

Two things I associate with new year:
ONE: remembering not to write '09 whenever I write dates.

No fireworks.

So anyway, I saw the new year come in with my family. The other two cuzzies decided to come! Yahoo!

Yup, we had Jamie Oliver's Mince& Onion Pie

Xmas Mince Pie and Brandy Cream

It's still tender even though it's cold.
Think WV introduced it. Thanks!

Then my mum made Ais Kacang. Here's the ingredients:
1)homemade redbean paste
2)mango jelly
4)a whole durian
5)homemade sarsi syrup over
6)shaved frozen dutch lady full cream milk

So why are everyone so eager to finish up the whole bowl of ice-nut?

Maybe because mum placed 10 Marks & Spencer GOLD coins into the ingredients at the bottom!

AND, surprisingly, the adults were as eager as the kids to find them gold choco coins!
Kononnya bluff the kids saying that if they get the coins, they can then get chance for a lucky draw. Padahal they memang can get lucky draws no matter if they get coins or not.
It's just to make sure everyone finishes the-ice nut.

Lucky draw includes Pilot pens, highlighters, correction tape, post-its and all those etc school stuff. Cuzzies were pleased =)

Then we played Scrabble Scramble, Family Fortune(Google it. I bought them cards from M&S) and Chubby Bunny(YouTube it)
P/S: The link above features Cathy. *big fan* =P

How to play Chubby Bunny:
1.Put as many marshmallows as it takes to fill up your mouth.
2.Try to say "Chubby Bunnies" without spitting out any marshmallows.

3.Attempt to put more marshmallows into your mouth
4.Say chubby bunnies again

5.Repeat these steps until you absolutely can't fit another marshmallow into your mouth.

Source: Wiki.

Seriously, you should try playing it.
But do remember to prepare a plastic bag to throw up spit the marshmallows when it overflows. Get tissues as well. Saliva will drip. =P

Notebooks my aunt got the cuzzies.

"Ring out the old, bring in the new
A midnight wish to share with you
I don't need a crowded ball room everything I need is here
If your with me next year will be
The perfect year
It's New Year's Eve and hopes are high
Dance one year in, kiss one goodbye
Another chance, another start
So many dreams to tease the heart
" - Dina Caroll, The Perfect Year