Thursday, 30 July 2009

It's Like A Childhood Dream

come true.

I've always wanted to work at the heart of KL. And I was at KL. In the morning. In working attire. Imagine yourself longing for something for so many years and you've finally got it.

Was lost for words. Took some pictures.

I got the job. Wheee~! After the interview, walked to Avenue K (9 minutes walk) and took the LRT to Pasar Seni to get to Petaling Street JUST to get COFFEE PRINCE!!!!

Not a fan of flowers, but took this to show you the fresh flowers at 11 in the morning.

Was walking while I took those. So pics are a lil blur. Screw it.

After walking around Petaling Street and satisfying my needs to walk around there, I headed back to the LRT station and back to KLCC where I waited for dad to pick me up from Kelana Jaya when he's free(I needed to take the LRT to KJ, of course).

Oh, I didnt get to buy Coffee Prince. Out of stock. wtf. Double agony.
Oh, Oh, I might not be taking up the job.

Dizzie kepoh-ing when I was Google-Earth-ing the location of my interview place last night.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

After a Whole Week of

no replies from the companies I sent my resume to, I finally got a call from one. Yeay!!

Ok la, I'm picky. I didn't send my resume to every company available. I sent them to:
Style: magazine
Fine Batik
Foetus International
and Petrosains.

and I got a call from Fine Batik!!! Whooo~!!
And what I'll be doing are...
write ups,
resume writing analysis,
dan lain lain.

lalala... and best of all, it's behind my aunt's office! Easy for me to go home.

I wish people would understand the agony I'm going through. It's been almost 24 hours, and I still haven't watched episode 13 of Coffee Prince yet.

Went to the tvb vcd shop. Told the aunty I wanted the ori copy. She brought out some obviously fake copies. You know those without picture. Getting annoyed, I wanted to sengaja ask ask la. Convo went like this:

Clo: Are these ori?
Aunty: *silence, then a small sound I assume sounded like a 'yea'.
Clo: Oh, why isn't it in the box?
Aunty: *silence, pretend didn't hear or something*
Clo: *tipus* I wanna buy it for a friend. It needs to be in a presentible box.

And she took out an empty dvd box. You know, those black coloured one that can only put 2 dvds inside?
She even had the cheek to tell me that it will look ori and ask me to put a picture in front. The aunty mau con me of RM10.

Anyway, back to my agonizing story.
I'm in the midst of watching a super kan cheong part.
And I can't watch it. It's like it's there, but you can't get it.

Bahh!! I'll go ad buy it tomorrow. At KL. After my interview. Another day... Without my drama...

Here are some pictures of my cuzzie's bird, Naughty.

It looks like a huge monster coming to eat you

Or maybe a size of a cat coming to eat you.

Looks scary, but it's so tiny miney. And super friendly.
Cuzzie picked the baby mynah up from the drain.
Allowed it to fly away when it grew older by putting it on the tree and they walked away, but it didn't want to. It flew back to them.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ok, This is Damn Potong

But I LOL-ed at the korean words. Bwahahahahahah!!!!
It's like reading a sentence like:
kjbfuirf ewiurehwjf ekhfeowu ekfhelknf elsireor eoirtua rskf weurad pgri ewihrmfn. understand? arasoh?


Was watching

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. (what a name) on mysoju. Was happily watching it until episode 13 took 3 hours to load a 15 minute video. Got pissed and googled for other sites in high hopes to look for episode 13 and beyond but to no avail.

Google led me to youtube and I stumbled upon this:


1) it's got translations.
2)it's my fave song in Princess Hours

I think I'll go out to buy Coffee Prince DVD instead.
Abndoned the previous TVB series until I get another 5 episodes.

Monday, 27 July 2009

I Blocked the Following People on MSN

1) Ammar (The Algerian guy I blogged about last time)
2) if u got the chance?? wat the next (cashchan89, sorry I tak kenal you.
3)kaled (Ammar's friend)
4) one of my ex-students
5) one of my ex-groupmate. Her nickname has something that has to to do with sex and dad uses my lappy at times and this girl keeps on dc and online and dc again, so I don't want my dad to think that I am involved in it or something, coz he's msn illiterate =.=
ok la, mainly it's because I got irritated by her name keeping popping up and down because she always gets dc.

Been appearing offline for the past days because I don't seem to have the mood to have any convos with anyone. Whoops, bocor.

So please, don't terasa thinking that I blocked you or something.

Lalala, childish post. I friend you, you friend me, I don't friend you, you also don't friend me. I get angry because you copy me. I friend, you also friend, I don't friend, you also don't friend. Don't friend, don't friend lah. I 'tiao my mar-der' you don't friend me.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Yeah, I'm On Hols.

So what?

I need to write in resume to apply for internships;
I need to tie up lose ends pertaining to the campaign;
I need to sent in the resume to all sorts of companies.

I shudder to think that I'll be working at some company with new people. Hate new environments.

Currently watching this:

and I find it extremely hilarious. Remember I told myself not start watching any shows that isn't all out yet? I broke that rule.
I'll so regret it if I finish watching them and have to wait for the next episodes to come out.

by the way,
Happy 20th Birthday PeiYan!!!!! My NS buddy =)
I purposely put NS in green coz you were from Delta. Haha...

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Bath Time

As you have heard of her infamous bath time stories, I guess now's the time for me to expose her.

Snapped a few pictures of her while she was having a bath.

Yesla, go think senget lah, you.

The first minute we dipped her into the bath tub. She tried escaping.

After getting used to the warm water(yes, we had to boil water for her bath), she started to lie down in her bathtub with only the head sticking out, resting it on mum's wrist.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I Slept With a Flu

And woke up with a headache at around 2pm.

Ffk-ed Jin, Pam and KC last night for a meet up session.
Ffk-ed Jin for lunch today.


Campaign and Misc pics

Here are some pictures. For more, click Ice's blog.
Feeling sleepy now, so this will be a brief post.

Someone's doggie brought to the campaign's booth. one side of the whole event

GG's Oscar and Miss's niece

Keith and Aki with Oscar at the Photobooth

Pets for Keeps Campaign at Summit

Random girl with toy poodle

Random doggie

Pets for Keeps Campaign's Daycare

Pet cookies WeiVern, GG and I made

(Clockwide from back left) Keith, GG, Clo, Yoshenii, Ms Mangala(our lect), Hannah Yeoh, Roslan(head of FOCAD), Mr Gan(owner of House of Groomers), Sucram, Jasvin, Nana, Aki, WVern, and Ann

Campaign Meeting at some fishspa at ss15. Lauya wan. Kena conned. those fish didnt eat the dead skin also. Was forced to dip my legs in. Got threatened >.<
(from left) Raj(senior) Miss, Wvern, me, GG, Suc, Sharon(senior).

Yeah, lotsa people came for the event. More that we expected. Approximately 70 dogs came for the event(source-Medical Booth. The docs kept a record).

Absolutely pleased with our achievement. We're stil talking about it until today. There will be a part two of this campaign for our final project before I ditch segi.

It'll be bigger and better and more animals will be involved. We'll be inviting the whole zoo from the US. We are working on invitation cards to be sent to individual animals such as Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, the weird king of the jungle, and those penguins.

Very complicated, so I will need your help by putting me in a box as I sail accross the ocean to Madagascar. Because I believe the guys are still there.

Or are they still in Africa? Or have they gone back to the zoo? I dunno. Update me.


Friday, 17 July 2009

thank you segi you're a bitch

I'll just go stratght to the point.
Thank you for saying that you'll sponsor 4 banners, 30 t-shirts, 50 goody bags, and rm200 for competition posters.

Thank you for shining light at the end of our dark financial tunnel.

Thanks for the banner we received one day before the event! The colours are vibrant. Love it! We truly appreciate it from the bottom of our heart. It was one of the most important things on the event day itself.
I think I forgot to tell you that we gave you the soft copy two weeks before the event. As you requested.

Thank you for making us fork out our own rm560 on our own tees, at the very last minute.
We understand that you wouldnt want to pay rm15 for our tees. That's alright.
But what happened to our rm7 white tees you promised to print? The one with our own design?
Oh yeah, I forgot. You changed your mind and decided to give us 30 RED segi tees saying 'get ahead with segi' instead.
Thanks =) we appreciate it. We accept every kindness anyone offers.
Just one little question. Where are they?

One more question. Why are you making so much noise about us inviting Hannah Yeoh to our event? Yes, she is from the opposition party. But the opposition sponsored us X amount. It's enough for us to cover our Summit rental, tents, and competition prizes!

Let me clarify some things.
1) We invited her because she is the ADUN Subang. It's called respect for people higher than us.
2)Our target market are Subang people.The Subang people voted for her. Did the Subang people vote for segi?
3)Did I mention we asked for your help even before approaching her?
4)Did I mention she is our main sponsor?
5)That's like 93% more than you!

Just a friendly reminder, your students are your marketers.
Not your consultants you pay each month to talk to 'potential' customers.

Here's a toast to you:



cheers =)

ps: From the bottom of my heart, I thank you once more for your banner <3
It would mean a whole lot more if you didn't give us false hope or make empty promises in the first place.

pps: The smartest thing you've done so far is to
1) open the college in USJ
2) hire ms mangala
3) hire mr lim (fondly known to segi students as old misao)
4) hire jye
5) hire mr jaya
6) hire kelvin
7) hire roslan
8) hire fauzi
9) hire kathy
10) putting in extra interesting subjects for masscomm such as typo, videography and photo studio & lighting.

ppps: am i in deep shit? =/

pppps: campaign photos to be up soon. as soon as i get hold of whoever who has the pictures.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Guess Who Was On The Set Of


You damn genius. Of course lah Aznil was on the set of Macam Macam Aznil.

Guess who else lah.

Just give up. You won't be able to answer anyway =P


Me, Raj, and Miss Mangala, Mr Roslan(not in pic), and sem 1 and sem 2 juniors.

Aznil's waaaay cooler in person, and incredibly funny. Even off screen.
Omg, I'm a fan of a local someone!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Hi, My Name is Chloe,

and I would like to thank you for being there, for giving me the courage and confidence to speak out.

or maybe it's just me, wanting to be heard, wanting to be noticed.
Heck, you heard me, you saw me.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

At The Back of My Head,

I sometimes think that the world (and home) would be a better place if I did not exist.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Was Up At 4.30am

damn early.
The smell, the sound, the breeze reminds me of Junaco Park.
The time when I last woke up at such odd hours.


Okie, shattap with hols. Back to business.

PeiYan is Selling Her Clothes!!!

(copied this picture from her blog)


Support her so that she can shop for more stuff and buy more things so that she can sell more stuff. =P

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Howla? Howla?

needed to get some things out of my mind, but more stuff forced it's way in.

I so dunno watodo.
Howla? howla?

I dun wana emo la. I dun like to emo.

watodo? watodo? watodo?

Friday, 3 July 2009

Reason(s) Why Some People's Fate Differs From Others

Saw this on Nicole's blog:

and I discovered this:

I-Dunno-This-Maybe-Famous-Group singing More Than Words.

Now you know why Korean Boy is singing in some studio
while this group is performing on stage.

Salute Korean Boy for his confidence, though.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


I Want a Keyboard!!!

...bag that is.

I have a crush on yooooooooooooooooooo................

my lovely lovely bag <3