Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Yes, I Am In The


Shows how enthusiastic I am =))))))

I'm so easy to be pleased. Even photocopying something makes me uber happy =DD Must be some endorphins the photocopy machine makes me release whenever I press the green button =DDD

In a related picture, related background, related props,

but unrelated pose, I'm in the office with breakfast =D

oooooh the enthusiasm!!!!!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Some Random Stuff I Discovered

on Facebook while doing some work...

Pretty neat, eh?
I'm born on a Thursday! Which means I celebrate my birth-DAY (literally) every Thursday =D

Friday, 25 September 2009

Die Fire

I suddenly forgot how to blog.


Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Blogger You Have

tried to call is unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone of press #1 for other options.

Bleep, Hi, Chloe here! I'm really busy at the moment. Currently updating the media database. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the company came together to place...

No la, just pretending to sound busy.


Actually, I've got stuff to do la. Woots!!!
Goina resume to my work now!

Love loads <3

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's 5pm!

That's pretty quick.

Feelin a lil unproductive today. No one is back from the Raya hols yet.
Out of 12 of us at this corner of the marketing department, only 6 are present.
Whee~!! Feels like school again because everyone are pontenging =P

As for the whole office, I see only 5 people- one doing work, 2 berboraking, 1 youtubing, one lost at i duno where.

The center/exhibit area on the other hand are full of people. Didn't take a pic. Shy.

YES! IT'S 5.05PM!!!


*out to lunch*


Woohkay, goina look for people to kacau at the exhibit area.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What are Brothers For

The above are my cuzzies, Abel and Christine.

Yumcha-ed with Chong, Jin, KC. Pam @ Penang. Potong. B'fast cancelled. Potong. Haha. Welcome back, Chong =D
Goodbye, KC. Enjoy your training in your tree house in front of a ferris wheel and do jaga your apple tree well at Sabah. Remember to feed your two monkeys too.
Inside joke. lolwtf.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Note to Self(and to you people as well):

-NEVER fall for someone you know you'll NEVER end up with. Especially when it involves religion.

-NEVER rub your eyes immediately after giving Dizzie a pat.

-NEVER eat dinner after you've eaten dinner.

-NEVER ever do all the above.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Everyone is in a

Raya mood. The whole office turned into a pasar malam. Literally.

Marimarimari!!! dua ringgit! duaringgit! duaringgit! Cepat cepat nanti tak dapat!!

One of the staff was selling hairties, hairbands and stuff so Ash beria-ria ask the office to crowd round to buy from the staff. When the boss came, they pretended to be so scared and shouted DBKL datang!

Raya songs could be heard leftrightcentre. Even the people who don't raya Raya also started singing.


Flipped through the papers, and saw this lame advert:
First, it's Ronaldo. A celebrity endorsement by Castrol.
He's a footballer, carrying a bottle of Castrol and posing for the camera.

"Uhhhh...?" *ala Patrick Starfish style*

So much for having performance at the edge.

Anyhoo, Fell asleep at my workstation again because as mentioned just now, EVERYONE is in the Raya-holiday mood. Decided to go round the exhibit area to look for...erh, him =D

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been sleeping at 10 something pm(the time I reach home) and waking up at 12am to bathe before I have to wake up at 6am.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Ever Been In A

"goina have fever, but dun have fever" feeling?
Actually, my forehead's warm. I wanna sleep early.
Gotta reply miss' email tomorrow.
Missed out dinner with WV, Jion, Ice and Suc.

Anyway, Astro Ceria's Misi Yaya came to PSB for shooting. They arrived at 10 something, and left at 4. The poor 6 year old starring was so frustrated because he can't remember his lines:
"Yaya nak jadi angkasawan Malaysia macam Datuk Dr Sheikh Muzzafar! Saya nak mak dan ayah bangga" or somthing like that. He kept on saying Mustafa instead of Muzzafar. After being corrected many times, he sank his head in both of his hands and sat at the corner in frus. Kesian.

The tiny boy in astronaut outfit is him.

Yaya waving the flag.

Photoshoot after many many takes.

While waiting for the camera to be brought to PSB, the 6 little boys started playing around Space(a part in PSB):

That's Yaya in between the local 'aliens'

This 8 year old boy started asking me alot of questions about space. Daymn. I can't even tell the diffrence between Mars and Marikh. Or are they the same? zomgwtfbbqchloe, you're disgusting.

So I used the method the Volunteer Management Unit (VMU) taught us in my 1st week.
"Adik rasa apa jawapannya?"
"Cuba try dan fikir"
"Selain jawapan tu, ada jawapan apa?"

haha! SAVED!!!

Shahzuan is the name. Taklative and inquisitive. Very smart. His science results are from 97 to 100%. W.O.W.
His mum told me that he wanted to learn mandarin, but his aunt who so happened to be there commented that he can't even master Bahasa Arab and Jawi yet. Let alone learn a new language.
To which he replied
"I won't be staying in Arab, so I don't need to know the language. However, I would need to use Mandarin because I'm staying in Malaysia. It would be more useful"

Well said for an 8 year old who is born in December.

That's him and his lego robot he built in less than 2 minutes.

All questions were shot at diffrent times.
My answers weren't that short.

"Kak, kak umur berapa?"
"Kak, dah kahwin ke belum?"
"Haha, belum"
"Kak, nama mama kak apa?"
"Tak lah, saja nak tanya. Nak berkenalan"
"Kak, ada abang atau adik tak?"
"Kak anak tunggal lah?"
"Kak, adik nak tunjukkan sesuatu" and pulled my hand to one of the exhibits.

People wonder how I handle kids. I often wonder as well.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

I Apologize

connection has been a total bitch since I last updated.

It's Monday. Here goes another week. It'll be my fourth week at Petrosains. Wao.
If only internship was 6 months or longer.
Really enjoying myself there. Learnt loads. Uncountable.
Environment's not formal. Heads and subordinates are like family.

While I was doing some internal PR work or some sort, I suddenly heard a roaring sound coming from the I-Prog Department. Wondering what happened, I ran to kepoh see what was wrong. Squeezing my way through I joined the circle and surrounded the table of what I assumed is the cause of the commotion.

Yeah, it was some baggamon or something. Can't rember the name, but it's apparently and old toy which looks like a ball, but when you throw it down it opens up into some robot thingy.

Gawd, I was amazed. Never in my life have I seen such thing. Told A HANDFUL of people. They ALL laughed at me.
Don't blame me, kay? I grew up playing barbie dolls, teddies, masak2, batu seremban, and all those 'girls only' toys.

Anyway, took this picture because it said to do so.

Some people from other departments of Petronas came for a meeting, and the Petrosains(PSB) PR people are to bring them round the centre.
This is what they gave us =)

On Friday, Fred(Head of A&P) brought us to the PSB store at the concourse level of one of the tower. In order to get there, one has to creep through secret passageways, walk through dungeons row across the moat, fight dragons, and swim in the secret lake in order to get to the store.

This is how the ceiling looks like.

Didn't dare to take too may pictures because I'm scared some terrorist may stumble upon this blog and use my pictures as a guide to bomb the towers my camera is oh-so-clear.

My reflection on the silver goblets metal science thingy in the store.

After that, I had nothign to do, so I offered to send some cards to the twin towers.
WOOTS!!! Not everyone gets to go up =D

In the lifts. Going upstairs itself is a maze. If you going to odd floors, you should take the lift from idk what floor, and even numbers on idk what floor. Not to mention level 23 what to level 37 is another lift. Confused? Too bad. I was even more confused when I was there =P

View from Level 42. That's the skybridge.

This is taken from level 69. Didnt go too near the windows because I was terrified kay, it's true. I was terrified.

The butangs to one of the many lifts.

Inside the lift. M is Mezzanine floor.

Sleepy. Nitey =)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Today Marks the Day

of THE English UPSR test.


Kids, do well. Make me proud

They have so many papers to do in one day. English, Science and an aptitude test.
Speaking of which, check out the convo I had with this 12 year old:

JH: What is aptitude test?
Me: Its an intelligence test. It's to check how smart you are.
JH: *innocently* Ohh!!! Teacher, I am so Aptitude!


Me: *looks at the time* Alright, let's call it a day. All the best for tomorrow's paper.
JH: Bye, teacher! I'll make sure I'll pass with flying birds!
Me: Flying WHAaa?
JH: Colours can fly wan meh? Cannot mah, so flying birds lor...


and don't get me started on the part when I asked them to READ EVERYTHING to which JH responded "including the "LIHAT SEBELAH" on the end of the paper?"

"Yes, that as well"

And he pretended to lean over to "lihat his sebelah's friend's answer."

Gawsh. Heart attack Vomit blood session.

Thing is, he innocently said them. NO knowledge on how a sentence with the word 'aptitude' should be constructed, NO clue on why the term 'flying colours' is used.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hmm, I Konfius Sikit...

because I tgh fikir what you told me.

Will I be seeing you in the near future?


Tuesday, 8 September 2009


means you're 21, right?

Happie 21st birthday, Jela!

Remember the times when we couldn't believe that we were going to be 16, then officially read seventeen mag, then 18, then reaching the big TWO zero...

Yeah, it's still fresh in my head. and you're 21 already.

Love lots,
Clo =)

Monday, 7 September 2009

Thank You

for dropping by.

This post is here so that you will not visit this page and leave disappointed.


I'm so nice. What will you do without me? =D

Sunday, 6 September 2009


Jin, Pam, KC, welcome back dinner hor, tomorrow? Chong ahh... when are you returning? Miss you loads lah... We'll be L4D-ing after dinner. Can't wait! =D

Haha. Mary will be coming back on the 8th and going for another posting at Melaka in less than a week.

Had lunch at Penang Village with aunts this afternoon. Food's good. Portion's lesser than Little Penang, but tasty nonetheless.

Place looks like this"

One of the makan rooms for discussions.

The motives on the table.

The window that looks like the airport. Our chairs were comfy cozy clean white sofas.

The sinki. Haha. so damn clean so I decided to snap a pic of it.

Ok, I damn anti camwhoring kay. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mirror. =P

It Takes One Year

for the twin towers window cleaner to clean the whole building.

After they reach the bottom, they will go right to the top to clean the windows again. That was what I was told.

The window cleaner from the office window. The window dude wears a safety helmet and harness summore. Daamn safe. And he doesn't clean like how you see people normally use a cloth to wipe wipe.
He wipes, then rinses the cloth, and wipes the same spot again and again and again. Plus, he seems to be using alot of strength to scrub it. Damn semangated weih. Salute.

Went to Kota Kemuning for one of Miss Mangala's farewell.

Not many pictures because my phone is damn canggih. You MIGHT see a few ugly pictures of me on FB because I was sitting beside miss and her candid shots were taken well, candidly.

This is GG pole dancing. Yeah there are alotta poles at the padang.
WV did ballet stint. While GG posed for this shot. Suc attempted pole as well. O.O
Let's just say you're lucky you didn't see it.

Hakim, Suc, Raj, WV.

GG was so nice to lend us her car. WV drove Suc and I home.

Work has been taking a toll on me. Not that I have been doing much, but it's the waking up at 6, reaching KL at 7.30 every morning, going straight to the tuition centre after work and reaching home at 11am is really taxing. Not complaining.
My point is that I'll stop my post here and ffk you people for bed. Nitey.

Unprivatized blogs aren't so private anymore, are they?

I bet you wanna see what secret message I have under this post, eh? This is it. Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Gawsh, I know you hate me. Watodo? I love you mah. Hahaha!!!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

It's Saturday

morning. going to tido already. Nites =)

Not really myself atm. I've got so much to tell you. Will I be seeing you next week?

Thursday, 3 September 2009

I Think

that I really think that I think that I know that I think that

I'm absolutely sleepy.

Work, tuition, work, tuition, sleep, work, tuition, work, work...
List goes on.

Waiting for the first one's reply before I go offline.
On the other hand, wondering if I should sms the 2nd one.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Still.Can't. Resist

maggi's tomyam cup noodles.

as full as I was, I had to steal half of HRH's maggi.

Sorry, no pics. All finished =P

Surviving work. Had something to do today. Yeay.

You wake the butterflies in my tummy. Yet you sing them a lullaby.