Monday, 29 May 2006

Especially For You

Wondering why I'm still here huh? Well, I came here JUST to publish a post especially for you readers eventhough I'm serving my sentence while thunder is booming my eardrums, and lightining striking on the car alarms.

I didn't have time to double check my previous post, so I'll clear some things up here-that is if I can remember what I posted, thanks to the amnesia I've got which is becoming more prominent these days.

I find the word 'whatever' extreamly rude. Even ruder than fuck or shit or some chinese cursing words my friends use daily. Imagine doing someone a favour or telling someone something, then that fella gives you a 'whatever' as a token of appreciation. *starts cursing in chinese*

Oh ya! Now I remember. The prefects' crap thing! About that, remember I mentioned that we have to sing 3 songs: Mungkin Nanti, Bad Day(I think that's the title, heck, don't blame me, I hardly listen to English songs so when they first played it in Anjung Bestari, I was like O_____O ??? ) and Graduation.

I've got 'Graduation' stuck in my head now. And it goes (feels) like this:
As we go on,
We remember
All the times we,
had together
And as our lives change,
Come whatever,
We will still be
Friends forever

I lost a serious battle between me and 'how long can I go on this hunger strike'. *embarassed* Maybe I should choose an easier opponent next time.

I will update this post later when the rain stops, the lightning power turns off, and the thunder shuts up.

I'm back. Currently listening to Raymond's 'Remember To Forget' while chatting with Jin about me having vulgar words in my blog. I do. I just did.
In case you have amnesia too, here are some easy step by step instructions to follow:
#1- Please grab the mouse with your right hand (left, if you are a lefty)
#2- Scroll up about an inch or two
#3- Open your eyes wide (wider if your eyes are small) then you'll be able to see my very first vulgar word on my blog.

Told you it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Why do people even bother to nudge when the friend's status on msn messenger is put to 'busy'? There wouldn't be a slightest difference.

My grandaunt is back from a short holiday to Penang. The minute she entered the house, none of us had peace at all. So much for my peaceful holiday. I'm pretty excited about going to Taiping. Though it's just a small town in Perak, and the shopping malls aren't actually malls, but we'll be going there by bus and coming back by train at night. I've got a declaration to make. Maybe I'll declare in my next post.

I've gotta get off the computer before my mum returns and finds me in front of the laptop.
Signing out~


Saturday, 27 May 2006

Not So Much Of a Holiday

"Come on everybody give me something to dance. Say hey ey! Oh oh!" -Lee Hom (Wang Mei De Hu Dong)

I'm having my holidays now!! There is nothing better than kicking back and relax during this two whole weeks and watch Pride. Again. WOOT~
Where's my Pride? Oh yea! That's right! KC borrowed it. Darn!

I'll be having my two weeks holiday and my schedule will be filled up with absolutely nothing. On the second week, I'll be going to Taiping, Perak for a few days. So, don't miss me during that period of time or think that I was abducted and sold to some brothels in Thailand or something.

We (the form 5 prefects) had a rehearsal in the Anjung Bestari (heck knows why they would name that room Anjung Bestari. Our school better come up with more creative names other than that and 'Citra' for our school mag *rolls eyes*) for the installation day (penyerahan tugas) on heck-knows-when and we had to sing 3 songs.

The stuff I typed above was typed on Saturday. Now I'm currently at the cyber cafe. I'm on a hunger strike because my parents won't let me go online till after SPM. I wonder how long I can last (not eating). My parents were eating at the coffee shop and I didn't want to eat with them so I asked for permission from my dad if I could hop over to the cybercafe to update some stuff. Well I did actually want to...but the word's not update. I can' find the word now. My mind's full of vulgar words, cursing the whole world for causing me to be banned from coming online for 7 months. Heck! She just robbed me of my one source of entertainment, hobby, socializing(knowing that I don't really like to socialize with new people face to face), and my source of communicating.

As if that's not enough, my friend just told me that she'll be going overseas for more than a month! I almost burst into tears when she broke the news.

Just got a call from my dad indicating that I have to go now. Hopefully I'll be able to see you people before 2007.

Chloe, crying out

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Teenager's Life At It's Peak

It's been a long time since I've blogged, here I am, updating you readers about my life which is filled with nothing else but Lam Fung. And Ron. And Myself.

I suppose I won't want to bore you readers to death with my usual topics so I shall try to type something new here. Wish me luck!

I believe in 'you reap what you sow' because I've experienced them before. When I say something bad about somebody, I would have a bad day, as in getting into trouble for no apparent reason. Not to mention that if i did something bad to someone, bad stuff will happen to me too, and the pain endured is double. Therefore I do my very best not to do anything evil to people and always put myself in their shoes and imagine that I'm in that situation and how would I feel. Gosh, am sounding like an angel here. But it's true.

My friend, X, didn't like and couldn't stand Y, so X wrote a hate letter to Y saying that Y is a pro liar and some hurting things things. To the delight of X, X got what X wanted which was to make Y feel bad. I told X off, saying that I believe in 'you reap what you sow'.
Then X said "So you think I will get the balasan?" I told X that it might happen and asked X to walk in Y's shoe, and see how would it feel, but in return, X didn't talk to me for so many periods because X was 'hurt'. I was only giving my point of view and told X that what X did was wrong.
Both X and Y are my good friends, and I knew them even before we attended secondary school. So clearing X's name when talking to Y, and standing up for Y when talking to X makes me a bad person.
I'm only helping Y because Y is currently facing discrimination. I hate the feeling of being the person everyone hates and being picked on on whatever I do. I would help X too, if X were to be facing the same situation.

I just want to clear one thing. The thing that happened on the 23rd of March 2006 was not his (I'm sure some of you know who I'm reffering to) fault. He was not the biggest influence. He just played a small part of it. There were other people involved too, including me. I placed the pressure on myself, I got influenced just too easily. I listen to people *snaps fingers* just like that. I bow to pressure. I didn't trust ^%^%$#*. It's my fault. And in a few weeks, I'll be in deeper shit. Lala knows what I'm reffering to. Don't bother to ask her, wei...

Another close friend of mine told a guy her feelings towards him, and got a blank stare from him in return. I was on the phone with her just now, obviously, she was hurt, lah. I shan't disclose anymore of other people's secrets here, unless I think is necessary.

It has been a rough few days. So many things happened within a few days. But the tough life goes on. I suppose going through things like these is part of growing up.

Chloe, backing out.

Monday, 15 May 2006

The Uninvited Guest

I joined the crew for the sesi penggambaran today eventhough I wasn't invited.

Heck, as naib pengerusi, I DO have the rights to be there, you know? What will everyone do without me? I hold everyone together in one piece! Without me, no one will know what to do! I AM important!
Who am I kidding? I wasn't even invited. I just went to keh poh. Hung around the bilik musik for the sake of ponteng-ing. We didn't study today, so I didn't miss much in class except for the part where everyone makes complete fools out of themselves without any conscience as if the world belongs to them.

We (Chia Yi, Cacing, La La, Azrinee, Rebecca, Padma, Amalia, Farah, and a few others) stayed back to take the form 1 and form 2's class pictures. Wasn't easy to kau tim them, but some classes were more coperative than the rest. I had fun arranging the 2Gigih guys by height in their line because they made lots of fun by talking back in a funny manner and eventhough they gain say but they obediently obey.

Got a few pictures of Schwan and Andrew using Jin's camera which actually belongs to his brother, I think and am currently hoping he'll come online now to send me them, but I suppose I'll have to wait patiently for his tuition class to end. PW, LaLa and I camwhored. And I'll have to wait for that picture too. *Groans*

I reached home at 5pm after getting tongue lashing from my mum over Chia Yi's handphone. Hope her phone didn't crack. Hope my mum's phone speakers didn't shatter.
And I certainly hope my ear drums didn't snap. Why is this invisible bee buzzing around my head? Ugh! Bug spray please!
Remind me to tell my dad that the tv speakers suddenly rosak-ed when I got home.


Thursday, 11 May 2006

Limited Cyber Cafe Vocabulary

I'm currently at the cyber cafe wondering what to do with my time here. There's nothing much I can do but to blog. Blog, blog and blog more. Games? Nah... No thanks... Mary left for home, Pik Wah left for school, and me, I'm left here all alone at computer number 14 typing everything that comes across my mind. I don't want to go home yet. There's nothing to do at home. Afterall, tomorrow is a public holiday, so what's the rush?

I'm freezing here, thanks to the air-cond, and I'm sitting around 10 steps away from the guys- KC, Tinesh, Zi Yang, Kelvin and Saaravana. Can you hear them shouting? I'll transfer the sounds to words for you.
ZY: Run! Faster run!
Srvn: Die! Shit!
KC: Die aredi! Screw you lah!
Kelvin: Aiyaaa!!!
KC: Nooo!!! Babi!
Srvn: Haihyoo! Die lah! Babi!
Tinesh: Wad r u doin?!
Srvn: Oihyooo KC! I wanna shoot you, then I go tekan da wrong place. Hit you ar?
KC:Hit, but I din die.
Tinesh: All run lah!!

The conversation continues with those few words in their vocab so I decided to listen to some Lam Fung songs here while typing this with my frozen fingers which keep on hitting on the wrong keys.
Stupid cyber cafe speaker. Making my Lam Fung's songs sound so horrible.
Jin just arrived. Sitting at the pc beside mine. I'm oblivoius to what's happening around me. I've got my Lam Fung songs with me, I'm happy.

I've been here looking at pointless stuff for around 138 mins and who knows how long I'll still be here.

I just burped. Pardon me.

164 minutes and counting. I hate it when a stranger smells like me. There's this person who keeps on walking behind me carries the same scent as me. Perhaps the same styling mousse for the hair to be precise. I'm addicted to a few songs:
-Wang Lee Hom's Wang Mei De Hu Dong (The Perfect Internship)
-Il Divo's Je Croise En Toi (I Believe In You)

Damn! Mum's switched to her irritating mood. Damn! Damn! Damn! Got to go back now. So I can't finish blogging.

Chloe signing out at 200 minutes...

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

"Sexist Betul"

I hate being a fifth former. It's all about deadlines, presentations and projects. Not to mention homework that I have no clue of what they're asking my brains to dig out. Out of the blue, without any warning given, we were asked to prepare for English oral on the following day. Long story... All I can say that I'm really pissed at everything that has to do with it. I'm pissed that I can't think of a good topic, I'm pissed that I didn't prepare it earlier, I'm pissed that the whole group (including me) has different tastes and point of views in everything until we can't agree on a single topic, I'm even pissed that we actually have to go through this whole thing!

After I'm done with English, as if she saw my squashed gooey brains blended with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Maths, Maths, History, Moral, Bahasa Malaysia, EST, English, and English Literature isn't squishy enough, Pn. Minder joyfully loaded an extra burden (a.k.a. bloody pointless presentation/ forum) to my shoulders which has to be presented on the heck-knows-when with my group-Pamela, La La, Mercy, and Shu Leen.
I was branded 'sexist' by Adrian and Jin just for 'kicking' them out from the team. They're my friends, yes, I acknowledge that, but I should set my priorities right. Ok, I may not be as close to Mercy and Shu Leen than I am to them, but... but... OK!!! OK!!! I don't have a good excuse! So sue me! I don't give a damn!

Do you have any clue on what to talk about handphones because that's our topic for the forum. I don't, because my handphone serves me one purpose- to SMS. Or maybe to entertain me when I'm bored. Oh ya! That reminds me! My Z520i is still at the 'doctor's'. Back to the topic. There's only ONE solution for this. Put me under depression and I'll write 3 pages of stuff for you, but going through it (depression) is SO TOTALLY not worth it because nobody will appreciate or care what we crap about in front of the class. Actually, who wants to know about something that they already knew? Blame me for chosing that topic, but I'm sure it's better that talking about 'You Are What You Eat'. I eat chicken. Do I look like one to you? I look more like Chloe don't I? Does that mean I eat 'Chloes'?

With my 70+ year old grandaunt and 84+ year old granny arguing in the background, they're just contributing to the stress level I'm going through, and my head's pumping hard like someone is using two planks of wood and hitting it, one on each side. Stupid wisdom tooth chose to hurt now of all the time when I needed to bunk school. To make matters worse, TOMORROW IS OPEN DAY!!! Need I explain more?

Come to think of it, being a fifth former or not, sexist or non-sexist, I still have to go through stress. But I'm just starting to enjoy and appreciate life. So while I'm at it, I think I'll just stress out the people around me before my juniors do the same (to me) in the future.


Monday, 8 May 2006

Victim of Embarassment

I'm sitting here in front of the computer, slurping a bowl of delicious yet fattening bowl of instant noodles, as my mind wanders off like a kite. No matter how high it flies, there is always the strings tied to it preventing it from going any further and the level the kite is at is a level where birds fly and it can be squashed by the flock of birds if the wind blows their direction.
Gawsh... help me before I lose my mind...

I would rather die watching the fall of my Lam Fung than to die of embarassment. Or I would rather have that feeling of wearing an orange t-shirt out shopping than to feel the way I'm feeling now... I wish I could just be an ostrich. Just bury myself underground when I don't want to face anyone.

Here's a little part of a song I heard on The Last Breakthrough.
Yesterday, I believe
Love could be forever but it broke me down
Baby I'm afraid
To face it all again
And take another chance
But I'm not sure you'll feel the same

Oh, baby I don't wanna fall
I don't wanna fall x2
In love again, baby 'coz I am

Do you know (do you know)
What it's like
To wake up in the morning
Just to have you on my mind

Oh baby I don't wanna fall
In love again
Baby 'coz I....

I can't remember the rest of the lyrics.

Sod it. I'm still figuring a way to bunk school tomorrow without getting into trouble. I don't wanna face 'U'!!!!!
I'm going to take a short nap, and when I wake up, I'm going to continue feeling embarassed of what happened. How I wish I could just forget the whole thing. Stupid 'U'. Why did you exist?!

Note: I'm still banned from coming online.


Friday, 5 May 2006

Not The Best, Nor The Worst

It's me again. Who else would it be?

First of all, I would appreciate it if you would congratulate me for getting banned from goin online for two whole weeks. Thank you.
And if you're wondering why am I still here, well, I asked my mum, the woman who sentenced me to this ban, for permission. Ironic.

Secondly, it's my turn to congratulate the Malaysian badminton team and wish Wong Choong Hann all the best to get well soon. Hehe...

Today, for chemistry, we did an experiment on whether latex would clod in acid or alkali. It did. In acid. The latex clodded into a piece of tough rubber which I played with it for a while and now, my hands stink of etanoik acid. Trust me, you wouldn't want to sniff my hands.

I've been blog hopping and comparing to what I read and what I write, there's such a distinct difference that aven the colourblind could differenciate the difference between green and red. In other words, my 65 marks out of 80 for essay writing is nothing.

I am sooooo addicted to Net Deception.

A few friends asked me if I wanted to stay up for I didn't. In case you're wondering what's that, it's actually an hour 2 minutes and three seconds after the 4th of May '06 which everyone gets their adrenalin pumping, then dies down the second after. Every second is the same to me. Nothing but time changes. Gold bars don't start falling on my head, I don't suddenly turn into a super-model sized body, my exam grades aren't getting better, and I certainly don't see Raymond Lam Fung beside me. So, what's the big deal?

I hate self-praising, but I PLAYED WELL at basketball today!!! During PJK(Physical Exercise) just now, we had a game of basketball and I could play much much better comparing to the time when coach was around. Ish... I better stop praising myself too much here or else you people will get jealous. Of me.

It's almost the end of the EPL and Bolton is still in the top 10. WOOT~

I better stop typing a sentence for each paragraph because there are so many people out there who doesn't know how to write in paragraphs, and what am I doing here? Wasting paragraphs like nobody's business. I better start saving paragraphs for rainy days. No, I'm not losing my mind. I'm just late for a date with Kuan Beng Hong against his Danish match. I think I'm falling for Hafiz Hashim. I did fall for him once, last year, but he's just so...yeng. Or maybe it's just because he looks like Ron.

Gotta skitter. Catch me anywhere where there are the following...
-Jacky (Net Deception)
...and I'll be there.

I'm soooo addicted to Net Deception...

I'm back. What a bummer. It's Lee Chong Wei playing. Sod it. Chong Wei is just for Pik Wah. Not me. I guess I'll just have to take up some of your time to continue my whining about everything, but fortunately for you, I'm feeling pretty sleepy now, so I'll just call it a day. A blog I mean.