Friday, 31 August 2007

Team Japan Fireworks

Went to see the fireworks competition with Chia Yi and her dad.
He paid for my ticket to the convention centre.

*thanks uncle*

Now I'm damn scared to upload ony pics on my blog aredi. Kenny Sia had a pic he took and someonel by the name of Vivian cropped out the '' at the bottom and sent the particular picture to The Star newspaper and won RM5o that day.
Very wtf right?

So since I promised Wong that I'll show him the pictures, I guess I'll upload 1 or two here... scared copyright kena bashed.

Fireworks from team Japan.

Ok la, I damn 'kiam siap' wan. 1 enuff la.

Beautiful firowoks,
Light up the dark sky;
As the darkness into the night lurks,
These pretty lights come by.

Chloe looks up in awe,
Fireworks penetrate her heart's core;
Saying she wants more,
While others think it's a bore.

Chloe, signing out... gonna sleep...

Happie 50th Burfday, Malaysia!

YAYYY!!! Public holiday!!! Wth, I don't even have classes on Fridays. Makes no difference to me.


I shall be super patriotic now and type in 3 colours which one of it can be a little too light so you might wanna highlight the words to read better.
I shall celebrate MERDEKA by sitting at home, in front of me laptop.

Chloe, remains online to celebrate MERDEKA.

Thursday, 30 August 2007


I am totally wiped.

A whole hour of RPM challenge in the wee hours of the morning isn't a very nice way to start your day. Workout ended at 10.30am.
The bicycle racing on the spot workout(rpm) got me exhausted. Why must they choose super long songs for each track?
As you can see, I am blaming the composer of each long track chosen, the Fitness First people who chose the long track, the fella who invented the super hard gym bike, the lack of fan in the studio(but good air ventilation) instead of blaming myself for lack of stamina.

Just got up to get my phone a computers away, the place which I sat at and found out that the internet explorer has something wrong.
I almost lost my phone! My dear dear baby...

I spent about RM 100 in half an hour.
It is no declaration. It's a fact. I got proof. *waves receipts in hand*
After my bath and everything, I started walking around Summit at 11.10am.
MPH- Two books by local authors and a wrapping paper with fireworks patterns. I immediately knew I had to get that. I will not leave MPH without it. Paid at 11.23am because the receipt says so. It aslo stated that my stuff costs me RM65.40
Went up to The 2nd floor to reload my phone. RM10 burnt. I needed it because I was out of credict. I'm excused.
Next stop at 11.40am is Secret Receipe where I got Chocolate Indulgence for GG which Jas, Wei Vern and I wanted to get for her birthday last week. RM5.78. We owed her. Her birthday was last week!
Total spent=RM81.18 in half an hour. Unbelievable? Believe it.

Currently at the college IT lab.
Waiting for class to start at 2pm.
Saw this guy in Summit with a group of friends. He had his tee cover up his face n waved "hello Chloe"
I was like... O.o Who?!
Den he took down his tee n i was like O.O Josh...and blabbed out "Omigoshit'syou" instead of a random 'yo!' or a simple 'hellooo!!'
No, I did not say "Oh Mi Go Shit's You". If you did think so, reput(Re-Put) your spases properly so that it looks like an 'Oh Mi Gosh It's You'. Thank You.
Dont make me look as if I greet people by saying 'shit'#.
Haha, finally saw and met all my old school friends who are studying in SEGi.

Chloe, signing out to prepare a pen and paper to compose a short song ESPECIALLY for RPM goers or lazy people like me.

#Special case: I only do that to Mary "ZOMGWTFSHITIT'SYOUBITCH! AAAAAAAAH!!!" and vice versa.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

I Heart Malaysia!

Fuihyooo... Tiber2 so patriotic. Guess NS has done it's cause.

Today(Tuesday) Ms Mangala made us google Malaysian Today and read the articles because our exam is mostly based on it. Not exactly, but it's more for our general knowledge.

I have a good impression on our political parties namely the Barisan Nasional, erh... UMNO, MCA, MIC etc etc... I am so totally not into politics and here I am typing my very little knowledge on politics here.

I 've always looked up upon our politicians regardless what people say about them because I'm sure everything they do, they must have their reasons behind them, which obviously isn't disclosed to the public due to privacy reasons or whatsoever.
Now that I HAVE to read MalaysiaToday online, call me easily provoked but I really don't like Malaysians who criticize our politicians.
If they are that good why aren't they GOOD politicians themselves?

I hate stuff like these. But I don't wanna fail Introduction To Mass Comm.

Those stupid racial buggers. Really pijak the politicians kawkaw. Wait till I become one and I will shove those shit back into their mouths. Make them eat their words -shit.

Ok la, maybe I won't become a politician because all I know about politics are BN, UMNO, MCA, MIC, the curent prime minister and how to get into the college mag board.
I'll leave the rest to Chong only if he decides to open his cafe after he retires after being a good politician.

Whatever it is, I thank them for every good thing they've done and if they did anything evil that hurt the nation directly or indirectly, I am nobody to judge them.

Chloe, clicking on and trying not to get too pissed.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Thank You


Ok kah like dis? Not ok oso i dun care. u asked for it. muahahah.

...for giving me pointers on how to remove the viruses from my MSN (a few months ago) and my friend's yesterday.

I shall ask for more help from you so that I can thank you big big on my blog.

Chloe, bowing out after the latter insisted on 'paying after makan.'

Thank You For The ASSignments

Current song addiction:
Abba's Thank You For The Music

"So I say
Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me"

Was about 5 minutes late for class today. No big deal *rolls eyes*
Ok, busy. Got to print out some stuff for the marketing assignment due tomorrow.
I know nobody gives a shit about what subjects I take and what assignments I have.
Neither do I.
I gues this is not the 1st time ranting about assignments but this is all I have in my mind now...
A shitload of crappy ASSignments.
( ) Mass Comm
( ) Marketing n Principles
( )Fundamental Photography

As you can see, none of them have a tick because
1) half of it isn't finished
2)I dunno how to type a 'tick' in the box =/

Ok, back to work...

Chloe, signing off after deciding to nap for a few hours.

Monday, 27 August 2007


A Supermodel.
Depends of what your definition of supermodel is.
Anyone who can just pose in front of the camera and help me finish my photography assignment 2 will be considered a supermodel.

No class today.

Declined the invitation by Wong to go watch movie with Grace and Djawad.
Special thanks to the two repairmen who were invited to inspect the fridge and washing machine which decided to pakat to k.o. together a few weeks ago.

Dad just returned home. Gave me a fright when he suddenly called from the door. I was like "'When did u return?! How come you didn't tell me?!"

Currently chatting with Pam. Haih Pam... Time will tell... I think he's really sweet too... Tell me whan he gives you the thing he got.

Chloe, trying to scouting round for a model. Volunteers? Anyone?

Friday, 24 August 2007

Poperatic Photography

Hello people!
Missed me?
*ducks when saw a dagger aiming face*
Okie...I'll take that as a 'no'.

My current song addiction:
Josh Groban's To Where You Are.

(8) Fly me up to where you are beyond the distant star
I wish upon tonight to see you smile
if only for a while to know you’re there
a breath away’s not far to where you are (8)

In case if you didn't notice the number 8 in the bracket, it actually means a song note is typed in msn.

Not many people appreciates popera so I guess I won't put any links here la.
Maybe just one...for the minority...

Stupid Under maintainence worrrrrrrrr~~~~~
Sorrie can't link the song here... but do go check it out when you are free.

Photography class wasn't the most interesting class I've attended. Thanks to me, I got Mr Fauzi to extend the due date for our second assignment for another week. I am so pleased with myself
*hugs self*
I told Alfie that I saved everyone from hantaring the assignments early. That donkey said something like "You saved yourself 1st then others got saved too"
Hey...I afterall DID save everyone indirectly, ok?
What if I didnt ask Mr Fauzi? They obviously would have to hantar next week and as far as I'm concerned, MR Alfie only got 1 picture!
Ok la, me too.. but maybe 2 or 3 times more la...

My aunt bought me...


*calms down*

Back to serious stuff...

I blocked the Algerian guys on MSN and Angela helped me block them on Skype.

-end of serious stuff-

Chloe, going to continue listening to Josh Groban's Never Let Go regardless of the people cursing me, an 18 year old girl, living in the suburbs, listening to popera at 4.09 in the morning.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Live Up To Your Name

I can't. It will make no sense.

Chloe is a Greek name which means "green herb" or "young green shoot" translations differ depends on what and where you look at it, but how far can the meaning run? It still evolves around the plant.

Ok, my Chinese name : Wern Jin
The 'pinyin' is spelled as 'wen' and 'jing' I think.
Translation: (may not be precise thanks to my VERY-VERY-CHUNTED-CHINESE-WHICH-I-KNOW-NUTS-OF)
Wern-derived from the words 'si man'(canto) means polite
Jin is from 'an jing' (mandarin) which means serene, peace and quiet.

Ok, now you know the meaning of my names, do you think I EVER lived up to my name?
EVER? Polite, Serenity, Quiet?
*Laughs out hard*

My blog has finally liven up to it's name. It always has, but now I have proof.
*pats blog on back*

My uncle tiba-tiba wanted to see fireworks in Putrajaya on the 18th of August 2007 with my cuzzies and he ajaked me and my aunts along.

I played cool long enough to type these first few lines.

Aiyok, beautiflu pulak.
I WAS...
I WAS...
I WAS...

I was everything I felt that night.
We reached there at 7.50pm and the fireworks didnt start till 10 pm!
It was totally worth the wait.
Totally worth the jam.

I'll let the pictures do the talking

The bridge where the fireworks came out from.
Jela, this bridge la.

Pretty fireworks! =)

Ok la, I'm sorry la that there are only two pics and out of the two, only one fireworks pic.
You should GO THERE and see if for yourself.
It was so magical. So beautiful.
Anyone wanna bring me? =P

Chloe, floating her way to her room, balancing books on her head ala Eliza Doolittle(from My Fair Lady) style, trying to live up to her name.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

updated =)

An update!


there you go.


dun say i didnt update...


you owe me


Chloe, signing out after updating blog.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

ID guy

Shaking hands,
Pounding heart,

Heart pounding.
Interior Designer
Spinning head,
Head spinning.

Was in the same lift as him. Thank goodness Jas pulles me out at the third floor to go the IT lab.

hate i'm all whoozy...
Close to being tipsy,,,

Shit. jas read this post. oh shit oh shit oh shit.

I like puppy love. I'll be over him the minute i get to talk to him=)

Chloe, not knowing wht she is thinking or doing =/

i am not so tipsy-whoozy now...

Happy Birthday KC!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Give Mi Birthday Foote Anather Doy

This is weird.
This Algerain guy added me on Skype.

Screw my geography. I didn't get an A for PMR. Where on this round earth is Algerain? Or Algeria?
Anyway, cor convo went like this... (i'm in purple, he in green)
Our Convo:
Where are you from?
I'm algerain
And you?
I'm a malaysian.
Nice to meet you.
What do you do?
(does it mean 'what are you doing NOW or OCCUPATION)
What do you do in your life?
Nothing... Currently studying.
What time is it over there?
(he gave me his email address)
and you?
3.45am here.
5 here in algerai (oooh...Algerai lah tu)
What language do you speak there?
oh... we speak bahasa malaysia, english, chinese and indian here in malaysia

At least I roughly know where's Algerai =)
The convo went on and on lah. Malas nak type the stuff he said... "I gaw at may house"
Wth man.
"You are good frand"
"Mi not good frand"
"why not"
"Mi good"
"I go anather doy"
"do give mi your foote"
"what do you do"
"nice meeting you here. I've got to (sleeping emoticon). It's 4.15am. I have to go to college."
"I am in the summer holiday"
"lucky you. I have no summer holiday here"
"lucky you whith mi"
"malaysia has no summer."
"Our holidays are diffrent"
"give mi time when do you saek whit you"
"hour in algerai is now 9.20"
"(inserts clock emoticon)"
"i dont know. i am quite busy with assignments. i will message you on msn later ok?"
"you ar good frand"
"thank you. you too"
"my nambar021********* ok"
"do give mi your nambar"
"(inserts number)"
"i am going to sleep"
"ok, i've got to go now"
*then I quickly sign out*

Dood! what was that all about?!?! How did he find me on skype? Can any1 explain to me how does Skype work?
1)I added him on MSN,
2)I'm beginning to regret giving him my number. gawsh help me!!!!!
3)he's 19yrs old
4)he called me on skype 3-4 times
5)i have a feeling this is some prank.
6)maybe not
7)maybe yes
8) maybe not

hmmmmm... I am bound to find out...

oh ya,

Happie Burfday


KC! (just in case I don't blog on ur burfday)

and to those who's burfday falls in/on August.

Chloe, scratching her head wondering if she should even post this Clo-Ammar convo on her page...


(Wth is with the title I came up with =/ )

I'm back.
This time in a better mood. =)

I don't like it when I'm addicted to Korean Dramas.
Ok, DRAMA. Singular. Not plural.
Heard of Princess Hours? It's about...
Click the link below to find out more about the drama.

I won't call it perfect because they can jolly well improve on the script, but I must say that I salute the way the storyline is told.
Rooms for improvement-
-Wth? Dinner table at the corridoor in between the rooms of the Crown Prince and Princess?
-The palace grounds are very fake(the place Chae Kyung & Lee Yul meet). Very studio like. at least put a blowingfan there so that it looks like the outdoors.
-Lame script.
-super slow talking
-Alot more, malas to type, and also I should stop criticizing because this is the best Korean drama I've watched so far.

Thumbs up for...
-the cute guys- Lee Shin and Lee Yul.
Smart to make the cuter guy the semi bad guy because it'll make it hard for the audience to hate him.
-Great storyline

Pris, PeiYan, Sarah, if you are reading this, I'm sorry I can't make it this Monday. I terremembered that I've got replacement class for the whole day.

I guess I should not bore you with the story about the many assignments I have to complete instead, I shall bore you with junk.
You're welcome =D

OK la, no junk for today since SOME FELLA is bugging me and said that I blog like making cake.
I take a long time meh? I surf at the same time whattt...

Chloe, signing out to aim a water pistol at the FELLA who said that >=(

Thursday, 9 August 2007



Assignments... Whoo~ *wipes sweat*

I finally finished my first assignment-photography. 1 down, 1 more to go-marketing, though my next one will come on Tuesday.

Who am I kidding.
I'm not happy, I can't pretend to be happy. I may smile but writing comes from the heart... and head, not face but since I'm here, I'll just tap a few words on my keyboard.

I am so into Keane's Bend and Break.
It's like sooooo addictive... Something like Lionel Richie's I Call It Love and HSM.
Do not read the next paragraph if you're not interested in HSM.
In speaking of HSM, OWHMIGAWSH!!!!! HSM2 will be premiered on Disney channel on the 9th of September. One week after the end of the Malaysia Mega Sales, also one week after Ron Ng's 28th birthday.
So back to Keane...
Here's the song:
and here's the lyrics:

I copypasted the 'Bend and Break' paragraph from a post I didn't post a few weeks ago.

Congrats to those who got chosen for NS.
Adrian T, I guarantee you'll love it there =)

I'm in a foul mood at the moment.
I don't think I'll visit Friendster for quite some time after today unless there's something important to do, nor will I blog hop.
Things people say are so sharp. Although they aren't talking to you, but just by listening pokes through you. Call me sensitive for all I care.


Please don't make me upset.
I don't like to be upset.
I don't like the lump in my throat.
Make it go away...pleaseeee...


Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Hello From This Computer =)

This is stupid.

Have you ever come across this word 'so close and yet so far'? Or 'a miss is as good as a mile'? It's like reaching the bus station to find that the bus driver JUST left.
Ok, it happened to me. Twice. (No, I don't mean the bus inccident.) It happened more than twice but at the moment I can only remember two.

Firstly, ok this is embarrasing. I got 41/50 to pass my undang. Geram or not. I needed 42 marks in order to pass. 42!!! Now I have to take it all over again.
Talk abut trauma.

Secondly, I stayed up to watch the 8.30pm show(The Biter Bitten) and 9.30 show(Safe Guards) at 1am and 2am. OK, I stayed up to watch The Biter Bitten THEN i FELL ASLEEP JUST AT THE SONG OF SAFE GUARDS!!! If that isn't teruk enough, MY EYES AUTOMATICALLY OPENED at 3.00pm. The time the show ended.

Geram or not? No? I know I geram lor.

Chloe, signing out from the computer of the computer lab of SEGi College Subang Jaya and the screen is super big so I think I better stop here before anyone is /are peeping at my post behind my back.

P/S know why I didn't bother to blog from my notebook at home? hehee...because I transfered the notebook into my room so that I can watch Priness Hours on it. Ok, I knew you wouldnt bother to know =/

Sunday, 5 August 2007

One Down, One To Go

Stupid thing tiber2 oni blue n underlines come out. Ugh.

The view of Bangkok's shopping centre, MBK on the right and BTS(LRT) track above on the left.
Forgive me for the blur picture. I was in a rush. 2 days in Bangkok is just not enough.
I reached there on Wednesday evening and our flight back was on Friday at 7.40 in the morning.
This in one HOT car I would like to own....

I took this picture opposite Zen, formally known as World Trade Centre.

Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car Hot Car

Ok la I know it's a taxi but the colour is like damn chunted right?

Their taxis are TOYOTA you know? Kenot beat Proton wei... Air cond super cold wan.

*Looks up in the sky with hopeful eyes*

"When I grow up, I am going to have a super shoking pink car like the Thai taxi and a condominium in Hong Kong/KL (KL oso ok la) that overlooks the beautiful skyline of tall tall buildings with pretty pretty lights."

Chloe, crawling back to bed after hearing mum's footsteps. Shhh... Don't bocor me...