Sunday, 29 April 2007

Surviving NS


MISS u people sooooo much~!!!!!!!!!!

I'm fine here... surviving NS. Lots of actitities... Tali tinggi, kayaking, water rafting...

Tell you my details in Junaco Park.

Chloe Yong Wern Jin
Kompeni Charlie
[block number n bed]
Kem Junaco Park,
Sibu Sarawak.

Tell you la, Charlie and Delta are like sister-brother company. Sokong each other for everything. help each other in games antara kompeni. I think Alpha and Bravo stand alone. Got la politics and the attitude of the Bravo ketua wirawati who lied to the jurulatihs that made Delta ketua wirawati don't like Bravo.
Every morning, you can hear "selamat pagi Delta!" and "selamat pagi Charlie!" in the baris.

Last week we had Sukan Berpasukan. I mewakili warawati kompeni Charlie for the basketball match. Played against Alpha. FuiHSAY!!! Theyall main ganas betul wei!!! They tolak Sarah down a few times. She literally flew and slid on her arms, imagine with the geseran and all.
Me leh, kena tolak, fell down, old injury on the left ankle returned, then somehow I went down again and knocked my head on the cement floor. Apparently I almost fainted la, Thank goodness Snowball and Teddy temaned me. Masuk Medic, hantuk my head again. Badly bruised on my knees and arms. But I'm still alive ^^

I think I better introduce you to my friends first:
Joanne, Ah Pau, Ah Ging, Ah Mei, Lai Ching, Evelyn, Niki......
Obviously there are more where that came from but takkan I list them all down meh.
Got guys also: Ali, Naufal, Din, Kevin, Harvey, etcetcetc...

Bottomline is that the whole bunch of us are from various companies.

Gtg, writer's block.

Seeya next week or sumting...