Monday, 24 May 2010



inherited something:

from her grandaunt from Canada. Apparently it was an expensive brand.
Perhaps it's like a mac or a vaio today.

And today marks the first time I ever laid my hands on a ancient typewriter that is still working perfectly fine. There's one teensy weensy problem.

1)I couldn't find the enter button- you have to push that roller thingamajiggy on the top back to the left.
2)I couldn't find the exclamation mark, so i had to type "i am exclaiming"
3)I couldn't see my friend's reply on msn. Heck, I couldn't even find the icon!

Here's a tiny miny typewriter talk for those who are interested:
The awesome thing is that they have caps lock as well as shift that works the exact same way as today's comps. Of course they had stuff like #&*():"?/ and - but what baffles me is that there isn't any exclamation mark, but there is the @ symbol. Like, whatever do they use it for?

While another SOME-BOD-ZIE:

has been hiding treasures:

Under the fridge.

We moved the old fridge out to replace it with a new fridge that can freeze ice and keep fruits cool. Obviously there is much spring cleaning to do.

Juust in case you irritated me...
Don't gasp and gorge your eyeballs out at the sight of the dust(and Dizzie's pegs) found under the fridge as if yours is spotless. How often does any sane person/people(or YOU) move their super heavy fridge around just to clean a place no one will see, touch nor inhale. I bet people (or YOU)don't even do it once a year. If you know of any, tell me and I might salute them. pretending to be the cleanest freak on the planet,
make yourself at home and read in between the lines
highlight the white space in between =)

Friday, 21 May 2010


TVB's Fly With Me starring Ada Choi.

She's a 'lou gwu por' in her 30s who suddenly discovered that she can turn from a wide hips woman into a superhot superhero when she kisses a man. Her psychologist explained the phenomena she's going through as living her alter ego. So here she goes flying around saving the world, Hong Kong to be precise, while trying to sort out her love life.

Mysteries of Love will be out on the 24th of May. I can't explain how excited I am as the date draws nearer. =DDDD

It's like a double joy for me. This time, Tavia will star alongside Raymond. Yeay! Unlike the last time they collaborated in Twin of Brothers, they weren't a couple.

Can't find the poster. Wonder if it's out yet =)

*edit* 25/5/2010
The poster is finally out!!! =D

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


The shoe.
Not the phone.

Snapped this from today's Star.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Polis Trafik ALSO Do Work


You know where PAWS is?
Yeah there. PAWS people asked us to use the small lane which we thought is especially made for PAWS people to use, manatau this polis stopped my friend's car and claim that it is motorbike lane.

Was with Marcus to tie up loose ends of Pets For Keeps 2, that's why we were there.

He wanted to give us a saman of konnonnya RM1k.
We pleaded and said that it's impossible to find such a big amount of money and that we are students and that we went to PAWS to do charity and PAWS asked us to use that road to go out.
he whispered and asked if we wanna 'settle' things on the spot or not. Then Marcus took out his wallet and showed the polis that he only had RM10 in his wallet. Then the police said that RM10 is not enough. He wanted at least RM50, and suggested Marcus to ask from his colleague, pointing at me la.
I REFUSED to give him any kopi/milo/teh/horlicks money. He can drink pipe water if he wants
My mother pays your salary leh, don't expect me to give you extra pocket money. Who do you think I am? Your granny? Ask and it shall be given? I would rather pay the saman, and let the government use the money for betterment than to let you earn lo.

I said I got no money. Which is true. The few hundred in the pink purse is supposed to be returned to it's rightful owners who were so kind to lend me some moolah to pay for my clothes and Crocs.

AND THEN I thought of a bright idea.
I secretly took a picture. Kononnya I wanna blog about the whole thing like Kenny Sia la. Manatau that polis is so alert wor. He saw me take a picture of him and immediately issued a saman.

My fault la, I shouldn't have been so smart. I don't know how Kenny Sia took a picture of the police's badge that said "SAYA ANTI RASUAH" when he himself gave the police duit kopi.

So we pleaded again, but he wouldn't listen. So I pretended to call my dad or someone but in actual fact, I secretly snapped more pictures. Hehee. Nah, let you see.

Whoops, 1st attempt fail. My hair covered the lens.

3rd and 4th attempt only jadi. I'm afraid to show his pictures lo. So I shall not post them here.

This is taken when I was 'still on the phone' but I suspect he suspected something amiss so he went to the back to continue writing the saman.

After handing the saman to Marcus, Marcus placed all his other RM50 and RM10 back into his wallet just to show the police that he had the money but didn't want to give him.

I told my mum about the whole thing and she called her lawyer up. The lawyer said that it's a good thing we didn't give the police pocket money and she advised us on what to do. But first, I'm going to find out if that road is actually a motorbike lane, though I highly doubt it, if not PAWS would have kena saman so many times.

This is the first time I got stopped by a policeman in my entire life and one thing for sure, my perception towards them totally changed. I used to salute police when I see one. Then as I grew older, in my mind, I secretly acknowledge them and thanked them for keeping the peace in the country (cheesy, I know). Now, although I would love to spit at that particular rasuah-police, I won't because they are still the law enforcers(or what you call em), I'm puzzled. Imagine you looking up to these polices all your life and suddenly one comes along and gives you that impression.

Dear Gramps,
The traffic police wanted to me to break the law. Were they all like that when you were a detective?

Thursday, 13 May 2010

MPSJ Doing Work


WV and Raj parked their cars at the housing area at USJ9 and when we returned from a hearty dim sum breakfast, the cars were not there.

They both had to pay a hefty sum of RM134 each. Offered to pay WV a lil but she declined. Being a nice friend, I decided to repay her. Manatau the next day, I terlocked her out of my house instead. Paiseh.

Anyhoo, after collecting the cars from Taman Perindustrian, we decided to go to Empire Gallery. I would consider it a pretty decent shopping mall. It's like a mini Pavilion.

So we walk walk walk and stopped at Toys'R'Us and spent a good hour at the Lego section, depriving other kids from playing.

See? This is my Lego thigy with a green pig-like nose.

Front view

Side profile

I think I built the greatest thinga-ma-jiggy that it's so good, it's even worth standing beside Lego Buzz.

And my Thingamajiggy stood there to destroy GG's 'helicopter'.
It is an oil platform.
But since she insists that it's a helicopter, and she built it, so we let her have it her way, and let her relive her childhood days by letting her continue to build the oil platform.

On the way back in WV's car, I saw this car plate and reminded me of Jela.
Haha! Jela, this is for you! It says "JeLaTong".
You're born in the year 1988 summore. hehee.
Wasted you were born a few months late or else this 2nd of March plate so suits you =P
Or the plate should have been a 8988 or something. haha.

Monday, 10 May 2010

She'll Sit Anywhere

Good night Dizzie. I'll see you in the morning.

Same time, same place?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Mother's Day

is a day for everyone to remember and appreciate their mothers by bringing them out to eat for dinner and then forget about them for a whole year until the next Mother's Day.

How I look at days like these are pretty different.

Being a filial daughter, I went to the hair dye shop with mum and aunts.
Asked mum to pay RM45 for my hair dye because there's only RM20 to my name.
Thanked her quickly so I don't have to pay back.
Took RM50 from her to buy Japanese biscuits.

Got home, asked her to help me to dye hair =D

It's BLUE!!!

Don't read this and shake your head as if you've never borrowed money from your ma.
*tut tuts*

Thursday, 6 May 2010

When Five Fell

by Wesley Chan from Wongfu Productions.

This short is about 5 objects we(some of us) use in our daily lives.
Here's the director's notes on their official website.

These objects are like a guy's point of view towards the girl they are/fell in love with.
I've yet to decipher the hidden hidden meaning in it. It's either the short is too deep, or I'm too shallow to understand something like this. Watching it for the second time.

The voice overs for each object is done by popular Youtubers.

You've gotta love the cinematography.

Less than three, Wes. Less than three.

Just watched At Musing's End. Directed by Wes.
Part 1

Part 2

and I would say that AME is my most favourite one among the rest of the shorts. That girl was daydreaming. That explains the narrator's point of view. Nowonder the narrator understood her so well.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sleepless Night

If you see a blog update at unearthly hours of the morning like this, chances are that I have not gone to bed yet. But what are the odds, right? Judging by the fact that this woman here sleeps like a log and doesn't wake up until Hiroshima and Nagasaki tries to pick up their lives up after the deadly bomb.

Remember I mentioned that classes once a week isn't good? It still isn't. Because it has caused me to stay at home most of the time, the air-conditioner has to be switched on to cool the room down. Electricity bill doubled. The past few months' weather wasn't much of a help either.

Last night I told HRH that this lethargic body wouldn't be able to go for RPM. It's true.
So off to bed early I went. Woke up almost every hour to find my whole body covered in salt water. If you thought it's pee, I'll salute you.

Tried to get back to sleep. As soon as I was at the starting point of drifting to bed, this bloody car alarm starts making its presence heard.

Yes, we get you. You're a car! You want to be driven around! We hear you! No one cares if you're pimped up or not. Just get some rest and stop whining like a baby.

As a soon as the fullstop (enlarged in red for you to see) was typed. That pimp of a car shut up.

It bising-ed again. -.-

So yeah, this can enter my book of records.
Chloe wakes up at 4am after sleeping for 3 hours. Insomnia?

Cuzzie noticed my 'hand-drawn marker pen eyebags'.
Exact words were 'OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYES?! Literally looks like someone used marker pen and scribbled some eyebags under your eyes!'
Hmm... maybe I had too much white board marker to play with? =/


ada stalker O.O

Faster block! Faster block!!!

Monday, 3 May 2010


is awesome.

RyanHiga was live at around 6.30am LasVegas time saying that he was up for the past 21 hours. He got on to ustream because he was apparently trying to sleep for the past hour but couldn't.

hehee... managed to print screen. I'm such a stalker.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


This post is supposed to be a short one saying:

"Watching potential hot guys racing in motor gp suits while having your adrenaline pumped on a gym machine isn't a good idea-especially when you're trying to stop liking guys off the tv (and youtube)."

Guess I was wrong. You'd be wrong too if you saw the Spanish biker remove his helmet live on tv and stand on the middle part of the podium while shutting his eyes and smiling with his dimples in victory =)