Saturday, 25 March 2006

Accept And Expect the Unexpected Aspect(s)

The title is a mouthful (-.-)"
Read it a few more times before you proceed to the next line.

Done? Did u get confuzed with the meaning? Oh.

(24th March 2006)
This afternoon, KC called me up and told me that he and his girlfriend broke up. He sounded sooooo distressed and asked me out to ‘teman’ him. As a very gud classmate, I walked out of the house, downstairs just to see how he is. He told me that he’ll tell me the whole story and talk about it over a drink. So I reluctantly followed without a shadow of doubt that if my mum sees me walking around with a guy, I’ll be detained for further questioning. So, acting all ‘spy-ee’, I hid behind everything every few steps looking even more suspicious. After we reached the bench, KC sat down, looking down at the floor and I asked him to spit everything out. He was so quiet and I was getting really pissed off because he wasn’t saying anything, while he interrupted my nap.
The next thing I knew that I saw a very familiar red shirt. It’s Andrew’s 1 out of 3 shirts from his cupboard. Then, I saw bodies that I’ve seen before appearing one by one coming up towards me. I was speechless. I was dumbfounded. I was just astounded.

First of all, KC tricked me! He tricked me into going to the poolside because my friends threw me a surprise party!!!

Secondly, I WAS WEARING CYCLING SHORTS. SHORTS I TELL YA!!! I wasn’t expecting any of these!!! I could have died of embarrassment!!! LITERALLY!!! I really wanted to run back home, hide under the covers because I exposed my huge unshaved (wasn't obvious) calves and then change to LONG pants, before returning to the party, but was stopped by Mary.

All I said was just an embarassing “what the…?!?!?!” And “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!”
And when I found my words on my twisted tongue, I finally said ‘thanks’. Heh.

I’m really grateful for what my friends did for me. It is indeed a birthday I would never forget.

What’s on the menu? I hear you ask. No, there weren’t any nasi lemak or mee goreng. Drool while you read:

Clo’s Surprise Birthday Menu
Root Beer
Sparkling juice
Sparkling juice
Mocha cake (1kg)

Whipped cream

Maybe you didn't drool, but at least I made you think itz sumthing worth drooling about. Heh.

People Who Attended The Party
· Mary
· Pamela
· Tracy
· Eugene
· Andrew
· KC
· Adrian
· Tinesh
· Weng Shen

Stuff My Friends Did To Make This Party A Success
· Mary wanted to ask my mum to ‘pakat’ with them for the party by lying that her sister was pregnant. I totally bought it!
· Pamela went to Tracy’s house saying that she wanted to ‘watch a movie’. But she actually came to the party.
· Lotsa whispering went around but never reached me. Pffft…Unusual...
· Lots more stuff I thought smelled fishy, but I didn’t expect it to be a surprise party, because, after all, it was a day AFTER my birthday.

We smashed cake all over everyone's face, and the 'throw-people-into-the-pool' ceremony begin.

I’m soooooo touched, Thanx guys!!! Nothing can express my gratitude to you guys but all I can say is just a simple thank you. Including those who took part but didn’t attend the party.


And I miss Coke. A lot.


Monday, 20 March 2006

A Tiny Moment In Life

Things didn't turn out like I expected it to again.

"Coke is a soft drink that gives you the taste of sweetness but you don't know the ingredients nor how much calories does it contain that will destroy your body in due time." -Chloe

I'm not a count-how-many-calories-I-take-a-day person, but the quote or analogy above signifies something that I don't want to go straight to the point now, but maybe in due time.

I would really love to blog to my heart's content but there are just some stuff that can't be shared in public. Call me paranoid, or whatever, but I just can't. I'm not much of a risk taker, really. So I think I'll just write them down somewhere and lose the paper and let it end up in the wrong hands and I'll still be in deep shit.

I'm not going on a diet nomatter what. I live my life and there's no way I'm going to change my lifestyle just for some dumb people who says things that they don't actually mean. I won't even change my lifestyle for anyone else! Heck! As afore mentioned, I live my life.

Some people may not be true, some are just trying their best to get attention.

I'VE got LOTS AND LOTS of moral support from my friends. I shall go for that bungee jump. And plunge into the water without getting wet. Without getting hurt. No scratches. No fractures.
Just an experience, I'll never forget.

Saturday, 18 March 2006

Desserts Spelled Backwords Is Stressed

Let's face it. It's the end of the skool hols and sku's gonna start in 2 days' time. Heck, I've still got 8 moral essays, 4 english essays, modern maths and add maths to do. Where did all the time fly to? During this freakin short hols, al I can remember I did was laze around the house and do absolutely nothing. I've really gotta change this nonchalant attitude before it gets worse and worse and as SPM draws near, I wont be able to study because I won't give a freakin damn on whether I work as a garbage collector or a dinky secretary in a small company nor would I care if I stay in a... DAMMIT!!! I'm losing it. I've seriously gotta get hold of myself and start studying- after I publish this blog.

I hate homework. I hate the Malaysian education system. It is widely knows as the-government-exams-that-stresses-the-students-a-hell-lot. When I was in my PMR year, I even attempted suicide, but nobody found out. Why? Heck! Itz because I'm not dead! DUH~
Stuff like these are kinda like killing us mentally. We carry boulders upon our shoulders and walk around with it nomatter where we go or what we do. And what do we do after the exams are over? We dump them in the dumpsite. Heck! So the 22 months of stress is just worth a few pieces of paper.
I say we should do something about it!
I say we should make a stand and let ourselves from these toture!
I say it's about time for us to say something about it!
I say it's time for me to go study -.-

I need some time out.
I need space.
I need freedom.
I want my life back!!!

Friday, 17 March 2006

"I'm A Good Girl, I Am"

My trip to KLCC today was a blast. I shopped to my heart’s content and bought myself… Absolutely nothing. Please, don’t give me that stare. I’m not used to people staring at me. Oh, so you DO wanna stare eh? *adjusts hair* So… where’s the camera? *smiles and poses*. The telephone rings... "Hello? Jesse McCartney? Tell him he'll have to wait." *and flings hp away*. Why get out of the spotlight that I'm in now? Oh, you were asking...? I just bought:
-3 teddy bears (RM3.99 each)
-1 scented candle (RM5)
-2 mags (RM5 each)
HECK!! I don’t even feel like myself anymore!
I spent less than RM 50 ON A KLCC TRIP!!!

I repeat: A KLCC TRIP.
Wad da heck is wrong wif me?!
I see pigs flying… I see cows flying… I see Mary flying too haha (La La, no offence ok?)

I'm going to faint. I see stars... I see you... I see me too... @.@

Someone said something to me... But I wont share it with u... Neh x5
Someone else said something else... I won't share it either... Neh x5

This is a quote I noticed in a korean drama series and would like to share with you:

"If the early bird gets the worm, then what will happen to the early worm?" -korean actor in The Successful Story Of a Bright Girl

"There are many fishies in the sea... But why eat other fish when u like salmon?" -Chloe (me!)

Itz Friday at 2.21am now... been typing this since yesterday... >.<

-Watch 'My Little Bride'
-Watch Pride again
-Watch Raymond Lam sing and act
-Watch Ron Ng sing, dance and act
- Lots more watching to do... Life is so hectic...

Gotta skitter!!!

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Kai2, Experience and Bullshits

My friends ditched me and went to Mid Valley!!! And I so badly wanted to go!!!
Humph… I shall keep my cool coz I’ll be going to KLCC TOMORROW!!!!! HAHAHA!!!

Itz MUCH better!!!

I think I’m just not ready for these sorta stuff.
“It’s something like the sun sees not till heaven clears,
My eyes see not till it’s opened,
The handphone sees not till it’s being switched on,
The handbag sees not till the plastic is removed.”
I prefer to fly alone in the big blue sky while watching the other birds pass by. I realized it ages ago, but somehow I didn’t listen to my instincts and went my own way, despite being warned. Thanx guys… *hugggzzz* but I think I’ll get out of this bullshit myself.

Jin’s younger brother went missing and everyone was on a search hunt. Adrian and Chong helped and his elder brother’s friends were cycling everywhere, looking for him. There were cycling all over the place but in vain. There were thunderstorms when I got the news. I was worried till I kept on eating (coz I eat a lot when I’m under a certain pressure), and then the sms I’ve been waiting for… his bro wuz found!!! Wee~ Finally~ after more than 4 hours? Right? Dunno…

I’ve got lots to say, but am not in the mood to blog now so I’ll just leave the space below empty- to be filled out when I’m free…


Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Danger Ahead

I got blasted from 4 corners of the world today. It’s not the first time since I 'threw myself into the cooking pot’. I got stir fried, deep fried, stir fried, boiled, steamed, grilled, cooked today.

I’ve got really nice friends around me. They’re always there for me, and are always on the lookout. Warning me about the danger I'm about to face... , thanks alot...

I don’t really know you,
But I was asked to stay away;
I know you’ll always be true,
But I have my doubts
I’ll keep on the lookout
Or will I be like what I am today?

Glass can break
And will be shattered at the slightest scream
Don’t give me a heart ache.
I hate your snickers
I hate your stare
And I hate to see you beam

Why did I fall?
Why I fell?
Why did I bury myself
Under the well?
I feel weak
Let me go
Let me wake
From this sleep
Just for my sake.

Monday, 13 March 2006

Frontwater? Anyone?

It's a mess.
It shouldn't turn out like that
Everything backfired.

It's a mess.
How did this transpire?
Why did it happen?
How could I know the ending
from the beginning?
If I knew, I would shut up,
won't I?

It's a mess.
It's a free country
It's a messy free country
A messy one for me

It's a mess.
Where are you?
Don't leave me
I hate being alone
Not here. Not now.

It's still in a mess.
All I want is a little support.
Enough to let me go through it.
Just a small drop
Is all I'm asking for

I shall leave it
I pleaded
I cried
No one came
I'm stunned
I'm stumped
No one turned up
I'll shut up
I'll run
I see people with open arms in a distance

Nobody move.
Don't look for me under the blanket
with that sorry face.

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Reach [Not] The Wind

The wind comes when it’s unwanted
But leaves when help is needed
It leaves its trails wherever it goes:
Cool breezes on verdant hills
In the cotyledon
Of the young green shoot
It does create a stir sometimes
And the aftermath isn’t a pretty sight

The wind is just another element of nature
That does no good to anyone, sometimes
It kept a distance from the shoot
After leaving it swaying with uprooted roots
It isn’t included in the photosynthesis process
So the young green shoot can survive without it
It is just a cameo to the shoot
An important element,

Unimportant at all
That the shoot wants to bypass and forget
For it just leaves memories
Memories that mean nothing.