Monday, 31 August 2009

I May Be Mad

but I...

but I...

Kay, I don't know why.

It's a public holiday today. No work. And guess where was I.

Guess you can't guess.

Was at none other but Petrosains.

It was supposed to be a goodbye trip with for Miss Mangala before she leaves for her CALLING by the UN to go to Myanmar to help out with the duno-wad-disaster victims for 5 months.
She didnt turn up. So it was WV, GG, Suc, Raj and I.

GG and I. Asked Wei Vern to mari but I don't know where she ran to.

This astronaut is in the air. Took a picture of myself and it was projected up in the astronaut's helmet.

This is what I've been trying to tell you guys!!!
It's a projection of beads/guli falling down.
But you can collect it with your shadow!!!
Got sound effect summore!!!

Then we walk walk walk, and walked past Meter City aka classroom.

Our mahjong paper are still there!!! =D

Stole this picture from Zalila's Facebook.
Clockwise from top: Azrin, Ameer,Hidayah, Mai, Zalila, Ezham and Clo.

See? Public Holiday also I go into Petrosains.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

I Have A Strong Feeling

that I may just lose myself.


April Fools!!!

Sorry wrong month. Bwahahaha!!!
I meant to write something else.
Got my months mixed up as well.

Gawd, I can be so lame at times =DDDDD

Happy Merdeka's Eve!

Dear people who will/might be stuck at Sunway's parking lot while
fireworks light the sky,
I just wanna wish you loadsa lucks tryina get outta there.
No, I have not experienced it, neither do I intend to. =P

And this is what I call spirit of Merdeka. =D

Thanks for watching over me. Love loads =)

Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Last Day

of Volunteer Training Program(V.O.P) was on Friday. I think the 'O' in VOP stands for Orientation.

We went round to the Technology Exhibits this time.
Lunch/Friday prayers at 12.30pm to 2.30pm. Had time to kill so I decided to go round Isetan to get myself some formal attire for the next three months.
Ended up with a knitted top and yoga pants that were on 50% discount. Now I really need to get a collared blouse.

Went back to Petrosains to mess around with the exhibits since I had time to kill.

One of the info-comps that has games in it. This is a wordsearch game.


This is how it looks like.

Azrin on the ski
And this is how you will look like. The more you look like you are constipating lower you bend, the faster you'll go.

Here is my favourite exhibit:

The Go-Cart ride.

I tell you, it's more shiok compared to any arcade. Azrin said it's better than Daytona. So I decided to give it a try. Indeed it is!!!

First, you go in the helicopter look-a-like. Then you choose your racetrack. Then you start.

The difference is that the whole thing vibrates, and when you ter-bang a wall, the whole heli will shake. and when you make a sharp turn at the sharp bends, the heli will turn as well. It is indeed a 3D experience. Gawd I can't describe it!!! It's soooo damn nice.

But visitors must pay RM2 for each ride. I won't tell you how much I paid or didn't pay. =P

At the space station pulak, there's this infrared thing.

that has a camera that shoots your picture on one screen and shows your body heat on the other.
The red parts shows the hottest part of my body. wtf.

My kebanggaan. Didnt get to keep anything. The HARIAN card has to be returned everyday while the Trainee Volunteer was to be returned by the end of the programme.

P/S: Just as I was about to end my game, it started again. And this time, in involves one more player. Let the games begin.


Stole this picture from Hidayah. Clockwise left to right: Rizzat, Syahmi, Man, Azrin, Fauzi,Azri, Ameer and Izzat. The missing 'kumbangs' are Suc and Ezham. The 'bungas' are Hidayah, Yun, Mai, Zalila and myself.

The whole list of names are for my own record. So that I won't forget erh, those times. heh.

I typed this at the time below, but I'm posting this at 12.30am on Sunday.

I withdraw from the game. =)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Saw This Song

on Christina's blog:

Colbie Caillat's Falling For You.

Nice =)
Appropriate =)

Dino Trek 2

is where we went today, the fourth day of training.

Was taught simple physics like velocity, jarak, masa, laju etc etc in both BM and English. Like wtf is Potential? Was told that it's Tenaga Keupayaan later when I asked. Ohh...

We were given an exhibit each under the Speed section of Petrosains. I got Cycloid.
It's to check see which ball reaches first if both are placed on a straight thingy and a curved thingy.

Next we had to present it. I was unfortunately paired with this girl who knows nuts about physics. Tambah with my ingenius science knowledge, we made the perfect pair for disaster.

Sorry if I sound obnoxious or anything but really, she doesn't know anything. After explaining panjang panjang, she went like "but blah blah blah" which to be precise, was trying to say that my answers are wrong and she herself doesn't have a frigging clue what she is talking about because she can't even find answers to support her answers. Damn.

*puff puff puff*
*cools down*

I have NEVER presented such horribily in my entire life. She can summore ask me to 'rilek'. It's ok for her. She isn't the one doing all the talking. Grr.

So I started to emo for the whole day. Thank goodness it was lunch after that. Walked to the ground floor for some retail therapy. Tried on some pants from PDI. Not nice. Went to Chamelon and got myself a nice silver glittery and shiny hairband instead. Felt much better and brighter. It indeed made my emoingface light up.

After lunch, which I didn't eat, we headed to Dino Trek2 later in the afternoon. Was given a mini pop quiz:

Came in a pink note bookk lookalike. The other thing on the left is the file they gave us on the first day. Contains notes and notes and notes that has to do with Petrosains punyer Internal and External Dept, Ice Breaking papers, dan lain lain. Click to enlarge if you wanna see the questions.
Whoops. You can't. It's too blur thanks to my canggih phone.



My fave dino, the brontosaurus.
It's got another name, Apatosaurus.. Brontoaurus was found in 1975 somewhere in the worls and aposaurus was found recently(I think) at some other part of the world. Then they found out that they are both the same.

One of the fun stuff at DinoTrek2. You stand behind a camera and see yourself on the tv screen with dancing dinos in the background. The camera captures images of you and you can send those pictures to your email.

The next activity after Dino Trek was to pair up with THE SAME PARTNER and choose a dino to present. I was so determined to redeem myself after the sucky presentation. Asked the partner to take down notes.
"Take down what notes?"
"Those on the info board in front of the dino"
"I don't know how to lah"


The dino on the left is the T-Rex and the Spinosaurus is on the right.

In Jurassic ParkIII, The Spinosaurus fought with the T-rex and won, but in actual fact, they have never met. T-Rex was found in North America or something wherelse the Spinosaurus was found in Mesir and Maghribi. T-Rex existed in the early Cretaceous Period wherelse the Spinosaurus only came in the end of the Cretaceous Period. So the Jurassic ParkIII directors bluff you all. =D

Back to the class aka Meter City, this is what I drew:

The cutest dino among the lot. This is not self acclaimed, kay? The class said so.
It's actually 4000kg and not 40kg =P
Click to enlarge.

The rest of the presentations.

Me and my Spinosaurus.

Loadsa fun =)))

Had tremendous loadsa fun. Been receiving mixed signals from who-ya-callit. But screw it lah.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Exhibits, Experiments and Busking

were the highlights of the day. unfortunately, I got too caught up with the activities until I forgot to take pictures of the experiment and busking.

Volunteers are to perform mini shows at the designed stations. Mini shows are actually science experiments.

Busking involves volunteers having little science stuff such as optical illusions, paper helicopterpropeller and those stuff to entertain the kids.

Saw a mirror above me. The bi girl is beside me.

One of the exhibits. Ancient air isn't as good as modern air because it was filled with nitrogen then. The skies were red. They did not get to enjoy blue skies like us.

No, my science isn't that good. I just copypaste remember and spit what the volunteer staff told us.

Doodled on my journal. Again.

I really hate going through this thing. It feels like secondary school all over again. Gahh...

What have I gotten myself into.
What has he gotten me into. And damn, I've known him for only 3 days.

Aunt belanja-ed me sweets from Isetan.

LoveLoveLove the packaging. it's a whole packet of sweets. Sorry, didn't put anything in the picture to compare the size.

Getting late. I'll be heading to the gym tomorrow. Gotta be out of the house by 6.15am in order to get to KL on time. I'll try to make it a point to update atashichloe everyday. Nites =)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Is one of the many places I never imagined to step my feet upon.

Today's itenarary is about Operations Division something, a tour round Petrosains and the tour at Skybridge.

Skybridge is free.
Opens at 9am.
Ticket counter opens at 8.30am.
Tickets are limited to only a thousand plus per day.
Petronas Twin Towers is a corporate company. But due to the public's plea, they decided to open level 41 which is the lower level of the skybridge to tourists.

I feel damn honoured to be able to wear it =D

The buttons in the lift. the buttons light at the floor yang ditekan.

The picture of me is the only picture I took which shows a hint of Skybridge. I realized that the pictures I took are all the scenery of the city. I think I didn't dare to take the bridge because there's this person in the group whom I think I like. And I don't want him to perasan just because I just think he's pretty cool.
P/S: needed to highlight the 'i think' nanti you all think I fell for him or something.

Just added him on Facebook. Whoops bocor. Now you'll go and click on my FB page and click on my wall out and check his profile out. Yahu.

The whole group under the Volunteer Training Program are damn funny. 100% Malays. ALL speak English pretty well. About 4 or 5 of them are doing chemical engineering, which both are at Taylors.

This petite girl started off her convo with me by saying "I'm actually a bisexual. I've got 3 girlfriends. One Indian and 2 Chinese" and during the tour she actually came to me and hugged my arm.
I didnt shrug her off. I acted naturally. I suppose she can feel that I'm OBVIOUSLY not one. Judging by the way I responded to her because after that, she didn't come near me anymore. Only once later, to be reassured that the Skybridge guy is a lil effeminate. She's pretty cool, and a nice person to talk to.

Anyway, bi-s aside.
I thought I got to save $$$ after spending RM50 on books and RM20 on food yesterday.
I had nasi padang and coke which added up to exactly RM6.10.
Manatau after walking around Isetan, the sweets and snacks were on sale. Spent a good RM15 on 4 types of Japanese sweets and gum.

This is one of it. Only RM5.90. Summore it's Baskin Robbins something.

It's only the 2nd day and I've already spent around RM100.
I need therapy. And the only way to cure it is retail therapy.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Hmm... Something's Missing

I can't see Petronas Twin Towers when I look outta the window:

I tried looking for it but it's no where to be found ='(((((
My beloved building...

*slaps forehead*
OWH YEAHHH...!!! I work IN it.
Nowonder I can't find it.

Outside PETROSAINS, 4th floor KLCC
Suc stole MY limelight. I was supposed to be the only one on TV.
He apparently didn't understand what 'go away' meant. Haha.

While waiting for 9.30am, I doodled on my journal. It's uncompleted but I show you first lah because I'm such a very nice person you're so nice to drop by this blog.
This is one of the many buildings I can see from the KLCC food court window.

After our internship briefing in the mini conference room, we were brought round the Petrosains office and we introduced ourselves.
Was introduced to some foreign exchange students. Very friendly lot.
Then was introduced to this hot cute guy. My HR manager told me that he is single

No, really. He told me that the cute guy is single. Haha. Right in front of the cute guy's face summore. We laughed at the sampatted yet sporting HR and continued our journey around the 4th and 5th floor of Petrosains.
Didja know that Petrosains is joined to the 4th and 5th floor of Tower 2 of the twin towers?

After going round with loads of smiles and hellos, we were asked to join the Volunteer Training Program for a week.

Was briefed on the mission, vision, Customer Services, Emergency exits and whatnot in the first class. Training was conducted in Petrosains.

One of the dudes who did one of the training was pretty long winded.
By 2 something I started to get sleepy.

So I pretended to take down notes. Click to enlarge.

It's 11.11pm now and I'm feeling sleepy. Long day tomorrow. Nitey =)

Thursday, 20 August 2009

LeeHom Cracks Jokes


found them(the two vids) pretty hilarious!!

Leehom-Priceless moments.
and he is so damn bloody sporting

and he sang with Westlife!

p/s: Go google Jane Zhang. She has an amazing voice. Very versatile. Singing songs ranging fromDon't Cry For Me Argentina to Tina Turner's Simply The Best and from Traditional Chinese songs to R&B.

I Know

you hate me for my previous post.


Top Secret

I created another blog.

It's more to express my thoughts in more detail.
Or to say things that I can't say.
To publish 'deep' poetry.
to criticize people of course I won't lah... I'll definitely share juicy stuff with you people =P

No la, it's more like stuff I write but I don't want anyone to read.

Dad Was Driving Back

from Thailand. He was an hour away from home when he called.

I was in the car, heading to gramma's place. HRH driving.

Dad: I think there is a jam. I've been stuck for an hour, since 9.30pm
Me: How jammed wor?
Dad: Jammed as far as my eyes can see
Me: Where are you now? Rawang?
Dad: I don't know. It's just so jammed!!
Dad: Yes, PLEASE DO!! I see a tour bus on my left and a car on my right. Quickly save meeeee!!!
Me: =.= Those are vehicles.
Dad: They ARE?! OOps sorry. Erhh... I see trees!
Me: GOOD!! Please describe them!
Dad: They're black.
HRH: Ask him to take off his sunglasses.Text Color
Dad: lolswt.
Me: I see black trees too! Maybe you are in front of me!!! YEAY!!
Dad: Haha, psst... Did HRH ask you to take off your sunglasses too?

HAHA!!! My family can be so lame at times.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

For The First Time

in so many weeks, I'm at home. In the afternoon.

Nothing beats onlining at the comfort of my own home =)
Not to mention FAST connection speed =DDD

This might not be the last post of the day. Will keep you updated. Gawd this is like Twitter.

If you have it, do follow me!!! But I don't update my twitter because I've only got 3 followers, and it's either they are inactive for the past few months, or I don't know them. Heh.

Monday, 17 August 2009


I figured why I was so bored and restless this whole afternoon.

I was homesick.

My house is exactly 7 minutes drive from here and I'm friggin homesick.

Here's My History

if you are interested.

4:06 PM
4:06 PM
3:51 PM
3:20 PM
3:15 PM
3:15 PM
3:14 PM
3:06 PM
3:06 PM
3:06 PM
3:05 PM
3:05 PM
3:01 PM
3:00 PM
2:59 PM
2:57 PM
2:56 PM
2:55 PM
2:55 PM
2:55 PM
2:55 PM
2:54 PM
2:54 PM
2:53 PM
2:53 PM
2:52 PM
2:50 PM
2:49 PM
2:48 PM
2:48 PM
2:47 PM
2:46 PM
2:38 PM
2:37 PM
2:37 PM
2:37 PM
2:36 PM
2:35 PM
2:35 PM
2:34 PM
2:32 PM
2:32 PM
2:09 PM
2:07 PM
2:07 PM
2:07 PM
2:07 PM
2:07 PM
2:06 PM
2:02 PM
2:02 PM
2:01 PM
2:00 PM
1:59 PM
1:59 PM
1:58 PM
1:57 PM
1:57 PM
1:55 PM
1:54 PM
1:54 PM
1:53 PM
1:51 PM
1:50 PM
1:50 PM
1:50 PM
1:50 PM
1:49 PM
1:47 PM
1:47 PM
1:46 PM
1:46 PM
1:45 PM
1:45 PM
1:42 PM
1:42 PM
1:42 PM
1:42 PM
1:41 PM
1:33 PM
1:33 PM
1:32 PM
1:32 PM
1:31 PM
1:27 PM
1:27 PM
12:49 PM
12:48 PM
12:48 PM

Let me explain.
1)First I mau watch Moonlight Resonance. But malas to let it stream.. So I didnt.Plus, I've got the ori dvd.
2)Listened to radio drama(樓的驗情故事) again.
3)googled for the script.
4)and translations.
5)but to no avail.
6)you-tubed the songs mentioned in the radio drama. Which explains the Joey Yung, Kelly Chen and Cecelia Cheung.
7)stumbled upon the radio drama theme song named驗情 sung by Ron and Tavia. Not nice.
8) decided to download program to cut songs for my ring tone.
9) found ringtone maker, so i didnt have to download and spam my ram.
10) halfway after cutting the chorus and all, I needed to load the whole song again.
screwed it and hit the red X button on the top right. Connection sucks.
11) Her Mighty Royal Highness (gramma) fancied eating McAyam Goreng something.
12) googled mcd delivery hotline because i couldn't get through. Been calling the wrong number (1300-13-1313 wtf)
13) Taipan is out of ayam goreng mcd. wtf. Then I asked elsewhere ie ss15. Also habis. wtf. Cancelled order.
14) Bade goodbye to McFlurry Oreo.
15) Decided to update you on my oh-so-happening life.

P/s: desperately wanna learn chinese.