Thursday, 30 December 2010

So Convo

So I've finally decided to go for the d.i.p.l.o.m.a. convocation. Bleh.

It was a real last minute thing, actually. I even told WV that I wasn't going. But mum asked me to go... Spoke to Triangulus last night regarding alot of stuff. One was about the convocation. He told me that what he may seem as unimportant may be the world to me because he has 'gone through life' more than me. He added that the reason he will get me an iphone before himself is because he understands the 'needs' of a young adult.

Back to the convocation. I dunno what came upon me or what made me decide to go. It's still a mystery. Although mum asked me to go, but I had the say of declining.

(8)Ring out the old, bring in the new(8)-The Perfect Year, Dina Caroll

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Red And Purple

Let's sing the Clifford and the Barney song.


Here's the history:

That day I was in the purple mood so I wanted to dye my hair purple. Went to the hairdresser and told her that. She bleached my already dyed red hair and slopped on purple dye. Hairdresser lady told me that she has to bleach my hair for a longer time than she did for the red because the purple might turn out darker than the red if not done so.

I was so happy because I was THIS CLOSE to getting purple hair. Manatau my hair didn't 'makan' the dye, or rather the purple couldn't penetrate my bleached hair. So she had to dye my hair purple again. When she did the three batches of purple, she asked me if i wanted red in front.
Me, not understanding her weird Singapore/Johor Hokkien and Mandarin just replied her with a :"uhh...ahh...okla...chinchai laa...". And that sentence was the last sentence I ever spoke with pretty hair.

Those of you who know me know that I'm not particular with my haircut nor my hair colour. But this hair colour...

serious facepalm.

Never have I walked around in embarrassment about my crowning glory. BRIGHT RED in front and nice purple behind. And she cut my fringe into that lala fringe. =(

Lala fringe nevermind. Lala hair colour ... T.T
I should have stopped her. I wanted purple hair. Not purple AND red. I look like a...a...clown *bawls*

did yo notice my lala nails too?
Speaking of which, guess who bought O.P.I.'s Katy Perry in
The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, last Friday Night AAAND Not Like The Movies!!!


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Hi, this update has by no means to wish you merry christmas.

My cousin's Samsung died so I decided to be a nice cousin and pass her my LG KS360. Bought her the charger because I lost the original one.
Currently looking through my old messages,pictures, music, videos and personal notes which were saved in the phone and boy, did it bring back memories:
1) Petrosains.
2)Last last year's countdown. Minus the horrible people I was with.
3) Texts I typed but dare not send to this Malay guy from Petrosains who was hitting on me. Found that he deleted me from facebook not long after he left. Found him on fb again. what a chicken.
4) Texts I exchanged with a crush whom I finally after so long, had the guts to text. I said text. Not speak. I still can't bring myself to talk to him. Haha. I'm a chicken like that.
4) Texts for my Petrosains boss.
5) Texts for a buddy whom I once texted non stop but stopped because of the miniature keypads of the LG that irritated me which made me quit texting altogether. Haha. Sorry Jin. Maybe a bit of Chong and KC too. Miss you guys abit =P
6)Texts from this other Malay guy : bgn la chloe. nuisance. Emo freak. =P
7)Texts from this guy called erh...girither or something?
8) Pictures from the Penang trip.
9) aiyah so much stuff lah.

Now that you know what's in my old phone, wanna know what's in my current one? ;P

The fact that a certain smell, scent picture, font or even looking at a type of phone can bring back vivid memories of a series of events. And until now, it never cease to baffle me. Looking at the fonts of the LG phone reminds me of SOOOOO many things. So much hopes. Too many dreams...all to which I have let go. Been living on my own land for way too long. It was about time I began my journey to reality. And the journey have I begun. And the destination I shall reach

Sometimes the journey is a long walk. I do stop by for a drink. You know, to keep my sanity. But there are times where I run to get out of there. I must say, I've done a pretty good job. Although there are times where I reach a junction and blindly follow a road which led to a big circle to which I remind myself not to take again. I'm nearly there. I'm nearly there.

Oh, would you please do not look at me like that again. Seriously. What if I don't dress as nicely as you? I'm no fashionista. I'm intimidated. wth.

Guess who's got a new bag!!!

It was indeed a dilemma. The purple one was the last one, which means it is a popular choice, but the red one had so many left, which means the probabilities of bumping into a person with the same bag is absolutely rare. Decisions. Decisions.

Guess who wanted to buy the black version of this veryveryvery comfy pair of suede shoes:

...but didn't have enough money to pay for it... nearly RM400 weihh

Guess who is not sure if she should should spend RM250 on a diploma convocation.

Guess who can't pull off a chain strapped bag.

Guess who does not know what else to type on her blog.

Guess who's not wishing you a merry christmas.

Guess who's playing the guessing game.

Guess who needs a new baaaag!!!

Guess who doesn't want to tell you anymore stories.

If you can answer all of the above, I don't give a shit. Really. I was in a frickin good mood and you people had to destroy it. Way to go!

oh, and please. READ THE DISCLAIMER AT THE ABOUT ME SECTION. I'm tired of explaining myself. I'm sick of people reading this blog and taking my posts and misinterpret it out of context. You can't know a person by reading their blog. You may have a rough idea, but blogs are to enhance your knowledge on a person, once you know that type of person they are in real life. And not know a person by reading their blogs because it will make your mind assume what a person that person is, judging by an event or a post.

And fellow bloggers, I have not been blog hopping since forever. So if any of you are afraid that I may stalk you, don't.

This post supposed to start off light and end on a happy note, but idk why it didn't turn out as planned. hmm...

Still deleting messages from the LG phone. Haven't moved on to pictures yet.

have a blessed xmas.

Monday, 20 December 2010

There's a Squabble

on facebook. I believe someone who has never been in the picture dragged me into it.

Sigh. I shall clarify this over here. You know the drill. Stuff on facebook gets diverted here.

That is if i feel the need to clear things up. Or if i feel the need to jump into this. wtf moment. seriously people just have to drag you into this wtf moments.

It's like a crime to dose off in meetings. Whaaat? No meetings will be complete without me dosing off kay? Don't believe ask Marcus. And those Petrosains people. They must have been so used to it. Haha.

I'm so not in the 'i wanna smash the crap outta your ass like a squashed cockroach' mood right now, so this post shall end here.

I'm in the 'wtf did i do that i'm being pushed into the dirty river' mood. Some people don't even deserve to be in this blog to be remembered in lives.


i posted replies on fb instead. will update you guys =)

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The wine chicken meesua is making my world turn in a dizzyfying way.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Greetings From Cameron Highlands!!!


Wish You Were Here.


Haha!!! I wish I could show you some pictures, but Queen didn't upload them on fb and

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Box

A torn smelly cardboard box drenched in the rain sitting by the dumpster.

The soggy cardboard box is drenched in the rain because it is so naive. So vulnerable to freaks of nature, thinking it is fun. And cool. Not knowing when nature will take its cause it to turn to a soggy piece of thing. Stupid box sitting by the dumpster absolutely unwanted, wondering what would happen if it removed the ugly white masking tape from its body and replaced it with a pretty brown one years ago. Would it be sitting by the dumpster today? The box asks if things would have been different if it was not square. Would it still be torn and tattered? Or would it be a prized posession? The stupid box sits by the dumpster and wonders if it did not change itself into a shallower box just to protect itself from bearing heavier goods, would the box be carrying more substance today? The box has so much to bear but everything seems to flow away with the rain water on the ground. Washed away together with dumpster juice.

I'm that stupid smelly cardboard box.
I need a shower.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Get Inside My Head:

"OMG he's here! Don't turn pink, Chloe, don't turn pink! Gasp! Why are you turning red?! Turn into another Yeahh... blue's a nice colour. Okay. I shall turn blue now. But I don't wanna look like a smurf. BwahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

Yes, I laughed in my own head.
and I had to stifle a real laugh because the surroundings were so quiet.

I'm sad like that. I talk to myself. I laugh at my own jokes =D

So my new laptop can't play my DVDs, and my dad took the acer charger with him.

So I can't watch Can't Buy Me Love.

Shall resume reading Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven.

Thanks for dropping by.

I owe you...nothing =P

Monday, 6 December 2010

Just finished Personal Taste.
My verdict:

but there are a few things to ask the director:
1. if Jin-Ho drove to the pub to see Kae In, why did he piggyback her all the way back home?

2. how did Kae In know she would lose her virginity before she went to see Jin Ho, especially when Jin Ho didn't want to see her?

3. Jin Ho's mum couldn't accept Kae In because she was the ex of her arch-rival's son. Why did Jin Ho's mum suddenly decided to accept Kae In right after Kae In mentioned that she did not have a mother?


Why did the director turn her into this emo girl right after she turned ladylike?

Why? Based on her character, she should not be crying over petty things. Why did she tear up so easily? Is it the dress? Is it the laces? Is it the skirt? If so, she should wear her overalls and ugly hoodies again.

See Kae In in this dress and a cardigan? She's in her emo era.

5. Whenever Kae In scolds ChangRyul (sorry, not Chukryul), why doesn't she bring out the fact that he is an indecisive player and that he went back to her because his marriage with her bestie failed? Why must she keep on sayig that he broke her heart? Yes he broke her heart, but she should use those things that he did against him.

6. The list goes on. Jin Ho is uber cute. He is cute. Not hot. =)

EunHye (from Princess Hours)
made a cameo appearance in one episode as Jin Ho's previous love interest.

Here are some pictures of LeeMinHo:

Got it from his facebook page:

Such a pretty boy. Aaand...he's only 23!

LeeMinHo's Twitter account:

okay, no more unnecessary Korean information for you okay? =)
Beginning HK drama now. TVB's Can't Buy Me Love.

I love my hols, so can't imagine going back to uni. So can't imagine going back to uni. So can't imagine going back to uni.

I wanna retire. Stay at home. Do nothing. Watch dramas. Sleep. Read. Have no life on Facebook and Twitter. Read some more. Go out. Come home and bum again. No assignments.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Am currently watching Personal Taste and enjoying it.

Am not a Korean Drama fan but this is as good as Princess Hours. I don't normally laugh at dramas, ESPECIALLY Korean ones, but this drama is so witty, I couldn't control myself but to laugh out loud. It is embarrassing because no one laughs at Korean Dramas.

There are many loopholes I found while watching this, especially the roles of the 2nd starrings- ChukRyul and InHee. At 1st InHee was angry at ChukRyul for something. Then ChukRyul became angry at her for another reason. Then why would InHee be jealous and want to go back to ChukRyul is she is angry at him? I hope you didn't understand what I just said because that's how the show is. and this cycle goes round and round and round. It's like the editor decided to slot the 2nd starring's video clippets here and there and everywhere just to lengthen the drama.

I guess the hotness/cuteness (honestly dunno where to classify prettyhot Korean boys) of Lee Min Ho ...

makes up for everything. Apparently he is the guy with the ugly curly hair in Boys over Flowers. Can someone tell me if he is cute or hot? Does anyone use the term handsome nowadays? I don't even know what looks fall under handsome.

So yeah... Lee MinHo is the SECOND Korean guy/boy crush I shall have. The 1st one is Kim JeongHoon from Princess Hours.
See, Kim Jeong Hoon is cute because he has the boyish looks and his characters aren't those of aggressive nature. Where else Lee MinHo is cute, yet the characters he plays are (or supposed to be ) 'man' and aggressive. Erhh...?

A genius(literally) serving the military. That's Kim Jeong Hoon btw. If you are unable to recognize him.

Rain on the other hand is just...cute...when he smiles...

...who comes packed with a well sculptured body as the cherry on top. Or maybe the smile is the cherry on top. He is also another weird species. Dunno how to classify him.

I sacrificed my watch-drama-time by updating this post for you. =)
Good night and have a great second-half of your weekend.

Things look smaller when they are further to avoid any confusion. If they were of the same size 20feet away like they are right under your nose, you would mistaken it for something near and when you reach out to grab it, you might fall off your chair because it is unreachable. And when you fall off your chair you might scrape your knee and leave skin on the ground. And the CSIs might mistaken your DNA for some serial killer's and bring back your skin to the lab. When they find out it belongs to you, you will get into the lockup and all you won't be able to draw sticks on the wall because they would not give you a pen and you wouldn't know how long you've lived. And when you do not know how long you've lived you would definitely miss birthdays. Do you not want to miss birthdays and live on your life without birthday cake? I thought not, so just be thankful that the ship in the sea is so tiny when it is far away and stop coming up with scientific theories to confuse people. Use that time to eat birthday cake.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A few years ago I wondered how this blog will be maintained. And the way i look at it, it's not very well. Two posts for the month of November. Not that I don't give a crap about you readers. I miss you guys. I really do.

I spoke to a close friend of mine yesterday and realized how important it is to update blogs to keep up with each other's life.
Perhaps Facebook is like the newly build highway which connects people at a faster pace.

So yeah, immediately after the 1st sem in Taylor's, I have been involving myself in this new project to enhance my curriculum vitae. It's about shooting this documentary for Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands (R.E.A.C.H). To be honest, I was not forced into embark onto this project at all. I joined at my own will. So far, we have conducted researches and got the necessary letters ready. We will be going up to Cameron Highlands nextThursday and returning on the 16th. I can't remember what day. As much as I want to busify myself and to avoid being a couch potato for the three months of my hols, I think I chose a wrong hobby. It's not entirely wrong. Perhaps it's me who is wrong. I give my 100% *ahem* i mean 70%(the remaining 30% is left for my playfulness which combines with my can't-take-things-seriously-attitude) to what I feel passionate about unlike my Pets for Keeps Campaign. As much as I want to be involved in this whole REACH project, I don't 'feel' for the environment. You feel me? Yes I'm horrible like that. I would be a hypocrite if I called my tree-hugger. I hug cats. I hug autistic kids. I hug poor kitties. And honestly, to the group, it's really unfair of me to be like that. It's too late to back out. but I'm really trying my best to contribute as much as I possibly could. Guess my 1st step is to avoid myself from spacing-out from time to time during meetings while taking down minutes. Go CLO-WIE!!!

On another note, I'm trying to get as many stamps from Starbucks as possible because I want their daily planner. WOOTS! 5 more to go! oh yeah, and one more peppermint mocha. i don't like mocha one bit. makes me wanna vomit. And I discovered that the cheapest drink is Iced Americano. Translation to English: Kopi-O. RM7.90 but since I bought the tumbler I get RM2 off. Which makes coffee RM5.80 after tax and whatnot they charge.

Bought a TVB drama and 3 movies-(500 days of Summer, Bride Wars and some Japanese movie starring LeeHom)

I'm pretty broke and it's December. I'm open to any kind of monetary donations. My bank account number will be given to sincere donors.

To beige Guess purse or not to beige Guess purse? RM189.

Seeing polo-tees in shops reminds me of someone.
Seeing lamfung-hairstyles on guys who are around that height reminds me of another someone.
Chatted with someone on msn brought back wtf memories which kinda drains my energy from having too much unnecessary emotions,

I have not bought any bags in the past month. My last bag is the Breast Cancer one designed by Bill Keith which my aunt bought me in November. I think.

Wow. This blogpost sounds like the tag on 25 Random Things About You.
While I'm at it, I might as well changes it to Random Updated Things About Me Life! =)

Okay...let's continue:

I avoid scary movies. Which include horror, thriller AND action movies. I'm dull scary-cat like that. The scariest movie I watched was Scary Movie

I can never carry the same bag for one week.

Am TRYING to save for the over-rated iphone. IF i remember not to overspend.

I DO NOT have ADHD *ahem* weivern *ahem*

I just got back from a mini kaikai trip with dad to Empire Gallery, the Pavilion of Subang. I wanna bathe now. goodnight.