Tuesday, 31 August 2010

If You Remember

Laptop Scouting Mission (LSM) began about 3 months ago.

3 days ago, it was in between Mac and a Toshiba. Both costs approx RM3,500.

2 days ago, it was in between Toshiba and Vaio because Mac takes time to pick up, and with the crapload of assignments on my side, I have no time to learn any new stuff on the comp. It's like a UK citizen driving/living in the USA for the 1st time. So Toshiba and Vaio it is.

Yesterday, the Vaio was on RM500 discount, so the i5 processor Vaio costs RM3450 instead of the RM3999. But the funny thing is that the Sony salesboy suggested me to get a mac, instead of the Vaio at that price. So Toshiba it is.

Today, Ziquan (the PD guy) told me that a laptop with the same specs as Toshiba, the Asus can be bought at a cheaper price. After brainwashing myself to finally get a cheapo laptop, finally agreed to get an Asus .

BUT THE THING IS, Asus doesn't have pink. BUT DELL has pink! Graycee says Dell. Tham says Dell. Zharif says Dell and Mac AND TosHIGA. Now i want a tosHIGA. coz it sounds like Ryan Higa. Haha. Now I want a TosHIGA, a colourful Dell and a superchunted cheap Asus. Thanks y'all.

While scouting around for laptops, Ziquan led me to lowyat's forum and the forum so badly reminded me of the U8 forum I used to join, and so I googled SMK USJ 8 and forum. And guess what I found:

which led to a page I clearly remember posting something on:

I'm such a loser. I diagnosed myself with the Dory-Syndrome even at the age of 15. Which makes me a bigger loser. Click to enlarge.

More reasons why I belong to loserville:

...my uber lame email address: eternalflame89 @ hotmail.com


....the numerous times I got banned from using the internet during my secondary school days...

...then it reminded me of the time I attempted tried so hard to stand up for my friend who was accused of the murder of the australian dad. I think the administrator, Jin's bro, Clement deleted that post.

I was 15. I didn't know any better.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mii and Euu

It's either I'm getting old, or the patience towards understanding teenagers is wearing off.

We used to spell words to make it short and easy or so that we can squeeze the whole message into a text message and save money from sending one instead of two. For example, we used to spell you as 'u' because logically, that's how you pronounce it.
And 'because' is spelled as 'cause', 'coz' or 'cz' coz that's how the cookie crumbles.

How is spelling 'me' as 'mii' or 'you' as 'euu' goina help you save money in this economic state? In each text, one is only limited to 160 characters per text.


Sunday, 22 August 2010

THE Question

is to buy or not to buy this:

It's designed and sold by my favourite YouTubers/Directors OF ALL TIME!!!

...usd =(

usd24.00 x 3.5 = RM84.00

for a white t-shirt.
not including shipping rates: http://areyouaniceguy.com/pages/shipping-1

then againnnn..... *nudgenudge*
my birthday is VERY soon =DDD


Being Ill Treated

I'm just saying. Neither am I complaining. The weekends was supposed to be spent doing research, but apparently upon completing ONE assignment ON PAPER BELUM TYPE SUMMORE, this girl here had some mild fever.

...and a lil cough.
...and lost her voice.

should I dread the coming assignments that I've yet to touch?

So much to do. So many sites to visit. So many videos to watch. So many books to read. So much research to be done.

Dizzie ran out again. until i screamed and shouted at the top of my lungs expecting the worst that could happen to her. Then I heard a rattle at the gate.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Thanks, Guys

for being there for me.

as of now, we'll cross the bridge as we get to it, aight? =)

They Killed The Morning

Who on earth wakes up being all perky at 7.45 in the morning of a Monday?

To the girls sitting in front of me, I apologize for eaves dropping about what that guy did and which part he held and what he did to some girl. You tried your best to relate that secret to your friend, but unfortunately, the lecture hall was a tad too empty, which enables your whispering, giggling, gasping and gawking activities even more audible.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Have you heard of the frog in the boiling pot? The frog's body temperature will go higher as the water in the boiling pot increases. Its body will adapt the surroundings and eventually boil itself to death.

Perhaps I've not been myself. I noticed that my attitude is like the above mentioned.
It's just the beginning of the 3rd week, and I'm beginning to be sick.

Here's an excerpt from a convo I typed out to a friend:
-=chloe=- says:
*i really dont wanna mingle around
*i wanna be on my own and clear my head abit
*unfortunately new friends will help 'survive' the new campus
*i mean u know right, loners are pretty pathetic people
*and then they are like social outcasts

*it's like i wanna stick to old friends
*like you guys
*and those from segi
*but i have to make new friends
*and i dont wanna go through that whole process of being careful of what i say, eat and do
*it's tiring.
*i hate small talk

I'm sorry I can't adapt to changes. I despise changes. I don't know who I can trust anymore. I don't know why I can't take it. Perhaps the comfort zone has been too comfy for my own benefit.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Butt Of All Jokes

There is nothing worse than walking around with a HUGE-ASS split on your pants.
*nudge, see what i did there? hehee, cheesy puns*

My third this year. Obviously shows how much my arse has grown. Double facepalm. Throw in an extra two buttpalms in, for each cheek.

I want to be able to live this quote:
"one day, we will all look back and laugh"

I dare not look at my back, obviously.

The minute I reached home, I threw the assholed pants in the dustbin. I never wanna see it again.

It was about 24 hours ago when it happened. I cried at first, then I laughed a few times, then I felt superhugeass embarassed, then I couldn't be arsed. I guess telling more people who did not get to witness my bum LIVE on-air makes me feel better =/

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Should Be Standing

at the lift of Block C right now.

Coz that's where I saw you exactly a week ago.

I know you wanted to say hi =)

People from China Have Funny Accents.

No hard feelings, okie, China people.
(skali they all ask diorang's ahli komunis to hunt me down for ketawa-ing at them >.<)

Malaysians will say 'ni hao ma, wo shi Chloe' (it means how are you, I'm Chloe)
Thumbs up to me for being to poke fun of a language I hardly understand =D

But people from China (might) say
"nee haor mar~? Worr shirr Chrolwee/KeLoWi(or goodness knows how my name is being distorted )"
(it means how are you, I'm Chloe, but read it while rolling your tongue, but not in an Indian manner, make sure both sides of your tongue touches the top pallet of the mouth).

They tend to roll their tongue a lot and are more dramatic in their pronunciation as if they're in a heated debate while eating dinner.


I said "nihao" with a HUGE-ASS GRIN stretching my cheeks from one end of the face to the other. If my cheeks were chubbier, it might stretch even more. Probably they would go round my head and tie a knot to my hair. wth.

I bumped into dad and his clients who were Made In China.



Am making it a huge deal because I normally make fun of their accent. And today, there I was SPEAKING TO THEM IN PERSON!!! The people I make fun of! Right there in front of me!

It's like I shook hands with the butt of my jokes >.<
I'm sorry. A little.

Monday, 9 August 2010

That Dude.

Why is it so that whenever I accidentally/intentionally forget you, you turn up in front of me? And why is it such that you turn up in front of me when I'm in a situation whereby no conversations can be held? And why is it such that when a conversation can be held, I'm not at my best?

If this goes on any longer, I'll forget how you look, let alone have enough time to ask you for your name and (at least) the course you're in. Glad to see you around nonetheless =)


Global Societies just ended an hour and a half ago. Spent the first 10 minutes watching the lecturer connect the laptop to the projecter, intercom the IT people, and watch the next 15 watching the IT people do whatever the lecturer tried doing. Then the last 15 minutes was spent shifting from one lecture theatre to another(about a 5 second walk away) and getting the 'kids' to settle down.

I DO NOT want to mention the sad fact that I left my phone at home, borrowed this girl's phone to text Marcus and lent me his until mum came over to pass me mine. It's so traumatizing, I tell you. Especially when you're in a new campus with minimal friends. Note: anti-social mode is currently on.

While waiting, I was tortured by the conversation the girls behind me had. You are drunk and you kissed a random guy at the club. It sounds like you're enjoying it more than you regret to me. Haha. Girls sitting behind me, glad you had fun last night. =)

Aaanyway, next lecture at 1pm. Goina have lunch with the SEGiSubang people. Bye!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dory Syndrome

kicked in a few seconds ago. I forgot what's the name of the the disease whereby people forget things easily.

What is it called?