Saturday, 23 February 2008

A Baby that Blinds

Media Studies Class-Topic: News
Assignment: Create an 8pm news
Final Production: We got too carried away with our news until it became a whole drama.

Daymn. Now we have to follow-up on our 'news' which isnt really news.

Wei Vern (in red) directing the camera angle while I create the story. Of course the rest of the team brain stormed too. Keith the cameraman.

Jasvin posing for the camera.
Look at Keith caressing the baby.
That was my first time being so close to a REAL LIVE SUPERHAWT CAMERA with a SUPERHAWT BODY THAT REPORTERS USE so I asked Keith to take a picture of me holding it =)
It wasn't the lightest thing on earth but it felt so good holding the body of the camera close to my chest and onto my shoulders =P

Yours Truly
Can you see the body? Can you just feel it? Can you see the beautiful sleek lens? And the mike?
Can you see the red button which you push and it turns on?
Ahh~ Camera, one day you'll be mine.
We did some kinda ghost story thing. Jas was the ghost. She freaked herself out by being the ghost. The college isn't that dark, I just use the wrong setting. I didn't want to use flash that's why. I don't like flash.
Chloe, going to call the Ghost Busters Team and slot them in to check if there are any ghosts on the 6th floor or not do some follow up on her news she created.

Monday, 18 February 2008

KD Blue Balloons!

It started like any normal day...
I went for Photo Studio & Lighting class...
My first class since two weeks ago.
Anyway, we were in class suddenly this Roslan lect came in with an announcement. Class from 1pm-7pm cancelled.
But the thing is I had no class from 1pm o_____O

Today is the grand opening(G.O.) for SEGi Kota Damansara. It was compulsory for every SEGi student to go to KD and greet the Prime Minister and be there for the G.O.

Shuttle busses were provided for free but the guys wanted to drive there themselves so that we could leave early.
So off we went to KD... Sylvia, Nick, Chris and Jion in Marcus's Iswara while WeiVern, GG and I went into Nik's Kembara.

SEGi Kota Damansara's main gate. Pic taken from Nik's car as we were leaving.

We were given free SEGi tees, free ahem, bottled SeaMasterAirPaip... AND...




Everyone fought for their balloon... I got one =D

While some prefer to give them to the green creatures out there...

...others attempted to get a job at Disneyland.

We reached there at 2pm because the PM was supposedly to arrive at 3.30pm but there was no sign of him at 4.30pm. The rest got bored so we decided to go back.

Don't tell Nick I posted this here. He'll burn my camera. He said so.

I tried taking a picture of the SEGi Subang(in dark blue) walking in between the SEGi KD (in orange) because the whole place was taken over by orange people. But this random guy beria-ria wanna masuk my pic so I asked him to pose and tadaa~ He's here.
Wasted no fireworks =/ Nothing is complete without fireworks.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sorry For The Delay... my title for today... was Jin's 18th birthday...
...on the 15th of FebruaRAY...
...Pam, Lala and I F.F.Kay-ed...
...but not on the LAST minayt...
...we then got a cake...
...and wanted to make the boy's day...
...manatau we didnt give out instructions properlay...
...but the boy was still happay...
...because I say so.

Just look at THE Adrian driving. Pam turned round panicking "Clo, I just know it! He's thinking of knocking into the front car! I JUST KNOW IT!!! Look at his face! We're all gonna dieee!!!!"
Sorry I exaggerated. Pam turned round just to be in the picture. That's all =P

At Jin's house. Making a birthday wish.

Blowing out the flames Adrian set on the cake. *applauds*

Group pic taken by yours truly.
The boy who ahem...looks like he's peeing on a tall tree is Jin's younger bro. Brandon.(correct spelling?)

The few of us left-in Subang: (From left)Lion dance troop Brendon, Yours truly, Pam, Adrian, KC, Jin and Chong.
I didn't meng-atashichloe-kan the pictures so that you people can steal take them. =)

Ahh~ it's been a long time since all of us got together.
More trivias on Pam's Feb15 post.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Project Run-A-Way, Puchong

My cousin's family just shifted to Lake Edge, Puchong. It's a dunno-wad-you-call-it community.
No gate or fence in the whole area. But there are guards guarding the place.

See the stream flowing behind the houses? Imagine sitting by the banks dipping your toes into the cold water on an evening watvhing the sun set in front of your eyes in your very own backyard... Ahh~ Nice =)

The infinity pool that 'joins and flows' to the lake.

So since my cousins(that stays at Lake Edge) wasn't free, my other cousins and I decided to take a stroll at the park which was quite nice.

Tiffany, my cousin, my camwhorekaki amd yours truly on the green batu thingy in the park facing the west =)

So we were bored... and just so happen there wan this mini runway on the slide thingy so the cousins decided to pose for the camera =)

(From left to right)
Abel:What am I to do with my poser sisters?
Christine, Tiffany and the little one, Magdalene.

So they posed and posed and posed....

And got stuck to it.
So that is what I did during CNY 08. Apart from stuffing my stomach with..erh, food.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

At the Studio:

Ok... A recap on what happened last week...
Classes...More classes...
Oh ya, Nikolas booked the photo studio for our assignments.
Used his camera because he's the only one in the two groups that has an SLR.

I couldnt use my digi cam because my camera doesn't support the wireless flash thing.
Since we didnt use my digicam for assignments, I used it for journal purposes instead.
Pics, one again are blur because I couldn't use the flash in the studio because it will affect the censor(a thingy that reads the power of the flash)
and at the same time, they were all moving about.

People at work: Using the flash meter to check the flash.
Nik in brown, adjusting the flash. Wei Vern in red giving out instructions, Marcus in white, holding the censor. See the camera there? I'm the cameralady =)
That's my spot where I look through the lens and click!

People behind the scenes: (from left to right) GG, Sylvia(yes, Sylvia from SMK USJ 8), Nicholas in red, blocking Chris in black, Nik, and Jion.
Athira and yours truly aren't in the pics.
Ahh, sod it. faces aren't clear anyway.

NIK, if you are reading this, just shove your butt into the logi yourself. Then tell me about it before u ajak me, ok? No such thing as ladies first wan. Gentlemen must try out stuff n c if it suits the ladies.
Chloe, waiting for Nik to dive in the logi.