Saturday, 17 June 2006

Another unfinished post

Currently at the cyber cafe. Stupid spacebar thingy isn't working.

I'm lazy to update my blog now because I just found something that caught my attention. The reviews for La Femme Desperado is out so I'll be wasting my blogging time reading it.

Mum's blasting me tru my hp sapekers. Buhbye

Monday, 12 June 2006

An Update

I've made up my mind to not to finish up the post before this.

Today is the day which marks the day of my freedom-again. Haha!

Penyerahan tugas thingy was held today. I must admit that the form 4's performances were absolutely fantastic. They sang Nothing At All(by Ronan Keating) with Adrian, Timothy and Kevin playing the guitar in the background. So cool, so much better than us form fives screwing up the performance by standing at the wrong place, having stiff bodies, and bore the poor invited guests who were longing for us to get off the stage to death. Didn't join the other prefects for the jamuan at the canteen because I don't like the atmosphere where there are so many strangers.
No, Jin, am not turning into a Christopher from the book you gave me. I just don't like places where there are people I'm unfamiliar with(not don't know). In other words, I don't like socializing.
Heck, what's the point going up to someone, say 'hi', exchange e-mail addresses, being close friends, and add another birthday present to buy on my unending list.

It's a little late, but the students and teachers will be celebrating TEACHER'S DAY tomorrow. Talk about the one month delay. Can't wait to see the look on Chong and KC's faces when they have to play in some kinda telematch I signed up for them.

Wong's back from Ireland. Sneaking into the grounds of U8 tomorrow.
Angela's still running around in the United Kingdom. Miss you laa... I wrote you a comment in your blog -telling you here just in case you happen to stumble upon this page.

A very short post today, but heck, at least I updated you people...

Chloe, rolling off the chair comando style after hearing mum unlocking the door.

Friday, 9 June 2006

An unfinished post

HAHA, finally, the Chloe has returned...

...from a makan-non-stop trip... need I elaborate more?

I was showing my cancer-stricken grandmother some new clothes I bought when she suddenly told me 'wa ai tui choo liao'. Translation: 'I'll be going home'. I was speechless that moment and pretended that she didn't say anything and continued explaining to her why my black blouse is very nice and isn't too much on the sequins nor was it gawdy. She may get mixed up between reality and in her dreams, but for an ill lady who is 83 years old, she still knows how to nag on me not studying.

P/S: Will return soon with a finished post.

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Ignore me

i feel so hurt. i didn't do anything wrong and i was wrongly accused of something 'i did'.

i'm contemplating suicide.

i hate stresses, and it's building up to a level where i feel i can leave the surface of the earth any moment.

i have a lump in my throat.

my eyes are welled up with bitter tears. i know, because i tasted it.

my hands and feet are getting cold, numb and are stiffing up.

mummy? where's the dettol? don't take the knife away from me.

i can't take it any longer.

you people would be better off without me.

if i don't 'go', don't visit me at tanjung rambutan. i dont wanna see anyone. at all

GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JUST... just leave me, and my life alone, ok?