Saturday, 31 May 2008

It's Like Living in the Past

Ahh~ I am now one week older and one week smarter.

The beginning of Sem 3 started last week. Saw a few of the U8 juniors.
Didnt know that Pengajian Malaysia is EXACTLY like sejarah ie: Malayan Union, and some other Perjanjian crap.
The only diffrence- Malaysian Studies/Pengajian Malaysia SOUNDS better than History or Sejarah.

Puhlease lah Ministry of Education. if you think 5 years of sejarah isn't enough, you should let the kids start in Standard 1 -.-
there you can get 'your children' to imprint sejarah into their minds at that tender age, isn't it better than having a bunch of 18 or 19 year olds failing this paper?
If you love sejarah so much, I suggest you go and live in the past and don't think ahead.

Ohya, sorry for not updating for more than a week. Haven't been in the mood to come online. Sorta got bored of everything electronic.

-Miraculously survived 20 hours without my hp.
-Kept on flipping channels on the tv until I decided that the only channel I could settle down with is when the idiot box's screen turns black. ( I'm sorry my dear tv, but

Got bored of everything. Literally. Even books.
So I ended up reading...
(aiyok, damn potong, dunno blogger kenot upload pics)

I feel so damn ancient, kay?

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Gimme Colours,People! I Need Options!

I, Chloe, would like to suggest to the administrators of to add more colours to:

The arrow marks the spot.
I don't know what is it called so the picture is there to show you. Why do you need to add more colours? You're askin me why?!
because we're runnin outta colours, people!

Can't you see how critical is it?! Are these all the 70 colours you can give us? Puhlease...
There are even squillions of shades for mauve itself. Not to forget, black and white aren't REAL colours.
Even I know!
*rolls eyes*

Extra! Extra!!

Everybody... may have your attention please...
Thank you.
I would like all of you to... my new crush...

Also known as...

...The Princess Hours Guy
Lee Yul
Why I tiba-tiba tergiller-gillerkan him? Actually, I giller for quite some time lor. It's just that I was bored so I watched the Princess Hours theme song's music video so that's how I terrememberedkan him.
So, being an unselfish person, I decided to share him with you =)
See, I'm so nice =D

Monday, 19 May 2008

A Thought

Sometimes I really wonder...
...where the hell my bloody guts went to.


The weather is sooo hot, I wish the sun were that cute, at least it wouldn't shine so too much of it's UVs and whatnot that produces heat. Bah~

Nevermind about the sun, the air is still too.
Everytime I bathe, I imagine the heat menyejatkan the little droplets of water from my shower as it comes out even before it reaches my body.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah~!!!! Super hot!!!
Wind arrr where are youuuuuuuuuuu????
Blow abit laaaa~
See? Even the plants aren't moving. It's like dead, tau?

Eeee!!! gerammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Climbing Into Another Day in Life

Went rock climbing at Summit with Pei Yan. Pris couldn't make it because she was being a driver for some small kids.

Met Chee Foo, Siew Chuen and Chor Hang there.
Bah, long story on how Pyan and I killed time at d game shop Chor Hang worked at, how I climbed rocks, how I climbed HALFWAY then lost control after looking down, how Chee Foo brought the whole gang(Kung Seng, Peng Lim and Sheng Tuck) to laugh at me while I was up there, how Pei Yan and I went to Starbucks, Taipan and had a superb refreshing mango-passionfruit-ice-blended-somehting.

Tummy ache, fingers still shivering. I hate the smell of rock climbing rope. YUCK!!

Thursday, 15 May 2008


Those of you who have been to my house knows that I have fishies at home. I heart my fishies because they are sooooo tiny. About
Kay, that's not the reason why I sayang my fishies, but I just do.

But as you know, in every family, there's always a CNN 'pat kua por' and a black sheep. For the fishies' case, I have group of black sheeps. Not that I memang dont like them, i really do. It's just that... They commited suicide! Not one, but MANY of the SAME SPECIES!

It's like they promise to meet in the fish afterlife or something. Let me tell you how I found these orange species. They are half the size of your thumb, in case you were wondering.

Fish1: Body found on the floor.

Fish 2: Found dead, stuck to the side of my metal box. Paid mum 10 bucks to remove it.

Fish3: Discovered body on piles of paper in front of fish tank. Body decomposed and left with bones when found.

Fish4: Found dead on the floor after my trip to Thailand, about 3 feet away from fish tank.

Fish 5: Allowed me to step on its body and slide it’s scales all over the floor. Committed hara-kiri by allowing me to scream out of geli-ness and jump all over on one leg. Til this day I still can feel it on my left sole.

Two more of its species are still in the tank. It is predicted that these two fish will not die of old age but when will it perform hara-kiri/jihad, no one knows…

The ways have been cleared so that the fish can jump out at an open space instead of cramming in between important papers and causing the papers to have a brown patch on it.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Sometimes... make me wonder...
...if you actually notice me...
...maybe you do...
...but not in that way...

...i wanna gather courage...
...and talk to you...
...i just lose them to cowardity...

...i wonder if you are even worth my time...
...worth my space...
...worth my attention...
...worth my smile...
...worth me.

Muka Buku oh Muka Buku

One reason why I'm Facebook illiterate. So many things~ @.@
Click to enlarge the picture, then see the 'other request'.
Not to mention I deleted a few hundred a few weeks ago =/

Of Inks, Cafes and Revenge

Title inspired by 'Of Bunga Telur ans Bally Shoes'
In case you people have short term memory, it's the title for one of the short stories in our Form 1 English literature book. REMEMBER?

In college... on a holiday... Thanks to the INKLESS PRINTER, I came all the way to print out some stuff for my mum.

That aside, went out for drinks with Chong, Jin and KC on Saturday night. Adrian couldn't come because his dad didn't let or something.Went round and round and round Asia Cafe for almost an hour and still we could not find a parking space.
So, Chong suggested we go Pyramid. Wanted to ajak Pam along too, but Jin said that she's got work the next day.
Headed to Friendster cafe. I could have sworn I remember swearing never to enter Friendster Cafe because of the copycat name. Guess I momentarily forgot =/

Remember I said that when I find that person online I'll make that person's life a living hell?
Now would you applaud for me because....
I found that person!!!!!
Yippieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Revenge is mine!!! ALL MINE!!!!!
Cackles into the sky with arms lifted high up into the air. Muahahahaha hahahha ahahahahhahaaa!!!!!
*thunder strikes and lightning lights up the whole sky*
Kneels down to the ground and continue laughing as if I won lottery.
but there's one teensey thing...
*thunders stop and clouds clear. Pops a strepsil in mouth*
How to take revenge ar? Scratch the fella's car ar? Or step on the fella's toes with my heels? If like that then I got to buy heels lor... But must practise walking in heels first lor...

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mother's Day

Today is Mothers' Day.

Didn't get anything for mum, neither did dad and I bring her to a super high class hotel.

Instead, we just had Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo at Kelana Jaya.

Sometimes it makes me wonder why greeting mum a mere Happy Mother's Day on Mothers' Day sounds pretty cheesy.

So, I didnt wish mum. But I did make it know to her that I was aware of Mothers' day. I just... didn't make it into such a big deal. But I'll make sure that I'll make it up to her on her birthday =)

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Remember I said that you'll be seeing lots of me?

Guess you won't anymore. I've bought a TVB series called D.I.E. starring Roger Kwok and Sonija Kwok. Sorrie, no picture...

going bye =)

Shout box spammed


After I hilanged diri for a few days, this is how people greet me.

Check my chat box out. YER... how come the chat box didnt menstarstarkan the words, instead they menstarstarkan pyan's 'bitch' word.

Ish, geram.
Who.t.f. is that?

Monday, 5 May 2008


A convo between me and Marc. The things bored people say...

Boring stuff aside, let's get down to business:
You know, a compliment by anyone in the morning can really make your day =)
-end of serious business-
*bangs head on wall*


I am on my sem break.

Why don't I sound happy?

Remember when I said that I wanted to be bored?
I take that back.
Darn. Today is just the first day of hols and I'm already complaining.

Today will be my first time cooking in TWO WHOLE YEARS!
Wish me luck.
Let me show you what's on the menu...
Fried eggs
Fried vege.
What? It's a good start okay... Judging by the fact that I haven't touched the wok since forever.

Guess you'll be seeing A WHOLE LOT of me now =)
Isn't that a good thing? Now sit down, relax, have a nice cuppa coffee or tea if you don't take caffein and watch me get bored.
If you're lucky, you might be able to catch me live stoning in front of the comp =)

Who said people wathing isn't fun. I just brought FUN up to a whole new level =)

Who's up for popcorns?

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Api Kerja XD


Pretty or not pretty or nottttt?????

I mean the picture!!!

So from now onwards when you come here, you'll be greeted by pretty fireworks =)

Took that picture last year when I went with Chia Yi to watch the Japan fireworks in Putrajaya. I think it fits my blog really well. Japanese fireworks that goes with a Japanese named blog =DDD

Why I gave my blog a Japanese name, I have no freakin idea. Perhaps I was inspired by Pride, the drama series starring Takuya Kimura.
And I am no where near liking anime, manga, or neither do I listen to Japanese music. The closest I've been to Japanese music was when Jin sent Hyde or one of the Lufkin sisters' songs. Or was it Hikki. Can't remember.

Ohya, Syl had Devil May Cry's OST in the comp lab. At least I think it is Devil May Cry because I always hear her talking about it.

Yes I do eat Japanese food.
No, I am no Japanese lala style dresser.
Yes, I do like the Tokyo night lights but Japan isn't my first choice (or 2nd for that matter) to go.

AND I disliked Japan until someyear in secondary school. Why? Because they(or their ancestors) were super cruel and they tortured my grand dad.
Then I decided that I should not dislike them because they have nothing to do with me.

Bah, grandfather stories. Bottomline is that I have no idea how I came up with this topic.

OHYA, my fireworks picture =)

Sod it. So now each time you click on, you'll have pretty Japanese fireworks greeting you =DDD

*rubs chin*

I think I mentioned it before... hmm... the forth line of this post.


dsfcv jhsdbvfhdf
ndsbfjhrbf vrekjfhe what I'm feeling right now...

1)Colourful =)

2)Ugly =(


4)Bloated =/




Basically I'm one confused girl at the moment.
I need to dye my hair.
I need retail therapy. Not just any retail therapy. I just need my buying-bag(s)-ban lifted.
I need to work out. Haven't been hitting the gym for about a week now.
I need to have something to do.
I want to be wanted =(
I don't want any lies from people, especially people close to me. Seriously, I don't need it. Bitch, I may not have any contact of yours at the moment, but mark my words, once I find you, online or not, I'll make sure I'll make you life a living hell.

I need to not want alot of stuff and I don't want to need alot of stuff either.

Disclaimer: I'm no bitch. Those who know me know that I'm not. But those who bite me will be eaten.

To whom it may concern: Step on my tail and wreck my life, and that's the end of yours.


No la, not emo post oso...

Rude Ice Clown

Ice Clown and Jion are back in their hometowns.

That day after dinner at SS2, Clowns came over to watch Project Runway. Well just so happen it was on la, so I simply write the reason here. Hahaa...

Anyway here's a convo that happened:
Mum: Do you want any drinks? We've run out of sweet drinks...Is water ok for you?

ClownS(in unison): No thank you, aunty. We're very full.

IceClown: BORING

Mum: Huh? No drinks for you?

Ice Clown: Hot like hell, man.

*burst of laughter*

Then I told my mum that Ice Clown was actually on the phone apparently talking to Nik. Nik, u definitely called at the RIGHT time. Mum laughed along too, she thought that Ice Clown was being rude.

FYi, Ice Cream=Ice Clown=Nic


Last week CJ&, Marc and I were in an empty room, helping CJ to stick her photos when Marc came in with a plastic bag of other people's unfinished work.

CJ and I were fuming because in less than an hour's time was the deadline and there he walks in with OTHER PEOPLE'S UNFINISHED work. Who wouldn't be mad lor?

After helping Marc helping our classmate to do the unfinished work, we had to staple the pages together. None of us had a stapler.

Marc:So how? Get stapler from who worrr? Where to find stapler?
Clo: Go get it from <> lorr... Then when he asks wad for den u just reply to STAPLE somebody's work LORRR~
That way, he'll know WHO HANTAR the work late.

I repeated myself because no one gave any response.

CJ7: No nid say aredi. No nid to repeat urself.

I was still looking down at the work oblivious to the surroundings
Still no proper answer from them. At that point of time, I would appreciate it if one of them agreed with me lor.
I repeated myself...Again...

CJ7 said the same thing in a louder tone.

I looked up...

OOPZ~ Lecturer was standing right beside CJ IN THE ROOM TOO.

Damn. At that time, i really felt like a bitch, but at the same time, they didn't finish their work. I'm not blaming one, I'm blaming the other person who went M.I.A.

"Why should we care about ***'s work when she herself doesn't care?"

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Hello New Pink Template =)

I was so free so I decided to change the layout of my blog...

...manatau my cbox hilang =(

How to get it back?

Old look
Anyway, the colour is brighter, right?

Heck, a rose by any other name will smell as sweet =)
In this case, a blog by any other colour will look as great.
As long as it's pink la, that is.

*sits at a corner and wails*

Fortune Telling Defenses

Was reading through blogs that I haven't been reading for the past week, my, what a load I have to catch up with =)

Just read Pam's blog titled Memoria:Yesterday.Today.Tomorrow
Click on the link. It's about some sweet thing her lil bro did.
Seriously Pam, he's such a sweet thoughtful lil thing =)
You can stop reading there or if you want to continue scrolling down, you can, I'm not stopping you.
She predictssees the future. She sees my future. She sees /saw our futures.

*crosses fingers*
Especially the Lam Fung part XD
AND the mini Lam Fungs =D

I'm not greedy...that's all I ask for...

I have something to declare. I'm risking my private life by blogging online because anyone who has an internet connection can come online and perhaps stumble upon my blog and read them. So just so you know, I am pretty superficial here, so if I have accidentally offended/ will be accidentally offending or defamed anyone, I apologize.

But whatever it is, my defenses are:
-What I said is true,
-I was providing information,
-I was expressing an opinion,
-I was taken out of context,
-It was correct at that time,
-I was misunderstood.

Migosh! Too much of studying journalism ethics and defamationO.o
But the bottom two was created by me la =)

I Feel So Light and Burdenless I Can't think of a damn title for this post =D

No words can express my happiness =DDD


Nooo... not my love for Lam Fung...

Hantared the last bit of assignments today.



Regarding my previous post, I have a disclaimer. I don't normally criticize people on my blog because I think people who bitch about other people on their blogs are sad people who doesn't have the courage to stand up for themselves in real life.

Bitching online is one of the weakest things to do, yet some people still do it.

So there. Nuff said.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying that I'm sad or whatever, but my defences are:
I'm sharing with you my college experiences and the silly people around me