Sunday, 28 February 2010

As You Know,

my addiction to cycling has grown to the extent that my family even suggested to go for a cycling trip at Putrajaya.

Something so rare. So unusual from the normal kaikai trips they normally organize.

Here's most of them. Christine didn't join us.

And so, at the beginning of the journey, I drank Milo because Milo rhymes with Hilo and that's the part of Hawaii Ryan Higa came from. to get energy.
And the fact that I drank it from a Revive cup, it should give me more energy.

We reached Taman Botani only to find out that there was only 5 bicycles left for rental from their miniature collection of 20 bikes. And there were 11 of us. And neither anyone of us wanted to sacrifice our day to become bench warmers. And my younger cuzzies would definitely be given the priority. I. Was.Nearly.Shocked.To.Tears.

Then the Taman Botani girl asked us to go to Taman Wetlands instead. And TADAA~ there were SO MANY BIKES!

And so the 2 hour journey began.
Leah and Abel

Tiff knocked down a dustbin. Hahaa.

Tiff being a princess, wiping her sweat.

The best part of cycling outdoors is the part where you sweat like a pig. Charmak took a picture of my uh, sweat, but I'm too shy to show you. Just kidding! But seriously.

But here's a picture of Charmak imitating Tiff wiping sweat instead:

After an hour plus of cycling uphill and down hill, but mostly uphill, we settled down at a pavilion for a picnic. And watched flamingos.Oh wow.

And the whole family was so excited to see flamingos. Naturally, I have to admit, I'm not a nature lover. I despise moths, spiders, worms, or anything that has green guts staining whatever greenguttedinsectthingy you squish. Other animals or insects that do not have green stuff for guts are okay. Not all. But some.

Aunt: TAKE A PICTURE of the flamingos!
Me: For what?

Not that the flamingos have green guts. It's just like, why would I wanna flood my camera album with flamingos when I'm saving memory for other green gutted animal?
Just saying.
Flamingos DO NOT have green guts.

Aaanyways, here's the food:
Cake, cheetarts and frozen mandarin. No one bothered to wake up at 3am to cook nasilemak or make sandwiches or scones or make tea savour at the picnic. So there. Desserts is all we had. I made those cheese tarts! Actually I just mixed them. Didnt need an oven. WV texted me the receipe.

And finally here is a picture of the three out of the 5 cuzzies who went. Camwhore 'tul.
Leah, Charmak, Tiffany

P/S: EVER SINCE Pam introduced me to Kevjumba, I've been glued to youtube watching him, nigahiga, happyslip and random youtube vids. And more of nigahiga. And a lil bit more of him. And then nigahiga again.

Honestly, I need a life.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Ahh... who would ever hate the outcome of one.

I dislike cooking.
It's not that I'm bad at it.

It's don't like my face.

However instant noodles is an exception =)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


LOVE this guy.

Had to pause the video to laugh.

And this

go youtube yourself lah.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Pam Came Out From

goodness knows where and decided to share Kevin with me. Thanks, Pam!

This guy's so funny!
Kay, maybe not THAT funny like Russell Peters, but he's cute. Cute guys get away with anything. Pretty girls get away with anything as well. Face it, the world's a bitter place.

Here's one of Kevin's many videos. I find this hilarious. Like, he made a whole 2 minute video on his zit on the elbow!

Here's the convo Pam and I had. It all started when she gave me the link to one of his vids. Unnecessary LOL-s, HAHAs and girly giggles are removed. Names of certain people mentioned throughout the convo are removed to protect our own privacy, as well as the face of those we spoke of to avoid any perasanness of any perasan human being. However, Tracy's name shall remain. =DDD

kev is funnylycute
he'sss supaaaaa dupa cute
why do guys who went or stay or from overseas are more cuter/handsome/etc wan ar?
and my other cousins
bahlike wth lo
maybe is the air they breath
got influence the genetic face structure watsoever
tracy also
become prettier

my cuzzie went aussie to study and came back, POW damn effing gdllooking
i was like stuttering when talking to him
ya tracy become like super slim etc chick
hey lets go outstation and came back , POW

u can wad
u going to france

2 weeks je la
=(u pretend it's for forever lo
then go there suck in all the air

ok i keep the air in containers
bring u some k
pat some on ur facial cotton
and swap over ur face everymorning and nightplease and tq!
i give u a 1.5l bottle
bring back their water as well
their soil and all
rub over ur face
natural scrubthis convo will so go on my blog

p/s ice, u so must watch this:

you guys might wanna click on this guy as well. he's awesome!

Never Got Over

the fact that I eat when I'm stressed.

And today, now, at this very moment, it is proven to be correct.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Left Handed Toons

Parking Tickets

WV gave me a parking chip that day!
RARE! I mean the chip. not the fact that she gave me something. She always gives me cool stuff =)
As well as a WHOLE STACK of parking tickets!

Which I can now add to my collection of

other upsidedown parking tickets!!!

I have no idea why the picture is upsidedown.

For better view, tilt your head 180 degrees to the left or to the right, whichever is more comfy for you. If you are wearing a neck-gear due to some accidents your neck succumbed to, just turn your screen upside down.

Some of you may think what's the use of parking tickets, but I treasure them alot mainly because how often are you able to get your car out of a carpark without having to return the ticket to a grumpy looking ticket lady? Even if you wanna keep the ticket, you'll need to pay a hefty fine.
If you still don't appreciate them, please pass them to me. Put a ribbon on them as my birthday present also no problem =)

Friday, 19 February 2010


You can skip this post because it is not entirely intended to entertain you.

I don't celebrate Chinese New Year. Neither does my family. They will pounce at every opportunity to cook, to eat and to gather. The CNY period this year is no exception.
So anyway, on the eve, I gave my grandaunts a call to wish them. 6 Yee, 7 Yee and 8 Yee. My late gramma is the 5th. Talking to them made me tear. They reminded me very much about my gramma. The way they talked, their voices. My pixelated image of them in my mind came back sharp. Sharper than I thought. Their voices, the smell of their house. I could almost see the train tracks nature unfairly throws on their face. Now I see that I've got aunts all over the world providing endless love (and stuff) for me. My mum's siblings whom I see everyday, my mum's besties from UK who looked after me since age zero and till now still buys me stuff every year and my gramma's sisters who has been so hospitable whenever I stayed over at their houses.

Perhaps looking through people's facebook pictures isn't a good idea. Especially those who go back to Penang.

Here's a picture of my little worm =)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The R-Word

Something I never knew of:

I'm following Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers on Twitter. His tweets can make you laugh, or at least put a smile on your face.

So his most recent one was something about the r-word. I've heard of the F-word and the N-word la, but never the r-word. Have you?

So being a kepoh, I decided to check it out:

Oh. A Pledge page. Wow. Thanks. You keep talking about the R-word, you keep asking me to pledge to not use the r-word, but what is the r-word? What does it stand for?
What happens if it is 'roll-over', then how am I ever going to train my cat?
What happens if it's 'roticanai', how will I ever survive a mamak session?

So what do I do? I scroll the page and look for links. I scrolled up and down, searched high and low for it, alas! I found it! Yahoo! Google! Msn! Bing! After clicking on it, I saw this:

Wow. Now I know what the R-word is. Luckily it's not roticanai, aboh I die.
So curious as I was. Maybe kepoh abit, I typed this blog address. There is bound to be at least one or two r-words in it. I'm absolutely sure about it.

So I waited.

Then the results came out:

AND DAMN I WAS I SURPRISED!!! This blog got F word, but dun have R word leh. =DDD

I didn't pledge. 'coz I know someday, somehow, somewhere in my life I might accidentally use the word. Then it will be considered as breaking the pledge already. But if you do want to pledge, please do, by all means click on this
It says there if you use the r-word, you are "marginalizing and insulting millions of people with Intellectual Disabilities".

But then again, it's a word. Am I being insensitive if I call these people too sensitive?
I think it's about time for me to make people pledge not to use the p-word on me. I am not pudgy! I just a little carried away when it comes to food, that's all.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dizzie! Bath Time! Again!

Didja know we had to boil hot water in order for her to bathe?

Dizzie, all wrapped up in a towel to keep her warm after her bath.

Just gave Dizzie a hug and a rub. She smells good =)

P/S: L4D2-ed with KC, Jin, and Chong. I still suck at it. My character keep on getting stuck onto something because my fingers got numb at the 'wasd' keys from the tension of seeing zombies.
At the end of Dead Center, my character got the double whammy. Got struck by the thing that looks like 'The Thing' from Fastastic 4 and then got vomited upon by duno what that vomits green goo. Got saved numerous times. Chong had a bloody good time with the katana and I bloody enjoyed the chainsaw. Pun intended.
KC led the way and Jin saved people.

Best thing is when you see 'All the Survivors escaped' at the end.
Under normal circumstances, I would have died. Which I have done so so many times in L4D.

Reasons L4D2 is more fun compared to the 1st one:
1) More weapons, etc.
3) Brighter. Definitely.
4) I didn't die!!! Because KC set it to easy mode =D
THANK GOODNESS. Dah lah I damn slow.

Sleepy already. Nites =)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Becoming A Fan

of every page that you can relate to on Facebook is super addicting.

Some are effing HILARIOUS, like:

Others make you go "OMG! Dumb, but SO TRUE!!!":

I've copypasted them from my FB homepage, so you can click on em here and become a fan once you've signed in.

Justnow hor, I became a fan of this page:

And discovered this website:

Damn babi funny!!!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Same Difference

Jela and Daniel gave us cupcakes Daniel baked. They were awesome. Chocolatey, moist and not dry and crumbly. Mmm...

It came in a plastic bag with a HUGE heartshaped note right in front that looks like this:

It says: Dear Chloe, HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY ♥♥♥! Lots of , Daniel & Angela.

Had to quickly take this picture (was in the car) because the cupcakes were begging to be eaten.


Then later that evening I went to my gramma's house(across the road) for dinner, again. It's just like any other dinner, only with more variety of food. I won't call it a reunion, since I see my gramma, aunts and cousins, like, EVERYDAY.

You can call us dysfunctional. Abit. Normally after a CNY dinner, the adults will play gambling cards and drink and eat kacang all night, right? Then they will make loads of noise while the kids/teens/21 year olds(hehee) watch tv and die of boredom.

As for my family, the adults were watching tv and sleeping in the living room. Pictures won't be shown to protect their face privacy.
And as for us, the 3rd generation pulak played MONOPOLY'D new CARD GAME, DEAL. At the same time eatin PISTACHIOS and drinking MOCKTAILS.

I apologize for my poor photography skills.

Yeah, I was wearing black, And my cousin swept the pistachio shells from the floor.

As for angpows, we don't get any. If you know us(cuzzies and I), you'll often hear us boasting informing you what our aunts gets us throughout the whole year so a red packet of moolah from them on another day makes not much of a difference to us.

Yeay! Gym tomorrow!

Friday, 12 February 2010

That Day

WV brought Ice and I to have Ayam Penyet at Sunway. GG, Raj and Suc joined later.

Ice spotted this mummy and katten a few shops away from AP.

I found it so adorable because this katten(not a kitten, not yet a cat) is still attached to it's mum although it's pretty grown up.


And on the other day can't remember if it's WV or I who took this picture @ SEGi's 7th floor while waiting for the rest to finish their stick at the back stairs.

Ninja Entry

No gym tomorrow. Upset.
Need to hang bajus now. Not happy.
Will watch new drama. Excited.
Then play with Dizzie. Tiring.
Miss Bangkok. Literally.
Sleepy abit. Yawn abit.

Fasterrrrrrrrr............ faster blog then sleep lah!

Okay. I miss you guys. Erh, and frozenminikums(minimandarins/minitangerines) are awesome!

Kay thanks bye.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Traffic Light and Tiang

So ngam last, last Sunday Jela, Nicole and Jarrell( I duno how to spell his name) wore traffic light colours. Daniel pulak was supposed to stand at the other end but due to obvious reasons, this traffic light shall remain upside down.

Uh huh...

"I hate being a fifth former. It's all about deadlines, presentations and projects." -Chloe, 10th May 2006,


I was THAT vulnerable. If I went back in time to see that Chloe, I would have told her that it is nothing compared to college.


I am THAT vulnerable! Mass Comm is so much easier than Bio,Chem and Physics =)))


to tell you at the moment, but since Google chrome loves me and allows me to enter a blogger page, the opportunity shall be seized to update this blog.

But, I've got nothing to tell you.
So how? Leave it blank? Can also.

no point highlighting la. no hidden words white in between.

Finished watching A Chip Off The Old Block. The ending is like hanging. They didn't tie up loose ends. Based on my 10 years of TVB knowledge, they will normally make a sequel but now there is no news on this series also.
Next drama will be TVB's warehouse series: Cupid Stupid then maybe finish off Moonlight Resonance which I stopped after episode 15.

Yup, I've turned into the old TVB-drama-freak again.

Monday, 8 February 2010




I didn't subscribe to Hallmark to start off with. Howlahowlaaaa??????



I know because I received TWO more mails saying so.

And so I decided to reply Hallmark. Skali it's a fake email, I die =(((
But it's worth emailling lo. I hope. Howlahowla?
Dumb bogus fella use my email for what worrr?

I dunno what to doooo..... =(
The email cukup kick or not?

Howlaaaaaaa =((((((

Chloe dislikes this.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Blogders(= blog + readers)

Didn't pay maxis bill for 2 months so they potong my line. Thanks a bunch, MAXISBROADBAND. it's just 2 months! damn.

It's really annoying because I have the urge to go online eventhough I'm doing something that doesn't require the internet. You see, I'm used to have more than 5 windows/tabs opened at the same time, so when I was doing my work I really got pretty restless than I rather not touch the laptop at all.

And so, I discovered that there's more to life than facing the pc. I spend more time with Dizzie, doing things that interest me, and starting on my abandoned hobbies...

wtf i sound like i just came out of rehab or something.

Saw this picture on the internet. Here, it's for you =)

you know, since i can't upload pictures and all...enjoy =)

Thursday, 4 February 2010


I'm referring to Jason Mraz's posts.

Although I do have to agree that I disagree on certain things he lives to die for, but I must hand it to him, he writes well.

Yes, I do apparently have a message from Facebook. Thanks for pointing out, tqvm.

This is the post on him and Colbie winning the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals-Lucky:

"And of course big thanks to Atlantic Records & Universal for seeing eye-to-eye on a project by two artists from different families. This could have easily been a Romeo & Juliet tragedy in the beginning. And now thanks to your involvement, Colbie and I get to add Grammy Award Winning before our names."

How la, Chloe, will you ever write well? When will you learn to write properly? When will you brush up on your vocabulary? How la are you going to take your Degree in Journalism? Having the sudden urge to write properly in the wee hours of the morning shouldn't be an excuse to console yourself.

Handicapped Without the Cable

My phone cable la. Duno gone where. Got so many pictures to show you all. Now I duno how to tell you without showing you the pictures. Aiyah. I'll let Dizzie take over the comp for a while la. Goina bathe. Nites.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Currently Watching:

A Watchdog's Tale

I find this series absolutely hilarious.
Steven Ma is indeed an awesome actor. His character in this series is a kampung Ah Beng with kampung manners, into porn, rough and unrefined person. Despite all the qualities he has that none of the Disney Princes has, he is a nice guy in his own way helps his friends sekampung when they are in need.
But really lo, he's so apek. But his expressions are priceless =)

Linda Chung is a tomboy in this series which she portrays pretty well, judging by the fact that I hated her in Always Ready starring alongside Ekin Cheng.
From acting a the oh-so-sweet-i-do-nothing-wrong-everyone-loves-me YuSoTsau in Moonlight Resonance to The Gem of Life's Asian Paris Hilton, Elise, Linda indeed came out of her 'comfort zone'.

7 more episodes to go. I wanna buy Cupid Stupid. Starring both of my favourite actors-Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung. It has a very simple storyline. Cliche abit.

On another note:
Remember I told you fb connects?
Another schoolmate of my age whom I know has a daughter. Which brings the baby count(in my head) of smkusj8 to TWO.

Those who get pregnant after pre-marital sex will normally have baby girls.
Statistics[according to my own calculations based on people I know (of)]:
7 out of 8 of them are girls.
Serious. No kid.

Monday, 1 February 2010


Taylor Swift won the Album of the Year at the Grammys.

Joe Jonas must be kicking his ass real hard for ditching her, eh?


I'm watching the grammys on StarWorld and surfing the net at the same time.

Not many of my friends have Twitter. Only Grace, Nicole, Pyan, GG and the latest-JELA!
And they hardly update...

So anyway, I was a fan of AJ Rafael and his gang of friends so I followed him,
-Jesse Barerra(the guy who featured AJ in his song, She Was Mine),
-Cathy Nguyen (the girl who sang the Lucky cover with AJ),
-Albert Posis and Mark Mejia ( both guys sang She Was Mine cover),
-Katherine(Albert's gf),

and then there's
-Jason Mraz coz I think he's cool
-Colbie Caillat( she really tweets stuff like any ordinary person tweets:
"Oh my goodness. I just met -Beyonce!!! She is so beautiful and so sweet and she said I have a beautiful voice and she loves my music! : ) "
"I just met Jay Z, jennifer lopez, the fray, and india arie! Oh and fergie saw me and she knew who I was! OMG, I'm freaking out : ) " haha!
-BeauBristow, whoever he is, and I duno how to unfollow him.
-John C Meyer because i was obsessed with a few of his songs,
-Davie Henrie (the Wizards of Waverly Place guy, don't ask, I dunno what made me follow him either)
-Zee Avi , Diversity, Russell Peters, Raymond Lam Org, akiraceo,
I'm watching the Grammys,
i'm getting LIVE TWITTER UPDATES on how these people feel when they won!!

ColbieCaillat Wow, I'm at the grammys right now, and I just won my first grammy with jason mraz for lucky!!! My dad is my date tonight!