Saturday, 29 March 2008


Okieee... an update=)

Been really busy this week. As I mentioned before, my assignments have been piling up like nobody's business and I've been sleeping at around 5am for the past few nights.
Now that I've hantared the Media Law and Ethics care study, baru only I dare to do other stuff.


I booked the photo studio for Thursday at 9.30am to do our Portrait and Product photoshoot.
We allowed Nik's group to do their group's work first because he said there was only a few pictures to take, manatau his group took more than 3 hours to finish, so when it was our time to do our photoshoot, it was already 12 something and Syl's class starts at 12 so she had to leave early. Gosh you cannot imagine how pisssed Wei Vern was. Everyone under the roof kenaed like shit.
As for me, because I slept at 5.45am the night before so my mind was working abit slower than usual, kena-ed from her for not listening properly. Haha~

So anyway, these are our results:
So what do you think?

And finally, our product:

Ballerina shoes =)
Pretty eh?

I have a feeling that these will kena reject. Why? You scroll up and check the lighting la.
I was in charge of the camera. And I didn't check the lighting. Blarlihell, so how? Reshoot lor...
Kudos to WVern for the make up on Jasvin and GG. And not to forget her ballerina shoes and her legs.
Chloe, going to book the studio again for a reshoot =/

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Just came home from college.

Presented my powerpoint presentation today =D
Glad that's over. Miss gave out my marks, but she didn't want to tell me the exact result. As for now, I'm just glad I've got more than 25% out of 30% =DDDDD
My topic: Polyamory
Number of slides:12
Time:7-8 minutes
Why I'm telling you this: I don't know, I'm just proud =)

Went to Summit for lunch. Marc's friend, Jacky was there, so Jacky drove Marc's car. Went to Taipan because Jacky wanted to pay his maxis bills.

It was raining. So Marc passed him a cap to run to pay his bills while we wait in the car for him, in front of the maxis shop.
But for some reason, Jacky decided to park inside the HSBC building carpark because it was raining. So in the car went, and out we walked towards the maxis shop... without an umbrella.


"OI, you could get wet yourself but you decided to make us both go under the rain with you as well!" Marc kept shouting at Jacky.

As for me, I kept quiet =)

Wahh~ if I were to complain (not that I was) I wouldn't be walking under the rain to the maxis shop, but I'll be walking under the rain back home =/

Eating the bar of choco Lala bought me. Lala, it's almost finished. Next bar please=)

I should be studying some stupiak case due this Thursday.
I should be finishing my Media studies due tomorrow.
I should be completing my typography that is 2 days late.

ARGHHH shit ASSignments!!!
I need to sleep. How can people, lecturers who hold their mastersdegree treat me like this. How can they deprive me of my sleep?

Shaddap Clo don't complain.


Clo leaving, to continue NOT-sleeping.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Wong Tagged Me...Chong too...

The Rules
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

8) I'm turning into a nerd =(

7) I will be 19 tomorrow =) / )=

6) I love shopping, be it window shopping or just shopping, shopping. If it's window shopping, I'll still manage to find something to buy =D

5) I've developed this craving for... ahem, bags. I LOVE bags! All sorts! I belum like shoes yet. Still sticking to sport shoes, or heel that are barely heels.

4) I get bored easily, so I've got lotsa 'stuff' to do-blogging(rare thing nowadays), photography, writing poetry(also kinda rare aredi), handcraft, sleeping, watching HK drama series, fantasizing and designing my apartment/penthouse overlooking the bright lights of the city's tall buildings, sleeping to my heart's content, reading(yes, I typed correctly, don't have to rub your eyes), people watching, and drowning my thoughts with thoughts...

3) I think I've listed them all in (4)

2) said in (3)

1)Oh, one more, I'm planning my Great Escape to escape from home =D

Bleh...didn't put much thought into this. The thing is, I don't even understand myself what more to type 8 things that I don't know =/

Anyway, thanks Wong and Chong for giving me something to do to kill time =)

Tagging the 8 people the above mentioned names tagged that I know who hasn't done this tag yet.

Finally~ =)

BBQ at Wei Vern's place cancelled. Instead, we headed to some steamboat restaurant at Sunway. Reached there at 5.15pm, keluar-ed at 7.30pm.
Apparently there's 3 floors and when we left, we saw a huge crowd of people waiting at the entrance, waiting to get it, as if Maroon5 is dining there, except for the fact that there were more old and old-er people waiting instead of screaming young fans.

When we walked out, it felt like all eyes were on us. The next person in line must be thinking that they're so lucky because we've left and they will be taking our table =)

Anyway, Marc wanted to go to the loo but he didn't want to use the one at the 'restaurant' so all of us-includes CJ7, Syl, Nic, Nik and Jion temaned him to Pyramid. Went round for a little walk while CJ7 and I planned and got inspirations for our next photoshoot next week.

Haven't been updating, sorry for that.
You see, I wanna show you lots of pictures, but
1) my memory card can't be read
2)when I've finaly got the pictures, I can't log on to blogspot,
3) and when I've finally logged on to blogspot, I don't know what to write =/

So since i've logged on, I tapped a few things on =)
You're welcome =)))

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

ASSignments This Week

I should be studying.

WeiVern, Sylvia, Nic and Marc are over at my place. For what reason, apart from channel surfing and filling up the couches, I have no idea.

I should be studying. Got Media Law and Ethics test1 tomorrow.

Came to update for the sake of updating =)

Bloody busy these few days. You people can't imagine how much I hate Typography. Typography is a bloody subject that teaches you how to use Adobe Illustrator. So in future, I'll be a journalist who will be using Illustrator to write articles -.-''

I've got a case to read. So in future, I'll be a journalist who sits in a bloody lawyer's office and read bloody cases and summarize them -.-

I don't even want to talk about Media Studies. I've got TWO reports to write.

I've got to pick a topic for Presentation Skills by next week and present it the week after with Power Point. Help me think, people, think! Something with content so that I can have the important points in powerpoint. Ideas are and will be very much appreciated =)

Not to mention my test tomorrow.

Chloe, leaving and scrape the last bit of general knowledge she has left in her brain.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

I Can't Hear Yoooooooo~

Chill, Clo, chill.

Don't get too worked out by some votes.
Since when you cared about politics?
Since when you became so patriotic?
Ohya, patut la...

It DOES have an effect.

That aside, veterans ChoongTanFook-LeeWanWah lost to some young Korean pair. sheesh.
Leechongwei lost to China's Chenjin.

You know, seriously, I don't have anything against DAP, except for the fact that they merge with Keadilan which is super racist. I'm still wondering how could anyone forget what the lightblueandred flag people did a few years ago.

I don't care who will be the next pm if the opposition wins.
I don't care if the opposition takes over Selangor.
I don't care if BN becomes the opposition.
I don't care
I don't care
I don't care

*stuffs fingers in ears*

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Lu Tahu...

Clo talking from experiences:

You know you are turning into a nerd when you
-reach classes 15-30 minutes early
-sit at the frot row or the 2nd row from the front
-ACTUALLY listen to the lecturers
-aim to get As
-attemt to finish all assignments
-book the photo studio for the group immediately after the assignments were handed out.

You know you need to pay more attention to the beauty section on magazines when you
-put moisturizer at the eyebag area on the face and scratch it because it's itchy and cause it to have red splodges around it.

I Confess.

The cards have been placed on the table...


Check this out!

You Are A Total Shopaholic!

You have a keen eye for spotting trends before they are hot

And sometimes your credit rating takes a beating as a result

Consider a job in retail to subsidize your gorgeous outfits

Over time, you could become a famous stylist or designer!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Vote for Pyramid

Bah! Memory card can't be read by stupiak laptop, so no pictures to show you people.
No evidence to show you guys that Marcus actually entered 'I Need House' at Pyramid.

Wei Vern, Sylvia and Nic masuked Marcus's car while Jion and I masuked Nik's car and headed to Pyramid after hours of deciding what to eat at Summit. Seriously Summit isn't a nice place to go to, especially if your college is right beside it and you HAVE to eat lunch there in between classes because 2 hours is too short a time to go anywhere further.

Seriously, none of us can make up our minds so we had to cast votes. We've seriously got decision making problem.
we selected a few places and everyone had to say 'aye' to vote.
Majority wins.
Majority chose pyramid.
Majority didnt mind paying more than 10 bucks for their meal at Dunno-Wat-Ramen. A shop in between the new an the old wing.

Jela and I were debating about some politicic parties.
I support ****
Jela supports **** (Other party)

-=chloe=- says:
i was nv interested in politics wan
until dis year
Angela says:
i cant believe of all things we dont agree on politics

-=chloe=- says:
-=chloe=- says:
and itz so tak berkaitan
Angela says:
WHYYY T_____T i cant let this spoil our relationship!
-=chloe=- jela, nik, brb mum around says:
-=chloe=- says:
so support ****
Angela says:
Angela says:
Angela says:
i still vomiting blood.
Angela says:
nvm nvm. diff ppl diff view.
Angela says:
Angela says:
HAIH. *control control*

I can't wait till the election is over so that I can go back to my normal nonchalant self.


Clo has been happie for the past few weeks =)

So don't worry about her =)

She's ok.
She's feeling ok.

Just a lil confusion in her head.
She'll sort them out in a while.

She has a new quote =)

"One For Each Class"