Saturday, 26 July 2008

RockY Camp

People, people, people...

Hear ye me, Hear yeme

There's something I wanna announce...

No... Not new crush(es)-again... =)

I just can't wait for the premier of

Disney Channel =DDDDD

Hooh kay, I'm sounding like some young teen who goes all crazy over *cough* HighSchoolMusical *cough*

So what if I don't fancy Batman or Hellboy? Shoot me.

Back to the topic...

The reason I wanna watch it is because ...









*squeals up and down like an 8 year old watching Hannah Montana*

I so love their style...their voices...
Ahh~ =)

Hmm... funny I still love Disney Channel Original Movies =)

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Wake Up

It's funny how f*cked up people can actually exist on the face of this earth.

People like then should really get a better life than to show off their inverted commas skills
On how to f*ck people up
I should lay off the four letter three letter + a star word. It's really not me.
Let me tell you, the number of connections you have with ang mohs really don't make me go
because, fyi, I don't look up to them as much as you do.
Just because they have white skin and blond hair
you kiss the ground they walk on.
Grow up.
There are dumb ang mohs around too you know.


Grrr... I'm having issues with blogger.


My kitten is so frisky!

Jump Jump Jump all over the place. Every little thing fascinates her.

Throw the little Spring a ball of scrunched tissue and she'll entertain herself for hours. No kidding!!!

See la she, wanna jump on my laptop. Geramifying!

The other day, she saw her tail move a little which made her so excited and immediately pounded and bit it. Gawsh, u should have seen her jump. Silly kitten.

Yes people, I have a kitten. Real one lah. Everyone, meet Dizzie...

Hot dog cat

Had trouble naming her. We had a list of names on the 1st day I brought her home and they're mostly Thai names because I picked her up from a Thai Fair in Puchong.


Puat Hua=Headache

When Hua=Dizzy.

So I thought Dizzy sounded cute plus that's what she makes everyone go. So yes, people, feel free to drop by and give Dizzie lots of hugs and kisses =)

Sorry for the very very long/late update. been pretty busy with Dizzie.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

All At Once

Now that Astro has removed the Astro on Demand programs, my life is a bore.

Gone are the days where I sit in front of the same channel for four consecutive hours while I 'sip' my dinner, rye by rye.

I am not going to complain about one of my two ridiculous lecturers who gave us an assignment which it's impossible for me to do because I have no freakin idea on how to use freakin photoshop.

I haven't learnt it yet, kay, lecturerrr... I tried telling you... and please stop changing rules for assignments la. Say one thing, then say another in 2 minutes.
I apologize if my work isn't up to your expectations because I really don't know what do you want, and how high/low a standard you set upon us.

There are no more good guys in this world. No offence to those good guys who havent crossed my path yet.
How can he say that he loves you and yet is able to touch another girl in your absence? The word is not disloyal. I call it disgusting.
Please do not spam my msn/email with questions/'words of wisdom' like "oh chloe, u got bf arr?' or 'how do u feel now?' or 'how about i go out for a drink with you and we forget everything about those stupid guys' or 'guys are likt that, they'll come running back to you'
blah blah blah... Because, if you ever do, I shall punch the living daylights outta your face.
And let me tell you, it's not me. If you're so kind and so willing to help, direct all of your sympathies to UNICEF or something lah. It'll help poor young teenaged girls who were cheated to feel better.
But if you're feeling soooooooo generous, just give me a hundred bucks to buy be a bag -.- wtf.
I'll apologize for being so cranky when I'm not so cranky.
Typin with eyes half closed. words I may 'ter-dream' of while typing may happen so I dunno wad else say as d penutup for this place.