Saturday, 30 December 2006

Japanized Ghosts

Went for Japanese with Chong, La La, Jin, Tinesh, Aaron n Tracy.
Venue: Sumo Restaurant.
Occation: Farewell Dinner for Tracy because she'll be leaving for NS this Monday.
Padahal: Makan, berborak, makan lagi and berborak aje.

Last minute plan didnt backfire. Whoo~ Good for you guys, Chong and Tinesh who managed to call us all and got us to agree before 5pm. Ahem, if it wasn't for us who turned up, this dinner wouldn't jadi laaa..... hehee.

I ordered Salmon with taugeh hidden at the bottom served with Japanese salad. Wasn't filling, so I ordered cold noodles. It didnt come with the raw quail egg nor was it cold enough. The best cold noodles I had were the ones in Washoku in Taipan and Shogun(Jap buffet) in 1 Utama.

Took some pictures of the guys while waiting for my dad to fetch me, Chong, Jin n La La home. Tracy went home earlier because she managed to get her parents, while we, Digi users can't seem to get anyone at all. So we were hanging around in the middle of the road. Chech out these eerie pics I managed to take. Taipan Business Centre is haunted (with us around la) I tell ya.

A figure walking towards the camera. Aaron extending hand to feel Tinesh who became hologram-ish. Chong looked on helplessly.

Jin's headless soul emerging from his small frame. Chong trying to save Aaron. Aaron had his hand held tight to his pants before Jin's headless soul pulls 'em down. Chong's head detached from his neck... An example of what will happen to teenagers who get flagged down by Ah Guas.


Friday, 29 December 2006

Christmas Supper

Mum cooked Christmas dinner for the first time in Malaysia.
(Gawsh I hate orange colour)

(24th of December 2006)
Much better. NooOoOOOooOooOooooOOOo~~~~~!!!!! My pictures are terbalikkkkkkkkk~~~!!!!!!!
Main meal starts from the bottom:

Cognag on fire on Christmas Pudding..

Christmas pudding which mum poured X.O. (cognag) all over in and set it on fire. Blue spaghetti is Tee Ee, Lois tee is Ean Ee, and the one in purple batik who looks like performing a 'touch-the-fire' stunt is my maternal grandma. Kids in the background are my cuzzies. Can't see face nevermind.

Jell-O with ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries on top. Behind are 3 artificial poppy flowers bought from Ikea.

Mum's roasted rosemary chicken with Clo's chiew pai (speciality dish) salad, [which I still owe Jin] and instant stuffing. Don't mind the wrong knife, we were out of proper ones.

It's already the 29th of December 2006. How time flies. In a few days' time, I will never get to write '2006' under 'date' anymore. From then onwards, it'll all be about 2007, 2007, 2007.
Written your resolutions yet? I haven't. I never write mine.
To me, resolutions like world peace, an end to poverty and war are for people who want other people to think that they'r humanitarians but don't do anything.
The Miss Universe pageant is also a waste of time. What a discrimination to those who weren't born pretty enough to make it there. What do they do? Charity work. Visit children here and there, take pictures that they care....
Shouldn't that be from the heart? If so, why all the cameras following her around? It will turn out as if she needs to do it because it's her job. So, she isn't genuine.
I'll just shut up.

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Fireworks Are Pretty

Scroll down slowly(optional) to appreciate and enjoy pretty fireworks.


Monday, 18 December 2006

Many Happy Returns!!!

I forgot to wish the December people Happy Birthday in the beginning of the month.
It's the thought that counts, right? And at least I sent some smses to wish them*. Their birthday weren't forgotten... That's more than 'thoughts' hor?

Anyway, the list of birthday celebraters this month:

8-Raymond Lam Fung
8-Chee Foo
14-Siew Chuen

If I missed anyone out, please inform me.
Don't be shy shy.
Tell me only.
Blast me for forgetting.
Not too hard ok?


Signing Out!

*of course lah Lam Fung is excluded... He wouldn't be is I had his contact. Duh~


I like Jesse McCartney.
More than Aaron Carter.
More than Zac Efron.
More than Tom Cruise's features.
More than sweets.

Sama taraf as Lam Fung.
Sama taraf as instant noodles.
Everyone knows I can't resist instant noodles *grins*

He looks like 'Fung.'

Check Beautiful Soul out:

Nice rigghhhttttt......???

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Shitty Pondan

I went to Midvalley! I had a blast except that I broke my personal record of not buying anything at all. I saw so many things, but suppose I was abit stressed to look for Christmas prezzies for my cousins on behalf of my grandmother which has to be within the budget and to be something that is pleasing to the eyes of an elderly woman. I wish I could talk about how I found those clothes but I have something more juicy to share with you.
I fought with a pondan.

Fine, I argued with him. Tell you the whole thing.

Scene: At McD, MidValley Megamall
Aunt Ai Ean was waiting for her orders which she placed at counter 1.
Aunt Ai Tee and Christine (cuzzie)were ordering food at counter 2.
Pondan lining behind Aunt Ai Ean.

Pondan: Like, is this fast food or SLOW food?

*we ignored him*
*Aunt Ai Ean finally got her food after the EXTREAMLY SLOW SERVICE and took her tray to our seat*

Pondan looking at Aunt Ai Ean and said "Like, how long did it take for you to order a simple meal? Gawsh~"

Aunt Ai Ean was too dumbfound to say anything. He was directing at her because he was looking at her. If he was looking at her but didn't direct to her, woouldn't he say something about the poor service like "How long did they take to order your food?".

Me, standing behind Aunt Ai Tee and Christine saw and heard the whole thing and said
"SOME people are just so impatient."
Mind you, I wasn't looking at him, but at my aunt's hair. He was on my left. I was looking straight.

Perasan pondan said "Like, what's your problem?"
Me:What problem?
Pondan came nearer: WHAT'S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM?!
I went nearer(not exaggerating): DO I HAVE A PROBLEM?!
Pondan came closer to my face.
I Glared at him. Christine came in between us to stop the fight.

I seriously was so close to that pondan's stinking face that I could punch his nose off his stinking shitface.
Then Aunt Ai Tee came in between us. And I stopped.

Pondan kept on blahing like an old aunty about not having education: Like, you so don't have any educations at all. Uneducated

If it wasn't for my aunt, I would have said "If you had SO MUSH education, you wouldn't be using the four letter word"

Then the manager came to out table and asked me what happened. Me, still fuming with anger, "Orang itu, he caci my aunt tau? Takkan u want me to diam aje and agree dengan dia with his stupid remarks, right? Of course lah I bite back!"

Then he said, "Dia ini, regular customer, selalu buat hal punyer. So lain kali, jika kamu dengar dia kata apa-apa, biarkan aje. Walaubagaimanapun, sori, ye?"

All of the above were and is true. No exaggeration.

Gonna watch who's eliminated in Project Runway this episode.



It happened so fast. The week it all happened, I don't know about you, but my watch seemed to tick 50% slower.
I made a list:
d)modern maths
f)Literature in English
g)Add Maths
i) Kimia

Oh ya! I'm in the second batch for national service!
1st batchers(1st of January-11th of March 2007):
-Pik Wah

2nd batchers(18th of March-9th of June 2007)
-Yours truly, Chloe
-Cacing=Wormie=Eng Ching
-Shu Leen

3rd batchers
-Nicholas aka Nicky

Other People Who Got Chosen But I Dunno What Batch:
-Pek kee
-Mei Yee
-Tuck Mei
-Cha She

Blogging isn't fun if you write them on a piece of paper then typing them all over again. It's nicer when stuff that comes out from my mind is impromtu. Just type whatever i think. If my mind works fast, then type fast, and vice versa.

I'm currently chatting with a friend who's in college. I've learnt from him that the outside world isn't as friendly as I thought it would be.

it's 5 something am and i better catch some sleep. Got to wake up at 8.30 later. Will be going to Midvalley.


Thursday, 23 November 2006

I'm A Sadist, Muahahahaha!!!

I'm a sadist. I hate to see her laugh. Her voice and laughter pierces through my ears. Told you I'm a saidst. She laughs at everything under the roof(or tv). She squeals when there's a cute guy on tv, she laughs when somebody does something stupid. She laughs at everything not funny.

I tried testing her by laughing at something I find boring like maybe a scene where a husband and wife were talking. When there was a shjort pause in between the conversation, I suddenly burst out with joyful laughter thinking she would follow too.
She did. Except that she stared at me, then only started laughing when the wife mentioned the first word.

What the~? Not funny also...

When I find something funny on tv, I laugh. But her laughter was MUCH louder than mine until I had to laugh louder in order to hear myself laugh. In the midst of our 'happy' laughter, I wonder whether my last two seconds of laughter was genuine or was I just making a whole lot of noise, there fore making me miserable because I don't know if I had a good laugh or or was it all fake to cover her voice. I feel misearable.

I'm two faced. I just went out to ask her if she had breakfast in a sweet tone. She didn't. Lunch? Only three pieces of bread at 4pm. Liar, She said tht she wanted to eat instant noodles, but she didn't. She QUICKLY made me a packet of instant noodles for me. I, who just came back from school after 3 SPM papers gobbled it up because, of course, SPM is pretty stressful. That's not my point.
The point is that she's on a bloody diet and fell sick because she isn't feeding herself, instead, she's FATTENING me up! She's making me eat lots and lots of food so that she can be thinner than me.

Guess what, she skipped dinner. Yup. Why? Let me answer this. SHE'S ON A DIET!!!
I have a confession to make later.
I hate it when she said that she'll be eating then change her mind 2 hours later and end up not eating.

My confession:
Ok, I'm jealous that she can go on a diet and I can't because I can't risk myself falling sick during SPM. At least I admit my jealousy and not bark at my friends for no apparent reason just because they get to go overseas and I couldn't.

After typing this, I feel like a bitch.
Please, please, pleeeaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't tell me I'm turning into that 'L'.



Rumour spreader?



Saturday, 14 October 2006

Worthless Post

Currently typing from the cyber cafe again.

Having a blank mind, so forgive me if this is a two sentence post.

Sunday, 27 August 2006

I Wanna Find My Solace

Sorry people, was a little late updating you about me and all about me and my life.

It’s official. My paternal grandmother passed away on the 11th of August 2006, exactly two weeks before her birthday. My dad and I went were weren’t used to her not being around and it was pretty hard for us but I would like to thank everyone who were there supporting us throughout these times in terms of financial and moral support.
Thank you, daddy's side of the family, thank you, mummy's side of the family, thank you church members, and thank you friends for all you have done for us before, during and after the funeral.

I screamed over the phone at my dad that I didn't want to talk to him anymore and wept in my room. Felt weak and fell backwards. Thank goodness I was sitting on the bed. Goodness knows where my head would land if it wasn't for my new pink and purple comforter set. What I said to him hurt me so bad, I can't imagine how my dad is feeling now. After telling a couple of friends about it, I thought it was pretty stupid of me to do so. Daddy supposed to be home by now. I feel so guilty for saying that to him.
Long story on how that started. I don't want 2 talk about it for the time being. Please don't ask me about it.
Nope, false alarm. It's just the neighbour.

School reopens tomorrow after a week of holiday, then trials start, then the beginning of the long feared SPM. I dread the thought and sight of the spiteful 'THREE LETTER WORD'.

I've got my room painted sweet pink and lilac, same colour on 2 of the 4 walls. Whee~!

+++++++ +++
Don't ask me why I typed the 7 and 3 plusses. I've gone a little whacked in the head. I wish I was brave enough to do what I did to others.

I think I better log off now before I spam my place. Nitez people.

Chloe, logging out.

Thursday, 3 August 2006

You... Who Meant Alot To Me

Here is the poem I promised you when I was at the cybercafe:

You...Who Meant Alot To Me.
You've been with me for 5 years,
We've gone through thick and thin;
Many times in you I shed my tears,
Now I feel like you're under my skin.

In you I found trouble,
In you I found my pride;
Let me say this without a mumble,
Thank you for being there when I cried.

A yellow stain on your body,
I caused in the year 2002;
I apologize, I'm really sorry,
I hope the teachers didn't have a clue!

You owned the science labs,
You owned the classrooms;
The juniors looked like hermit crabs,
When the seniors swept them like brooms.

I'll be back,
You wait and see;
Just to visit you,
Well, maybe.

Thank you, I'm now not the same,
With all my pride I will create;
The very best of your name,
My beloved SMK USJ 8!

Written by
Chloe Yong

Inspired by Pride

How was it? Comments please... I owe you people another poem titled 'Let Go'.
By the way, this poem WAS inspired by a Japanese drama-Pride which I'm soooooo addicted to. I was watching the drama when I decided to write this poem, henceforth the inspiration.

In case you were wondering what was the 'yellow stain' in the third stanza, well, it all began when I was in form 1, we had to paint this Jalur Gemilang and hang it over the corridoors and the flag my class painted was to be hung near the stairs at block D.
The next day when I returned to school, to my horror, the yellow paint from the star and cresent came off and stained the wall which still can be seen from the tapak perhimpunan thanks to the short time we had and dumb shops who didn't sell yellow fabric paint so I had to buy Buncho-watercolour instead. Malunye~


Saturday, 22 July 2006

My Musical

Heyz, it's me again. Two posts in a day. How good can I get?

I'm at the cybercafe to check, double check and triple check if I really got chosen for the national service programme, you know, just in case they made a mistake or something. Seriously speaking, I'm not really keen on sharing toilets, or room with strangers, nor would I want to be away away from home for so long. Imagine what will happen to my MSN account, my Friendster account, and worse of all, my blog! No tv, no TVB drama, no internet, no source of communication, the list gets longer the more I think of it.

As far as I know, Pik Wah, Pamela, Shu Leen, Catherine kena. That's already 5 of us from the same class who are randomly chosen. Wonder who else kena.

I sooo addicted to High School Musical though Jin thinks that "it's just like any other average American teen movie songs which I've heard a million times". He prefers Utada Hikaru and his new favourite band 'Within Temptation'.
High School Musical is a teenage movie, only it's a musical. That's what makes it special. I like the songs
Start Of Something New,
When There Was Me And You,
What I've Been Looking For,
Breaking Free, and
We're All In This Together.

I've got a house helper now. She came in May. She's kinda cool and all because she watches TVB dramas too, and even likes Raymond and Ron. It was fun at first, but I got so irritated when she starts screaming when she sees them on telly. I stared at her in disgust. Not because she's drooling over MY guys, but HELLO...??? That scream was supposed to be MY line. Dahlah stael my guys, she wanna steal my line pulak. Then when I began to tergiller-gillerkan High School Musical, she pulak beria-ria rush to the telly just because the advertistments of HSM is on. I DID that!!! Now she's copying me! All in all, she's cool and all. A person whom I share my likes and dislikes with, a person who cares about my sickly grandmother.

The cybercafe mouse and keyboards aren't clean. There's this man sitting beside me is crossing his legs and rubbing his feet with his hands then the hands went to the mouse and started clicking, clicking, clicking. I hope he's not reading what I'm typing. Yes, Mr Rub-Feet-With-Hands-Then-Touch-The-Cybercafe-Mouse, I know, I understand it's cold here. My fingers are numb too. I shall stop criticizing people just in case he 'giraffe's over to my screen.

Have you ever come across leng chais going out on dates with non leng luis? Or vice versa? I have. Many times. And why must people talk behind their backs? Must leng chais always be with leng luis? Can't couples be happy and live a happy life with each other without people gossiping about them? Couples look good together no matter how they look if they love each other. I believe Lam Fung and I look perfectly good together. No?

"I thought you were my fairytale,
my dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star that's coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confuzed my feelings with the truth
Because I liked the view
When there was me and you"
-Gabriella Montez,
When There Was Me And You
High School Musical.

I've got the song stuck in my head.

I wrote two poems for the school magazine. Let Go and You...Who Meant Alot To Me.
Both got approved but I had to chose one of the two to be published. I'll post them up as soon as possible for you people to read and appreciate. Haha. I can't do it now because, as mentioned above, I'm at the cybercafe and the sheets aren't with me now.

It's 12.10a.m. now and I'm still at the cybercafe. Waiting for my dad who's at the computer too.

Chloe, yawning and yearning for her cozy bed.

Welcome Me!!!

Saturday, 17 June 2006

Another unfinished post

Currently at the cyber cafe. Stupid spacebar thingy isn't working.

I'm lazy to update my blog now because I just found something that caught my attention. The reviews for La Femme Desperado is out so I'll be wasting my blogging time reading it.

Mum's blasting me tru my hp sapekers. Buhbye

Monday, 12 June 2006

An Update

I've made up my mind to not to finish up the post before this.

Today is the day which marks the day of my freedom-again. Haha!

Penyerahan tugas thingy was held today. I must admit that the form 4's performances were absolutely fantastic. They sang Nothing At All(by Ronan Keating) with Adrian, Timothy and Kevin playing the guitar in the background. So cool, so much better than us form fives screwing up the performance by standing at the wrong place, having stiff bodies, and bore the poor invited guests who were longing for us to get off the stage to death. Didn't join the other prefects for the jamuan at the canteen because I don't like the atmosphere where there are so many strangers.
No, Jin, am not turning into a Christopher from the book you gave me. I just don't like places where there are people I'm unfamiliar with(not don't know). In other words, I don't like socializing.
Heck, what's the point going up to someone, say 'hi', exchange e-mail addresses, being close friends, and add another birthday present to buy on my unending list.

It's a little late, but the students and teachers will be celebrating TEACHER'S DAY tomorrow. Talk about the one month delay. Can't wait to see the look on Chong and KC's faces when they have to play in some kinda telematch I signed up for them.

Wong's back from Ireland. Sneaking into the grounds of U8 tomorrow.
Angela's still running around in the United Kingdom. Miss you laa... I wrote you a comment in your blog -telling you here just in case you happen to stumble upon this page.

A very short post today, but heck, at least I updated you people...

Chloe, rolling off the chair comando style after hearing mum unlocking the door.

Friday, 9 June 2006

An unfinished post

HAHA, finally, the Chloe has returned...

...from a makan-non-stop trip... need I elaborate more?

I was showing my cancer-stricken grandmother some new clothes I bought when she suddenly told me 'wa ai tui choo liao'. Translation: 'I'll be going home'. I was speechless that moment and pretended that she didn't say anything and continued explaining to her why my black blouse is very nice and isn't too much on the sequins nor was it gawdy. She may get mixed up between reality and in her dreams, but for an ill lady who is 83 years old, she still knows how to nag on me not studying.

P/S: Will return soon with a finished post.

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Ignore me

i feel so hurt. i didn't do anything wrong and i was wrongly accused of something 'i did'.

i'm contemplating suicide.

i hate stresses, and it's building up to a level where i feel i can leave the surface of the earth any moment.

i have a lump in my throat.

my eyes are welled up with bitter tears. i know, because i tasted it.

my hands and feet are getting cold, numb and are stiffing up.

mummy? where's the dettol? don't take the knife away from me.

i can't take it any longer.

you people would be better off without me.

if i don't 'go', don't visit me at tanjung rambutan. i dont wanna see anyone. at all

GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JUST... just leave me, and my life alone, ok?

Monday, 29 May 2006

Especially For You

Wondering why I'm still here huh? Well, I came here JUST to publish a post especially for you readers eventhough I'm serving my sentence while thunder is booming my eardrums, and lightining striking on the car alarms.

I didn't have time to double check my previous post, so I'll clear some things up here-that is if I can remember what I posted, thanks to the amnesia I've got which is becoming more prominent these days.

I find the word 'whatever' extreamly rude. Even ruder than fuck or shit or some chinese cursing words my friends use daily. Imagine doing someone a favour or telling someone something, then that fella gives you a 'whatever' as a token of appreciation. *starts cursing in chinese*

Oh ya! Now I remember. The prefects' crap thing! About that, remember I mentioned that we have to sing 3 songs: Mungkin Nanti, Bad Day(I think that's the title, heck, don't blame me, I hardly listen to English songs so when they first played it in Anjung Bestari, I was like O_____O ??? ) and Graduation.

I've got 'Graduation' stuck in my head now. And it goes (feels) like this:
As we go on,
We remember
All the times we,
had together
And as our lives change,
Come whatever,
We will still be
Friends forever

I lost a serious battle between me and 'how long can I go on this hunger strike'. *embarassed* Maybe I should choose an easier opponent next time.

I will update this post later when the rain stops, the lightning power turns off, and the thunder shuts up.

I'm back. Currently listening to Raymond's 'Remember To Forget' while chatting with Jin about me having vulgar words in my blog. I do. I just did.
In case you have amnesia too, here are some easy step by step instructions to follow:
#1- Please grab the mouse with your right hand (left, if you are a lefty)
#2- Scroll up about an inch or two
#3- Open your eyes wide (wider if your eyes are small) then you'll be able to see my very first vulgar word on my blog.

Told you it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Why do people even bother to nudge when the friend's status on msn messenger is put to 'busy'? There wouldn't be a slightest difference.

My grandaunt is back from a short holiday to Penang. The minute she entered the house, none of us had peace at all. So much for my peaceful holiday. I'm pretty excited about going to Taiping. Though it's just a small town in Perak, and the shopping malls aren't actually malls, but we'll be going there by bus and coming back by train at night. I've got a declaration to make. Maybe I'll declare in my next post.

I've gotta get off the computer before my mum returns and finds me in front of the laptop.
Signing out~


Saturday, 27 May 2006

Not So Much Of a Holiday

"Come on everybody give me something to dance. Say hey ey! Oh oh!" -Lee Hom (Wang Mei De Hu Dong)

I'm having my holidays now!! There is nothing better than kicking back and relax during this two whole weeks and watch Pride. Again. WOOT~
Where's my Pride? Oh yea! That's right! KC borrowed it. Darn!

I'll be having my two weeks holiday and my schedule will be filled up with absolutely nothing. On the second week, I'll be going to Taiping, Perak for a few days. So, don't miss me during that period of time or think that I was abducted and sold to some brothels in Thailand or something.

We (the form 5 prefects) had a rehearsal in the Anjung Bestari (heck knows why they would name that room Anjung Bestari. Our school better come up with more creative names other than that and 'Citra' for our school mag *rolls eyes*) for the installation day (penyerahan tugas) on heck-knows-when and we had to sing 3 songs.

The stuff I typed above was typed on Saturday. Now I'm currently at the cyber cafe. I'm on a hunger strike because my parents won't let me go online till after SPM. I wonder how long I can last (not eating). My parents were eating at the coffee shop and I didn't want to eat with them so I asked for permission from my dad if I could hop over to the cybercafe to update some stuff. Well I did actually want to...but the word's not update. I can' find the word now. My mind's full of vulgar words, cursing the whole world for causing me to be banned from coming online for 7 months. Heck! She just robbed me of my one source of entertainment, hobby, socializing(knowing that I don't really like to socialize with new people face to face), and my source of communicating.

As if that's not enough, my friend just told me that she'll be going overseas for more than a month! I almost burst into tears when she broke the news.

Just got a call from my dad indicating that I have to go now. Hopefully I'll be able to see you people before 2007.

Chloe, crying out

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Teenager's Life At It's Peak

It's been a long time since I've blogged, here I am, updating you readers about my life which is filled with nothing else but Lam Fung. And Ron. And Myself.

I suppose I won't want to bore you readers to death with my usual topics so I shall try to type something new here. Wish me luck!

I believe in 'you reap what you sow' because I've experienced them before. When I say something bad about somebody, I would have a bad day, as in getting into trouble for no apparent reason. Not to mention that if i did something bad to someone, bad stuff will happen to me too, and the pain endured is double. Therefore I do my very best not to do anything evil to people and always put myself in their shoes and imagine that I'm in that situation and how would I feel. Gosh, am sounding like an angel here. But it's true.

My friend, X, didn't like and couldn't stand Y, so X wrote a hate letter to Y saying that Y is a pro liar and some hurting things things. To the delight of X, X got what X wanted which was to make Y feel bad. I told X off, saying that I believe in 'you reap what you sow'.
Then X said "So you think I will get the balasan?" I told X that it might happen and asked X to walk in Y's shoe, and see how would it feel, but in return, X didn't talk to me for so many periods because X was 'hurt'. I was only giving my point of view and told X that what X did was wrong.
Both X and Y are my good friends, and I knew them even before we attended secondary school. So clearing X's name when talking to Y, and standing up for Y when talking to X makes me a bad person.
I'm only helping Y because Y is currently facing discrimination. I hate the feeling of being the person everyone hates and being picked on on whatever I do. I would help X too, if X were to be facing the same situation.

I just want to clear one thing. The thing that happened on the 23rd of March 2006 was not his (I'm sure some of you know who I'm reffering to) fault. He was not the biggest influence. He just played a small part of it. There were other people involved too, including me. I placed the pressure on myself, I got influenced just too easily. I listen to people *snaps fingers* just like that. I bow to pressure. I didn't trust ^%^%$#*. It's my fault. And in a few weeks, I'll be in deeper shit. Lala knows what I'm reffering to. Don't bother to ask her, wei...

Another close friend of mine told a guy her feelings towards him, and got a blank stare from him in return. I was on the phone with her just now, obviously, she was hurt, lah. I shan't disclose anymore of other people's secrets here, unless I think is necessary.

It has been a rough few days. So many things happened within a few days. But the tough life goes on. I suppose going through things like these is part of growing up.

Chloe, backing out.

Monday, 15 May 2006

The Uninvited Guest

I joined the crew for the sesi penggambaran today eventhough I wasn't invited.

Heck, as naib pengerusi, I DO have the rights to be there, you know? What will everyone do without me? I hold everyone together in one piece! Without me, no one will know what to do! I AM important!
Who am I kidding? I wasn't even invited. I just went to keh poh. Hung around the bilik musik for the sake of ponteng-ing. We didn't study today, so I didn't miss much in class except for the part where everyone makes complete fools out of themselves without any conscience as if the world belongs to them.

We (Chia Yi, Cacing, La La, Azrinee, Rebecca, Padma, Amalia, Farah, and a few others) stayed back to take the form 1 and form 2's class pictures. Wasn't easy to kau tim them, but some classes were more coperative than the rest. I had fun arranging the 2Gigih guys by height in their line because they made lots of fun by talking back in a funny manner and eventhough they gain say but they obediently obey.

Got a few pictures of Schwan and Andrew using Jin's camera which actually belongs to his brother, I think and am currently hoping he'll come online now to send me them, but I suppose I'll have to wait patiently for his tuition class to end. PW, LaLa and I camwhored. And I'll have to wait for that picture too. *Groans*

I reached home at 5pm after getting tongue lashing from my mum over Chia Yi's handphone. Hope her phone didn't crack. Hope my mum's phone speakers didn't shatter.
And I certainly hope my ear drums didn't snap. Why is this invisible bee buzzing around my head? Ugh! Bug spray please!
Remind me to tell my dad that the tv speakers suddenly rosak-ed when I got home.


Thursday, 11 May 2006

Limited Cyber Cafe Vocabulary

I'm currently at the cyber cafe wondering what to do with my time here. There's nothing much I can do but to blog. Blog, blog and blog more. Games? Nah... No thanks... Mary left for home, Pik Wah left for school, and me, I'm left here all alone at computer number 14 typing everything that comes across my mind. I don't want to go home yet. There's nothing to do at home. Afterall, tomorrow is a public holiday, so what's the rush?

I'm freezing here, thanks to the air-cond, and I'm sitting around 10 steps away from the guys- KC, Tinesh, Zi Yang, Kelvin and Saaravana. Can you hear them shouting? I'll transfer the sounds to words for you.
ZY: Run! Faster run!
Srvn: Die! Shit!
KC: Die aredi! Screw you lah!
Kelvin: Aiyaaa!!!
KC: Nooo!!! Babi!
Srvn: Haihyoo! Die lah! Babi!
Tinesh: Wad r u doin?!
Srvn: Oihyooo KC! I wanna shoot you, then I go tekan da wrong place. Hit you ar?
KC:Hit, but I din die.
Tinesh: All run lah!!

The conversation continues with those few words in their vocab so I decided to listen to some Lam Fung songs here while typing this with my frozen fingers which keep on hitting on the wrong keys.
Stupid cyber cafe speaker. Making my Lam Fung's songs sound so horrible.
Jin just arrived. Sitting at the pc beside mine. I'm oblivoius to what's happening around me. I've got my Lam Fung songs with me, I'm happy.

I've been here looking at pointless stuff for around 138 mins and who knows how long I'll still be here.

I just burped. Pardon me.

164 minutes and counting. I hate it when a stranger smells like me. There's this person who keeps on walking behind me carries the same scent as me. Perhaps the same styling mousse for the hair to be precise. I'm addicted to a few songs:
-Wang Lee Hom's Wang Mei De Hu Dong (The Perfect Internship)
-Il Divo's Je Croise En Toi (I Believe In You)

Damn! Mum's switched to her irritating mood. Damn! Damn! Damn! Got to go back now. So I can't finish blogging.

Chloe signing out at 200 minutes...

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

"Sexist Betul"

I hate being a fifth former. It's all about deadlines, presentations and projects. Not to mention homework that I have no clue of what they're asking my brains to dig out. Out of the blue, without any warning given, we were asked to prepare for English oral on the following day. Long story... All I can say that I'm really pissed at everything that has to do with it. I'm pissed that I can't think of a good topic, I'm pissed that I didn't prepare it earlier, I'm pissed that the whole group (including me) has different tastes and point of views in everything until we can't agree on a single topic, I'm even pissed that we actually have to go through this whole thing!

After I'm done with English, as if she saw my squashed gooey brains blended with Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Maths, Maths, History, Moral, Bahasa Malaysia, EST, English, and English Literature isn't squishy enough, Pn. Minder joyfully loaded an extra burden (a.k.a. bloody pointless presentation/ forum) to my shoulders which has to be presented on the heck-knows-when with my group-Pamela, La La, Mercy, and Shu Leen.
I was branded 'sexist' by Adrian and Jin just for 'kicking' them out from the team. They're my friends, yes, I acknowledge that, but I should set my priorities right. Ok, I may not be as close to Mercy and Shu Leen than I am to them, but... but... OK!!! OK!!! I don't have a good excuse! So sue me! I don't give a damn!

Do you have any clue on what to talk about handphones because that's our topic for the forum. I don't, because my handphone serves me one purpose- to SMS. Or maybe to entertain me when I'm bored. Oh ya! That reminds me! My Z520i is still at the 'doctor's'. Back to the topic. There's only ONE solution for this. Put me under depression and I'll write 3 pages of stuff for you, but going through it (depression) is SO TOTALLY not worth it because nobody will appreciate or care what we crap about in front of the class. Actually, who wants to know about something that they already knew? Blame me for chosing that topic, but I'm sure it's better that talking about 'You Are What You Eat'. I eat chicken. Do I look like one to you? I look more like Chloe don't I? Does that mean I eat 'Chloes'?

With my 70+ year old grandaunt and 84+ year old granny arguing in the background, they're just contributing to the stress level I'm going through, and my head's pumping hard like someone is using two planks of wood and hitting it, one on each side. Stupid wisdom tooth chose to hurt now of all the time when I needed to bunk school. To make matters worse, TOMORROW IS OPEN DAY!!! Need I explain more?

Come to think of it, being a fifth former or not, sexist or non-sexist, I still have to go through stress. But I'm just starting to enjoy and appreciate life. So while I'm at it, I think I'll just stress out the people around me before my juniors do the same (to me) in the future.


Monday, 8 May 2006

Victim of Embarassment

I'm sitting here in front of the computer, slurping a bowl of delicious yet fattening bowl of instant noodles, as my mind wanders off like a kite. No matter how high it flies, there is always the strings tied to it preventing it from going any further and the level the kite is at is a level where birds fly and it can be squashed by the flock of birds if the wind blows their direction.
Gawsh... help me before I lose my mind...

I would rather die watching the fall of my Lam Fung than to die of embarassment. Or I would rather have that feeling of wearing an orange t-shirt out shopping than to feel the way I'm feeling now... I wish I could just be an ostrich. Just bury myself underground when I don't want to face anyone.

Here's a little part of a song I heard on The Last Breakthrough.
Yesterday, I believe
Love could be forever but it broke me down
Baby I'm afraid
To face it all again
And take another chance
But I'm not sure you'll feel the same

Oh, baby I don't wanna fall
I don't wanna fall x2
In love again, baby 'coz I am

Do you know (do you know)
What it's like
To wake up in the morning
Just to have you on my mind

Oh baby I don't wanna fall
In love again
Baby 'coz I....

I can't remember the rest of the lyrics.

Sod it. I'm still figuring a way to bunk school tomorrow without getting into trouble. I don't wanna face 'U'!!!!!
I'm going to take a short nap, and when I wake up, I'm going to continue feeling embarassed of what happened. How I wish I could just forget the whole thing. Stupid 'U'. Why did you exist?!

Note: I'm still banned from coming online.


Friday, 5 May 2006

Not The Best, Nor The Worst

It's me again. Who else would it be?

First of all, I would appreciate it if you would congratulate me for getting banned from goin online for two whole weeks. Thank you.
And if you're wondering why am I still here, well, I asked my mum, the woman who sentenced me to this ban, for permission. Ironic.

Secondly, it's my turn to congratulate the Malaysian badminton team and wish Wong Choong Hann all the best to get well soon. Hehe...

Today, for chemistry, we did an experiment on whether latex would clod in acid or alkali. It did. In acid. The latex clodded into a piece of tough rubber which I played with it for a while and now, my hands stink of etanoik acid. Trust me, you wouldn't want to sniff my hands.

I've been blog hopping and comparing to what I read and what I write, there's such a distinct difference that aven the colourblind could differenciate the difference between green and red. In other words, my 65 marks out of 80 for essay writing is nothing.

I am sooooo addicted to Net Deception.

A few friends asked me if I wanted to stay up for I didn't. In case you're wondering what's that, it's actually an hour 2 minutes and three seconds after the 4th of May '06 which everyone gets their adrenalin pumping, then dies down the second after. Every second is the same to me. Nothing but time changes. Gold bars don't start falling on my head, I don't suddenly turn into a super-model sized body, my exam grades aren't getting better, and I certainly don't see Raymond Lam Fung beside me. So, what's the big deal?

I hate self-praising, but I PLAYED WELL at basketball today!!! During PJK(Physical Exercise) just now, we had a game of basketball and I could play much much better comparing to the time when coach was around. Ish... I better stop praising myself too much here or else you people will get jealous. Of me.

It's almost the end of the EPL and Bolton is still in the top 10. WOOT~

I better stop typing a sentence for each paragraph because there are so many people out there who doesn't know how to write in paragraphs, and what am I doing here? Wasting paragraphs like nobody's business. I better start saving paragraphs for rainy days. No, I'm not losing my mind. I'm just late for a date with Kuan Beng Hong against his Danish match. I think I'm falling for Hafiz Hashim. I did fall for him once, last year, but he's just so...yeng. Or maybe it's just because he looks like Ron.

Gotta skitter. Catch me anywhere where there are the following...
-Jacky (Net Deception)
...and I'll be there.

I'm soooo addicted to Net Deception...

I'm back. What a bummer. It's Lee Chong Wei playing. Sod it. Chong Wei is just for Pik Wah. Not me. I guess I'll just have to take up some of your time to continue my whining about everything, but fortunately for you, I'm feeling pretty sleepy now, so I'll just call it a day. A blog I mean.


Monday, 24 April 2006

First Day of The Week

24th of April 2006

I don't like the title of this post either. It's just so blah. Don't you just hate titles that has no meaning, like this post has?

I'm not going to type anything that tells you I have got nothing to type here because I do. I've got lots to tell you (atashichloe) but I just don't know where to start.
First, I just realized that I got fooled. Fooled by some stupid fool. He's not worth typing in my blog. Jin might know who I'm reffering to.
Nevermind that.

Will ponteng sports day and go to Summit or Sunway Pyramid with my friends on Thursday. Just hope I'll have enough cash to sustain me throughout the trip as I'm pretty broke this month.

Ron Ng Cheuk Hai has already produced two albums: The Fast Pass and Fastforward. It's really sad that they don't have it here in Malaysia because I would buy two copies each! If I have the cash -that is. They should compile a cd of all of Raymond Lam Fung's songs. If they do, I will definately buy it without a shadow of doubt.

I think I'll stop blogging here because if I continue, I'll just bore you to death and you won't bother to visit Fireworks Are Beautiful anymore, and I can't afford that. A hefty price to pay. Yup. I treasure each and everyone of your efforts to reading my whining.
I think I've got to change my title for my blog. Fireworks ARE beautiful, but the meaning behind it isn't strong enough, and as you know, even my email address, 'distantpride' denotes something. The 'pride' isnt just a mere Japanese drama I love so much and the 'distant' doesn't mean 'extent of space between two points' they both have their own special meanings behind it.
Do you want to know what do they mean? Maybe I'll just save it for my next post. Remind me to tell you, ok?

I shall go for a nice cold shower on this hot day, eat dinner and then resume my fanfiction I've been delaying for so many months. Or maybe I'll just settle down in the air-conditioned room with a good book to read.


Tuesday, 18 April 2006

A Chapter In Life

It's been a long time since I had my hands on a basketball or even to step my shoes on the court. Today, one day before the match, I just realized how much stamina I've lost and how much I've deteriorated even in catching the ball. I can't even lay up for goodness's sake! I'm really regretting for not going for training constantly. Just now when I put on the jersey with 'CHLOE' and number 15 (although I prefer number 12 but Jia Lin took the number because she thought no one wanted it)printed on the back and a smaller number 15 and a 'U8' on the top left in front, I felt a 'gush' of guilt came upon me. I may put the whole team down just because I missed a few important steps. But there's just no point crying over spilt milk. All I can do is just to wipe in with a piece of cloth and squeeze out as much as possible back into the cup.
Milk, anyone?

I went to watch Disney on Ice on Tuesday (11th of April 2006) with my mum, aunts n cuzzies.
After many years of watching many Disney on Ice shows, my favourite is still Mulan. I really admire her bravery for fighting the Huns and standing up for her country( heck, as if I will) and standing up for what she believes in and following her heart.
I really like this song sung by Captain Li Shang whose singing voice is Donny Osmond.

I'll Make A Man Out Of You
Let's get down to business
To defeat the Huns
Did they send me daughters
When I asked for sons
You're the saddest bunce I've ever met
And you can bet before we're through
Mister I'll make a man out of you

Tranquil as a forest
But on fire within
Once you find your center
You're sure to win
You'r a spineless, pale, pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a man out of you

(Be a man)
We must be as quick as a coursing river
(Be a man)
With all the force of a great typhoon
(Be a man)
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

I traded in my new discman for a fax machine. Mum decided that 'Enzer' isn't a good brand and thought of investing in a better and trusted brand. Don't know when I'll be getting it, but for the time being, I doubt I'll be listening to any music.

My face is still burning from the training we had this morning. Hope I won't get into a fever later.

Bolton lost to Chelsea 0-2. They're currently ranking the 9th place I think. They will catch up soon enough before the end of the EPL.

Feeling sleepy to type anymore... I shall continue this blog until I get bored of blogging. So just keep on visiting...


Tuesday, 11 April 2006


Some things I post here doesn't mean what you think they mean.
My life would be over in a few days' time.
Every word I write counts.
The above may not make any sense but heck, this is MY own online diary and I shall write whatever I want. It definitely isn't for anyone to understand each and every post 100%.
This post won't be a long 1 either. You can judge my mood by the way my blog is written.
I might not continue this blog anymore. I shall stick to the good-old-fashion-hand-written-diary, clinging on to my micro-mini chance of hope that nobody would ever read it.
I'll be off to bed now. To sleep off everything -since I can't touch alcohol or any of that sort.

Read more books to improve deteorating language. Did I spell 'deteorate' correctly? See what I mean?


Sunday, 9 April 2006

In 15 Sentences.

Dad came back from Thailand today. Bought me 4 blouses from Bangkok. His taste of clothes seems to be improving due to the fact that I actually wore it to church today.

Mum bought me a discman on Saturday. MY VERY OWN DISCMAN!!! I know what are you thinking. You are thinking "HAHA!!! This 17 year old fart baru oni got her 1st discman dis year!! And that isn't even an mp3 player! Out aredi lah!" But heck! At least I got something...

I realized that it isnt safe to type anything personal in blogs because I have to watch my words and double check everything I post because there are a number of people reading it.

I've got lost to type but time refrains me from doing so.


Wednesday, 5 April 2006

The Joy Of Returning

Gawsh... Itz been a long time since I blogged or shall I say, come on9. Was banned from coming on since I disobeyed for not logging off when I was supposed to *embarassed*

Lots of things happened for the past few days, but I regretted for not listing them down and refer to it when i get the chance to blog, so I shall type whatever that comes across my mind.
I went to Maju2 today with La2, Chong, KC n Tinesh. Jin didn't come because he thought La2 n I were not going. Heh.
Someone started the convo about frogs. Chinese people eat frogs. Gross. They call it snow jelly or something. Chong has been eatin it since who-knows-when without even knowing that it's actually frogs' OVARIES. Damn! Tinesh said it. Chong almost choked on his tosai. HAHA!!!

I bought the April issue of V Mag. It came with a free sample of a 2ml bottle of PAUL SMITH's latest perfume- FLORAL. It has the sweet smell of I-dunno-wad. Am not a good describer of perfumes, but it smells great...Although I personally think that perfumes are for people who love to make every person they walk past by die of smelling too much chemical from their body. And somehow, if perfume and body odour combines, the stench (yes, stench) is...the word stench says it all. But heck, it's PAUL SMITH!!! Who is he, I don't care. I got his perfume!

Yesterday, we had our English paper. Essay it was. For the second section, we had 5 topics to chose from.
1) Describe the biggest challenge in your life
2) Write a story with the title : An Unexpected Visitor
3)How to keep oneself healthy
4)If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you want to be and why?

I was debating whether to choose topic 1 or 4. I can bet my collection of Lam Fung VCDs that no one in the whole of form 5 chose the third title. If anyone did that, I really pity them, because there are so much to write about an unexpected visitor, a challenging life, and a walk in someone's shoes. I took around 10 minutes to pick my title. Thanks to my fickle mindedness mind. 10 minutes wasted, but thank goodness I had time to finish the essay 5 minutes before time. I chose the first title.

Actually, there aren't any challenges in my life. It's pretty dull. I don't own a life where stuff happens everyday, for instance I met this man whom I think is Mr.Right, but turns out to be a leader of a triad gang and I managed to make him change his mind to leave the gang and we lived happily ever after travelling aroung the world nor does my life have this old man who owns this HUGE multi-million dollar company suddenly coming up to me claiming that he's my long lost father whom left my mum and I for another woman and wants to return to us because he couldn't have any kids with that woman and wants to pass down all of his inheritance to me because I'm his one and only lovable daughter.
That only happens in shows.
I wrote in my essay as another writer, not me.
I wrote about 'myself' who faces 'my' fighting parents everyday and ran away from home, fell in love with this guy 'I' met at a party(a place to de-stress 'myself') and found out that 'I' was pregnant. 'My' biggest challange is to raise 'my' daughter, and 'my' next biggest challenge is to make Pn Nirmala(my english teacher) to buy MY story. Heh...

I told La La today that I'll tell all my crushes somewhere at the end of the year that I liked them before. I don't know... It's something like a 'something I must do before I leave school' thing. Thank goodness I've only got 2 to confess to, unless I fall for another guy on the way, but I doubt it. My attention will always switch from No1 to No2 and from No2 to No3. I give them nicknames so that nobody would find out if my friends and I talk about them. No, Coke is not included in the No.s. Not eligible I suppose. Coke is just one 'small gas' can of coke. Heh. No2 and No3 are from school. It's a coincidence that they were from the same primary school as me. La2 said that they might already have girlfriends by that time I confess. I'll see how things go when the time comes. But isn't it nice to know that someone liked you, eventhough 'like' and 'liked' has itz differences.

I've got add maths tuition later, and add maths paper tomorrow. Damn add maths. Making my life miserable.

Am gonna hide myself in a corner and swiverl up and die. It's better to die this way than to be killed in the hands of Additional Mathematics. Why did Mr Mathematics named his son Additional and not Subtractional? Maybe Timesional or Divisional. I don't wanna give a damn on their names or do anything that has anything to do with them anyway. Curse da Mathematics family. Pffft...


Saturday, 25 March 2006

Accept And Expect the Unexpected Aspect(s)

The title is a mouthful (-.-)"
Read it a few more times before you proceed to the next line.

Done? Did u get confuzed with the meaning? Oh.

(24th March 2006)
This afternoon, KC called me up and told me that he and his girlfriend broke up. He sounded sooooo distressed and asked me out to ‘teman’ him. As a very gud classmate, I walked out of the house, downstairs just to see how he is. He told me that he’ll tell me the whole story and talk about it over a drink. So I reluctantly followed without a shadow of doubt that if my mum sees me walking around with a guy, I’ll be detained for further questioning. So, acting all ‘spy-ee’, I hid behind everything every few steps looking even more suspicious. After we reached the bench, KC sat down, looking down at the floor and I asked him to spit everything out. He was so quiet and I was getting really pissed off because he wasn’t saying anything, while he interrupted my nap.
The next thing I knew that I saw a very familiar red shirt. It’s Andrew’s 1 out of 3 shirts from his cupboard. Then, I saw bodies that I’ve seen before appearing one by one coming up towards me. I was speechless. I was dumbfounded. I was just astounded.

First of all, KC tricked me! He tricked me into going to the poolside because my friends threw me a surprise party!!!

Secondly, I WAS WEARING CYCLING SHORTS. SHORTS I TELL YA!!! I wasn’t expecting any of these!!! I could have died of embarrassment!!! LITERALLY!!! I really wanted to run back home, hide under the covers because I exposed my huge unshaved (wasn't obvious) calves and then change to LONG pants, before returning to the party, but was stopped by Mary.

All I said was just an embarassing “what the…?!?!?!” And “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!”
And when I found my words on my twisted tongue, I finally said ‘thanks’. Heh.

I’m really grateful for what my friends did for me. It is indeed a birthday I would never forget.

What’s on the menu? I hear you ask. No, there weren’t any nasi lemak or mee goreng. Drool while you read:

Clo’s Surprise Birthday Menu
Root Beer
Sparkling juice
Sparkling juice
Mocha cake (1kg)

Whipped cream

Maybe you didn't drool, but at least I made you think itz sumthing worth drooling about. Heh.

People Who Attended The Party
· Mary
· Pamela
· Tracy
· Eugene
· Andrew
· KC
· Adrian
· Tinesh
· Weng Shen

Stuff My Friends Did To Make This Party A Success
· Mary wanted to ask my mum to ‘pakat’ with them for the party by lying that her sister was pregnant. I totally bought it!
· Pamela went to Tracy’s house saying that she wanted to ‘watch a movie’. But she actually came to the party.
· Lotsa whispering went around but never reached me. Pffft…Unusual...
· Lots more stuff I thought smelled fishy, but I didn’t expect it to be a surprise party, because, after all, it was a day AFTER my birthday.

We smashed cake all over everyone's face, and the 'throw-people-into-the-pool' ceremony begin.

I’m soooooo touched, Thanx guys!!! Nothing can express my gratitude to you guys but all I can say is just a simple thank you. Including those who took part but didn’t attend the party.


And I miss Coke. A lot.


Monday, 20 March 2006

A Tiny Moment In Life

Things didn't turn out like I expected it to again.

"Coke is a soft drink that gives you the taste of sweetness but you don't know the ingredients nor how much calories does it contain that will destroy your body in due time." -Chloe

I'm not a count-how-many-calories-I-take-a-day person, but the quote or analogy above signifies something that I don't want to go straight to the point now, but maybe in due time.

I would really love to blog to my heart's content but there are just some stuff that can't be shared in public. Call me paranoid, or whatever, but I just can't. I'm not much of a risk taker, really. So I think I'll just write them down somewhere and lose the paper and let it end up in the wrong hands and I'll still be in deep shit.

I'm not going on a diet nomatter what. I live my life and there's no way I'm going to change my lifestyle just for some dumb people who says things that they don't actually mean. I won't even change my lifestyle for anyone else! Heck! As afore mentioned, I live my life.

Some people may not be true, some are just trying their best to get attention.

I'VE got LOTS AND LOTS of moral support from my friends. I shall go for that bungee jump. And plunge into the water without getting wet. Without getting hurt. No scratches. No fractures.
Just an experience, I'll never forget.

Saturday, 18 March 2006

Desserts Spelled Backwords Is Stressed

Let's face it. It's the end of the skool hols and sku's gonna start in 2 days' time. Heck, I've still got 8 moral essays, 4 english essays, modern maths and add maths to do. Where did all the time fly to? During this freakin short hols, al I can remember I did was laze around the house and do absolutely nothing. I've really gotta change this nonchalant attitude before it gets worse and worse and as SPM draws near, I wont be able to study because I won't give a freakin damn on whether I work as a garbage collector or a dinky secretary in a small company nor would I care if I stay in a... DAMMIT!!! I'm losing it. I've seriously gotta get hold of myself and start studying- after I publish this blog.

I hate homework. I hate the Malaysian education system. It is widely knows as the-government-exams-that-stresses-the-students-a-hell-lot. When I was in my PMR year, I even attempted suicide, but nobody found out. Why? Heck! Itz because I'm not dead! DUH~
Stuff like these are kinda like killing us mentally. We carry boulders upon our shoulders and walk around with it nomatter where we go or what we do. And what do we do after the exams are over? We dump them in the dumpsite. Heck! So the 22 months of stress is just worth a few pieces of paper.
I say we should do something about it!
I say we should make a stand and let ourselves from these toture!
I say it's about time for us to say something about it!
I say it's time for me to go study -.-

I need some time out.
I need space.
I need freedom.
I want my life back!!!

Friday, 17 March 2006

"I'm A Good Girl, I Am"

My trip to KLCC today was a blast. I shopped to my heart’s content and bought myself… Absolutely nothing. Please, don’t give me that stare. I’m not used to people staring at me. Oh, so you DO wanna stare eh? *adjusts hair* So… where’s the camera? *smiles and poses*. The telephone rings... "Hello? Jesse McCartney? Tell him he'll have to wait." *and flings hp away*. Why get out of the spotlight that I'm in now? Oh, you were asking...? I just bought:
-3 teddy bears (RM3.99 each)
-1 scented candle (RM5)
-2 mags (RM5 each)
HECK!! I don’t even feel like myself anymore!
I spent less than RM 50 ON A KLCC TRIP!!!

I repeat: A KLCC TRIP.
Wad da heck is wrong wif me?!
I see pigs flying… I see cows flying… I see Mary flying too haha (La La, no offence ok?)

I'm going to faint. I see stars... I see you... I see me too... @.@

Someone said something to me... But I wont share it with u... Neh x5
Someone else said something else... I won't share it either... Neh x5

This is a quote I noticed in a korean drama series and would like to share with you:

"If the early bird gets the worm, then what will happen to the early worm?" -korean actor in The Successful Story Of a Bright Girl

"There are many fishies in the sea... But why eat other fish when u like salmon?" -Chloe (me!)

Itz Friday at 2.21am now... been typing this since yesterday... >.<

-Watch 'My Little Bride'
-Watch Pride again
-Watch Raymond Lam sing and act
-Watch Ron Ng sing, dance and act
- Lots more watching to do... Life is so hectic...

Gotta skitter!!!

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Kai2, Experience and Bullshits

My friends ditched me and went to Mid Valley!!! And I so badly wanted to go!!!
Humph… I shall keep my cool coz I’ll be going to KLCC TOMORROW!!!!! HAHAHA!!!

Itz MUCH better!!!

I think I’m just not ready for these sorta stuff.
“It’s something like the sun sees not till heaven clears,
My eyes see not till it’s opened,
The handphone sees not till it’s being switched on,
The handbag sees not till the plastic is removed.”
I prefer to fly alone in the big blue sky while watching the other birds pass by. I realized it ages ago, but somehow I didn’t listen to my instincts and went my own way, despite being warned. Thanx guys… *hugggzzz* but I think I’ll get out of this bullshit myself.

Jin’s younger brother went missing and everyone was on a search hunt. Adrian and Chong helped and his elder brother’s friends were cycling everywhere, looking for him. There were cycling all over the place but in vain. There were thunderstorms when I got the news. I was worried till I kept on eating (coz I eat a lot when I’m under a certain pressure), and then the sms I’ve been waiting for… his bro wuz found!!! Wee~ Finally~ after more than 4 hours? Right? Dunno…

I’ve got lots to say, but am not in the mood to blog now so I’ll just leave the space below empty- to be filled out when I’m free…


Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Danger Ahead

I got blasted from 4 corners of the world today. It’s not the first time since I 'threw myself into the cooking pot’. I got stir fried, deep fried, stir fried, boiled, steamed, grilled, cooked today.

I’ve got really nice friends around me. They’re always there for me, and are always on the lookout. Warning me about the danger I'm about to face... , thanks alot...

I don’t really know you,
But I was asked to stay away;
I know you’ll always be true,
But I have my doubts
I’ll keep on the lookout
Or will I be like what I am today?

Glass can break
And will be shattered at the slightest scream
Don’t give me a heart ache.
I hate your snickers
I hate your stare
And I hate to see you beam

Why did I fall?
Why I fell?
Why did I bury myself
Under the well?
I feel weak
Let me go
Let me wake
From this sleep
Just for my sake.

Monday, 13 March 2006

Frontwater? Anyone?

It's a mess.
It shouldn't turn out like that
Everything backfired.

It's a mess.
How did this transpire?
Why did it happen?
How could I know the ending
from the beginning?
If I knew, I would shut up,
won't I?

It's a mess.
It's a free country
It's a messy free country
A messy one for me

It's a mess.
Where are you?
Don't leave me
I hate being alone
Not here. Not now.

It's still in a mess.
All I want is a little support.
Enough to let me go through it.
Just a small drop
Is all I'm asking for

I shall leave it
I pleaded
I cried
No one came
I'm stunned
I'm stumped
No one turned up
I'll shut up
I'll run
I see people with open arms in a distance

Nobody move.
Don't look for me under the blanket
with that sorry face.

Sunday, 12 March 2006

Reach [Not] The Wind

The wind comes when it’s unwanted
But leaves when help is needed
It leaves its trails wherever it goes:
Cool breezes on verdant hills
In the cotyledon
Of the young green shoot
It does create a stir sometimes
And the aftermath isn’t a pretty sight

The wind is just another element of nature
That does no good to anyone, sometimes
It kept a distance from the shoot
After leaving it swaying with uprooted roots
It isn’t included in the photosynthesis process
So the young green shoot can survive without it
It is just a cameo to the shoot
An important element,

Unimportant at all
That the shoot wants to bypass and forget
For it just leaves memories
Memories that mean nothing.