Tuesday, 11 April 2006


Some things I post here doesn't mean what you think they mean.
My life would be over in a few days' time.
Every word I write counts.
The above may not make any sense but heck, this is MY own online diary and I shall write whatever I want. It definitely isn't for anyone to understand each and every post 100%.
This post won't be a long 1 either. You can judge my mood by the way my blog is written.
I might not continue this blog anymore. I shall stick to the good-old-fashion-hand-written-diary, clinging on to my micro-mini chance of hope that nobody would ever read it.
I'll be off to bed now. To sleep off everything -since I can't touch alcohol or any of that sort.

Read more books to improve deteorating language. Did I spell 'deteorate' correctly? See what I mean?