Thursday, 7 December 2006

Shitty Pondan

I went to Midvalley! I had a blast except that I broke my personal record of not buying anything at all. I saw so many things, but suppose I was abit stressed to look for Christmas prezzies for my cousins on behalf of my grandmother which has to be within the budget and to be something that is pleasing to the eyes of an elderly woman. I wish I could talk about how I found those clothes but I have something more juicy to share with you.
I fought with a pondan.

Fine, I argued with him. Tell you the whole thing.

Scene: At McD, MidValley Megamall
Aunt Ai Ean was waiting for her orders which she placed at counter 1.
Aunt Ai Tee and Christine (cuzzie)were ordering food at counter 2.
Pondan lining behind Aunt Ai Ean.

Pondan: Like, is this fast food or SLOW food?

*we ignored him*
*Aunt Ai Ean finally got her food after the EXTREAMLY SLOW SERVICE and took her tray to our seat*

Pondan looking at Aunt Ai Ean and said "Like, how long did it take for you to order a simple meal? Gawsh~"

Aunt Ai Ean was too dumbfound to say anything. He was directing at her because he was looking at her. If he was looking at her but didn't direct to her, woouldn't he say something about the poor service like "How long did they take to order your food?".

Me, standing behind Aunt Ai Tee and Christine saw and heard the whole thing and said
"SOME people are just so impatient."
Mind you, I wasn't looking at him, but at my aunt's hair. He was on my left. I was looking straight.

Perasan pondan said "Like, what's your problem?"
Me:What problem?
Pondan came nearer: WHAT'S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM?!
I went nearer(not exaggerating): DO I HAVE A PROBLEM?!
Pondan came closer to my face.
I Glared at him. Christine came in between us to stop the fight.

I seriously was so close to that pondan's stinking face that I could punch his nose off his stinking shitface.
Then Aunt Ai Tee came in between us. And I stopped.

Pondan kept on blahing like an old aunty about not having education: Like, you so don't have any educations at all. Uneducated

If it wasn't for my aunt, I would have said "If you had SO MUSH education, you wouldn't be using the four letter word"

Then the manager came to out table and asked me what happened. Me, still fuming with anger, "Orang itu, he caci my aunt tau? Takkan u want me to diam aje and agree dengan dia with his stupid remarks, right? Of course lah I bite back!"

Then he said, "Dia ini, regular customer, selalu buat hal punyer. So lain kali, jika kamu dengar dia kata apa-apa, biarkan aje. Walaubagaimanapun, sori, ye?"

All of the above were and is true. No exaggeration.

Gonna watch who's eliminated in Project Runway this episode.



Jin said...

Why not replace "Outtie!" with "Outta the fuck away!"?

Sounds better to me.

I'm just bored.

Anonymous said...

if i were u, i punch him...
or no violence, call police and sue him for insulting...

Andrew said...

Say fuck off!!!
u r blocking me for having a nice meal =p

Anonymous said... probably was having pms then..

the Dark one said...


i'll whack tat bugger until she really is a SHE

CALL ME MA!!!!!!

chloe said...

Jin- gud idea. ery f5 r either bored or bored. nothing else.

andrew leong-thanx!

w.jiat-any1 wud do so if dey or their family member kena insulted.

andrew koh-AIYAAAA!!!! I SHUD HAVE!!!!! LOL!!! oh, btw, i o u an sms. dad wuz borrowing my phn, so cudnt sms u.

Angela said...

that sentence bout if educated then wont be using the 4 letter word...sounds familiar...did i mention that to u b4?

Pam said...

what an eventful day~


Jin said...

Fuck is a beautiful word. Who said it's only used by uneducated people? So is cibai, pukima, and the sort.

By the way, how do you know anonymous is Wei Jiat?

Jin said...

"If you had SO MUSH education, you wouldn't be using the four letter word"

You contradict yourself.

chloe said...

Pam- Yeah~ it was...

Jin-coz he told me. n wad 'contradicting yourself'? nvm. sod it.

Jela-dunno wor... but all i kno is dat i wntd 2 say dat on dat day lor...

Lee said...

In a context like what u experienced, which is the combination of "stranger" and "public place", fuck is not supposed to be used to scold people. yes, u have all your rights, but if u're educated, u would know how to be polite and talk properly. in a context where 2 good frienz r talking n then suddenly go "fuck u la" then that is, well, acceptable for people now.

A great day you had, chloe.
Drop by my blog will ya, mate? Havent been seeing your comments lately.

chloe said...

Lee- YOU'RE FINALLY HERE!!! Gosh! Who said I didnt comment? go chk properly...

I think da last time i commented wuz on da 12th... heeeheeeee