Wednesday, 24 January 2007

'Cham' Ice

On a hot day like this, even the hottest wind can make my fingers numb, my legs shiver, my tummy turn upside down, my head spin, my laptop sway from left to right and left again. I couldn't think straight. I didn't know what I was saying. I didn't know what was I typing.

I am so happy!
Happy is too simple a word to express my emotions. I am on cloud 9, seventh heaven, over the moon, you name it.

Does bravery appear as it fades?

Ok, this is so not right. I'm currently having a mixture of feelings now. Can't decide if it's coffee or tea. It has a bitter coffee taste yet the cooling sensation of tea.
Maybe I shall just pour it into the sink.
Try it. Mix coffee and tea together. Drink. How does it feel? It'll give your tongue a hard time to transmit the senses to your brain. Trust me.

BY THE WAY... Brian showed me a profile on friendster and THIS GUY SOOOOO LOOKS LIKE JESSE MCCARTNEY!!! He's like... SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!
Great. I've nothing to say here but rant about some guy's picture saw on friendster. But he's seriously cute.
I'll just shut up.

Did any of you notice notice my style of writing since last year? no more paragraphs. No more proper constructed sentence. Not so much of emo.

I don't care.
I wanna sleep. Night night...



Andrew Chong said...

hey! is that brian from leo's? have his friendster's account? dont mind send it to my frienster's mail?