Thursday, 12 July 2007


I am in agony. I don't watch TVB shows as much as I did. I didn't bother watching the Kevin show at 8.30pm on Wah Lai Toi. Shit. I don't even know the name of the show.
I missed SO MANY Steven Ma episodes at 9.30pm. I so wanted to watch it because apparently it's very nice. Shit.
Shit, I didn't visit eversince I returned. Shit. I don't go "AAAAAAAH!!!! I MUSTMUSTMUSTMUST WATCH THIS SHOW BY HOOK OR BY CROOK" anymore. Shit.
The world is coming to an end.
But I do still like Raymond Lam Fung. But nowadays he's hardly the starring anymore! Shit.
Shit. Poo. Shit. Poo. Shit. Poo.

Heck, today the FOCAD(Faculty of Creative Arts and Design) students went on an excurtion to Putrajaya to take pictures. It's a workshop. We'll be having our orientation for 2 weeks. Cool huh? Next week is some 3D Modelling and Drawing workshop.
Class starts on the 23rd.

Jasvin, Wei Vern, Gee Vonne, Sylvia and I camwhored like shit. HaHa... not gonna post shit here =P
Yes, Sylvia from 5C. The 1 who gillerkan anime wan. She's taking Multimedia. Kevina and Vian couldn't make it because they both fell sick.

Here's my timetable
Monday-No class
Tuesday-Introduction to Mass Communications
Wednesday-Marketing and Principles
Thursday-Fundamental Photography

Showed my dad my timetable.
He frowned. And then...
"WHAAAA???!!! I'M PAYING SO MUCH FOR YOU TO GO TO CLASS 3 HOURS A DAY, 4 TIMES A WEEK??!!! Really enjoy life lah u."
Me: Hehehe... yalooo

Yestersay, during the film appreciation workshop, we watched The Emperor's Journey or known as The March Of The Penguins. Mi goshhhhhhhhhhh....It's like soooooooooooo touchingggggg!!!!! It's like so hard for a penguin to live or to start a life.
Check out this webbie on the movie/documentary:
and to know about the movie. is the official webbie if u can read French.
Gosh... This movie is meant to be watched once. And it's worth it.
Music suits every scene.
All of us were freezing in the theatre room because the air-cond was like, blasting my face. My thick denim jacket wasn't much help. As if that wasn't enough, we were watching a South pole movie summore. The penguin's egg froze and cracked halfway out of the parents' carelessness. Oh Shit. It's sad.

I'm beginning to love and appreciate penguins more and more.
A penguin's life is so fragile. It takes three to make a happy family. If one parent dies, the chick dies indirectly. A snap of the jaw of a shark on a mother penguin takes away two lives-mother penguin and chick because she isn't able to feed it.

Chloe, signing out to catch the last 10 minutes of the 9.30pm show on Wah Lai Toi. Oh shit. Too late. I'll just watch it at 2.30am later then.
Trying to minus all the SHITs from my mind that's why they're all here.