Monday, 27 August 2007


A Supermodel.
Depends of what your definition of supermodel is.
Anyone who can just pose in front of the camera and help me finish my photography assignment 2 will be considered a supermodel.

No class today.

Declined the invitation by Wong to go watch movie with Grace and Djawad.
Special thanks to the two repairmen who were invited to inspect the fridge and washing machine which decided to pakat to k.o. together a few weeks ago.

Dad just returned home. Gave me a fright when he suddenly called from the door. I was like "'When did u return?! How come you didn't tell me?!"

Currently chatting with Pam. Haih Pam... Time will tell... I think he's really sweet too... Tell me whan he gives you the thing he got.

Chloe, trying to scouting round for a model. Volunteers? Anyone?


Pam said...

LOL.... okiez =D

Brian D'milano said...

model!? you got to be kidding me!!! hahah

Spongy_And_Bean_Fan said...

Verrliii.., sangat , the amat the disappointed man. U memang hiding in ur shell....

chLoe said...

Pam-gud luck =)

Brian-i where got kid inthese typa stuff wan...

Wong-not my fault. I dont have a shell. not everyone has summerholidays here.