Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A Far Away Wish

I LOVE Eloise At The Plaza.

She's a little girl who lives in the prestigious hotel, The Plaza with her British Nanny, her dog that looks like a cat, Weenie, her sneaker wearing turtle, Skipperdee.
Which little girl can create so much havoc in the hotel premises itself but Eloise?

I've got sem break this week. Please tell me what to do if not I'll spend my time sleeping.

I think the name Eh-lo-Is is cute. It's like 'Ello, Is'...

It is official. Vanessa Hudgen's songs aren't catchy. Not to say that they're not nice... but just not catchy.

To those people who SMSed Mary, you made her cry. She was deeply touched that people still remember her birthday.

This is for you, LaLa:
Happie Birthday, La La!!!

I know how it feels to be so far from home and friends and when they remember your birthday, it's like... so touching...
It makes you feel not unimportant. It makes you feel important. Like 'although I'm not there but you still remember me'.

Those who forgot Mary's birthday, quickly sms her (eventhough it's the 12th, 13th or 14th) and cook up some excuse like
'my brains died on me on your birthday'
'my hp dropped in the toilet bowl so I thought it was rude to wish you a happy birthday with poop'
'my calendar tells me that today is the 11th!' (and stick to that excuse to the end)

because you can't go like 'Hey, I didn't sms you on your birthday because I couldn't decide what to say to you. Now that I have, it's not your birthday anymore.'

Chloe, wishing all those Sept 11 Birthday Girls and Boys far and near a HAPPY BIRTHDAY because my calendar says that it is your birthday today.


Anonymous said...

Make sure you remember the september 11 attack in the US!!! dont always think bout birthday...you could see the effect of it you know!!! hahah

chLoe said...

What effect of what?