Friday, 14 September 2007

A Mini Battle

One of the level 2 kids was annoying. I mean, he is memang annoying but yesterday he was SUPER annoying.

He took a wooden spoon and a wooden fork shouting “char kueh teow!!! charkuehteowcharkuehteow!!!” and did the char kueh teow gesture.

I snatched the spoon from one hand and next, we were spoon n fork fighting...

*zeeeoww zzeeeoowwwwnnggg*

…ala Star Wars punyer laser fight style. Then things became physical. We started fighting ala fencing style. Of course, my hands are longer so always kena him so the buzzer keeps on buzzing so the points go to moi.

Afraid that the wooden cutleries will rosak, I snatched them from Marcus and kept them.

That kid still wanted to fight so I grabbed both of his hands and started to step on his feet.
The onlookers (other kids) at this point were laughing their hearts out as if we were some kinda entertainers or something. I guess it looked like one of those wacky dances. I don't know =/

“OI! YOUTHINK YOU ARE IN MARKET IZZIT?!” Ms Khor, the art teacher shouted from her office, oblivious to what is going on, thinking that the kids were playing.

Marcus, who switched from annoying to innocent, did the ‘shhh’ sign to me and I did the same 'shhh', pretending nothing happened.

Chloe, thinking of ways to get back at Marcus. Muahahaha