Sunday, 23 September 2007

Out From The Handphone

Typed on the 21st and kept in phone. Now extracting every word from drafts and bringing them out here.

1) You are friends with a person who mixed up the 20th of September with the 4th of October. She thought she had to hand it up the next day and started to panic and think of whatever excusesto give her lecturer padahl she only had to hand in the Photography assignments two weeks later.

2) Whoever is looking for a singer that can melt the hearts of many, please look for this guy by the name of Shahrilldlan. He can sing beautiful melodious songs and made a number of girls to fell prey into his trap.
He made me love this song, Gerimis Mengundang, especially the part 'terasa diri, amat terhina, kau lakukan'.
Don't know the actual meaning of the song but it has a very nice touching tune to it.
People like Wong *ahem* *aplogizes* might not appreciate it.

Okie, going to Pyramid with Pris and Pei Yan tomorrow. No Sarah because she's got class. Aww... Sarah, don't cry...there's always the 29th of September and KLCC innit?

Here's an early birthday wish for you, Pris
Many many happie returns =)

I've got so much to say, so little in my brains now. Once I stop blogging, I tend to 'lose touch' of blogging and somehow have nothing to blog about. Remember the days where I used to have about three posts a day?
I guess those can compensate for the days I haven't been blogging this month.

I've got to get used to blogging again. I want to open my pages and read them years later and reminiscise about how I grew up, how I matured so quickly
how I grew throughout these few years, how I spelt remnisence wrongly, how my thoughts were, how I looked at the world during that point of time, what I liked. I want them all registered. I want them to be remembered. I want to be remembered.
Not in the way our prime ministers are remembered nor the way some people that gave a bad impression to others.
I want to be remembered in the way I remember my friends.
I want to be remembered in my own special way.
The Chloe way.

Chloe, signing out.


Andrew C. said...

Nice post, especially 'remember' part. its very sentimental.

clo said...

tankiu tankiu =)