Thursday, 25 October 2007

To Ponteng Or Not To Ponteng,

That is the question.

It's now 1.54pm and where am I now?

In the IT lab. I am so sick of fundamental photography class.
We are allowed to
-listen to music
-walk in and out of the classroom
-go to class late
for fundamental photography class.
What more can I ask for?

Pontenging a class without a challenge has no kick to it. It's no fun. Serious.
It's like going in and out of your room and sooner or later it's something you wouldn't really realize and take it for granted until your door actually spoils and you can't enter then you would realize how much you took your door for granted.

Makes sense?
It doesn't to me either.

Bottomline is that where there is a challenge in doing something bad, it's fun.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a good girl ya know?

Ok, it is officially 2pm and my class starts like, NOW.

Hey, Nana is sitting behind me! I heard her sandy voice.
Hello Nana!!!

She'll be going to class at 2.30.

Should I follow?
Maybe I shouldnt.
I could.
I don't want to.

Aha! It's a yes! That means I should get to class late. HAHA!!

All right, I'll go pack my bags and file and go to class now.
Damn, what am I doing?
Ok, told you I am a good girl.

I don't wanna go to classss~!!!!!

I shall stop crapping before more people dodge rotten eggs at me.

Jela!!! I'm wearing the PHUNK tee now. Can you see? =D
Chong that day ask me about it. About 5 days ago I think. Izit, Chong?

Chloe, being a good girl, will sign out and head straight to class on the 6th floor and not go down from the 3rd floor to Ground then go up to the 11th floor and then baru only to the 6th. She will go to class stright.
2.11pm now. Already 11 minutes late.