Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Visas and Games

Americans are geniuses.

If they see your face, they like you, your visa to enter the country is approved. If they don’t like you, they’ll just cook up with some other excuse and deny your entry into the country.

It came out in the papers that a group of online gamer’s visas were rejected due to some reason. One of the guys is Gerrard who happens to be in my Intro To MassComm class.
He said that they asked about his family, his background and stuff and in the end they told him “Oh, you can’t enter US because there are possibilities that you’ll work in the country” even though he provided all the documents that he is a student of SEGi College.
Then how come the people they approved to enter the country became?

Back to the first line I typed. I don’t mean to group them all and not the whole country are the latter. I’m just saying the group of them who disapproved the gamers’ visa. Please lah, people want to make the country proud. Let them lah.

Another group of people I want to praise are the bunch of Malaysians who diss Nicol David when she lost one game to I-can’t-remember-who in I-can’t-remember-what-game.
Ok, she lost, so what? She stinks?

Then what about her achievement to make herself the no.1 player?

When she wins, the whole country says “Ohhh… she’s from Malaysia! She’s where I come from…I am sooo proud”
And when she loses ONE game, it’s like the country disowns her.

Shouldn't we encourage her or something?

Don’t let me get started with Lee Chong Wei, badminton player.

Chloe, leaving.


Jin said...

Didn't you know by now that Malaysians like to whine, whine and whine? You can see them a lot in The Star's letters section.

For example, today's whine of the day is on Astro changing the channels' numbers to 3 digits.

Whine, whine, whine. Complain, complain, complain. Whine and complain all the way to their graves and still ranting on about the tight space of the coffin and lack of oxygen.

chLoe said...

LOL HAHA. True true. Good one.

But (not complaining) i havent got used to the new 3 digits yet. At least all the channels are in order like astro Ceria, kiddy channel (prev chnl 24) are with the group of kiddy channels like nickelodeon, disney, cartoonnetwork n playhousedisneychannel (prev chnl 60, 61, 62, n 63 respectively)

tipsy darlene said...
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tipsy darlene said...

i love this post..
its so true...and also what JIN said la!
but wait a sec! aren't u a malaysian too?? r u? no? (m reffering to JIN)
bt wth...
its just our asian culture....TO WHINE!! =p

Jin said...

Nah, I'm not a Malaysian. I'm a vampire born in 1540 at Sicily.

Anonymous said...

Hey whos that young lad gerrard?? how come you dint tell me obut him yea...when i visited your class on thursday u dint me very nice of you....brian here...=p