Friday, 9 November 2007

The Two Cuzzies

My two younger cousins has been staying with me lately because they will be at home alone while their mu is at work. Normally, they would stay at home alone, but my mum got worried because that area is pretty deserted in the afternoon. Their neighbours were visited by burglars-left and right.

Anyway, Charmak and Leah, both 13 and 11 have some sort of thing that they can games out of practically anything.

They saw my stack of rubber bangles and my cocacola tin bottle and started throwing the bangles to masuk into the bottle. They’re playing this now.

Just now they took m stack of Spongebob trading cards and created their own game. 1 person will hold all the cards. The other will pick one out and look at it. So the person holding the whole stack of cards will look at her stack and mention what is missing -.-

Full of shit la both of them ^^

Now the both of them are reading this, obviously oblivious that I'm talking to the mass internet audience.
"Who are you talikng to?"
"Ehyeeer, tell me~"
*silence except for the sound of my keyboard and Cliff Richard's Ocean Deep*
EEEeee not nice... suitable for emo moods la... Which I hardly am nowadays.
I'm a happy gurl...

Chloe, continuing to be happy.