Saturday, 15 December 2007

An Empty Can And A Lighted Matchstick

Today is the 15th of December.

What's wrong?
You're asking me what's wrong?

Let me tell you what's wrong.


I've been busy juggling between work and preparing for work.

My granduncle and grandaunt from Canada will and are staying here for about 5 days. Brought them to the new wing in Pyramid- their favourite shopping spot on Thursday and KLCC on Friday.
Jela asked me to try on a black top if I happen to go to Marks & Spencer. I did.
The stretchable cotton + lycra material is so comfortable and the cutting is almost perfect that anyone who's about 700 pounds can look so slim in it.
The black sleeveless blouse has a plunging v neck but shows the skin in a very subtle manner.

Anyway, my grandaunt paid for my Marks & Spencer crisps and a box of 'Curiously Strong Mints' while I got myself:
- an Andrea Borcelli Malaysia Edition CD
-Scary Movie DVD
-December issue L!ME magazine.
-an MNG blouse
-and a L'Occitane Lavender bath gel for my aunt.

I think I'm getting used to Andrea Borcelli's music.

Let me test your imaginations...

Ok, imagine a can of baked beans.
Done that?
Now imagine that you empty that can of baked beans.
Remember to wash the can clean.
Get a metal spoon from the drawer.
Got it?
Now, knock the can with your metal spoon. Can you hear the hollowness?

Yeah, that is how Clo's brains is feeling now.
Don't forget to add in a lighted match inside that can because her memory card can't be read and she can't uplosd her photos she took when Pam was serving last week.

Chloe, looking for the baked beans she misplaced.


Anonymous said...

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