Sunday, 13 January 2008

Artificial Enthusiasm

I found a way to make one ‘happy’. Trust me, it worked for me, and it had nothing to do with shopping.

Don’t gasp.

I was at Pavilion with my mum, aunts and cuzzies.

I managed to convince my aunt to buy a few things(a Swatch watch, 2 Dorothy Perkins tops, and a bag imported from US). Having RM40 in my wallet doesn't make me an owner of those items.
I loved those things. If I didn't, why would I ask my aunt to buy it?
Eventhough it doesn't belong to me, but knowing that someone I know owns it makes me happy =)

While waiting for my aunts to go get the tickets stamped or something to get the first two hours of parking for free, my mum decided to treat us to ice-cream in Milky Lane.

We had vanilla icecream, but we were allowed to have our own toppings (meant for more expensive treats) that came in squeezable bottles. Imagine transparent ketchup bottles.
So we squeezed...

and squeezed...
and squeezed
colourful syrup onto our snow white ice-creams.
It tasted yummy…Mint flavor, strawberry flavor, banana flavour

Mmmm… Yummy taste of artificial colouring and flavouring…

…and that was how I got my energy and enthusiasm for the past few hours…
Tiffany and I took some pictures while we were in the car...

Remember I said that I was 'enthusiastic' and 'energetic'? So I guess you can imagine what monkey faces we posed in front of the camera la. Of course, I had to choose a nice pic to show you all that we are ACTUALLY sane. =P
At the ladies. Tiffany in the white top and skirt, Charmak partly hidden behind Tiffany, Leah the little one, Christine the VAIN one, and of course, me, CHLOE! The cameralady! =)
The picture is blur because
1) I didn't want to show you our real faces just in case you stalk us
2) my hands were shaky
The camera's setting was wrong. I used the outdoor setting, which obvoiusly doesn't work for Ladies' Washroom in Pavilion.
Why I called Christine VAIN? Simply because she called me vain first. =D
It is 8.26pm now. I am totally wiped. Need another dose of those artificial things.
Okie, please please be so kind and not steal my pics =)
Ok la, u can take them, because I gave you permission to, but don't simply sell them to The Star and get RM50 ok? If you do, share share some of the cash prize with me =)