Tuesday, 29 April 2008

7 hours to Presentation

Ice-Cream was so positive that I'll blog about whatever crap he crapped about during lunch. I guess you can consider this as one lor.

What nearly choked me to death was when he started rhyming a sentence we mentioned about Jay. Yerrr! I can't believe her name is in my blog, but for your extra knowledge, Jay is this Super Irritating Bugger who was a girl who turned guy. But still loks like a girl because she has nice features. HAH! I praised you, bugger...with something you wouldn't want to hear.

Anyway, this bugger called CJ7, Marc and I idiots just because we were talking to Miss about something for a long time. WTF. If you so badly wanted to talk to Miss, then why don't you do what you normally do, cut in and ask her, it's not as if you've never been rude before. Sheesh. And if you actually completed you assignments, you wouldn't have to have that convo with Miss, innit?

And I wad trying to strike a convo with you because you seem to be walking around aimlessly:
Clo:Hey, Jay! Do you know what is Civil Society?
...and your bloody answer was...
FOOL:Erh, search from the internet...Duhh~

DUH I know it's on the internet! If I bloody understood, I wouldn't bloody ask you, or even strike a bloody convo with you and your bloody fake ego! Ugh!
Puh-lease lah, no one is kiasu at college nowadays, kay. It makes no freaking diffrence if you get higher than your friend because there isn't any positiong in class, in case you forgot. Maybe you did, afterall you left school for such a long time.
I'm not saying that you MUST tell me your answers, no, but by saying 'DUH' and answering me back with a DUH answer isn't really something you want to do in order to gain friends in college.

I would like to emphasize that I'm not trying to be some college expert or something, but since you want to create more enemies, then by all means, be selfish, continue doing what you normally do like what you did during the 1st sem, 1st class of intro to masscomm. Carry on, steal other people's chair and table when you know that there isn'n enough for the whole class to satisfy your laziness, eventhough you came late to class.

But what calms me down is you will not be in Research Methadology and Videography as me next sem.

Ahh~ the joy of letting everything out about a short late twentees girl turned guy super big ego fool. Ugh.

Gay stories aside, I found out that someone is going to Australia to study =(
Guess I won't be seeing you anymore...until you return...that is if you return...will you return?

So much for my Twinkle Twinkle Little Star =/

I should be sleeping. Final Presentations in less than 8 hours time. Typed my report then let dad modify abit, manatau I terslept on the couch, leaving CJ7 and Marc high and dry, trying to call me but to no avail. That time it was already 2am, and they have to sleep summore... then I happily sit there, dead to the world... Ish!!! Malunyerr~ Sorry guys, super pai seh.

Ohya, thanx Nik 4 helpin me with the photos =)
Appreciate it. Passed ur photos to Kelvin, Couldn't find Ou Fei, scared to masuk Dark Room.
He said that he'll pass them to Ou Fei. Don't worry, told him they're yours.

Chloe, going to take a nap. I shall REALLY sleep when everything is over.
Check list:
Typography- Portraits x2
Media Studies-Commercial
YESH!!! I'm almost done!!!