Saturday, 12 April 2008

Pink Parking Spot! =)

Went to The Curve with Pris and Pei Yan. Sarah didn't come along because we assumed that she would be absolutely busy judging by her Frindster profile =P *nudge nudge*

Met up with Pris at Subang KTM station then went to Kelana Jaya LRT station to wait for Pei Yan to pick us up.

When we arrived...
"Hello? walk across the bridge. I'm on the other side of the road. I'm driving a green Myvi"
And the thing was that there were three GREEN MYVIs in a row. Now that narrows down our search.

So then we headed to The Curve. PY went to the Cineleisure carpark to park her car. We then saw a spot right in front of the entrance to the shopping mall. We were freakin lucky to get that beautiful pink parking spot...

...but there was one teeney weeney problem...
It says...

Which obviously means it is for female drivers who are driving alone.
However, Pei Yan swirled her car into the pretty pink spot saying:
"Well, I'm a female, I'm a driver, and I'm single. So what's wrong parking here?"
Pris and I quickly jumped down from the car and buat-buat as if we weren't with her.

Pei Yan's nicely parked car. =)

We walked around but left around 5 like that.
All three of us were tired. The girls sat down on the benches while I walked around aimlessly. Seriously speaking, I'm not trained to sit down at any bench at any shopping malls, so I never sit down unless my friends do, or due to some unforseen circumstances.

Since today was such a short day, we then decided to go rock climbing somewhere this month.
Plus, Pei Yan's sis works there =D
so yeah, rock climbing it is =)))