Sunday, 4 May 2008

Api Kerja XD


Pretty or not pretty or nottttt?????

I mean the picture!!!

So from now onwards when you come here, you'll be greeted by pretty fireworks =)

Took that picture last year when I went with Chia Yi to watch the Japan fireworks in Putrajaya. I think it fits my blog really well. Japanese fireworks that goes with a Japanese named blog =DDD

Why I gave my blog a Japanese name, I have no freakin idea. Perhaps I was inspired by Pride, the drama series starring Takuya Kimura.
And I am no where near liking anime, manga, or neither do I listen to Japanese music. The closest I've been to Japanese music was when Jin sent Hyde or one of the Lufkin sisters' songs. Or was it Hikki. Can't remember.

Ohya, Syl had Devil May Cry's OST in the comp lab. At least I think it is Devil May Cry because I always hear her talking about it.

Yes I do eat Japanese food.
No, I am no Japanese lala style dresser.
Yes, I do like the Tokyo night lights but Japan isn't my first choice (or 2nd for that matter) to go.

AND I disliked Japan until someyear in secondary school. Why? Because they(or their ancestors) were super cruel and they tortured my grand dad.
Then I decided that I should not dislike them because they have nothing to do with me.

Bah, grandfather stories. Bottomline is that I have no idea how I came up with this topic.

OHYA, my fireworks picture =)

Sod it. So now each time you click on, you'll have pretty Japanese fireworks greeting you =DDD

*rubs chin*

I think I mentioned it before... hmm... the forth line of this post.