Thursday, 1 May 2008

Fortune Telling Defenses

Was reading through blogs that I haven't been reading for the past week, my, what a load I have to catch up with =)

Just read Pam's blog titled Memoria:Yesterday.Today.Tomorrow
Click on the link. It's about some sweet thing her lil bro did.
Seriously Pam, he's such a sweet thoughtful lil thing =)
You can stop reading there or if you want to continue scrolling down, you can, I'm not stopping you.
She predictssees the future. She sees my future. She sees /saw our futures.

*crosses fingers*
Especially the Lam Fung part XD
AND the mini Lam Fungs =D

I'm not greedy...that's all I ask for...

I have something to declare. I'm risking my private life by blogging online because anyone who has an internet connection can come online and perhaps stumble upon my blog and read them. So just so you know, I am pretty superficial here, so if I have accidentally offended/ will be accidentally offending or defamed anyone, I apologize.

But whatever it is, my defenses are:
-What I said is true,
-I was providing information,
-I was expressing an opinion,
-I was taken out of context,
-It was correct at that time,
-I was misunderstood.

Migosh! Too much of studying journalism ethics and defamationO.o
But the bottom two was created by me la =)


Pam said...

omfg lolwtf.
so long din leave comment in blogger edi now only realised got this new pop-up thingy feature.
LOL. wtf.

heheheeee, no suprises thrrrr..i have always been "seeing future" wattt since sec skul...
ok lol, me n grace always talk crap about this whole me havng this Orb thingy. lol. harry potter stuff =P

and yea, dont worry., sure come true one =D

and btw, SO MANY POST POSTS in a dayyy OMGWTF -.-

chLoe said...

I baru saw ur msg =) This pop up comment thingy can be set in the template I THINK... somewhere up there la, i GOT TIME mar... so I mar explore lor... =)

i GOT TIME mar.. so so many posts a day lorrr =DDDDD